New World Basic Information for New player

New World Basic Information for New player 1 -
New World Basic Information for New player 1 -

This guide is for the new MMO called New World. This guide will encompass most information about the game from getting started, tips, and basic help. This guide will continuously be updated over time, if something is incorrect please leave a comment.

This guide is still being updated with more information!


Disclaimer & Personal Info

As a note, most information in the guide does come from the – website. There is also information from –

Anything not from these website’s are of my own findings and experiences from friends. Not all information may be accurate, if something is not please add a comment and I will update the guide when I see it.

Follow me on – if you would like to see New World content. I will be streaming during the closed beta, and during the official release.

About – is a MMO developed by amazon games. The game is currently in closed beta running from July 22nd until August 2nd of 2021. The official game will be released on August 31st of 2021. When the official game is released, the game will be wiped, but you can still play the closed beta and learn the game if you wish to purchase before hand. The Closed Beta servers will be available in the North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil.

Beginner’s Information

Before Beginning:
When you start New World, you will be given a choice of what world you would like to play on. If you are playing with friends, make sure you are playing on the same world, or else you would be unable to play without making a new character on the same world.

Once you decide what world to play, you then begin making your character. Currently the customization options of the character itself is limited, but you can still wear different types of armor, color your clothes and armor, and also change the skin for some of the gear that you will use/wear.

Once you have a character, the true adventure begins. Keep in mind the character you create will not be able to be changed unless you want a new character. The best thing about starting off is there is no classes. Read the class section for additional information.

Start Playing:
When you start playing, you will be given a small tutorial on the very basic controls of New World. You will start off in a random region, so you may have to travel at first to be with your friends. Even if you don’t have friends, New World still offers a lot of possibilities for solo players, or make friends if you wish.

The starting area will be around a watch tower. Complete the quests given in order to get your starter gear and supplies. This will also be a teaching point that will tell you how to get supplies and craft items.

I personally recommend finishing all beginning quests as it helps level you up at first. You could do whatever you wish and run off into the world, the choice is up to you.

Classes & Attributes

There are no classes!

You will have character that can be anything. The game is based around your attribute points, and the types of weapons. If you want to be a sword player, focus on strength. If you want to be more ranged with a bow, focus on dexterity. Each attribute can be a primary or secondary attribute for each weapon, so it’s best decided what you like to fight with.

Your attributes are strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus, and constitution. Check out the – for more specific information on each attribute as each one has different bonuses as they increase to different thresholds.

There is also information from the official –

  • Strength– Strength governs your power with some melee weapons. Heavy melee weapons, such as the War Hammer, scale their damage exclusively on Strength, while lighter melee weapons like the Sword scale their damage primarily on Strength, but also slightly on Dexterity.
  • Dexterity– Dexterity governs your effectiveness with ranged weapons as well as some melee weapons. Bows and Muskets both grow in power as your character’s Dexterity increases.
  • Intelligence– Intelligence governs your power with magical weapons, including any magical Perks your weapons might have. Both purely magical weapons like the Fire Staff and physical weapons with a Magical Perk (such as the Ignited perk) grow in power based on your Intelligence Attribute.
  • Focus– Focus governs your Mana recovery rate and is also the attribute that governs the effectiveness of the Life Staff. Higher Focus not only means that you can cast more spells more regularly but your ability to use the Life Staff is increased.
  • Constitution– Constitution governs your overall Health pool. The higher your Constitution, the more damage you can sustain before succumbing to your injuries.

You can currently respec your attributes up to level 20 for free, meaning it resets your points to where you can place them in different attributes. When you start off, you get 2 attribute points on level up. As you level up, you start to gain more each level.

Trade Skills

Trade skills come in the form of gathering, refining, and crafting.

