Old School RuneScape Free to play money making Guide

Old School RuneScape Free to play money making Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Old School RuneScape Free to play money making Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
A list of F2P money making methods. Currently has three skills but it will expand in the future.


The beginning

This guide helps and introduces people into different moneymaking methods. Mostly based on both my gameplay and true facts, it should be somewhat beginner friendly too. It currently has three skills listed but it will expand in the future. 


Mining is a skill in Old School RuneScape. The most valuable ores for F2P players are runite, adamantite, mithril, gold, coal and iron. Although the obtaining of the ore from rocks might be slow and difficult, it can be more rewarding to mine low level ores like Clay. It is recommended to have atleast some combat levels, as there are monsters located near most of the rocks. The reason for this is mostly to protect OSRS economy from level 3 bots. 
Note! Before heading to a mining site, please read the requirements and recommendations. The most frustfrating thing is to walk 10,000 miles and forget a silly brown apron. 



Clay is a basic material, one can make up to 80,000 gold per hour by mining it in the south-west Varrock mine. It is recommended to use a rune pickaxe with 40 mining, but the actual requirement to mine clay is 1 mining. 
If the south-west Varrock mine is to crowded, it might be a smart move to go to Crafting Guild, Rimmington mine or Dwarven mine. Crafting Guild is located south of Falador, Rimmington mine is west of Draynor Village and Dwarven mine is beneath Falador. 



At level 15 mining one can begin to mine iron. It is one of the most common type of ore in Old School RuneScape as it is used in both iron and steel bars. Iron respawns quickly and it is generally easy to obtain. In a crowded world it is recommended to have at least 41 mining to use a rune pickaxe to “win other players”. About 560 ores can be mined in an hour, yielding 19,600 experience in mining. This rounds up to 25,000 gold per hour. 
The #1 place for F2Pers is the Dwarven mine. Note that Dwarven mine iron rocks are guarded by King Scorpions. If one wishes not to be attacked by them, it requires a combat level of 65 to have them not being aggressive. 
Other locations for F2P miners to mine iron is Al Kharid mine, Bandit camp mine, Edgeville dungeon mine, Mining Guild, Rimmington mine, south Wilderness mine, south-east Varrock mine and south-west Varrock mine. 



At level 30 mining players can start mining coal. It is highly recommended not to mine it straight away, as it can be slow and competition is hard. Even at level 41 mining coal can be tough, but it can be rewarding to start mining it at level 35. 
About 230 ores can be mined in an hour, making up to 45,000 gold per hour (and 11,500 mining experience). 



At level 40 mining players can start mining gold. In an hour, about 210 ores can be gained. This will grant the player about 32,000 gold and almost 14,000 mining experience. Crafting Guild is easily the best spot to mine gold, as it contains 7 gold ore rocks (requires 40 crafting). 
Other locations to mine gold is Al Kharid mine, Dwarven mine, north Crandor mine, Karamja Volcano mine and Rimmington mine. 



Mining mithril ore is not recommended, as it is slow, cheap, time consuming and it takes a lot of time to reappear on the rock. If one still wishes to mine mithril, rocks can be found in Al Kharid mine, Bandit camp mine, Dwarven mine and Edgeville dungeon mine. 



Adamantite ore requires 70 mining to be mined. The number one F2P location to mine it is in the Mining Guild. From the Mining Guild to north to Dwarven mine three more rocks can be found. Adamantite ore is a wanted resource, so to make the gathering efficient, world hopping is recommended. By using this method one can gain up to 120,000 gold per hour, aswell about 12,000 mining experience. 
If the Mining Guild is too crowded, more adamantite can be found in the Al Kharid mine, Bandit camp mine, Edgeville dungeon mine, west Lumbridge swamp mine and south Crandor mine. It should be be noted that the Bandit camp mine is located in Wilderness, and one should not bring there anything they are willing to lose. Also, the mine is full of level 28 hobgoblins. 



Runite ore is the highest level ore one can mine in F2P. About 450,000 gold per hour can be gained, if world hopping is used and player killers avoided. 
For free-to-play players the only spot is north of the Lava maze, this contains two rocks. On average it takes almost 25 seconds to mine one ore. It is highly recommended to use at least one alternative account so you can scout possible PKers. 

