No Man’s Sky Play Expedition After End Date and Instant Unlock rewards

No Man’s Sky Play Expedition After End Date and Instant Unlock rewards 1 -
No Man’s Sky Play Expedition After End Date and Instant Unlock rewards 1 -
Missed the Expedition window time, you are too noob for completing all Milestones? Fear not, this guide will help you.




  • 1.0: Initial Content 
  • 1.1: Update with cache file for Offline mode from Expedition 1 (Pioneer) [See Steps section]


Expedition Update

With update 3.3(namely Expedition), Hello Games opened for all pilots the First Community Expedition, which made up of five phases, each phase having 8 milestones, for a short-limited time. 
New Expeditions are coming on the way to us pilots. 


However, with a lots of people don’t always do hardcore, or don’t have too much time to put into gaming, they may miss the last milestones deadline today. 
Or someone is noob enough wanting to skip the event but to have the rewards 
Or people that comes late to the game after today, they miss the Expedition. 
I found a way to resolve all above. 




What do you need?

For the people who cannot afford to finish all milestones before the deadline, you need your intact Expedition save game. 
For the people who comes late to the expedition, who has their save converted, who doesn’t want to do the expedition, you need a spare save slot. 

What to do?


  1. Download and replace the following – in 


  2. Put your computer into completely offline by turn off Internet connection 
  3. Go to Windows settings and change Date & Time, set the date back to 1 month ago, when the First Expedition start 
     Time range from * to *: Monday, March 1, 2021 12:00:00 AM GMT+0 Monday, May 17, 2021 12:00:00 AM GMT+0 
  4. Start the game completely in offline mode 
  5. Either start your Expedition save or create a new Expedition save. You should be able to create Expedition save because the game and system are running on the permitted time range. 
  6. Enjoy your offline/alone Expedition


Pros & Cons





  • You can play Expedition at any time you want on your save, with no pressure on your mind as long as you play the save in completely offline and Date set to permitted time range. 
  • No obstructed by other players buildings, no laggy spikes because of the Multiplayer.



  • You have to repeat all the steps each time you load your Expedition save. 
  • You have to go completely offline. 
  • No building obstruction is also backfiring: while in Online Multiplayer, other players’ buildings may give you better advantages for a head-start, while in offline, you have to do it on your own( it is like you are playing a normal save)


[Cheat-Outdated] Instant Unlock Rewards on FIRST Expedition save


Season state in save is reused for the second Expedition, therefor this guide is outdated. May be applicable if first Expedition can be reenable using the above guide(worth a try) 
The second expedition namely Beachhead uses hidden mechanism inside game code to change milestones assets, making editing save data is not applicable to unlock rewards.


Per Dunmer [Nythqus] confirmation, he can redeem all rewards with 3.4 update during the second expedition. 
However, as the second expedition is vaulted and encrypted behind Community progress, this unlock trick will not work even if you can manage to have the correct data or cannot guarantee to work after all community progresses are unlocked[need verification after expedition is done].



Many lazy@ players doesn’t want to spend more than 40hrs for a save game. So this is why, they want to unlock rewards without playing. 



What do you need




  1. Open NMS Save Editor 
  2. Load your Expedition save slot 
  3. From the Edit menu(topmost), open Edit Raw JSON 
  4. From the tree-branch structure panel on the left, navigate to PlayerStateData -> SeasonState -> MilestoneValues. 
  5. In Text editor on the right, paste in the following content: 
    [ 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 20.0, 1.0, 10000.0, 900.0, 1.0, 1300.0, 1.0, 35.0, 1.0, 1.0, 30.0, 1.0, 6000000.0, 1.0, 1300.0, 10.0, 15.0, 5000.0, 2.0, 4.0, 1.0, 5.0, 1.0, 1250.0, 50.0, 2.0, 1.0, 30.0, 35.0, 30.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1250.0, 10000.0, 1.0, 50.0, 1000000.0, 1.0, 60.0, 50.0, 1.0 ] 
  6. Navigate to SeasonState node, you will be prompted to save the editing JSON, click Yes 
  7. Save your data or Save as new slot. 
  8. Open the save in-game and claim all Phases rewards(and Final Rewards) 
  9. Manage to reach Restore Point/Savepoint to have rewards bound to your profile and save. 
  10. Go to other saves and claim rewards from Quicksilver vendor. Also go online.

However in the save data, there are nodes for unlocked phase rewards data, I do not believe it will trigger profile binding or make Quicksilver let you redeem the rewards, as it is only the state of the save, not state of profile. 

Traditional unlock

Another way to unlock rewards on profile is through profile xml data editing ( reference to
Similar to the guide, instead of editing UnlockedTwitchRewards XML property node, you want to edit UnlockedSeasonRewards XML property node. 
Replace the <Property name=”UnlockedSeasonRewards” /> with the following: 

<Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards"> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_FIREPACK01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="BLD_EXPD_BASE01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_HELMET01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_DECAL01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_BACKPACK01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_TITLE01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_BANNER01" /> <Property name="UnlockedSeasonRewards" value="EXPD_SHIP01" /> </Property> 

Redeem option from Quicksilver vendor may not appear as mentioned in his guide, you guys can try out btw. 




Re-enabling older Expedition

This guide is not a real cheat, however; in future update(since 3.4), Hello Games may patch the system so you cannot replay older Expeditions by using this guide. In the case, you have to backup your game before updating your game. 

Instant Unlock cheat

Instant Unlock “cheat” will only work with first Expedition; from later Expedition, the contents of rewards and missions are vaulted/gated behind “encrypted” milestones, meaning if you don’t really complete the milestones in-game, you won’t be able to read/claim the content of encrypted milestones. However, using “cheat” will let you claim overall rewards, I still won’t share the final data here: even if you are noob, it’s only taken utmost 6hrs to complete. 

Sportmanship in gaming

Cheating in games is really a crime against competitive gaming/community gaming. This guide however doesn’t serve as a trick to take advantages over other players, or it is not made to ruin others’ gaming experience. Please use this guide for your own experience/season rewards unlock only. 

Written by Cross Scanty

Hope you enjoy the post for No Man’s Sky [How-To-Cheat] Play Expedition After End Date (and Instant Unlock rewards), If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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  1. Thank you so much for providing the cache file for the first expedition!
    IS there any chance you have the file for the second? If you do, would the steps to replicate the second expedition be the same?

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