MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village 32 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village 32 -

This is about dealing with the Rampage in Kamura Village


Special Thanks!

I like to start this guide’s foreword by expressing my thanks. Thank you so much, all of you who rated up my “Hunter Notes” which started with nothing more than just three screenshots and a few lines me saying “this is good”. With every upvote, and especially with the gifts of awards I felt more and more encouraged to write more, and I added more and more to my notes that it became a wild collection.

I am utmost overjoyed whenever people mentioned it helped them, even if it is just a little.

This one is for you.

For the community.

For the monster hunters who enjoy the game with as much passion as I do.

Happy Hunting, Everyone!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Foreword - 5C0D219

About this Guide

“If you are a veteran, you do not need this.”

This guide is an expansion of what I have already wrote for my “Hunter Notes”.

And while I am writing here mainly about experiences in singleplayer – as a matter of course you can apply the tips on multiplayer as well! I highly recommend that!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Like my previous “guides” before, this is no “walkthrough” with universal answers like “when you do X, then Y will happen”. Even if you use the best bow – the arrow can still miss its mark.

I am going to share you my tips and tricks, based on my personal experience. Therefore this guide is highly biased by my own personal preferences. When you use these information you basically learn how to deal with Rampage (solo) ~ my way.

It does not mean I am right or even correct. Consider this more as some sort of inspiration for you, hints to think about. Whether you use them or not, is up to you. And with other people doing stuff differently, it is just fine. It is your free choice and privilege to learn from whatever source you want. Keep that in mind when you play with other hunters who have different approaches towards the matter.

Whatever works – but more important: whatever brings you joy and fun while playing!

That is all what matters ~

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Foreword - BFEAA7C


As a baseline for my tips I am using a Rampage with Large Scope aka a Rampage which goes over two areas and is made of three phases with three hordes. With some adjustments you can make use of these tips in Normal Scope Rampage as well.

I am also making the assumption that when you are using this guide, you have been through the tutorial of the game about Rampage already. You not only know what a Gate Crasher is, but you also know that you can Guard easily against Stalkers and Targeters while mounting a Hunting Installation.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Baseline - 6BCCD64

Guard. An often underestimated action which seems easily forgotten by a lot of hunters…

If you did not the tutorial yet, I suggest to take a step back and come again later. Otherwise you might be unable to appreciate this guide which would be sad.


While it might be obvious, it is still helpful to understand this in detail.

1. It is a Battle Against the Timer

At the beginning the timer is your friend.

As long as you can hold up the first wave(s) without the final gate being destroyed, you will automatically win that wave. This will change drastically with the boss wave, especially with Apexes and the monster from the intro.

2. Sub-Assignments for the Win!

Being able to actually fulfill all the Sub-Assignments, or at least as many as possible, is essential. Those affect not only the amount of loot you get by the end of a rampage, they are also important in making your Rampage experience much, much easier. Treat them as highly valuable “bonus objectives” which you want fulfilled whenever possible. They give a boost on your overall score – which is important to unlock the many benefits during a Rampage. The more benefits you unlock, the easier Rampage becomes.

3. Final Gate Must Not Be Destroyed

This is important, but much less important than the major two points before. Why? Because when you are doing everything right, you ever only get to see the scripted destruction of the first gate during a Rampage which goes over two areas. And the final gate is tightly connected to the timer. Unless you ignore the final boss during a Rampage entirely, you can and you should ignore the gate most of the time ~ or rather, make it work to your advantage.

Sub-Assignments & Stronghold Level

You do not need to fulfill any sub-assignments to win a Rampage.

But you still want to fulfill as many as possible.

To keep the description of the relevant mechanics short ~

1. With each Stronghold level you unlock improvements for existing installations and unlock new ones.

2. With each Stronghold level you improve the damage output of your weapons during counter phases.

3. Stronghold levels increases with points you get for beating monsters.

4. Sub-Assignments when fulfilled give you bonus points.

The more sub-assignments you fulfill => The higher your Stronghold level gets

The higher your Stronghold level => The easier Rampage becomes with everything dealing more damage to monsters

Overall fulfilling sub-assignments contribute highly in the total score you can get on Rampage. And the total score affects the rewards. Then at the latest you will want to consider, whether you do a Rampage quest once with an S+ rating, or thrice with only S.

You read right ~ the score’s rating impacts on the reward output quite a lot!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Sub-Assignments & Stronghold Level - CEE1F4D

I got so close there…

I will not go into details here since I consider it not that relevant when this guide first of all about learning how to deal with the Rampage solo, but if you are interested in those details and numbers, I like to recommend to you this video:

YouTube player

Tips on Sub-Assignments

Set up Hunting Installations

The probably easiest you can achieve, even before the actual Rampage starts. Even a high number like 20 can be achieved quickly by repeatingly installing and removing an installation. I believe people call it in American English a “no-brainer”.

Inflict a Status Ailment

You can go into a Rampage with a status applying weapon. That is not what I recommend, since the there is no guarantee for the sub-assignment to appear. Better: equip your buddies with status weapons.

Stun a Monster

Aim and shoot with Ballista. Crag Shot is a very reliable and easy installation special to stun monsters. If needed, knock them back before with a Retreat Shot.

Inflict an Elemental Blight

For this I recommend the Cannon’s Thunder Ammo. It has a big area of effect and applies Thunderblight quite reliable. If you are lucky and you get to collect Barrel Bombs as monster droppings, use those -preferably- by throwing them at monsters. Those too are quite reliable and easy to apply when flying.

