Myth of Empires Admin Commands Guide

Myth of Empires Admin Commands Guide 1 -
Myth of Empires Admin Commands Guide 1 -

Guide for admining commands

Basic Admin Commands

To access the console panel press the tilde key (The key above TAB) if it does not work for you, be sure to set your keyboard type to ENG – US on your windows taskbar on the bottom right of your desktop screen.

General Commands:

[Credit to IceWarden and tehGOOSE for finding these.]
Cheat FlyAllows Flying as admin
Cheat WalkDisable flying and ghost
Cheat Say <Text>Works but doesn’t display anything in-game only logs
Cheat SaveWorldSaves the Server
Cheat GhostRemoves collisions from the character
Cheat GetPlayersWorks but doesn’t display output
Cheat GodEnables/Disables God Mode

Server Setting

Cheat SetServerLevel [level]
This will set the “maximum” level of your server, players that level above this will get XP penalty while the ones bellow it will not.

Time and Weather

Cheat setTime [time]
It will change the server time to the desired time, use 24h format. (Ex.: for 9 am , use the command Cheat setTime 09:00)
Cheat setTimeSpeed [speed]
It will change the speed at which time passes, numbers lower then 1 will slow it down.
Cheat setWeather [Weather Number]
It will change the weather to the corresponding selection. 0=sunny; 1=cloudy; 2=fog; 3=dense fog; 4=cloudy; 5=drizzle; 6=heavy rain; 7= thundershower; 8=light snow; 9= heavy snow; 10= blizzard; 11= miasma; 12= miasma outbreak; 13= heat wave; 14= sandstorm; 15= thunderstorm> Thank you sailingsuzye.

Spawning Animals

Cheat SpawnNPCByIndex [Animal ID] [Distance] [Level] [amount]
This will spawn an animal in front of you the IDs seem to range from 1 to 26. (Ex.: Cheat SpawnNPCByIndex 13 100 1 10 will spawn 10 level 1 crocodiles 100 centimeters away from you)
Cheat KillAllSpawnedNPC
This will kill all the spawned animals in case you made a mess.
Animal IDs (WIP):

  • 1 – Wolf
  • 2 – Bear 1
  • 3 – Deer 1
  • 4 – Deer 2
  • 5 – Rabbit
  • 6 – Deer 3
  • 7 – Deer 4
  • 8 – Fawn
  • 9 – Tiger
  • 10 – Rhino
  • 11 – Boar
  • 12 – Alpha Bear
  • 13 – Crocodile
  • 14 – none
  • 15 – Panther
  • 16 – Bear 2
  • 17 – Bear 3
  • 18 – Boar 2
  • 19 – Deer 5
  • 20 – Deer 6


Spawning Items

Cheat additem [ID] [Amount] [Quality]
This will spawn the desired item into your inventory. (Ex.: cheat additem 347 1 1, will spawn a Wodden Armour of quality 1)
For an Item List, check Resolute`s guide, here: – [] 

Admin QoL

Cheat DestroyTarget
Destroys the target under your crosshair.
Cheat StunTarget
Stuns the current target, if it is a tameable NPC you will be able to carry it for capture.

Notes and Tips

Extra tip that works even for non-admins, you can adjust your fov with the code bellow.
fov [amount]
Sets the field of view angle for the camera, this will reset every time you launch the game.
Bundled information from this guide and comments: – [] 
As well as my own experimentation.
If you find new commands and/or IDs leave them in the comment section and I’ll update the guide.

Written by Bloodworth

Here we come to an end for Myth of Empires Admin Commands Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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