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No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia 1 -
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia 1 -

Encyclopedia of various recipes (cooking, blueprint shops, crafting workshop) for PRE-RELEASE version 0.32.XXX

Intro – What Is This?

Hello, I’m Dave. I’m not associated with the game’s development team, I’m just a gamer who jumped at the opportunity to play this game in its early access phase. Been here since version 0.11, now we’re up to version 0.32 and supposedly just weeks away from final retail release. Is the game really ready for that… is a topic of much debate lately. But that’s not the point of this guide, I’ll leave that for the discussion forums.
This guide is going to list all of the recipes to help the other early access players as a reference encyclopedia while we finish testing out the game before full release. These will almost definitely CHANGE after official release day so if you’re playing a version of the game that came after 0.32.2XX then some or all of this might be outdated information. But maybe it’ll help some people up until they come out with the next big update to the economy and crafting systems.

Important Note

This encyclopedia thing was developed in EARLY ACCESS, specifically version 0.32. Now we’re up to version 1.0.K_65464354165a4fdafdsfa6546 or something like that LOL. Some of this is OUTDATED now. But most of the lists are still fairly accurate I think. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
I am working on a full walkthrough guide now, since they finally got to retail release version of the game. So I will NOT be updating this encyclopedia ever again. The new guide, once it’s finished, will completely replace this. Please be patient while you wait for that… or just go use someone else’s guide if you find one with more recent information. Thanks, happy gaming.

Resource Shops

Most of the NPC’s have a “Resource Shop” that will trade you crafting materials in exchange for jars of preserved foods. You really shouldn’t need to buy ANY of these, but if you just want to speed up the progress a bit then it is an option for you. Note that some characters have a shelf that opens their regular shop just by clicking on it… these are NOT those shops. To access these, you have to talk to the NPC and select the “Resource Shop” option from their dialogue.
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Resource Shops - D733DBB
Of particular interest is Lilly’s flower seed shop. The seeds she sells are EXCLUSIVE to her shop, you can’t find them anywhere else in the game currently. But when you plant them, they grow into a pretty flower that you cannot harvest, the only thing you can do with it is destroy the soil plot to get the seed back if you want to go plant it somewhere else. And the seeds can go into the preserving machine but they are only worth 1 jar each, while they cost 5 jars each to buy the seeds. SO basically they’re just pretty decorations you can grow. Maybe future version will let you harvest them and use them to craft wreaths and vases and such? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Blueprint and Upgrade Shops

There are two types of normal shops. First is the upgrade shop (Rudy) which you only have to buy the item directly, you don’t actually need to take the blueprint to your workbench and build anything. It will be automatically equipped as soon as you pay for it. Second are the equipment shops (everyone else) where you will buy blueprints. These then need to be built in your workbench in order to get the actual item… the initial purchase is only to unlock the blueprint so you CAN build it. Next chapter I will list the crafting recipes in the workbench.
You start the game with a few blueprints already unlocked: Chest, Basic Recycler Machine, and Basic Chicken Coop. And your farm will start with a few basic pieces of equipment already installed: 36 Farm Soil plots, 1 Basic Recycler, 1 Basic Preserving Machine, 1 Basic Bird Feeder, 1 Decoration Workstation, 1 Crafting Workbench.
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Blueprint and Upgrade Shops - F39B608
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Blueprint and Upgrade Shops - 426C3D1
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Blueprint and Upgrade Shops - A28C50F
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Blueprint and Upgrade Shops - 8E9C24D

Crafting Workbench

The workbench is located beside the stairs that lead up to Ellen’s house. You cannot tear it down to move it to another location. This is where you will build all the machinery for your farm. Here, I’ve highlighted in yellow the items that need E-Waste or Glass, since those materials are not available until pretty late in the game.
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Crafting Workbench - 493E1F8
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Crafting Workbench - 78276A0
Beside the Workbench is a Decoration Workstation. This is where you can build any furniture or decorations. Anything built here can be placed anywhere: on your farm, in your house, or out in the wide world somewhere. At the moment, each decoration only costs 1 Recycled Material to build it, but first you need to find the blueprints. Blueprints for these are located in the suitcase loot boxes all over the world. There is one item from the “Garden” tab – the Wheelbarrow – that has no blueprint currently, but you will find one of the items already made, if you look hard enough. And the entire “Japanese” tab is currently unavailable since they have no blueprints anywhere. I won’t post a list since everything costs the same, but feel free to mess around with some furniture if you want to.

