My Therapy Characters Information Guide

My Therapy Characters Information Guide 1 -
My Therapy Characters Information Guide 1 -

These are the characteristics of the six girls, taken from the official presentation and translated into English

Kimiko Sagisu


“What the heck? That was almost touching. But trust is more valuable than that.

My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Kimiko Sagisu - D990E06

Birthday – July 18.

Height – 200cm

Weight – 91kg

Course – fourth

Specialization – piano.

Extra features – Height obviously. Nervous tic on her right eyelid, slight burns to her left palm.

Likes – Expensive coffee, power, mint gum, cigarettes.

Dislikes – Cheap coffee, losing.

The indigo color absorbs light and space with a long, thick mane. Two fiery charcoal eyes, never tired of looking at people and things. A sharp, sharp face wherever you can see. A smile that isn’t prone to a disgruntled look, even when you sleep. A pungent minty smell. The perfect posture for a large bust and refined waist.

It’s hard to miss such a girl. Her blue head stands out in the midst of any crowd and her large, muscular body takes center stage in any room. She is comfortable in that position. The role of leader, organizer, and most important figure. It took her three long, hard years to attain this position. She was immediately enrolled in the student government upon her arrival at the college. She demonstrated organizational skills by participating in every event’s preparation. However, she also showed a predilection to personal dictatorship.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t separate her “work”, private and professional lives. In art, she prefers calm and privacy. Communication is difficult for her because she can be as bossy and rude as she is when she is preparing to compete in the next festival or competition of creative team members. These competitions are her main goal and headache. She hopes to beat the best universities and raise the prestige of the college, which, while it has some talented students, is generally a pretty low-quality place. She is a variable success. While preparing for events may have become less enjoyable, the results have actually improved. Kimiko doesn’t consider herself “better”. She is satisfied with the ideal and views everything that isn’t perfect as a failure.

And she will always find causes for failure, for example, independent members of self-government. Kimiko, who was his last powerful figure, graduated last year and is now the president of the college. You can either listen or not to her. She is a workaholic and extremely active, distrusting others. She runs around college handling all questions manually. She is a power-maniac who can gather all the powers she can reach. She has held a special position with the local headmaster, and has been known for solving problems even of college staff members.

This is how Miss President, in her position at the top of her power, appears to us this spring. The college will hold its annual competition with other colleges across the country this autumn. Kimiko will do her best to win. Because defeat is fatal for the girl without other means of self-realization. Despite her prowess, she cannot find them all on her own.

Commentary from other characters

Ayaka Uesugi


Sachiko Nakamoto

“You’re recording, right? I said it once. She’s sick in the head, she is going to kill someone here. I warned you, then take action on your own.”

Kyo Ito “Very scary girl…”

Eriko Kirishima –

“Responsible and collected person, the reason for all success and deserved head our college.”

Yui Tojo –

“Okay. From the non-obvious, ten more Gauleiter like that and it will flip any country.”

Ayaka Uesugi


My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Ayaka Uesugi - 8FB11B6

Birthday – January 9

Height – 156cm

Weight – 58kg

Course – First

Specialization – Tailoring

Extra features – Obesity and chewed nails on hands, increased mobility, distracted concentration.

Likes – Sweets and loud music, receiving compliments.

Dislikes – Being quiet and getting up early to take care of her.

Whose pink head flies around every corner of every room? Whose tuftantenna bends with every mood, like a dog’s tail? Whose big, open, azure, eyes will not deny any moving object their attention? Whose round face glows with crimson blush and has a frozen smile on their faces? Whose small and plump body makes up its size by being everywhere at one time, leaving behind a pleasant scent of gum? The sound of whose fat legs echoing down every time the bell rings is a sign of how much they love to be around. All of this belongs a little freshman Ayaka.

Make way! Because this girl sees only the goal and doesn’t see any obstacles. She wants to make everyone like herself, to make friends with everybody. She is convinced of this, and it appears at first glance that she shouldn’t have any problem with it. She is active, cheerful, sociable, and even obsessive. Her goal is not to make new acquaintances. She needs friends, attention, recognition and love from everyone.

