Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks 1 -
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks 1 -
Video guides & strategies for all 5 bosses. Extra tips for some of the hardest achivements.



Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks - Welcome 
Hello there. 
This is a copy-paste of my guide for the old Nongunz version. 
I’ve created this tutorial after many hours of struggling with bosses, 
watching numerous long and boring ‘lets plays’ and finding strategies myself. 
There are some other good guides around if you need the basics of mechanics 
or achievements guide. 
This one focuses on bosses and hardest to get achievements. 
Any questions or feedback are more than welcome, enjoy. 

1st boss – III

Small space with spikes around. You’ll fight mostly on the lower level + 1st left platform 

  • 1. III will first hover in the middle of the screen and will track your movement for a few seconds, then will launch itself in your direction. 
  • 2. Then it bounces off walls for a while. If you’ll stand exactly beneath it, it will be flying up and down in a predictable manner doing you no charm. 
  • 3. Boss will go back to the middle of the screen and spawn a few flies, then the pattern repeats. If you got a melee weapon you can get rid of them in 1-2 hits

Advised equipment: 

  • Any melee weapon (axe ftw) or aoe weapon (RPG, Grenade launcher, shotguns) 
  • Monkey skull (turrets) helps as well


  • This can be done without any particular cards – get some for optional healing, damage bonus helps as well


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2nd boss – XVII

Small room with no hazards. 

  • 1. Boss got two possible attacks – downward beam from nose and horizontal beams from ears. 
  • 2. It attacks only in this simple pattern switching from one beam to another 
  • 3. Beams can be dodged with rolls 
  • 4. XVII flies from left to right gradually going up and down in a repeatable pattern. When he flies low enough it will hit the player if not dodged. 
  • 5. Its attacks can launch player up in the air, also care for downward beam + launch + side beam combo as it can melt large part of our HP. 
  • 6. Our priority is to either slide underneath the boss and shot, or roll to dodge its attacks

Advised equipment: 

  • This can be done with pistol only without any problems 
  • For faster clear any non-explosive weapon with high per-round damage is recommended 
    (sniper, shotguns) 
  • Monkey skull helps as well


  • This can be done without any particular cards – get some for optional healing, damage bonus helps too 
  • Too much roll bonus can actually be troublesome as we will roll from one arena end to another


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3rd boss – VI

Big room with spiked floor with small platforms on different levels 

  • 1. VI flies from side to side on the same altitude. The less hp he got the faster it flies 
  • 2. Boss will drop its teeth from time to time for the duration of the fight. Lost teeth will respawn over time. 
  • 3. Every tooth got two possible behaviours – it will launch itself up in the air when player walks nearby or it will be inactive unless player jumps throug it (or roll in the air). 
  • 4. Every tooth is explosive and will detonate on contact with boss. It will also damage the player on contact on its way up and will detonate on any surface (including player, floor, boss) on its way down 
  • 5. Best strategy is to roll from higher to lower platforms to activate teeth on the way. Jumping over the tooth almost always cause contact damage.

Advised equipment: 

  • No weapon is needed, even green sniper with maximum attack bonus deals relatively low dps 
  • Some skulls that boost mobility can help, but are absolutely not needed


  • You’ll want to get a lot of junk cards for healing, no particular bonus is necesary


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4th boss – XII

Large room with spike pits on both ends with some platforms 

  • 1. Battle starts on the left side and XII chases you till the end of the floor – then it dissapears and comes back after a short delay to chase you from right to left and so on. 
  • 2. While you keep the attack button pressed you will keep shooting and it allows you to run in both left and right – use this fact to shot in one direction and run in the opposite way. 
  • 3. Explosive balls will spawn on the map – XII can absorb them to heal itself. You can step on them, take low damage (or shot them) and deny the healing. 
  • 4. XII got no other forms of harming you than contact damage (and explosive balls) 
  • 5. The boss is really fast compared to most enemies, without any preparations its hard to outrun it

Advised equipment: 

  • Monkey mask (turrets) is a tremendous help. 
  • Sniper rifle or other powerful green weapon (Axe in my case).


