Omega Strikers All Roles Basic Tips and Strategies

Omega Strikers All Roles Basic Tips and Strategies 1 -
Omega Strikers All Roles Basic Tips and Strategies 1 -

This page contains essential tips and strategies to help you play all the different game roles.


This is a collection of essential tips and strategies to help new players or players try out different characters. I’ll keep this updated as I think about it or if there are any suggestions. If there are any improvements, please let us know.

Before I start, I believe that character can be divided into 3 types. These are Poker (Bruiser) and Controllers (Controllers). I will provide tips for every kind of character below the general tips. However, here is a summary. Dubu is an example of a character that can be divided into multiple categories. (This is a personal assessment/categorization and there may be a more official terminology somewhere)



I also call them Harassers, or Precision characters. They are often dangerous to their opponents and often from a distance. These characters can be very annoying to their opponents, causing them to redirect the ball, stun them, or finish them off when they are near the edge. These characters score goals by hitting a ball around the goalie. These characters are difficult to play but require good aim. They are also very rewarding and can make plays out of seemingly nothing.


Bullies and Brawlers. They inflict a lot of damage quickly, usually at close range. They push the front lines and create enormous pressure on the enemy by hitting both the ball AND the enemy team in one shot. They score goals by pushing through the goalie while staying in their face. These characters are pretty easy to play, but a skilled player can make them challenging to deal with.


PITA’s or supporters. To control the field and their opponents, they use buffs, debuffs, AoE’s, and summoned items. They attack and defend in many ways, often using temporarily placed objects. They are complex characters and can be described as preventing opponents from doing their work. These characters are complex and varied. A good player can score easily on the enemy, while a bad player can destroy their team by accident.

General Tips

  • You should aim your hits forward and down, not just up and down. This can confuse your opponents and open up opportunities for your teammates. This is especially true when you are a goalie.
  • If you are a goalie, pass to a friend and never an enemy.
  • If you are a forward try to stand in an open space and not stand in the way of the goal.
  • As they might be pushed out, it is a good idea to attack enemies close to the edge. If they get too close, attack the goalie.
  • Do not focus on destroying enemies unless you have a team you can trust to keep it out of the goal.
  • Play with the ball as soon as you get to the goal. Wait until the enemy hits it before you hit it back. Because of the cooldown, they will likely not get another chance to hit if the enemy hits first.
  • Only the goalie is allowed to be in the goal. Forwards should be placed on the side where the ball is. If it’s on your end, you should be on your side. If it is on your side, you should get on their side.
  • Be careful not to get too close to the edge, particularly around Bruisers or when your stagger is low. If you’re negligent, they will knock you out.
  • You can use your skills if the ball is in the enemy’s goal. They can hit the ball at the goalie and harass him/her.
  • You don’t always have to keep moving forward toward the enemy’s goal. If you see an opportunity and your ally is available for a pass to take it, pass it and let them finish their shot. This will almost always catch a goalie off-guard.
  • Strike first and strike often. Levels are essential in this game. Suppose you can increase your levels quickly while denying your opponent levels. In that case, you can easily gain a major edge in speed, KO abilities, cooldown reductions, and other things depending on your abilities. While snowballing does exist, it stops when both teams reach level 10. You can win by using that early snowball.



  • Use your movement abilities(spacebar and) when you are on the other side of the goal and the ball is about for the other side.
  • If the enemy is pushing you and has the ball in your face, you can play chicken with the ball and aim away.
  • If someone is harassing your goalkeeper when the ball is not near, don’t be afraid to hit them. Keep your distance from the goal’s edge. If you can, try to knock them out of the goal.
  • Keep your eye on the goal. Don’t chase the ball. Let the ball come to you. Only the most skilled athletes can chase and get back in their time. If you aren’t, stay in front of the goal.



  • Push the ball forward and follow it(indirectly). Go to the side where the ball is going. If it’s on your side, then go to your side. If it’s on your team, support them. Don’t try to get in your way; trust your goalie and help them out if and only if they are being pushed too hard.
  • You can keep enemies on their toes by using sudden pokes or KO’s when they are near the edge. You can control their movement if they are afraid of getting near the border.
  • Forwards can use the same abilities a goalie uses for protecting the goal. Your abilities are available when you’re in goal. Make sure to use them in addition to your basic strike.
  • Keep your distance from any goal. Trust your goalie, and push the enemy. Even if your goalie is not good, trust them to improve, and maybe they’ll surprise. Keep the pressure off the enemy. This will help them more than just guarding the goal and hoping to score.



  • Keep the ball out of reach of your opponents. If they are about to hit it, and you can knock it out of their reach, do so. If you cannot knock it out of the way, wait until they hit it. Then hit again to change its direction so that they have no control.
  • Support your bruisers. If you see your Bruiser attempting to help someone, poke them so they can finish them off.
  • Harass your goalie. They will be frustrated by poking at the goalie. The goalie will lose the save if your poke is not timed correctly.
  • Even if you’re not ranged, it’s possible to play close still. You can use your strike to knock the ball forward and your abilities to make it go in for an easy setup.



  • Any enemy that comes near the edge must be punished. Most Bruisers can one punch KO anyone who chases a puck to the edge or any goalie who goes too deep into their goal.
  • If you’re not chasing an easy win, chase the ball. You should be able to use your abilities to strike back whenever an enemy is close.
  • To really throw the goalie off, you can trade with them. Bruisers can bully the goalie the best and can easily trade with non-bruisers.
  • Bully an opponent even if you aren’t chasing the ball. Do it to them, or knock them out. Keep them under pressure to make mistakes. Then you can capitalize on those mistakes.



  • Know your Controller. Every Controller is unique and plays differently. Some should constantly be harassing enemies while others should be setting traps that catch the ball and return it to them.
  • Damage abilities can be used for knocking out or pushing the ball. If the enemy makes an error, they are very good at knockouts. To stop them from getting in the way, Era’s Tornado can be sent randomly towards the goalie at all times.
  • If the ball is in the goal, you should place non-damage/light Damage AoE abilities in front of the enemy goal. A forward can use these abilities in the same manner, a goalie would make a save when the enemy presses them.
  • Be a PITA. Controllers are very good at it. Controllers are skilled at dealing with incidental AoE damage and knockbacks and knockbacks. They have an inexhaustible arsenal of tricks and the enemy will have a hard time dealing with them. You don’t have to be afraid of focusing on another forward with all your buffs. PITAs can be used to cause enemy tilting.



I hope this helps you. Let me know if your suggestions are for improvements or additional tips. If you are interested, I may also add tips for certain characters.


Written by Athrek

This is all for Omega Strikers All Roles Basic Tips and Strategies hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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