Murder Mystery Machine Guide to All Achievements

Murder Mystery Machine Guide to All Achievements 1 -
Murder Mystery Machine Guide to All Achievements 1 -

Welcome, and we hope you find our Murder Mystery Machine Guide to All Achievements.


A+ guides for cases 6-8 are not available. So I decided to create one. There have been guides by other users on hidden objects, and how to get an “A+” on the first five.

It isn’t clear how this game determines a A+, but I do know what I have found.

  • Use a hint, or make an incorrect assumption (IE, submit a wrong answer to How Why, Whom, What, Where and When) and you will instantly lose your score to B or C with repeated mistakes. There is no penalty for randomly guessing without deductions.
  • Your score is determined according to how much evidence (objects present on the scene or results from dialogue), how often you make deductions, and how many supporting statements you’ve made. Technically, not all evidence is required. But you only need to do the most important. I received an A+ grade for 2-1 and was absent a piece of evidence. However, I received another A+ for 8-1 while missing the other piece of evidence.
  • According to the patch notes, the scoring system was made more accommodating at some point. If I could guess what changed, the substantiations would have been less relevant to final scoring. Although I will mention some substantiations here, they are not useful in the final score.
  • A case can only get an A+ if it has all the scenes. You can always replay any mistakes you make in a case. I had a bizarre situation where I got an “A+” on Case 7 with no achievement firing. However, the achievement fired immediately after I redid it.



Welcome to DCA :

Complete case 1-1. This is the first node that connects with the deceased politician.

Episode 1-8 Complete:

Complete each of the eight cases

Episode 1-8 Perfect:

A+ grade on each episode and all nodes to earn an A+ rating

Dresses to Impress:

You can unlock all four Cass’s outfits.

Cadet. After you’ve cleared the first few cases, you can unlock a cup in the basement. Click it ten time and you’ll get ten cups

Junior: Unlocked By Default

Experienced: Get an A+ rating on episodes 1-4 to unlock your experience

Veteran: Find the hidden objects within all the odd-numbered boxes. I’ll point them in my direction, but another Steam user has already written a guide on the subject, linked in the intro.

Casual Clothes Day:

Get all four Nate’s outfits

Cadet. As you complete nodes more perks will appear in the basement between the cases. As they appear, interact with the Coffee and Desk Chair, Pizza, Dumbbells Pizza, Dumbbell, Book, Sofa, and Sofa. This can be unlocked at half-way.

Junior: Unlocked By Default

Experienced: Get an A+ on episodes 5 through 8.

Veteran: Search for the hidden objects within all of the even-numbered cases. You can also refer to the introduction.


We hope you found it useful; it has been our pleasure to walk you through the Murder Mystery Machine Guide to All Achievements. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions for how we can improve this page, do let us know in the comments. I appreciate your time and effort, and I wish you a wonderful day! If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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