New World Common Game Issues in New World

New World Common Game Issues in New World 1 -
New World Common Game Issues in New World 1 -

All things that come to mind when I think about this game problems

A guide to New World problems

First I need to explain what I’ll consider a *problem* in this guide and clarify english is’nt my first language so there will be errors, also all of this is pretty much just opinions and documentation. The “non-problems” below are boring or usually cited mechanics as flaws that I don’t agree in because it won’t affect the gameplay of a big part, sometimes most, of the player base, they are bad but I won’t elaborate on these, also things that I think are misrepresented like the “lack of lore” that would be better represented as “irrelevant lore” as it is there, it just is invisible if you don’t search.
What WON’T be considered a problem:
Lack of lore – theres A LOT of lore in New World
Lack of mounts on launch – yeah, the game is slow a lot of time and the next topic don’t help in that, but it is’nt necessarily a problem as it is design choise, if like me you don’t agree with the choise is up to you.
Azoth limit – again it is a REALLY boring mechanic but pretty much design choise and you can *technically* carry more in the form of items so it is more like a bottleneck than a cap
Wrong tooltips and damage values – all tooltips in this game are unreliable, not because they are wrong, it is just that the values being altered in the background are interacting in weird ways and in complicated formulas, if you change a value in a giant equation by 30% it won’t change the entire result by 30% everytime, if this is considered *technically* wrong or not I don’t know, but I won’t elaborate more on it.
Alredy solved issues – the giant list of issues that existed (queues, bugged refining materials, Double damage,…) are a good representation of the developer’s way of doing things, but I won’t elaborate on things that mostly don’t exist anymore.
NPC’s – I too would want some item buying/selling npcs or some just walking and interacting in the cities, but as this change would be too big to discuss briefily and could have an entire article of it’s own, I won’t talk much about it.
The other problems will be divided in: Game problems (affect everyone in major aspects of the game), Balancing, PVE, PVP and Location especific

Game Problems

Client-side authority – this is a BIG problem, the game functions in a way that give the user waaaaaay more Power than it should, this alredy have created so many exploits it is impossible to count, invincible players in wars, gold duping, lagging the enemy out and many other basically destroy the alredy flawed experience if you are unlucky enough to find someone using this exploits.
Not just it is a really big problem it also is hard to detect and/or solve, being hard to even distinct players exploiting from normal players with lag, this also creates a lot of external cheating potential, with other games with client-side authority having cheats that steal from other players inventories or deposits, maybe even worse in this game’s case.
EXP and drop rate inconsistencies – the leveling is completely random, some skills like cooking and skinning are stupidly fast to level while fishing and harvesting are really slow. Most of the crafting skills are a giant grind but cooking can be maxed in a few hours, without even talking about weapon mastery.
The drop rates are even more random, some low tier materials are just almost impossible to get while the upgraded versions are easier when not garanteed to get fast, this makes some crafted items invisible in a way that you basically won’t see them cause when the player that wants to craft the item actually get the materials (if ever), he’ll probably alredy be much stronger and will never use it.
Dead World – this game FEELS dead, I know the ones that like the game will roll their eyes at hearing this again but hear me out, most of the time you had/will spend in this game feels the same, if you still play it just pay attention to the layout of the cities, then the layout of the mines, then the camps, and with that you’ll see that not just the same assets are being used thousands of times, most of the places you see are almost equal to everything of the same type you saw before, maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but for me there was a lot of times I reached a “new” place and just ran to where I KNEW there would be a specific thing, because it was the same mining place I saw in another ten locations with the giant variation of “AMAZING, WILL THERE BE A CAVE IN THE SAME PLACE ALL THE OTHERS OR NOT?”.
The enemies are not much better, even if *technically* a boss bear or stone bear are different, if it have almost the same model, with almost the same shape, with the same attacks, it WILL FEEL THE SAME. If you changed ONLY the skin from the corruption impaler, the javelin wielding skeleton, and some other ranged enemies, you would problably be able to count the differences in your hand, and this applies to most if not all thing in this game.
Game Design Improvisations – New World was a hardcore full-loot pvp, it also was a survival game at some time, and both of these roots show in the gameplay, in the gathering, crafting and others, but the real problem is in how the developers just changed a lot of things the community didn’t like, and that is good, but the way it was done is not all that good, they implemented a new game on the same base even if the base was from another genre, you can see that in the way your item management will be, when you need to constantly keep an eye in your storage, the crafting tables levels to actually use the materials in storage and always be haunted by the really boring and costly act of moving your things from one place to another (at least when your faction are not the owner of both settlements)
Mass report bans – Amazon put a bot to automatically ban someone if they receive a lot of reports, completely breaking the alredy broken wars if a company just wants to ban enemy players, just want to collect some rare materials? Someone can be angry by you “stealing their resources” and just ban you for a day.
Menu issues – Sometimes when entering the game the achievements and titles just don’t load, other times the map doesn’t represent the actual level of the crating tables in a city or just do not show any settlements at all, other times you upgrade to the last level of your faction and your token limit simply does not increase and the fact that we need more filters in most menus, inventory, trading post, etc. Why can’t I open the inventory while walking/running even outside of combat? Why not sort quests by territory? Why not show your modifiers and total buffs/luck in some place? Why there aren’t any icons for territories that will be invaded or have a war soon? Why you can’t customize what appears in the compass and how it appers? yes.
The economy is broken – the price of everything in almost every server is a constant down way to the 0.01 price, majorly the basic, non-refined resources that form the rest of the economy as everyone wants to upgrade their skills and need the basic resources for that. This kills a lot of crafting for profit and creates a lot of situations where you just want to make some coin and need to grind mindlessly for hours on end.
Politics – A lot of content can/is being barred for most players, as companies simply divide their ranks and fill entire wars and invasions in a way this endgame contents are locked for everyone else.
Controls – some keybinds just do not queue (cof cof weapon swaping), this seems irrelevant but you’ll know, YOU WILL KNOW.
Hidden patches – Why they change so much about the game and just do not tell anyone? you are playing the game, if it actually modify your gameplay you WILL see something is different, just tell me what changed.
Water – not a big problem but I want to not have to use every movement skill ever to pass a river cause the water movement is horrible and you just don’t swim in the game.