Mining locations


Al Kharid mine: 
2 adamantite 
3 mithril 
2 gold 
3 coal 
9 iron 
Closest bank is in Al Kharid, you can also use Lumbridge home teleport to reduce running every 30 minutes. Guarded by Scorpions, player needs to be level 28 to make them non-aggressive. 
Bandit Camp mine: 
8 adamantite 
2. mithril 
2. coal 
1. iron 
Closest bank is in Edgeville, note that this is located in the Wilderness. Guarded by level 28 Hobgoblins. 
Barbarian Village mine: 
4 coal 
Closest bank in Edgeville, the barbarians are not aggressive towards players. 
Crafting Guild mine: 
7 gold 
6 clay 
Closest bank is in Draynor Village. Requires both a Crafting level of 40 and a brown apron. If the player has 99 Crafting, only the skillcape is required. Brown apron can be bought from Grand Exchange or from Fancy Clothes Store / Thessalias Fine Clothes in Varrock. 
Dwarven mine: 
3 adamantite 
2 mithril 
2 gold 
1. coal 
9 iron 
5 clay 
Closest bank is in Falador, entrance north of Falador. A combat level 65 is required so the King Scorpions stop attacking the player. 
Edgeville dungeon mine: 
2 adamantite 
1 mithril 
6 coal 
3 iron 
There are two entrances: from Edgeville, just south of the bank. This is not recommended as it is a long way to travel. A brass key is required to open the door in a small building just south-west of the Grand Exchange. It can be bought or looted from the dungeon, just west of the Edgeville mine. Closest bank is the Varrock west bank, not recommended to low level players because of Hobgoblins, Hill giants and skeletons. 
Karamja Volcano mine: 
4 gold 
Closest bank is in Rimmington bank booth, guarded by skeletons. Entrance is from the top of the Karamja Volcano. 
Lava maze mine: 
2 runite 
Beware of player killers! Closest bank is in Edgeville. 
Mining Guild: 
2 adamantite 
5 mithril 
3. coal 
4 iron 
To enter the Mining Guild mine, players need at least level 60 mining. Closest bank is in Falador. 
North Crandor mine: 
1 mithril 
3 gold 
7 coal 
Closest bank is in Draynor Village or the bank deposit box in Rimmington, requires completition of Dragon Slayer. 
Rimmington mine: 
2 gold 
6 iron 
2 clay 
Closest bank is in Falador or the bank deposit box in Port Sarim. There are no monsters at all lurking in this area, so a level 3 can mine here. 
South Crandor mine: 
3 adamantite 
7 mithril 
3 gold 
Closest bank is in Draynor Village or the bank deposit box in Port Sarim, requires completition of Dragon Slayer. 
South-east Varrock mine: 
4 iron 
Closest bank is in Varrock, the mine is guarded by level 6 Giant rat. At combat level 13 this is no longer a threat to players. 
South-west Varrock mine: 
3 iron 
3 clay 
Closest bank is in Varrock, the mine is guarded by level 6 mugger. At combat level 13 this is no longer a threat to players. 
South-western Wilderness mine: 
3. coal 
Closest bank is in Edgeville, skeletons are always aggressive whatever the players combat level is. Note that this mine is in the Wilderness! 
West Lumbridge Swamp mine: 
2 adamantite 
5 mithril 
7 coal 
Closest bank is in Draynor Village. 


Sometimes players might find gems while mining. This is a small bonus to increase the hourly profit, and it is highly recommended not to cut them! 


Mining ores require the player to either wield or have a pickaxe in their inventory. Here is a list of pickaxes and requirements to wield them. 
Bronze pickaxe, mining level 1 and attack level 1. 
Iron pickaxe, mining level 1 and attack level 1. 
Steel pickaxe, mining level 6 and attack level 5. 
Black pickaxe, mining level 11 and attack level 10. 
Mithril pickaxe, mining level 21 and attack level 20. 
Adamant pickaxe, mining level 31 and attack level 30. 
Rune pickaxe, mining level 41 and attack level 40. 


Fishing is a skill in Old School RuneScape. Depending on what fish you catch, sometimes you need to use bait. In F2P the fishing tools do not degrade, and luckily the bait is a stackable item. 

Shrimp and anchovies

Shrimps are most likely the first fish players fish. The only requirement to catch them is to have a small fishing net in inventory. Anchovies require nothing else but a level 15 fishing. Best place to catch them is at the Draynor Village shore, as it is also very close to a bank. Note that low levels cannot fish in here as the area is guarded by level 7 dark wizards. 
Fishing shrimp and anchovies at level 15 fishing can grant up to 38,000 gold as well as 5,200 fishing experience. About 270 anchovies and 370 shrimp can be caught per hour 

Raw trout and salmon

One of the easiest way to train fishing and get money is to fish salmon and trout. Fishing trout can be started at level 20 fishing and salmon at level 30. To catch these the player needs a fly fishing rod and feathers. 
The most common place in F2P to catch these is on the river Lum, which can be found between Varrock and Barbarian village. There are more fishing spots at Lumbridge if one wishes to find a quiet place to train. The first being closer to banks, Edgeville can be reached quickest. 


