Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 6 -
Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 6 -

Hello and welcome to this Murder Mystery Machine. How to get an A+ on Case 8 guide.

This is a quick overview of how to get an A+ on the final three cases.

Case 8

Case 8-1

Talk to Nate about the Examine Body. Wallet is located next to Nate and the box. Tire Track is located by the yellow arrow. Footprints, Beretta and Tripp’s Car can be found by the car and corpse

  1. Talk to Nate about linking Empty Holster to Beretta
  2. Talk to Nate about Linking No Wallet to Wallet
  3. Talk to Nate to link Scrap of Paper 55-2451 to Scrap of Paper 55. Use the public phone to report back to Nate after this deduction.
  4. Talk to Nate about Mark Tripp’s Gun to Wound In Chest
  5. Talk to Nate to Link Broken Window to Torn Sleeve of Shirt
  6. Talk to Nate about Link Someone Confronted Tripp and Pushed into Window
  7. Link Tripp Struggles with Someone to Tripp Shot with Own Gun, talk Nate
  8. Link Tripp was robbed due to Coincidental Timing Of Attack, talk to Nate
  9. Link Attacker was looking for something specific to Clutch Scrap of Folder, talk with Nate

Tripp Won’t Give Up On Incriminating Documents

Where: The Tribune Office

How to: Shot during Struggle

Link Tripp Struggle With Someone to Shot During Struggle

Link Phone to The Tribune Office

Tripp Won’t Give Up Incriminating Documents, Link Attacker Came to Tripp for Something Specific

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 - Case 8 - 900C478

Case 8-2

Grab the hidden object by the potted tree under the TV at the far wall

Talk to Officer Mitchell, then Nate

  1. Link Cass and Nage Investigating […] to Send Order: Only Investigators […], can talk to the Officer, then Ophelia. Enter Clancy’s office, examine Clancy’s Desk Drawer, then head back to Ophelia
  2. Link Tripp’s Filofax to Mention the Name Kitty, talk with Nate
  3. Link was Supposed To Meet The DCA to Mentioned A Meeting With The DCA. Talk to Nate
  4. Link was Supposed To Share Information with DCA to Clancy, Mark Tripp was Threatening, talk to Nate

Who: Clancy Brown

Why are you concerned about being exposed by Mark Tripp

Where: Kitty Duvall’s home address and number

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 - Case 8 - 5EFAA16

Case 8-3

Talk to Kitty

Examine the Handbag at her bench, then the circular object along the path to the Broken Bracelet

  1. Kitty received a link letter from Kitty.
  2. Talk to Nate about Link Broken Bracelet to Bruised Wrist
  3. Kitty will talk to you about everything from snapped shoelaces to link cut knees
  4. Kitty can help you find Link Was Running to Evidence Of Scuffle. Look for a yellow rectangle in the middle of a bush and a tree to find the Envelope – Hidden In Bush
  5. Link Warned Kitty to Not Talk […] to Only Cass & Nate Knew […], Talk to Nate
  6. Link Lead Poisoning Death to Water Treatment Plant Responsible For Increase […], Talk to Kitty
  7. Joe Duvall and Mark Tripp were close friends of Joe Duvall at the Link Water Treatment Plant. Talk to Nate
  8. Talk to Nate to Link Unknown Male Attacker to Send Someone to Intercept Kitty

Who: Police Officer

Why: Joe Duvall’s death was caused by WTP

Link Angry After WTP to Photo of Tripp & Duvall

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 - Case 8 - 6B2BAC6

Case 8-4

Talk to Clancy by tilting the camera

Talk to Clancy, examine Officer Mitchell

The Broken Bottle is located by the chair that’s being turned over. Next, the Plastic Zip Ties are in the middle. Finally, the Fallen Chair is by the corpse. Finally, you can see the Jukebox against the wall under the neon sign for Kitty Duvall’s ID.

  1. Talk to Nate about how to link Broken Bottle to Glass in Hair
  2. Talk to Nate about Link Hit with Bottle to Bruise On Back of Head
  3. Mitchell was Knocked Over by Link Fallen Chair, talk to Nate
  4. Talk to Nate about how to link plastic zip ties to handcuffs on belt
  5. Talk to Nate about Linking Gun with Silencer to Official Activity
  6. Kitty Duvall’s ID was stolen by Link Attacker. Talk to Nate
  7. Link Caused Mitchell’s death to Sent by Merrill To Kill Clancy, talk with Nate and then Clancy

Why: Clancy Attacked Mitchell in Self-Defense and Tying up Loose Ends

How to Get Fatal Blow from the Table?

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 - Case 8 - F1C9137

Case 8-5

Talk to Nate or the Governor

Examine the photo at the desk for Photo of Joe Duvall in Army. Also, check out the trash can near the couch for Torn Paper in Trash. Finally, make sure to inspect the gun case underneath the flag for the Gun in Glass Case. Talk to Governor and Nate again

  1. Link Photo of Mark Tripp & Joe Duvall […] Photo of Governor & Joe Duvall […], Talk to the Governor
  2. Link Joe Duvall was nicknamed “Jodie”, by Tripp. His attackers were arguing […], talk with Nate.
  3. Link Bought Tripp an engraved gum to Engraving On Grip, talk with Nate
  4. Link Tripp was arguing with someone from […] to Johnson, and Tripp knew each other […],. Nate
  5. Link belonged to Mark Tripp and Johnson. Talk to Nate
  6. Linked Bugged Johnson to DCA to Johnson Tipped Off About Tripp’s DCA meeting, talk to Governor
  7. Link No Cover-Up of the FD File to was asked by Governor to edit […], to Governor
  8. Link Frank Daniels was Murdered to Cover up WTF to Johnson Didn’t Want Anyone To Die, talk to Governor
  9. Link Johnson Never Ordained the Killing […] Call Warden Cromwell, talk with Governor to Nate

Who: Governor Johnson

What: Gun on Crime Scene

Why? Johnson was trying to save the WTP jobs and Johnson was trying to save his own job

Murder Mystery Machine How to get an A+ on Case 8 - Case 8 - 97CDFD7

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