NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial 1 -
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial 1 -

A guide on how to play the game and basic information.


Things you may not know, but you should. Some things are easier to explain in many frames per second, so i’ll include some YT videos instead of writing poems about “how you should use dagger to not humiliate yourself”.

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General advices

  • Use TAB to loot items from the ground.

    When there are many items lying in close proximity, it is getting difficult to pick up item which you want without picking something else accidentally. Workaround to this is to stand near item you want and press TAB – this will open your inventory and will show you items lying nearby (on the left side of screen). Then just move them with your mouse by either clicking or dragging and dropping into your inventory.

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial - General advices - DBE1854

  • Upgrade glyphs you are using.

    Using them will make a difference especially higher in ladder. Also, upgrade them from lowest level to highest (don’t power level 1 glyph to level 5). Every upgrade gives you the same amount of boost, so leveling them all to level 2, then to level 3 and so on will give you same boost for lower price. This is to ensure the best power boost/price ratio.

  • Talents matter.

    They are available for characters you have at least 2nd level of cultivation. Chose them to fit your playstyle since every one of them is viable under certain conditions.

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial - General advices - 6E63D18

  • You can drop cash with right mouse button.

    It is shown as “discard”. Each click will drop 1000 Coins.

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial - General advices - A60F8B8

  • Keys open stashes.

    Sometime in-game you’ll either loot key yourself, or you’ll see global notification about stash being open. When stash is opened whole server can see its location on map. If you carry a key, stash location is visible only to your team. Loot is good there, but you don’t have to open it. You can drop key near dead zone so enemies won’t get it in case of your death.

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial - General advices - 60789B9

  • Pre-load your game before diving into rankeds.

    If you are one of people that experience huge freeze and lags in 1st game after launching NARAKA – pre load your game. What i mean by that, is to jump into quick game/bloodbath/free training so game can load most assets so you can be AFK a little and not worry about losing ladder points because your HDD is too slow to load everything in few seconds.



  • Cancel your combo to bait your opponent.

    Crouching just before your blue attack charge is best way to bait enemy counter and make him vulnerable to your quick attacks. You can also cancel by dashing (SHIFT) or jumping (SPACE).

  • Spam crouch while healing/repairing armor.

    This won’t stop your healing progress and will make you a harder target to shoot (won’t save you against grappling hooks, but it is still worth doing).

  • Tech chase.

    Quite obnoxious way to lock and kill your opponent. This is all about timing. When you knock your opponent, position and time your charged attack to hit excatly at the moment when your opponent is getting up after roll. You can see this the most with longsword users (because of their energy charged attacks that travel enough distance so your opponent is still in range, and quite wide horizontal range of so opponent will have hard time escaping with roll to either direction). Repeat it few times and you can name yourself King of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

  • Turn on aim assist.

    Noob or not, this will help you nail attacks and combos more often. Even pros are using it, so don’t be too prideful to “not use baby tools” to get better.

  • Always have your melee weapon equipped.

    If you get ambushed/ganked you need to have melee weapon ready to parry. If you’ll eat combo, that precious 1s window to swap weapon will be enough for your opponent to finish you.

    Equip ranged only if you plan to use it right now.

  • Main one weapon…

    You’ll get much better with tool you know comparing to being average with every weapon. Not to mention, finding weapon you want/main is not that hard in-game.

  • …but know them all.

    Not like you need to play them frame-perfect, but you should know what is threatening to you and how to deal with them.

  • Map counter to separate button.

    Clicking LMB+RMB in-fight will most likely won’t make you parry but make you continue combo – this is a big no-no. If you map it to other button (like middle mouse button) you will be able to consistently parry every time you would like to.

  • Play with bot to get better.

    You have infinite HP, you can set bot to use certain weapon and it can simulate normal fight. Everything you should practice intensively about combat, that in normal game happens rarely. If you think you are good enough, play Bloodbath – it is as well combat-intensive mode but with real players.

    NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Game Mechanics and Best Strategy Gameplay + Video Tutorial - Combat - 462B39B

  • Some more combat tips but in video form

    video owner: OSK Gaming




  • Sliding is faster than running.

    If you go face to face with someone who is just running, you’ll see that spam-sliding (press C while running) is faster than just sprinting.

    To make it even faster add very faint jump after slide so that recovery animation is cut. Jump will keep a little of slide momentum and will open window for next slide repeating cycle. You can probably make macro out of this, but i’m unsure whenever devs are cool with macros.

  • Channel cancel dodge.

    When you are running and initiate channel attack your character will slide forward a bit while charging attack. Cancel it with dodge (SHIFT) when it it’s momentum stops to gain more distance. I believe the most distance is gained while using spear, but it is certainly viable on all melee weapons.

  • Dagger mill.

    While attacking horizontally with dagger (LMB) while you are running, you dash forward noticeably. If you weave shift after that momentum stops, you can do it a few times gaining quite a distance in very littel amount of time. A bit like mill spades going one after another (attack/dodge/attack/dodge). This will drain your stamina, so if you plan using this consider equipping stamina glyphs (they are good in any circumstance anyway).



video owner: Naraka Bladepoint Pro League


video owner: OSK Gaming



Owner of video: CurryKing



Owner of video: Naraka Bladepoint Pro League



video owner: CurryKing



video owner: Naraka Bladepoint Pro League




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