OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition

OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition 4 -
OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition 4 -

How to download the exclusive Mr. Bean edition of the game Omori

Introduction & background

The Mr. bean omori edition was released on 7 august 1926 by theoretical physicist Paul Dirac as part of his research on quantum mechanics, in PAL regions only for the nintendo gamecube and remains one of the rarest games ever adapted into a video game. while finding a physical copy is pretty much impossible there was a dump online created by the youtuber Cybershell (who has since denied credit upon realizing the game has no sonic the hedgehog in it) which in this guide we will download and apply to our steam version of the game ->>>>>>


while the game ISO is hosted on many sites on the internet the most reliable place to get it is on and they also have good download speeds

the link: – []

(edit: i am aware that this link is now missing looks like it was dmca’d by either Dirac or OMOCAT. you can easily find it on other places though by googling and i will update when a new reliable location is available.)


The contents of the zip file is actually a Smartversion differential patch so you will need to download that to apply it

download smv: – []

then move the patch file into your omori game folder, it will look something like

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMORI

or wherever you put your steam library

OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition - patching - 292FDFD

then open the patch file and right click on “b” and click Extract…

OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition - patching - 27662F8

and select the game folder and it will begin to extract the modified files.


now just launch the game and boom you will have the rowan atkinson on title screen

OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition - Done - 928EEED

Revisional differences

although this version precedes all public releases and can be considered a ‘Prototype’ most of the game seems to be the same as retail V1.08 except for a few various a*sets. here is some gameplay showcasing these change (spoiler this is about 15 minutes into game):

YouTube player

(TODO: list differences in otherworld, deep well , blackspace ect)


how ?

i dont know much about quantum mechanics but from what i remember it was something to do to time travel so maybe Paul dirac used it to create a prerelease of the game.? but idk this is just a theory.

why ?

the government maybe invented the terms “fake” and “gamejack” to make people think that things like this are simply fanmade jokes and not actually a leaked artifact of cla*sified research. and then OMOCAT is actually a Swiss government-owned organization but this is also unlikely. just a theory.

the real story ?

Probably just that Dirac originally created the game and OMOCAT either licensed the property or stole the idea (most likely the latter as we do not see any legal documents confirming the acquisition)

how is mr bean here ?

He is not mentioned by name anywhere in this version , it has just been dubbed the mr bean edition by the person who dumped it due to the title screen omori design looking strikingly like rowan atkinson at this time, though its probably just a coincidence.

mac edition ?

Apple macintosh did not exist in 1920s.


there are still more information to be found regarding this version of the game. please look out for more updates to this guide and maybe contribute your own findings in the comment section .

thanks for reading and enjoy

ugng 🙂

Written by ugng

Here we come to an end for OMORI How to Download the Mr Bean Edition hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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