How to farm and cook

To cook food, you need a few things.
For most of your fruits and veggies, you need Farm Soil plots (or Flower Pots, or a Greenhouse – currently they all can grow ANY kind of crop) and some SEEDS to plant. After three days, your vegetables will be ready for harvest. To get more seeds, put veggies into a Bird Feeder. Basic Bird Feeder can take up to 3 veggies, gives 3 seeds for each veggie. The upgraded one can take up to 4 veggies and gives 4 seeds for each. The awesome one can take up to 6 veggies and gives 6 seeds for each one.
Certain foods (apple, peach, orange, acorn, and olive) grow on TREES. Trees do not need any farm soil. Just plant the seeds on regular grass… or you can setup your orchard in one of the basements near your farm UNDERGROUND. I highly recommend if you want oak trees from which to gather acorns, put them underground since doing so will limit the area the acorns drop to right near the tree trunk… but having it above ground will make it throw acorns across a really big area (often they end up falling underwater or up on a hill where you can’t reach it). Trees take about a week to grow to full size, after that they produce one fruit per day. They can have up to 6 fruits stored up at a time, too, so you don’t need to harvest every single day. Tree seeds CANNOT be acquired from a bird feeder. But really you only need about six or eight of each type of tree anyway.
Some foods come from your pets. If you have a chicken coop, you can get chickens and ducks. They both give you eggs, and chicken eggs can be turned into mayo by using a Mayo Maker. Duck eggs aren’t currently used for any cooking recipes though. Not even mayonnaise. If you have a pig sty you can get some pigs, they give you truffles. A cow shed can be home to cows (give milk, which can be turned into cheese in a Cheese House), goats (give goat milk which currently cannot be turned into goat cheese because the developers accidentally broke the cheese house), and sheep (give wool, but the quest to get sheep is currently very very broken).
And a few foods just need a machine to make it. A Jam House will turn fruits (strawberry, peach, and blueberry) into jam. A Beehive will produce honey each day “for free” which is extra nice. Upgrades to your farm machines will just take more ingredients but makes more of the product.
Once you have food, you can cook it in the kitchen to make it into a meal. Or make Pet Food by throwing “random” ingredients that do not match any official recipe. You will need Pet Food to keep your animals happy, if you don’t feed/water/pet them daily then they will not give you any more items. The basic kitchen can combine two types of ingredients. Each upgrade will add a slot for another type of ingredient. So the basic kitchen can cook French Fries (potatoes and tomatoes) but not Cereal Breakfast because that requires too many ingredients.
You can put raw food into the Preserving Machine to get jars of preserved food. These are used as currency to purchase blueprints and upgrades at shops run by the NPCs. However, you will get MORE JARS if you cook the food first in the kitchen first and then put the cooked meal into the Preserving Machine. More about that in the next chapter.
So yeah, you get food from:

  • Beehives (honey)
  • Chickens (eggs) and Mayo Maker (eggs –> mayo)
  • Pigs (truffles)
  • Ducks (duck eggs)
  • Cows (milk) and Cheese House (milk –> cheese)
  • Goats (goat milk) but goat cheese is broken
  • Trees (apple, peach, orange, olive)
  • Jam House (peach, strawberry, or cranberry –> jam)
  • Oil Press (olive –> olive oil)
  • Farm Soil or Flower Pot (all other fruits and veggies)
  • Kitchens (cook raw food into meals, see recipes in next chapter)


Cooking and Preserving Your Food

Both raw ingredients and cooked meals can be turned into Jars in a preserving machine. These jars are used like money at the local shops. So you’ll need A TON of them. The point of these lists is to help you determine how to get the most out of your farm and kitchen.
Important notes first:

  • Blueberries were accidentally removed from the game, the recipes highlighted in BLUE require them so you can’t currently make those recipes.
  • Goat cheese is currently broken, you cannot make it. The only recipe affected by this is the Goat Cheese Bruschetta, which cannot be made currently.
  • You can also grow Sunflowers on your farm. Sunflowers “can be cooked” but they give ZERO pet food as a reward, and they cannot be placed into the bird feeder so there is no way to get more seeds.
  • You can also grow Tea on your farm. Tea can be cooked to make 47 pet food each, or put into the preserving machine to get 47 Jars. But currently it is not part of any cooking recipes other than the random pet food.
  • The column labeled “PPD” is sort of an efficiency rating I came up with, to see which foods will give the most jars with the least amount of effort. For this, I counted each veggie/fruit ingredient that needs to grow on soil as 3 days since that’s its growing time. Then tree fruits, mayo, cheese, and animal products like eggs and truffles I count as 1 day each. Add up the total “days” for each recipe, and divide the number of Jars it will make by that.

