Mortal Shell Beginners Guide Gameplay Tutorial

Mortal Shell Beginners Guide Gameplay Tutorial 1 -
Mortal Shell Beginners Guide Gameplay Tutorial 1 -

This guide is intended to help player new to this game, or any other soulslike .

Mindset: How to get better

First of all : be vigilant! don´t assume you can run through this game like nothing else.

Watch your surroundings , look where and how many enemies are ahead of you .

Plan your attack , don’t just run in ! You will most likely be overpowered and killed .

Look for helping stuff , like mushrooms , loot crates and the alike . Knowing where to go when you are in a pinch will help you a lot .

Also , always keep an eye on your endurance bar . no endurance = you are most likely done .


Managing your endurance is key to get better in this game. Never drain your stamina completely so your are able to do something if things won´t go the way you have planned. Also , keep in mind that you still could go into hardened mode to get your stamina back.

PARRYING (space bar or LB on Xbox controller) gives you a huge advantage over your enemy plus a successful riposte (RB) heals you . this form of healing will come in handy the whole game through.

Learn to parry the standard enemies first: as soon as combat starts, take 2 steps back and wait for the attack as soon as you would get hit by the attack , use the parry button . It might be hard at first and might take a while to get it right , but being able to parry is satisfying 😉 Worth mentioning is your parry item will give you a “hint” which attacks are parryable and which are not. It will flash red if enemies use those attacks . Just dodge or use harden is this case .Most enemies will take some time to recover from said attacks , that is your window to strike them down !!

Running into enemy groups will most likely kill you , instead try to lure them over to you 1 by 1.

If you mess up and the whole bunch comes running , try to keep them in front of you to not get surrounded. Or , and this might hurt your pride a bit , run away to face them once again in the way suiting you

in any souls like , there are very hard to kill who most likely will feel like unkillable.Here are some hints for those:

Don´t just run in and fight , watch the boss first . what is he doing , what is his move set. where does he pause between attacks? Finding those “sweet spots ” where you are able to hit him without taking damage is key in this game and all the others alike .


like many souls like , this game is packed with stuff to discover, search every where for goodies. The mushrooms have a special place in the game because they grow back after a short time. This makes it easy to farm a lot of them over time. one is right next to the main base of yours (facing down the road, look to the left , can´t miss it)

Last bit of advice : Don´t take it too hard if you die . Tenacity is key in this game. Die – try again , get better , SUCCEED: if you feel tired or dying again and again , take a break.

And this concludes my little guide , i am hoping it will be helpful to enjoy the game as much as possible. If someone wants to have more help in this game or the other souls likes ( dark souls 1 – 3, sekiro, star wars : fallen order for example ) feel free to contact me .


By michael.schonert

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