  • Cards with movement speed bonus are HIGHLY advisable to outrun the boss 
  • Damage bonus helps as usual


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5th boss – DCLXVI

Huge vertical area with many hazards and numerous platforms. 

  • 1. Boss won’t attack you in any way, the only way it can actually harm you is contact damage. 
  • 2. The more damage it takes the higher it will hover. 
  • 3. Keep shoting at it while avoiding hazards (syringes, blood, spikes) and advance to a higher platforms 
  • 4. Even on the smallest platforms it is possible to shot and not be hit by dropping blood when you stay on the edge 
  • 5. You wont be able to jump into some of the higher platforms without skulls/jump bonus

Advised equipment: 

  • Get your best green weapons, sniper + axe is my personal preference 
  • Green monkey turret helps a lot 
  • Eagle skull or high jump bonus IS A MUST


  • The more cards with damage bonus the better 
  • High jumping bonus is needed when you don’t have eagle skull 
  • Avoid taking too much movement speed bonus – it will make jumping from platform to platform more difficult 
  • Avoid taking too much roll bonus – same as above but will make moving through spike fields more difficult


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Achievements: easy x10, x30, x50, x100 multiplier

This can be done in 2 ways: 
1. The hard way – hoard some green weaponry, and f**ton cards with combo, damage and speed bonuses and just go exploring. If you are fast enough you’ll eventually make it somewhere in the late game. Gravity skull helps as well. 
2. The easy way – hoard some combo bonus cards, get weakest melee weapon and go for the first boss. It spawns flies indefinitely so you’ll have to fight him for a while to get as much combo bonus as you want. Your only concern is to keep the bonus active during rest of boss fighting phases. 

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Achievements: easy Q,R,S,V (high bonus values)

This 4 achievements require you to hoard a large amount of powerful cards and equip them. 
The desired parameters are: 

  • Q – high damage bonus (sword icon) 
  • R – high jump bonus (upward arrow icon) 
  • S – high roll bonus (circural icon) 
  • V – high bullet size ( [bullet] icon)

For details see Quold achievement guide:
The method is slow, mostly passive but reliable. 

  • 1. You need to rescue slot machine NPC from level 3 
  • 2. You need to have a good points income (80+ followers) or just a lot of points accumulated. 
  • 3. You need keyboard auto clicker software (I’ve used Autosofted_Auto_Keyboard_Presser_1.8) 
  • 4. You need a lot of time 
  • 5. The more good cards you already have the better


  • 1. Go to the building with slot machine and stand close enough to be able to activate it. 
  • 2. Set up your autocliker app to press SPACE in some fixed intervals (I’ve used 500 ms). In case of app I’ve used autoclicking can be activated and deactivated by pressing a given button. 
  • 3. Activate autoclicker while standing near slot machine and go afk for half a day. 
  • 4. This will automatically activate slot machine over and over and generate infinite amount of cards. 
  • 5. I’ve noticed that the cards tend to be stronger the more bosses you’ve killed. 
  • 6. Check in from time to time (half hour is reasonable) to get the cards, keep the ones you need and burn away the others (or sumply go die in the dungeon to discard all of them at once). 
  • 7. Store your cards in graves/coffins and repeat the process for as long as needed. 
  • 8. When you have 500 points in parameter value in total – equip the cards and achievement will be unlocked 
  • 9. In theory virtual machine can be used for the sake of cards farming, but in case of VirtualBox the game performance was horrible even with GPU acceleration enabled.

Example clicker app setup: 
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks 
After 25 minutes or afk farming: 
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks 
Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks 

Written by SyfonMK

Hope you enjoy the post for Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Boss video Guide + hard Achievements tips&tricks, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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