Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide

Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide 1 -
Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide 1 -

An official overview of game mechanics


Characters in Mutagenic each have their own specific starting stats, and a starting skill. They can be unlocked via completing the objectives located in the Codex.

  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 6D73465 Mag’mor
    Specializes in projectile skills
  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 7E83D1B Nicola
    Specializes in area of effect skills
  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 78EBB45 Vesta
    Specializes in slow, prolonged pain
  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 373ECDD Crag
    Tough and thick skinned, not afraid to get close to the fight
  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 0007EE7 Pinkie
    Specializes in speed
  • Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Characters - 3A5A173 Lumi
    Specializes in crippling enemies


Scaling all the things

Every unique source of a stat in Mutagenic is multiplicative with each other. For this reason, even finding small sources of upgrades (eg. 3% -> 5% damage) on an Implant will have massive increases in your damage output.
There is plenty of opportunity to create absolutely crazy builds, so if minmaxing is your jam, this should scratch that itch.

Skills, Items, & Implants

In Mutagenic, there are a variety of Skills and Items which can be found. These are obtained through leveling up, opening chests, and killing enemies.


Skills are your primary damage and utility. There are projectile and area of effect skills, which can be scaled through a variety of means.
Skills are autocast, so you just need to focus on looting and dodging.


Items are your primary source of stat increases. They directly affect the effectiveness of your skills, so make sure you pick ones that synergize!


Every item in the game can be equipped with an Implant. Implants are item and skill customizations, each having a unique set of powerful effects. Implants are found in chests and by killing enemies.
Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Skills, Items, & Implants - 9CC1AE7

Skill Implants

Implants which affect skills will only affect that particular skill, and will modify the base stats of the skill.

Item Implants

Implants which affect items will affect all skills, and will increase with each tier of the item. Implant effects stack multiplicatively with all other stats on the item.
For example, if you have an T1 Amplifier with an implant that gives +5% skill damage, the effective damage of that item is 1.2 * 1.05 = 1.26, NOT 1.2 + 0.05 = 1.25.

Mutagen & Mutations

is the main currency/collectible in Mutagenic. It’s primary purpose is to buy mutations for your characters, providing them powerful upgrades for each run. Mutagen can be found by killing enemies, or disassembling unwanted Implants.
Mutagenic Game Mechanics Overview Guide - Mutagen & Mutations - E61BB4F
Mutagen Capacity
Mutagen capacity determines how many mutations you can apply onto your character. You can increase this by spending Mutagen to purchase more capacity.
Each tier of mutation costs more than the one before it, so make sure to prioritize upgrading this!
Mutations only apply to your next character playthrough, so spend it wisely!

Levels, Mutagen Scaling, and Loot Rolls


There are currently 4 base levels in Early Access, and they have the following loot settings:

  • Damp Cave
    Maximum tier of implant mods: T1
    Mutagen Drop Multiplier: 1.0
  • Wild Forest
    Maximum tier of implant mods: T1
    Mutagen Drop Multiplier: 2.0
  • Burning Underground
    Maximum tier of implant mods: T2
    Mutagen Drop Multiplier: 3.0
  • Endless Oasis
    Maximum tier of implant mods: T3
    Mutagen Drop Multiplier: 5.0


Mutagen Scaling

Normal enemies can drop body parts (base +5 mutagen), or a single mutagen (base +1 mutagen). These base numbers are multiplier by the level Mutagen Drop Multiplier, as noted above.
Elite enemies can also drop strong mutagen (base +5 mutagen), which are further scaled by Game Difficulty, but will stop scaling past 20 minutes.

Implant Mod Rarity and Rolls

Implants currently have 3 rarity levels, which allow the implant to roll either 1, 2, or 3 mods.
Furthermore, every mod has 3 quality tiers (T1, T2, T3) which it can roll from, higher tiers noting stronger effects. The availability of mod tiers is dependent on the level, as noted in the Levels section above.
Implant Rarity
Game Difficulty will affect the chance of dropping Implants with higher rarity. Higher difficulty means greater chance of rarer drops.
Implant Tiers
Implant tiers are all equally likely to roll, but only tiers enabled by the level settings can roll.

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