For all of these reasons, she volunteers to the student government. She tries to please the president and takes part in all events. Her art is also something she dedicates to others. She loves to sew and knit, and always tries to give something to someone. Ayaka is open to all requests. When asked, she simply goes to do good.

The problem is, nobody actually asks for anything. She’s doing just fine, and she doesn’t need anyone. Despite all her openness, responsiveness and unbreakable cheeriness, the girl will have the fight to get her place in the new team. She will be happy to accept you as an ally if you wish, and you can share your victories or defeats.

Commentary from other characters

Sachiko Nakamoto

Naive, fat, and stupid. Fat and stupid. Fat and stupid.

Kyo Ito Very loud girl…

Eriko Kirishima –

I think she’s a great person. She’s very active. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Yui Tojo – A brave soldier! Cool, cool, hard-headed, minimal reflection, she will get far!

Kimiko Sagisu — Apparently, a higher power hates me, and this is my punishment in the flesh.

Eriko Kirishima

“Everything’s fine.”

My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Eriko Kirishima - B304A41Birthday- July 7.

Height – 170cm

Weight – 50kg

Course – Third

Specialization – Choreography. Ballet.

Special features – A mole-teardrop under her left eye.

Likes – Movies. Tarantino films especially.

Dislikes – Dirt, dust, dirt. Dirt.

Thick and soft, blond locks. The skin is almost pallid, with a faint blush on the eyes. Dark green eyes with tired, distracted looks. A straight, thin face. A pleasant, expensive perfume scent with an unpronounceable label. A perfectly slim figure with a flat stomach, ideal chest, and straight posture. Two elegant, thin legs. Eriko Kirishima – Simply put, Eriko Kirishima is the prettiest college girl.

Eriko is a busy woman with a lot of repetitions, performances, extra classes, repetitions. It is difficult to keep up with her schedule. Her art is so beloved that her fans, or at the very least her appearance, are content to gaze upon her from the stage. But I assure that this is more than enough. Eriko’s performance in any event is a highlight, and her number is the star and jewel of the show. It is unclear how the daughter of a world-renowned ballet dancer and comparable to her mother’s talents, ended up at this secondary college. Here she is clearly a cut above all the rest. Her grades are exceptional, her talent inexhaustible and her diligence unfailing. It’s a perfect person, even from afar.

Eriko is a charming little girl when you get closer. Eriko is still a normal, friendly, and compassionate person, despite her obvious superiority to most students in at minimum some ways and often just about every other aspect. Amazingly tactful, Eriko will never miss an opportunity to show kindness to others, but she will remain silent when others speak harshly. This girl will take time to listen and sympathize with you if you have a problem. You can always borrow her without feeling the need to return. She will listen and support you with even the smallest of phrases, but she is always happy to share her love and inspire you. Even at arm’s distance, the girl is an angel.

Despite her many positive qualities, the girl is universally loved. Everyone admires her, everyone smiles at the girl wherever she goes. She is a beautiful addition to any company. She is loved and respected. Every second student or staff member owes it to her. It might seem like she has everything, but her predetermined future will bring more of these perks. She is a pencil in the hand of the best actors, theaters, creative groups, and so the girl expects a brilliant future, world fame, and endless money.

The young ballerina seems to have won the game of life’s roulette. Her existence is a dream, except for her hectic schedule. But, it was necessary to make the sacrifice from everything else. Eriko is a beloved object. She has many friends and contacts, but not one friend. Although everyone loves her, no one has ever truly loved her. She has spent her entire adult life preparing for her future career but has never lived it. Although her appearance is always pleasant, she doesn’t have much to celebrate in her daily life. What, sad? Eriko has no other choice, though. She has been living this way for over 20 years. She doesn’t know why and can’t think of any other way. You can keep up with them and try to make her happy with your presence.

Commentary from other characters

Ayaka Uesugi

“I saw her on TV!” It’s a real beauty! Angel! And I’m studying now with Angel! HOORayHOAYORayORHOAY!!!”

Sachiko Nakamoto

“I swear by my dog, she’s one that cries silently every night into her pillow every single night.

Kyo Ito “She’s nice…”

Yui Tojo –

“I don’t remember what I did the second time, but she clearly doesn’t like me.” It’s not mutual. She’s a great woman to me.

