Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl How to Unlock Achievements Guide

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl How to Unlock Achievements Guide 1 -
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl How to Unlock Achievements Guide 1 -

Online? Local? Sports? You want it? it’s yours my friend, as long as you have enough cheese.

A Gouda Way to Get the Arcade, Local Battle, Sports, and Online Achievements

For the Arcade related Achievements; “Rise and Shine“, “Astonishing!”, “COWABUNGA!”, “ACTIVATE THE PLOT DEVICE!“, “Everything is Connected“, and “Avatar State” simply set the difficulty to Very Easy. Kinda obvious, and you still gotta work for it, but it is something. For “Ultimate Tool of Destruction“, use Reptar or another busted character and just go ham and hope for the best.
If you have no one to play with and want he Local Battle Achievements; “I Want an Award!“, “I Only Know How to Give 110%“, and “GO NINJA GO!!!“, use the keyboard as the 2nd controller if playing with a controller. Set the stock to 1 and have one of the characters walk off the edge of the map. Or just wail on the one you aren’t playing as. If you cycle through each character as you do this, you will also complete “Getting to Know the Family” easily.
Now this is where we get especially cheesy. To get “A Worthy Opponent“, “Dog the Mighty!“, and “Unleash the DOOM!” all in one go, choose a character with a fast aerial spike attack (I used Danny myself with his down aerial light attack), select 3 light level 9 cup characters (I used Zim), and finally select the stage Powdered Toast Trouble. When you spawn in go to the cereal bowl and wait for the Zims to invade your space. Once they are at the bowl, jump and spam your spike attack. In seconds, they will all fall and die in the milk.
The Sports Achievements “Better Than Turkey Jerkies!“, “Smashing!“, “Going Ghost!“, and “Move it, Football Head!” can easily be gotten simply by setting the AI to the lowest difficulty and choosing a flat stage. All the sports balls, except the soccer ball, can be grabbed. Simply knock your opponent away, grab the ball, and walk it to the goal. Most of the time the low level CPU players will just stand there until you grab or hit the ball, making it a bit easier to rack up points.
Finally, there are the Online Battle Achievements. To get “Flawless Hair, Check!“, get a friend to lose for you, hope you fight someone bad at the game, or simply git gud! “I’m Ready! I’m Ready!“, “Time to Scare the Opposition“, and “World Domination is at Hand!” simply require playing alot of quickplay matches. You could just purposely lose, but where is the fun in that? Oh right, cheesing Achievements…. Well I guess if you artificially lower your rank, it will make completing “A Pretty Amazing Person” all the more easy.

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