Mýrdalssandur Iceland How to unlock bonus content

Mýrdalssandur Iceland How to unlock bonus content 1 - steamsplay.com
Mýrdalssandur Iceland How to unlock bonus content 1 - steamsplay.com
How to “finish the game”, and what you get access to if you do.



I highly, highly recommend that you play the game first (explore the whole map) to experience it “blind” before reading or following this guide. There are no achievements to complete and the “unlockables” described here are essentially quite minor, and not doing so will probably diminish your initial enjoyment. You have been warned. 
AT THE VERY LEAST, don’t continue reading here until you have found the locked gate on your own. 
Completing the photo tasks after you have experienced the game first, will only take 5-10 minutes anyway (depending on which photos you have already taken “by accident”). 
That being said, I was annoyed that I saw mentions of this stuff in the discussions, but with no explanation of how to access them (and with some players being confused about what the board with photos even meant). So here we are. 
I will say though, that the “sunset mode” is super pretty, and completing the photo tasks is worth it. 

Finding the camera

First you must pick up the camera. It is possible the location is completely random, but I have seen it in these two places. From the starting location, either 
1. turn left towards the grass area, it will be on the left hand side while still in the rocky area, or 
2. continue straight ahead, enter the beach area, and the camera will be on the far end, away from where you entered. 

Photo tasks

Near the waterfall is a “tourist information board/map”, which initially is covered with photos. You must walk around the map and recreate these 7 photos, using the camera. 
Mýrdalssandur Iceland How to unlock bonus content 
Camera settings and exact framing don’t matter. You will hear a “pling” or ringing sound for each location when it has been recreated correctly. 
Photos are removed from the board when completed, so it is possible you have completed some tasks already once you make it here. 
Note that to access the two mountain locations, you must enter through the path to the left of the waterfall. 
Tip: the rightmost photo location is found when walking from the beach towards the T-junctiion in the grass area. 

Unlockables – bonus content

After completing all photo tasks, the gate to the left of the board will open – walk along the new path. 
After the “cutscene” you will be returned in “sunset mode“. 
Sunset mode will be reset when you exit the game. 
Seen from the starting location turn left into the grass area. On your left is a short path leading into a circle, where you can pick up a drone. If you are coming from the waterfall, it will be on your right. 
Drone mode will continue to be available after restarts, press ‘1’ to access. 
If you unlock the first mode, exit the game, and complete the photo tasks a second time; you will be dropped into “blue hour mode“. 
Blue hour mode will be reset when you exit the game. 
According to a comment by the developer, the second mode will also be enabled when starting the game several times, without needing to complete photo tasks again, as a surprise to returning players. 

Written by Katana DK

This is all for Mýrdalssandur Iceland How to unlock bonus content hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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