Kimiko Sagisu –

“I adore her. If only everyone… If only half… Even a second student like she… My only joy in this bunch of dysfunctional morons.”

Kyo Ito

“Why did your bother me …”?”

My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Kyo Ito - D3492E4

Birthday – April 6.

Height – 165 cm

Weight – 96kg

Course – second.

Specialization – painting.

Extra features – Obesity and large freckles on the face or back.

Likes – Animals and flowers, plants, greenery. To eat delicious food, and to cook tasty food.

Dislikes: People, college classes, classrooms and stale air.

The perfect head-tangerine is appropriately shaped and colored! Even a green bow-leaf can be found. As round and round as her face are her lettuce eyes. They are frozen in an open position and feature huge, massive irises. Big, full lips. The pleasant smell of grass mixed with the kitchen. Always pursed shoulders, with the neck pulled inward. This makes the already large belly and chest even larger. Kyo is only two inches from being a circle.

Despite her large stature, Kyo does not want to be spoken to, forced to do anything, or noticed. She doesn’t like it so badly that she’s willing to run away and hide, from her teachers and any individual member of student government, whenever she wants. She has… She has had varied success. Of course the boldness and even audacity with which she can just run away in the middle of class/conversation/break often takes people by surprise. She is also a very naive, antisocial, naive, and clumsy person. This makes her less successful in all things. She can hide literally under the tables, and she will run away in the exact same places as before.

The girl has many talents, however, it is clear that she is not lacking in them. Kyo is a talented artist who can draw nature. Because of this, she was able to get a spot in college. She continues to be there, despite her poor marks in every subject. The college seems already to have accepted that Kyo would not be studying, so they try to increase the amount of drawings Kyo will make. She doesn’t make them often; she can spend hours staring out the window at a blank canvas while chewing paint and sitting on it for hours. It is clear that she may be expelled if she continues to exert pressure on herself.

It was decided that it would be ended this semester. There will be many small and large festivals at the beginning of each school year. If the girl doesn’t show any work, she will be expelled. Most likely, this is a verdict against the young artist. Kyo can’t even think of anything to say about the public performance. She is not aware of her precarious circumstances, doesn’t reflect on it in any way and is not going to change.

But her world demands the opposite. Literally, everyone wants her get together and to start studying, drawing, performing, and making some acquaintances. Kyo just wants to lie (ne uvereno mozhet laid) in the forest and chat with the clouds. Although it’s not a bad life, it’s still lonely.

Commentary from other characters

Ayaka Uesugi

“My future bestie!” YOU’LL SEE!!!”

Sachiko Nakamoto

“Now seriously. The girl is very fat and extremely dumb. This is not an insult. Her brain actually works like this. She’s fat.

Eriko Kirishima –

“Very nice, clean girl. She needs to be worked on a lot. I can handle it.”

Yui Tojo –“Meaningless artist.”

Kimiko Sagisu –

“Tough case. She is a difficult case.

Yui Tojo

“Try to meet Yui out on the street.

I will break your arms-buns immediately

My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Yui Tojo - 21432F3

Birthday – December 15.

Height – 177 cm

Weight – 55kg

Course – fourth

Specialization – literature.

Albino, split eyebrow, tattoos on arms, back, and indecent areas are some of her special features.

Likes – FIGHTING and alcohol, marginal literature and philosophy

Likes – Brushing her hair, wearing glasses and following standards

Ash-gray hair, with hair pulled from the forehead. Blood-burgundy eyes, which sparkle behind thick lenses of big glasses. Permanent red, lively, and capable of producing a dozen versions of a smug smile. The smell of alcohol mixed in with the scent of old books. The man-like shoulders which lead to a slim, tattooed, small-breasted body. It ends in two short, but still girlish legs with layers of burned skin that are peeling off.

Yui is a problem-girl. Yui is not a problem girl in that she has any problems. If you do, then you are either doing a minor crime with or she is committing it against your. Yui, the bold, bold, and narcissistic dreamer/adventurer – Yui. This is the kind of person you can watch from afar to see her new antics, but few people can handle Yui up close. The girl is looking for something new, an idea or a person with which she can fight, prove her superiority and win or lose.

