No More Heroes Achievement Guide

No More Heroes Achievement Guide 1 -
No More Heroes Achievement Guide 1 -
This is a simple achievement guide. The list isn’t as demanding as it was on PlayStation but I break down the specifics, any missables and as it stands, set the record straight about the dreaded broken achievements facing us right now.



There are issues with five of these achievements right now which I describe in italics but please skip to the next section for the quick explanation if you’d like.

  • Death Metal Death: Kill Death Metal in Ranking Battle 10. 
  • Peace Out Yo!: Kill Dr. Peace in Ranking Battle 9. 
  • High School Drama: Defeat Shinobu in Ranking Battle 8. 
  • You got Destroyed, Man.: Kill Destroyman in Ranking Battle 7. 
  • Beach Head: Defeat Holly Summers in Ranking Battle 6. 
  • Punx Dead: Face Letz Shake in Ranking Battle 5. 
  • Split Personality: Kill Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii in Ranking Battle 4. 
  • Speed Busted: Kill Speed Buster in Ranking Battle 3. 
  • Part Time Job Master: Earn a gold medal in all 9 part-time jobs at the Job Center. Each Ranking Battle you complete opens up one new job. The gold criteria is as follows:
    • Collect at least 8 coconuts in #01 Coconut Collector. 
    • Mow at least 95 acres in #02 Lawn Mowing. 
    • Collect at least 30 pieces of trash in #03 Garbage Collection. 
    • Correctly fill at least 20 fuel tanks in #04 Gas Station. 
    • Dismantle at least 10 land mines in #05 Mine Sweeping. 
    • Clean at least 10 graffiti murals in #06 Graffiti Cleaning. 
    • Catch at least 10 cats in #07 Meow Meow. 
    • Handle at least 15 scorpions in #08 Scorpion Extermination. 
    • Leap at least 2000 yards in #09 Bike Jump.
  • You’re gonna need a Creed: Earn a gold medal in all 20 assassination gigs at K-Entertainment. Completing a new part-time job for the first time opens up one new assassination gig, while earning a silver medal on that job opens another gig. I recommend you go for this on the Sweet difficulty, as even fully upgraded the enemies have too much health to kill quickly and efficiently. More often than not they will just fall on their backs, making you waste time positioning yourself for a Down Attack or waiting for them to get up so you can hack them again. This achievement is mostly unobtainable at present due to a programming oversight in Baseball Battle, Baseball Battle Round 2 and Baseball Battle Round 3. Otherwise the gold criteria is as follows:
    • Clear #01 Pizza Butt within in 15 seconds. 
    • Clear #02 Snake Hall within 1 minute. 
    • Kill all thugs in #03 Hooligans Parade. 
    • Kill all thugs in #04 Baseball Battle. 
    • Clear #05 Pizza Butt Returns within 15 seconds. 
    • Clear #06 Sword Master within 1 minute. 
    • Kill all thugs in #07 Death Match 100. 
    • Kill all thugs in #08 Baseball Battle Round 2. 
    • Kill at least 20 thugs in #09 Dark Side Battle. 
    • Kill all thugs in #10 Tiger Hall. 
    • Clear #11 Pizza Butt: The Finale within 15 seconds. 
    • Kill all thugs in #12 Pro-Wrestling Contest. 
    • Clear #13 Underground within 90 seconds. 
    • Kill all thugs in #14 Baseball Battle Round 3. 
    • Clear #15 Extreme Fight within 90 seconds. 
    • Clear #161 Armed Hoods within 2 minutes. 
    • Clear #17 Speed Jack within 90 seconds. 
    • Kill at least 65 thugs in #18 Gamble Fight. 
    • Kill at least 7 thugs in #19 Single Strike. 
    • Clear #20 Batting Killing Centre within 90 seconds.
  • Free Fight Master: Earn a gold medal in all 10 Free Fight Missions. These will all become fully available after earning every gold medal from part-time jobs. The gold medals are scored simply by successfully killing all thugs. Be warned that several of the later Free Fight Missions have up to 3 thugs who spawn in after you think you’ve cleared the area. 
  • Dial M for Massacre: Kill 510 thugs. This achievement is mostly unobtainable at present due to a faulty tracker causing the counter to reset upon the completion of a stage. The only area of the game with infinitely spawning thugs is the Bad Girl boss fight, as she can occasionally summon at least two at a time. Dying and starting over from a checkpoint in a Ranking Battle does not work because when you resume the tracker dials back to the kills you were at before dying. 
  • Naughty Girl: Kill Bad Girl in Ranking Battle 2. 
  • Family Drama: Kill Jeane in Ranking Battle 1. 
  • Bittersweet: View either ending on the Bitter difficulty. This setting is only available after completing the game once on Sweet or Mild, saving the Clear Data file and loading it when the game restarts. Defeating Henry is not required. This achievement will unlock as soon as the credits begin to roll on either ending you choose. 
  • Gym Rat: Complete all of Thunder Ryu’s gym training. Completing Ranking Battles 9 through 2 unlocks one new benchpress and squat training. There is also one dumbbell training session to complete for each beam katana, available only by visiting the gym with the corresponding katana equipped. This achievement is completely unobtainable at present due to a faulty tracker. Meeting all the criteria does not unlock this achievement at the moment. 
  • Dump Donator: Enter all 11 bathrooms where progress is saved. There is one bathroom before the boss fights in Ranking Battles 10 through 1, as well as Travis’ own motel bathroom. This achievement is completely unobtainable at present due to a faulty tracker tallying only 10 of the 11 bathrooms. Meeting all the criteria does not unlock this achievement at the moment. 
  • Fraternal Strife: Complete the real ending on any difficulty. This ending is only an option after ranking 1st and owning the Tsubaki Mk-III beam katana. This achievement can be missable because after the shorter ending and credits you must begin a new game. You still have regular access to the load menu, but if you overwrite the file you were ranked 1st on, then you must play all the way back to 1st rank to be able to watch the real ending again. As long as you don’t lose that file, you could alternatively watch the short ending, then start a new game when prompted but immediately load your file and pick the other ending. 
  • Gotta Collect Em All: Obtain 51 trading cards from chests during Ranking Battles. There are a total of 50 in the first playthrough but New Game Plus adds 100 more. The first 50 cards are pretty easily spotted but Ranking Battle 5 begins with a chest inches from your back in the tunnel so make sure you don’t miss that one. Cards 51 through 90 and 136 through 147 are found in Ranking Battles when you replay them, while cards 91 through 135 and 148 through 150 are buried across Santa Destroy. Pick up the remainder of the cards you need in your second playthrough to unlock this achievement, as all 150 cards are not required. 
  • No More Hero: Unlock the other 19 achievements for this platinum trophy-style reward. This achievement is completely unobtainable at present due to programming issues hindering You’re gonna need a Creed, Dial M for Massacre, Gym Rat and Dump Donator. Meeting all the criteria is impossible at the moment.