Lobster can be fished at level 40 fishing. Players need only a lobster pot to catch them. Lobsters are found at Karamja, Musa Point. 
On average 220 lobsters can be caught per hour making up to 46,000 gold aswell 19,980 fishing experience. To bank the caught lobsters, travel from Karamja back to Port Sarim and head north. On the northernmost dock a bank deposit box can be found. Remember not to deposit full inventory as you need 30 gold each trip to the island, 60 gold both ways. 

Swordfish and tuna

A harpoon is required to catch tuna and swordfish. Tuna can be caught at 35 fishing and swordfish at level 50. In an hour 70 swordfish and 125 tuna can be caught, giving the player about 18,000 fishing experience. This will result in about 36,000 gold, minus ~500 gold for tavelling on a boat. 
As swordfish is significantly more expensive than tuna, after you have the first full inventory drop all tuna. 

Fishing supplies

All fishing supplies can be bought at Gerrants Fishy Business in Port Sarim. 


Woodcutting is a skill in Old School RuneScape. An axe is required to chop down trees. After the tree is cut, it will take certain amount of time to respawn. 

Tree logs

Logs can be cut from a normal tree which is a most common type of a tree in RuneScape. Cutting down regular, dying, dead, evergreen and jungle trees will all result as logs in players inventory. 
Chopping down normal trees around Grand Exchange and Varrock is a quick way to earn some gold. As woodcutting is considered as an AFK skill, most people tend not to do this much as it is very click intensive. One log grants the player 25 woodcutting experience. In an hour, about 45,000 gold can be gained. 


Oak logs are a quick and semi-AFKable method to train woodcutting at level 15 woodcutting. One oak log gives 60 woodcutting experience. About 1,100 oak logs can be cut in an hour granting 41,250 woodcutting experience. This will result as profit of 61,100 gold per hour. 
Oak trees near banks: 
Draynor Village, one click away from bank. 
Varrock West bank, a short run just south-west. 
Near the crossroads of Port Sarim and Crafting Guild, a short run from Port Sarim bank deposit box. 
Eastern Varrock, near the entrance. 
North of Port Sarim, multiple trees can be found in here. 
Lumbridge forest 


Chopping willow is not that great source of gold, but will grant lots of experience per hour. To cut down a willow tree a woodcutting level of 30 is requires. One log will grant 67,5 woodcutting experience. 
If one wishes to bank the logs, best place to do this is at Draynor Village bank. Multiple trees can be found on the shore just one click away from the bank. 
More trees can be found south of Varrock in the sheep area surrounded by fences, south of Rimmington, Edgeville, east of the Champions Guild, east and west of Lumbridge and southern Port Sarim. 


Yew trees can be cut at level 60 woodcutting, although due to slow log rate it is not recommended. If one wishes to AFK, it is a nice way to multitask character. One log grants the player 175 woodcutting experience. About 150 logs can be cut in an hour, making up to 34,650 gold as well as 26,250 woodcutting experience. A good level to start chopping down yews is at level 80 woodcutting. 
Yew logs are a wanted resource and often crowded with bots. A nice spot to AFK yew logs is just next to the Varrock church. This is a short run away from the eastern bank, and the player will have enough run energy to run both of the trips. 
The most crowded place to cut yew trees is at the Grand Exchange, north of the Varrock palace. There are 3 trees but the amount of players and bots is often terrible. Edgeville has 2 yew trees, just south of the bank. West of Lumbridge castle can be found 3 yew trees. There are 3 trees near the Varrock Lumberyard, although this is a long way from bank. South of Varrock is one yew tree, not that long away from a bank. South of Falador can be found 4 yew trees, not that far away from bank. This spot, like many others unfortunately is often a botfarm. Rimmington has 4 trees and the closest banking method is to use the Port Sarim bank deposit box. 


To use or wield an axe player needs to have either a woodcutting level and/or a certain attack level. Just like with mining and pickaxes, axes do not need to be wielded to actually use them. Having them in the inventory is enough. 
Bronze axe, 1 woodcutting and 1 attack. 
Iron axe, 1 woodcutting and 1 attack. 
Steel axe, 6 woodcutting and 5 attack. 
Black axe, 11 woodcutting and 10 attack. 
Mithril axe, 21 woodcutting and 20 attack. 
Adamant axe, 31 woodcutting and 30 attack. 
Rune axe, 41 woodcutting and 40 attack. 

Written by MLG Hen

Here we come to an end for Old School RuneScape Free to play money making Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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