Mount & Blade: Warband Age of Arthur mod 13 treasures

Mount & Blade: Warband Age of Arthur mod 13 treasures 1 -
Mount & Blade: Warband Age of Arthur mod 13 treasures 1 -
This guide is to assist the casual player with finding the 13 items from the Trouble with Mab quest.


The Horn

Talk to the King of Rheged, he will tell you of Bran who is in a tavern. 
Find Bran, and he will tell you that the Horn was stolen. For 500 gold he will tell you that a guard stole it from him. 
Your Notes under The Horn will give a list of villages to search for the Lute Playing Guard. When you get to the right village, the Village Elder will tell you that he has heard sweet music. 
Find the guard and defeat for the horn. 

The Hamper

Go to the villages near Ceredigion, and speak to the villagers. Some will tell you that remnants of Gwyddno’s Kingdom was ashore. 
Buy a ship, and go to the waters near those towns. 
Select “camp” and “fish”, until you find the hamper 

The Crock and Dish

Go to the castle or attend a Feast at Camelet, talk to the guards. They will tell you about Rhygenydd’s widow who is in the tavern. 
Go to the tavern and talk to Crying woman. She will tell you about a Tor. 
Talk to Merlin and he will mark it on your map, near Breckery Monastary 
Climb the Tor. Rhygenydd will tell you there is a trap, and then Mab and 2 Hired Swords attack you. 
Defeat them, talk to Crying Woman, and you will get the Crock and Dish. 

The Halter

Go to the land of Rhegged and talk to a character, they will send you to talk to Gawain (who owns Camel by Camelet) 
Gawain will send you to Din Eidyn. 
Go to the Lord’s Hall and talk to the Bishop there, he will send you to Gwynnedd. 
Speak to the King/Brenan, and he will sell it to you for 10,000. 

White Hilt

Speak to the head of Alt Clut. He will tell you to talk to some losers. 

The Cauldron

Speak to an Irish lord. (I spoke to someone from Dal Riada) 
He will mark Dyrnwch’s hut on your map. it is near Arth Mor. 
Go to the hut. Dyrnwch will send you to hunt for a boar’s head. Hunt the specially marked boar, and receive the Boar’s cap, return to the hut. (some say that it takes multiple attempts, so save before you attack the boars, but I have done it on 2 characters, and received the cap the first time) 
He will then send you to rescue a friend of his who is imprisoned. 
Mabon ap Modron, from Caer Gloui. It can be difficult to talk to him between the bars, but if you fiddle around, you can find an opening to talk through. 
return to Dyrnwhch he will give you the Cauldron. 

The Coat

Find Saint Padarn with a specially marked group of clergy travelling between the Pyr Monastery and Ceredigion. 
Use flattery to convince him to give you the coat. 


Go to Frank Lands, and talk to lords. I found a Visigoth lord who told me to search with the monks 
Go to Saint Martin’s Monastery and talk to the monks until one directs you to the Glass Tower near Pictavis. 
Go to Glass Tower. 
Go to the site, and look for the body. The knife will spawn, and you can pick it up. Then a bear attacks you. 
DO NOT ENTER THE TOWER. Tab to exit the scene. 

The Grail

Get your relationship with “Christians” over 10. A quick and easy way is to cut down a Sacred Grove and build a church. 
Talk to an Abbot (the one at Beckery works) 
He will tell you that Joseph of Arimethea brought the Grail to Britain, and the monks at Beckery might know about it. But a case of wine while you are there, as you need wine in your possession when you talk to the monks at Beckery. 
Go to Beckery Monastery and talk to the monks, offer the one who talks about the Grail some wine, and he will mark Joseph’s tomb on your map. 
Go to Joseph’s Grave near Beckery. 
Inside, find the freshly dug grave and wait for narrative. 
3 men will attack you, beat them and go to treasure chest at graveside, wait for narrative. 
Go to bloody fountain in the same incident, for Grail. 

The Mantle

Ask Arthur about his mantle. He will tell you it is hidden. 
Ask Guenivere if there is anything you can do for her. She will send you to Ineswitrin to kill her past lover’s ghost. 
Talk to the VIllage Elder, he will suggest walking past it’s grave at night. 
Come back at night, walk around until the Ghost spawns, kill it, return to Guenivere and she will give you the Mantle. 
Glitch Warning: if you keep talking to her, she will keep giving you mantles. 
DO NOT AGREE TO TAKE HER ANYWHERE! When you arrive, she will enter an endless loop of giving you the mantle, and you cannot escape. 


Increase Arthur’s favor to over 50, and he will loan you Excalibur. 
If you do the “Relieve siege of Lundein” quest, you go to London and defeat 3 specially marked Saxon groups, return to Arthur and he will send you after the Saxon Camp. You fight a bunch of Huscarls and raiders there. 
If you have done the Mantle quest, DO NOT AGREE TO TAKE Guenivere to another town, as you will find an endless loop glitch when you arrive. 


This one is a bit tricky. 
First, you have to wait until things refresh. You need to find a claimant to the throne called Guipno, but he isn’t anywhere I can find (the traveler says he is in “Your Town”, and even if you have a town, he isn’t there) I chose to learn to read, which takes a week. 
Then, find a traveler, ask where Guipno is, and Guipno will send you to a town called Peartoc. 
Go there and talk to the Farmer. Ask what is happening first, and then follow the bloody tracks off of the textured ground to find a wolf lair, kill 3 wolves, return to Farmer who will send you to a hall. 
Break down the door to the hall, and enter. Mab will arrive and send three zombies after you. Kill them, enter the next room and look at the dead woman, then go to the Chest for White-Hilt. 

Going further-Lady of the Lake

After giving all the items to Merlin, he will take a few days to prepare them. Return to him and he will tell you to take him to the Lady of the Lake near Dozmary. 

Written by Rhoetus

Here we come to an end for Mount & Blade: Warband Age of Arthur mod 13 treasures hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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