New World Basic Fishing Manual + Equipment

New World Basic Fishing Manual + Equipment 1 -
New World Basic Fishing Manual + Equipment 1 -

Fishing Tip’s – Special Angler’s Manual
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Fishing Tip’s – Special Angler’s Manual

I don’t mind giving you a little tidbits of info for fishing as I’ve discovered so far anyway!
Fishing :
You get a Free Rod for completing the Fishing Quest West of The First Main City after First Light, Windward area, Greenhaven on Map. Also, I recommend getting / crafting the gear 200 score Rod as it does have a 14m Base Casting Range.
Also, Each level of Fishing Raises the Max Casting Range by a small amount (but it does add up slowly)
Fishing Bait :
Different types of Bait can be found from “Bushes” , plus I’ve come across Bait in “Harvesting Bushes” around a Fishing Lake (West from main Town in “Windward”) with the Higher Quality explained below!
As far as BAIT goes there’s “Fresh Water Bait” & “Salt Water Bait” + other misc bait’s I’ve come across like Cheese, and read from In-Game document it mentioned Bread as a bait?
Now For each of the following Bait Type there’s a type for “Small Boost to Fishing Quality,” a “Medium Quality,” and “Large Quality Boost.”
Next on Fishing :
For Ranking up Fishing Level, there’s that small boost to Cast Range, but also at Specific Ranks of Fishing Lvl you unlock additional (what I’ve noticed myself) “Marked Hotspot Locations” , that show up on your Compass and shows the Fish Icon with 1-3 Star * ** *** Quality, which can be a ‘Normal Fishing Hotspot,” “Rare” and “Special” !
“HotSpot” Explaination – Its a glowing circle which can be found in certain Fishing Locations. Important When you Cast your Rod, You ‘must’ Aim and Determine the Cast Range (the Meter Bar that comes up after Casting) to hit that sweetspot, THEN This Part is Critical, Upon landing your Lure, *A Unique Text will let you know if it is “Active” (the Glowing Circle only Identifies the Right Location to land the Lure) The TEXT will tell you if its ACTIVE and if you landed on it! (The Active Time can be noticed by also Fish start Jumping inside the HotSpot)
Fish Materials:
You can “Salvage” for “Fish Filet” (of different tiers) and also “Fish Oil” , which can be used for Cooking and also “Town Missions”. Furthermore, different types of fish :fish: may yield different salvage Materials like “Iron” .
Occasionally, there’s also a rare chance to Fish up a Rare “Treasure Chest” with all kinds of goodies (my friend got a Purple Tier V Quality really rare Crafting Special Material plus it included 3-5 other Materials (Mats) of high tier quality.
HOPE You all Have an Awesome Enjoyable time Fishing Like I do! Good Luck and Have Fun in the ATUERNUM!!!
By – Amante BattouZen (S: TumTum) : “Your friendly Meat Shield”

Written by BattouZen

Here we come to an end for New World Basic Fishing Manual + Equipment hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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