TL;DR broken achievements

No More Heroes Achievement Guide - TL;DR broken achievements 
Earning all 20 achievements right now isn’t possible. The best we can do without a patch from Engine Software is 15/20. The reasons for this are as follows: 

  • You’re gonna need a Creed requires all 20 assassination gig gold medals, but the three Baseball Battle gigs have unique controls that don’t account for the fact that on Steam the game is not played with motion controls. Sadly this is even an issue on Nintendo Switch when playing with a regular controller setup as well. The only way to do this as it was originally intended is on Switch with the Joy-con detached, which we don’t have the luxury of here. 
  • Dial M for Massacre asks you to kill 510 thugs but resets the count anytime you finish a Ranking Battle, assassination gig or Free Fight Mission. If you die and continue from a checkpoint, any kills since your last checkpoint are forgotten by the tracker. I tested this myself by fighting through Ranking Battle 2 and then grinding Bad Girl’s clones until 75 kills, then dying. After starting the boss fight over and killing a dozen more clones, I once again saw the 75/510 notification. 
  • Gym Rat does not unlock after you’ve finished every combo, strength and health exercise Thunder Ryu offers. 
  • Dump Donator requires you to enter all 11 bathrooms, but one bathroom isn’t counted by the tracker, leaving everyone stuck at 10/11. 
  • No More Hero: This is a freebie for earning the other 19 achievements, but two of them are completely broken, one is only doable by spending all day cooped up in the Bad Girl boss room and one is arguably possible with incredibly unlikely luck.


Extra reading

All of these achievements were previously seen in No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise/Red Zone for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, only with different names. The Steam version actually uses some exact descriptions from that older list. Just for clarity and to open up your other options for help with the Steam achievements, below are the names of the achievements on other platforms for quick searching. It might seem redundant to list the Japanese names too but the Japanese Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version isn’t identical to the one later published by Konami outside Japan for PlayStation 3 so different authors tackled guides at different times. 

  • Death Metal Death was called UAAランキング第10位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 10 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Peace Out Yo! was called UAAランキング第9位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 9 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • High School Drama was called UAAランキング第8位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 8 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • You got Destroyed, Man. was called UAAランキング第7位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 7 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Beach Head was called UAAランキング第6位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 6 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Punx Dead was called UAAランキング第5位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 5 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Split Personality was called UAAランキング第4位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 4 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Speed Busted was called UAAランキング第3位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 3 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Part Time Job Master was called 俺の心のプラチナ殿堂入りだ!. The updated PS3 version that was translated has no exact match because 5 bonus jobs were added to the game, but 9 gold medals are part of the requirement for You’ve made it into the Hall of Fame of my heart! 
  • You’re gonna need a Creed was called ワンランク上の上へ、然るべく. The updated PS3 version that was translated has no exact match because 5 bonus jobs were added to the game, but 20 gold medals are part of the requirement for Keep climbing those ranks
  • Free Fight Master was called 信じてたわ アナタの力を and I knew you could do it
  • Dial M for Massacre was called その調子で殺りつづけて! and Keep slaughtering your way to the top! 
  • Naughty Girl was called UAAランキング第2位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 2 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Family Drama was called UAAランキング第1位に認定しました and You are recognized as Rank 1 on the UAA Ranking. 
  • Bittersweet was called 意外と甘かった? でも私は甘くみないでね and Sweeter than you thought? Just like Sylvia! 
  • Gym Rat was called おう アレだ 道を極めたな and That’s the stuff! You’re a true Master now! 
  • Dump Donator was called もうトイレに住んじゃえば? and Why don’t you just start living in one? 
  • Fraternal Strife was called ここが英雄たちの楽園よ and This is the Heroes’ Paradise! 
  • Gotta Collect Em All doesn’t have an exact match but 51 trading cards are part of the requirement for シルちゃんカードは激レアよ and Sylvia’s cards are super rare, you know? 
  • No More Hero was called ようこそ 乱れ咲きの園へ and Welcome to the Garden of Madness.



Most of this guide is just common sense from past experience but I don’t have any notes on the exact criteria for Job Center and K-Entertainment gold medals so I looked to the PlayStation Trophies guide written by Swrinny. 

By Griszly

This is all for No More Heroes Achievement Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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