  • Gathering Skills – The 5 Gathering Skills are Mining, Skinning, Logging, Fishing, and Harvesting. Leveling up a Gathering Skill unlocks the ability to gather different, higher-level resources as well as track items related to that skill. Miners gather Stone and Ore, Skinners gather Animal Hides, Loggers gather Wood, Fishers pull fish from the waterways, and Harvesters gather Fibers and some food items, Fruits, and Vegetables. As your skill at gathering increases, you also gain the ability to detect nearby valuable resources and find special resources that can modify items when crafting.
  • Refining Skills – The 5 Refining Skills are Smelting, Stonecutting, Woodworking, Tanning, and Weaving. Leveling up a Refining Skill unlocks the ability to refine higher-level resources into higher-level crafting materials. Smelters refine Ore into Ingots, Stonecutters refine Stone into Blocks and cut Gemstones, Woodworkers refine Wood into Lumber, Tanners refine Rawhide into Leather, and Weavers refine Fibers into Cloth. As your Refining Skill increases, it makes you more resource-efficient: higher-level refiners have a chance to gain extra refined resources while they refine.
  • Crafting Skills – The 7 Crafting Skills are Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing.
    • Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons.
    • Armorers craft soft and hard armors.
    • Jewelcrafters craft trinkets.
    • Engineers craft ranged weapons and ammunition.
    • Arcanists craft potions, tinctures, and magical weapons.
    • Cooks craft meals and non-magical drinks.
    • Furnishers craft furniture, storage, and trophies for houses.

It is possible to level up all of your trade skills, but that will take a lot of time. If you are looking to specialize, or make money, you could look to the trade market for buying & selling goods with other players. Trade markets are region based, which means your items your selling in one region will not be for sell in all regions, unless you specifically go to other regions to sell. This does mean you do you different markets with different demands as not all resources are in the same regions.

Quests & Factions

There are a lot of different quests in New World. You will primarily find quests in the main settlements in the region. When you first go to a city, it make take a little bit of time for quests to start showing. You can find NPC’s with quests they give by looking for a orange pin on the map, or on your compass at the top of your screen when in a town.

The types of quests you find are:

  • NPC Quests – find NPC with orange pin highlighted
  • Settlement Quests – located at town board
  • Faction Quests – located at faction representative

The beginning quests at these settlements will not give a lot of XP at first. As you complete the quests, it will give higher XP and rewards. You can complete all quests in a region, which then give you quests to go to newer regions, so do not keep the mindset of only staying in one region if you like these quests.

You will also have different settlement quests at the town board where you can deliver supplies for the towns for different purposes. This may be for upgrading different workshops, upgrading parts of the town, reduce upkeep. The best town to be in is the towns your faction own.

The next type of quests you will find will be faction quests. There are three factions you can join when you are about level 9/10ish. You get to join a faction from completing the NPC quests at the towns. Faction quests are primarily your PVP quests. PVP is optional for all other quests, but faction based quests do require it. When in as town if you accidentally clicked on one and it turned on PVP, click U to toggle your PVP status. The bottom right of your screen will show a sword and shield with swords crossed if it is turned on, not crossed if not turned on. You will auto fail faction quests if you turn PVP off before finishing.


There really is no true different between factions besides colors. There is green for Marauders, purple for Syndicate, and orange for Covenant.


Random Tips & Tricks:

  • Use for a map of the world
  • Press U in settlements to toggle PVP
  • Quests may be given for resources you cannot get, example aged wood which is from mature trees, which you cannot chop till your lumberjack skill is level 50
  • Resources are not in the same areas, meaning you may need to travel depending on what region you are in
  • If you join a faction, you cannot leave it for 120 days
  • Storage & Trading Post sell and buy requests are region based
  • You need to be in a faction to join a company
  • There is a voice chat… yes, I heard someone meowing which confused me very much
  • Starting quests at a new settlement starts with lower xp, but then builds up
  • There are buffs your friends can get, which can help you in a group
  • It is possible to fight levels higher than you, usually about 4-5 levels higher depending on how you fight
  • You can be a merchant
  • The world is huge! No mount’s yet, just submit surveys asking for them and maybe we can get them, amazon games listens to feedback


By Wolf Leader

Here we come to an end for New World Basic Information for New player hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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