No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Cooking and Preserving Your Food - DBCD71E
No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia - Cooking and Preserving Your Food - DE49430
From this, you can see pretty clearly that the “best” food for getting jars will be Grilled Cheese or Cheese Fondu… but milk and cheese are only available in limited quantity since there are only 8 cows in the whole game. Better to plant a lot of olive trees and rely on Hasselback Potatoes. But oil isn’t available until almost the end of the game. So for most of the game your “bread and butter” so to speak will probably be the Eggplant Fricasee and Basic Stuffed Pumpkin. Once you have access to corn, maybe swap out the basic stuffed pumpkin and start making olivier salad instead. Then once you have some beetroot seeds you can work towards borch which is nice since it only has one ingredient (4 Beetroot). But hey feel free to make them all if you like to cook.
At one point, Frank asks for a Watermelon Salad to complete a quest… but there are NO BLUEBERRIES IN THE GAME so this can never be finished. The final room in your house will forever remain locked. Oh well at least you can decorate the other rooms.

Edits for game updates – 3/8/22

Game has been updated to 0.32.5XX
I’m not doing a “full update” of this little guide until after full release because they’ll still make a few more changes I’m sure. So here is a list of things that have changed regarding these recipes.
Goat milk can be put into the cheese machine to make goat cheese now. BUT the cheese machine wtill has NO UI MENU, so it will take whichever milk is FIRST in your inventory list. NEVER MIX MILK TYPES, it will make only cow cheese and only from the cow milk, your goat milk will simply be destroyed. If you want goat cheese, you need to use a full batch of goat milk.
Blueberries are back!
Duck eggs are back, since ducks have been fixed. But some of the blueprint recipes have been changed – they don’t require duck eggs anymore.
I found the recipe for Simple Salad, it’s across the lake from Harold’s house in the Village.

Regarding quest items

ALL quest items are verified to be in the game (except the last five feathers), I personally had NO PROBLEM finding any of the house parts or dam parts etc. If you are having problems with quest items, try closing the game, rebooting and loading your save again. Sometimes this causes “invisible” things to spawn back in. IF that doesn’t work, try updating your game to the most current version and then START A NEW GAME.
Your feather collection will still be missing five feathers when you finish the Desert. These are not currently in the game. So you will never actually complete Jay’s quest to find all the feathers in the valley.
The rest of this contains some spoilers, so quit now if you’re worried about that.
After you get the robot parts, you’re NOT DONE with the robot. He tells you to go shut down the satellite signal. That requires you to go up to the top of the mountain at the edge of the swamp, where you will collect three satellite parts – all of them are located on the top of the mountain around the tower. Then put the parts into the satellite controller, and hit the button to shut the signal down. Then go back to the robot and he should tell you he’s planting trees instead of telephone poles now. Only then can you go back and tell Jay that you fixed the robot.
Water filters in the swamp – you only need three, you can get I think 5, and one is floating in the air too high to reach. But you can finish the quest now!
You can’t start Lilly’s quests until you finish Jay’s quests to plant giant oak trees, help the boars, and fix the robot. After that, talk to Jay and she’ll suggest that you should go find Lilly to continue.
Fenugreek herbs in the swamp WILL NOT APPEAR until you get the quest from Lilly to go get them.
Algae for the bulbulator WILL NOT APPEAR until you get the quest from Lilly to go get it. It appears all around the lake in the Village, it looks like seaweed and the items should be glowing. There are five of them.
Mine cart parts for Lilly’s quest are scattered around the power plant area (where Lilly is), there will be three of them.
Lilly’s crop quest requires one of each crop (fruits, veggies, and tree products) EXCEPT for acorn, sunflower, and tea. That means you need to bring her these items:
potato, tomato, pumpkin, lettuce, eggplant, strawberry, oats, apple, peach, orange, corn, pepper, carrot, blueberry, wheat, beetroot, garlic, onion, watermelon, cranberry, olive.
The dam controller WILL NOT APPEAR until you get the quest from Yvonne to go fix it. However, the three parts for it will appear as soon as you enter the fourth area of the desert. The parts are all located on the left side of the fourth desert area, go past the three timed yellow buttons. There is only one controller, it will be in that fourth area on the right side as you enter the area, all the way in the back where the fence wall meets the big dam wall. It will take all three parts, then a red button will appear on the front of it, the quest will complete only after you hit the button.
For early access version of the game, hitting the red button and reporting back to Yvonne is the “end of the game.” Sunken City zone will be coming soon, with “full release” of the game. There is no way to get to the city yet. So if you’ve hit the button, reported to Yvonne, got all five fennecs and all five goats… then you’re finished for now.

Written by dj_moyer

Here we come to an end for No Place Like Home Recipe Encyclopedia hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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