Healing is broken – heal in this game is really strong, broken levels of strong if you have good defense, even the best single target damage dealer can’t outdamage the heal from a good healer, if you try to kill a self-healing focused (pun intended) build or the other player commits an error or you have to combo them to death with high damage or crowd control skills, this becomes exponentialy harder when there is more enemies. But helaing isn’t broken just for other players, if you are a healer you also have to deal with the autotarget system and the fact that self-heal will just not want to work sometimes.
Balancing in weapons – some weapons are just better than others, none of them are impossible to play but you can see the disparity looking to the steam global stats for the achievements of mastering one weapon, at the moment I am writing this: the hatchet and great axe are 11x more common to be maxxed than musket and twice of the war hammer
Faction balance – Faction are usually unbalanced, with any new players just entering the strongest that owns it all, the weakest with it’s buffs and the middle one getting ignored to oblivion, the static monocromatic map seems common in a lot of servers, limiting the experience for a lot of players and blocking the capacity to actually enabling pvp in open world.


Housing score – Your territory standing counts to housing score, this breaks a lot of the fun from the minority who actually wants a beautiful house in display but get smited by a player with a literal empty house except by some trophys that just grind town board projects and corruption breaches. Housing tax also kills your wallet.
No quest sharing – just that, enjoy having to go to completely different places most of the time and when you actively sync (kind of) your quests, you’ll still have to wait for mobs and bosses to respawn a lot of times. Also the “score” you gain in combat completely ignore tanks and healers, you can tank the boss for an hour with a bad team or carry the entire dungeon as god healer and just receive a minimum part of the rewards cause you aren’t a dps.
Dungeon keys – As the endgame is so empty and dungeons are really fun, it would be nice if it wasn’t needed to spend hours of grinding just to enter the dungeon, not even talking about the fact that the key and drops in the dungeon are binded on pickup, you need to upgrade stone cutting if you like dungeons consistently, and if you drop an item that would be amazing to a friend, I am sorry but it doesn’t exist *bind to party*, just salvage the amazing item cause he was unlucky.
Respawns – Some monsters respawns super fast, if you aren’t killing them fast for any reason, when you kill the second the first probably alredy respawned
Tanking – Being a tank is fun, it would be even better if you weren’t throw around like a tennis ball with no defense againt it, shield doesn’t work, grit sometimes but not everytime, stamina damage insta drain, etc
Company stats – for a company to know who deposited money they need a external log, the hierarchy can’t be customized, not even the names of the ranks, or anything like that.

Written by Azathoth

Here we come to an end for New World Common Game Issues in New World hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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