New World New Players Guide and Tips

New World New Players Guide and Tips 1 -
New World New Players Guide and Tips 1 -

I will show you a few tips and tricks you should know when you play this game the first time.

Try all weapons

Since there are no classes you can try every weapon and use the one you like.

Try different skills early

Until you reach lvl. 20 you can reset your skillpoints for free! So go ahead and try different ways in your skilltree.

Never use your whole stamina

If you are in a fight or whatever and your stamina is 0 the regeneration is much slower and you can`t use any stamina until it`s completely full again. So beware and have at least 1 stamina left so you can use it faster.

Salvage resources and gear

It`s not all about loot here a huge aspect in this game is crafting so try to grab everything you can and salvage resources and gear lower than yours. Because there is a limit for your inventory space and it`s all about weight.

Use storages

If you visit a city you can look for a storage to put some stuff in here and lose weight for your inventory.

Selling gear

Do not sell gear when it`s lower than your gear because it`s not worth it. Salvage it so you can repair your gear instead with those resources.

Use camps

You can almost place camps anywhere. Place them if you want to craft or to stay safe because it will be your respawn point if you die.

Fast travel

Yeah you can fast travel to some places but you need “Azoth” for this. Azoth is some kind of in game currency you can get it for beating big enemies or events. So don`t waste fast travel at the beginning you can fast travel to your home for free but that got a cooldown so don`t waste it too.


There is a total of 3 factions you can choose from. If you really wants to play everything in this game with friends you should go into the same faction or you can`t play those big faction wars (PvP) together with your friends. PvE is always playable together.


Written by Chucky

This is all for New World New Players Guide and Tips hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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