The recidivist couldn’t help but use the college as a stage for her “battles”. She will relate to any unpleasant news in one way or the other. Yui could “borrow” something from the college, or if it was found in the college, Yui would sneak it to the college. Yui can be heard shouting, fighting, and even vandalizing. She is widely disliked because she can argue with you for 20 minutes, trying to impress with her stubborn behavior or inducing you to make stupid messes. Her indomitable desire not to conform to any rules is the reason she’s so disliked. And this is not just the goal, it is the end. To display her character once again, just to prove that she’s capable of it.

The reason college hasn’t been abandoned is that the girl drowned early in the ocean literature, philosophy and politics, which made her relatively sedentary. It is hard to overstate the positive results. “Tojo -Baby,” the debut novel by the young writer, which told the story of a girl living at the bottom of the social-dumping system, was a global success and left no one indifferent. But there’s a flipside. These “hobbies,” have been a long-held obsession. Girl uses her fame to fuel the boldest and most outrageous political movements. But she also believes that she is the engine of global world changes.

This is how she hopes to make a difference in her life. Yui is so convinced that it is of such extraordinary importance that in moments when she feels inspired, which happens after another antic, Yui can write for many days and nights without any sleep or food. Although she is willing to give up her life for an idea, this formulation makes her heart beat faster and makes her work even harder. Although it seems certain that she will soon fall prey to her own ambitions, she is willing to accept a “glorious end”. How can I save her? I don’t know.

Commentary from other characters

Ayaka Uesugi

“Really cool girl!” Kimiko is a cool girl! EHEHHE!!!!!”

Sachiko Nakamoto

” Are you nuts? It’s a stupid beast. NO ONE IS WORSE THAN THIS. I HATE HIM! !

Kyo Ito “Oh… Oh no…”

Eriko Kirishima – “Next question. P-Please…”

Kimiko Sagisu –

“Mmm… Ehehehehehe… Well, she’s definitely useful for the college’s image, yes… However, we have… complicated relations.”

Sachiko Nakamoto

” off.”

My Therapy Characters Information Guide - Sachiko Nakamoto - 1B55D4D

Birthday – August 2,

Height – 159cm

Weight – 42kg

Course – First

Specialization – Web-design, programming.

Other features: Obvious lack of bodyweight, acne on the faces, curvature and poor skin color.

Likes – Internet scams, sodas

Dislikes – Gastritis and moving around.

The sun shines on black, long, and shaggy hair. Two blue rats would have eyes. A rat would be able to fit in bags. A face with a lot of pimples. A mouth whose “aroma,” is interrupted only by the scent of cola. A slouching neck, unflattering shoulders, flat chest and sunken stomach. Match-legs. Here’s Sachiko’s portrait.

You won’t find them in a group of students or in a classroom. If you aren’t careful, you won’t find her anywhere. A misanthrope, she hides off campus or in the most remote corners of the college where she can spend her time alone. Doesn’t do any. If she does find one, she will just be looking for one and scrolling through it with no emotion. Sometimes she will go out to town to buy her stuff. This is her most serious social interaction.

Because of her destructive activity, everyone is better off with her lower activity. She is an angry person. She can even become the initiator of the conversation if she senses that you are feeling bad and initiates it to make you feel worse. Because she has been stalking people for a long period of time, she can beat you quite accurately. It’s Sachiko’s “hobby”, the animal joy Sachiko feels when she watches other people’s misery and tears, as well as their failures. She not only entertains her self with this, but also makes money using her technology skills to scam people on the Internet.

She has never made a single wise decision or thought of the right thing to do. She also decided to go to college this year. This was most likely an accident. She is certain that she will be leaving at the first opportunity. She’s going nowhere, as she is in life generally, looking for nothing. But maybe, because of you, she’ll find it.

Commentary from other characters

Ayaka Uesugi

Who?… I thought that it was my roommate. ?

Kyo Ito

I don’t even know her…

Eriko Kirishima –

I’m sorry, it’s the first time I’ve heard about her.

Yui Tojo –

I don’t know what to do! I can guess. Let’s try it!

Kimiko Sagisu –

A weed, which can be found in thousands. They will get rid of themselves with the first examinations is the only positive thing about people like this.


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