Noita Beginners Guide – Survival Tips and Tricks + Playthrough

Noita Beginners Guide – Survival Tips and Tricks + Playthrough 1 -
Noita Beginners Guide – Survival Tips and Tricks + Playthrough 1 -

Some assorted tips and tricks for playing Noita. Warning: There is currently no knowledge that allows a player to survive being Noita’d.

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain normally acts a a rest stop and barrier upwards on your way down the Mountain. It summons a spooky scary skeleton when you attempt to tunnel through the very durable brickwork. The spooky scary skeleton in question will cast exploding bolts at you until you turn into a pile of meat. However, you can not only prevent the Holy Mountain committing suicide as you leave, but also easily kill offbrand Skeletron and prevent him from existing.
1. The collapse of Holy Mountain is triggered when you go over the small ledge at the end, past the perk area. You can prevent this by using Polymorphine or Chaotic Polymorphine and flying past. You’re not the wizard when polymorphed, so it won’t collapse. You can also use a teleport bolt. Hover just below the diagonal slope then fire at the lantern, and the collapse can be averted.
2. Even if the Mountain collapses, you can get back in. The collapsed brickwork is made of Collapsed Concrete as opposed to Brickwork, making it weaker than the regular Holy Mountain structure. The collapse creates red desecration particles that deal high damage. They wear off after a while, so explore a bit then come back before blowing your way into the Holy Mountain. If Skeletor is chasing you, catching him in the perk area then triggering the collapse will cause the falling brickwork to land on top of him. His shield will protect him, but the collapsed chunks can easily kill him, and even if they don’t, he will be stuck under it and the desecration particles will kill him. If you have Gold is Forever and some strong explosives, you can tunnel back in to get the gold he drops.
3. You can steal from the shop. There are two ways to do this: first, you can use a Tentacle spell, which will haphazardly pull hit shop wands or shop spells towards you. Second, you can use a Circle of Buoyancy and Homing on Cursor to levitate yourself and shop items out the metaphorical door. Once the shop items are outside the Holy Mountain, they’ll become free for the taking.


Enemies are annoying and they kill you. Need anything more?\
1. Stendaris are allergic to water. Enough water will insta-kill them.
2. You can turn enemies into ice cubes with a spell such as Freezing Gaze. A frozen enemy can be kicked to shatter it and instantly kill it.
3. Get free healing with some careful liquid application or wand throwing. You can pour Pheremone on healer enemies to make them heal you. This includes the Hiisi Healer, the drone healer, the Hiisi Shielder, and the Hiisi Cloaker. The first two will directly heal you, while the latter will give you a temporary shield/ cloak you respectively. You can even make lay-Hiisi heal you. Throw a wand with Healing Projectile at them and they’ll pick it up and cast it at you. Hiisi don’t know what magic does so they will be confused as they will be shooting Healing Projectiles at you. They will make the charges run out eventually however and won’t stop until death.
4. You can still attack enemies when the Master of Grounding grounds your spells. For this you will need the Explosion Immunity perk or any other way of being immune to explosions. Get an explosive with the biggest blast radius you can. Bomb is an accessible and good choice. When you get grounded, charge at the enemy and use your explosive spell. It will detonate immediately and you won’t take damage, while the enemy will take a LOT. Bombs Materialized and Unlimited Spells also really help for this.


Spells are how you kill things – including yourself. You can use them to end the world or make an army of explosive ducks.
1. Using a ghost, you can make a very powerful machine gun. For this one, you will need the Angry Spirit perk, a wand with a powerful projectile on it (Magic Missile works best, but others such as Fireball will work), and a very fast completely empty wand (the starting bomb wand works great for this). You will need to fire your powerful projectile until the Angry Spirit begins copying the projectile. Next, switch to your very fast nothing wand and fire away. The Angry Spirit will fire its last copied projectile when there aren’t any other projectiles, and it will fire every time your current wand fires, even if there’s nothing on it. This causes the Angry Spirit to fire your powerful projectile perfectly accurately, very quickly, and with infinite charges.
2. Giga Sawblade is probably definitely a dev joke. The sawblade will ricochet back like a boomerang. Omega Sawblade is even worse, it’s a larger version that moves slowly but does even more damage and homes in on the caster. At first they suck, but you can use them to kill Squidward, the boss in the chasm to the right of the Lava Lake to the right of the Mines. Cast either spell once. Squidward will copy the projectile which will then ricochet back into his face.
3. A spark bolt can 1 hit the final boss. For this, you will need a Square/Vertical/Horizontal (square is by far the best) Barrier spell and a projectile spell with Spells to Power on it. Cast your barrier spell then the projectile. Every single high-damage pixel will be absorbed into the projectile and grant it ridiculous amounts of damage, enough to 1 hit bosses (damage is likely in the ten thousands btw) so even if a bit slower than a regular projectile, still very powerful. You can even use the Delayed Spell multicast to make the entire thing happen in a single click.
4. Lighting Bolt has a fairly short range, especially for the more open levels like Snowy Depths. However, you can extend its range using either Speed Up or Decelerating Shot. The deceleration effect isn’t even there.

Written by Rednax910

Here we come to an end for Noita Beginners Guide – Survival Tips and Tricks + Playthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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