NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… What Materials to Sell

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… What Materials to Sell 1 -
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… What Materials to Sell 1 -
Got a raw material and not sure if you should keep it? This guide will help you earn gold by selling all useless items and keeping the right amount of the useful ones.


Needed Materials for Weapons

These are the number of raw materials needed for base game weapon upgrades:

Material Number
Amber 6
Black Pearl 15
Broken Antenna 37
Broken Arm 49
Broken Battery 5
Broken Earring 4
Broken Lens 5
Broken Motor 11
Broken Pottery 2
Broken Saw 5
Broken Wristwatch 11
Clay 18
Complex Machine 8
Copper Ore 88
Crystal 8
Damascus Steel 9
Dented Metal Bat 21
Eagle Egg 4
Elaborate Machine 5
Flourite 18
Forlorn Necklace 4
Giant Egg 6
Gold Ore 22
Iron Ore 259
Large Gear 6
Machine Oil 5
Memory Alloy 8
Metal Piercing 4
Moldavite 8
Mysterious Switch 9
Natural Rubber 1
Pearl 1
Pyrite 14
Ruster Clump 10
Rusty Bucket 10
Rusty Kitchen Knife 9
Scorpion Claw 10
Silver Ore 121
Simple Machine 6
Stopped Clock 3
Stripped Bolt 10
Subdued Bracelet 3
Titanum Alloy 24
Twisted Ring 5

If you want to upgrade the DLC weapons, here is what you’ll need:

Material Number
Amber 8
Crystal 8
Dented Metal Board 9
Goat Hide 4
Gold Ore 2
Iron Ore 4
Large Gear 1
Memory Alloy 6
Moldavite 4
Rusted Clump 4
Severed Cable 15
Titanium Alloy 3


Needed Materials for Quests

In order to complete all quests, these are the raw materials you will need:

Material Number
Berries 3
Broken Battery 15
Broken Lens 25
Broken Motor 3
Clay 20
Crystal 1
Dented Metal Board 20
Eagle Egg 1
Goat Hide 13
Iron Ore 30
Lizard Tail 5
Log 35
Machine Oil 3
Memory Alloy 1
Mouse Tail 5
Mushroom 5
Mutton 15
Mysterious Switch 10
Natural Rubber 5
Royal Fern 3
Severed Cable 10
Stripped Bolt 10
Titanium Alloy 21
Vension 1
Wolf Hide 10
Wool 10

Please note this table does not include fishing and cultivation items.

Closing Words

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