Village Defender Repels a Monster

This one can be tricky, so it gets a special mention here. Technically it is easy ~ that is unless your buddies steal their kills. If you have that sub-assignment and you want it badly, remember to make your buddies wait in certain places they will not commit a killsteal. But also make sure to let them go wild again once the sub-assignment is fulfilled!

Player Controlled Hunting Installations

I get straight to the point: you need only the Ballista.

I am going to write a few lines about each of the three player controlled Hunting Installations. But for a singleplayer session you only want to use the Ballista, with some exceptions ~ like when you need to cause an area of effect or applying Thunderblight.

Machine Cannon

The least useful one of all three player controlled Hunting Installations. It shines with its range and easy to use special attacks. Its true power is the silkbind. A lot of hunters misunderstand it as some sort of “fishing rod to reel in flying Targeters”. But its true power only gets revealed when placed near a killzone. It is about the very easy to use stopping power which makes the Machine Cannon interesting. At the same time it cannot grow out of the shadow of the superior Ballista with its even more easy to use stopping power. It might be not bad in dealing constant damage, especially with a high Stronghold level. But that is not the primary usage of the player controlled Hunting Installations. At least not for a singleplayer session.


Short range. Area of effect damage which can surpass barriers. Has a semi-long-range piercing attack. Might be great when playing with multiple people. But in singleplayer Rampage its utility is too little, limited to Thunderblight application only, which is incredibly slow. I would put them on equal level with the Machine Cannon, if it was not for the barrier surpassing damage. You can start preparing the Thunder Ammo before the boss monster reaches the second area. But that is it.

YouTube player

The only time in singleplayer where I think it makes sense most to use the Cannon.


Outright unfair towards the other player controlled Hunting Installations. It is available from the start. Long range sniping is possible. And it outshines the others with ease simply by having Crag Shot and Retreat Shot with a very fast reload. It is not an attempt of a competition between those three in regards of a “tower defense” gameplay. You want crowd control. You get crowd control. Hitting the monsters with Crag Shot is incredibly reliable to stun them. And the Retreat Shot not only pushes Gate Crashers back, but it also brings flying Targeters down. You may be unable to stun a monster twice in a row within a short period of time. But you can bring those Targeters down twice. Once with a Retreat Shot. And afterwards with a Crag Shot. And if that was not enough: cast a Flash Bomb next.

YouTube player

Wyvernfire Artillery

I do not need to tell you anything about the self-explainatory three others, do I? Villagers cannot use special shots like with player controlled Hunting Installations. Villagers on Cannons you want as close to the killzone as possible.

The one which only needs special mentioning is the Wyvernfire Artillery.

And all what can be said about them is to make good use of killzones and lanes.

Beginners often make the mistake to aim with them towards the area in front of the Gate. While it makes somewhat sense to utilise its high damage output, and knowing a Gate Crasher will be effectively glued in front of a Gate until it breaks, you never ever should think like that.

When you have placed your Wyvernfire Artillery correctly, it will rarely ever happen that a Gate Crasher reaches that area. And if no one reaches that area the time in which the Wyvernfire Artillery can work for you goes unused.

I shall provide you with some visualisation with the maps subsection of this guide.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Wyvernfire Artillery - 9A356FE

Aim too low, and you will not be able to make use of its whole range

Aim too high and you might miss hitting crouching/lying monsters

Only have bosses and Gate Crashers in mind when you calibrate a Wyvernfire Artillery’s direction

Veteran’s Tip

Any Hunting Installation, regardless whether automatic or player controlled can be “healed” by having them removed and reinstalled. Otherwise when destroyed they go into an auto-heal-phase in which they are inactive. Therefore ~ make good use of your preparation phases!

YouTube player

Think “Tower Defense”

If you know how to think like a wizard’s apprentice or a defender of dungeons, then you know a little about a very special game genre which resembles half of the Rampage mechanics!


I want You to think like a “Core Guardian”!

Beginners often make the mistake to think they either have to kill the monsters with the Hunting Installations OR their weapons – right away. While that is partially true for either the phase without a counter signal, or the one with the counter signal, it is still a missed opportunity in thinking. Especially with the Rampage unique mechanics.

By thinking like a “Core Guardian” I mean you learning to trust the automatic Hunting Installations and getting a feel of how much damage they do and how much health the monsters have. When you are experienced enough, you just focus on the killzone and very specific targets – but not until they die. Just enough that the rest of the automatic Hunting Installations on their way to the Gate will do the rest.

In fact: the only monsters you ever need to worry about are Gate Crashers and bosses. The rest can be safely ignored, even if they are major threats as they do hardly ever harm the Gate.

The Gate is Not Fragile

An important aspect in being a “Core Guardian” is the basic understanding that object to protect – here a Gate – is not fragile. You do not need to immediately jump and race back to the Gate just because Gate Crashers are there. Leave it to the automatic Hunting Installation when the monsters are weakened enough. If you think they need more treatments, keep a cool head and use your wits. Gate Crashers can be easily stunned and trapped, as they give plenty of opportunities for a good placed Crag Shot whenever they prepare to ram the Gate. A close by Hunting Installation for constant damage will make sure they will not last long. If you are desperate, throw a Flash Bomb or hit the Counter Gong. But if you keep to this guide, that should be an exceptional case.

Remember: there is no bonus for a Gate in perfect condition!

Setup a proper Killzone

What actually is a killzone? I have mentioned it before and now it is time to deliver you an explaination: within the “tower defense” genre it is typical to set certain areas as killzones. In traditional “tower defense” it would be an area where the incoming objects would pass by often, or slowed down en masse that using defensive towers with area of effects becomes favourable. In the special “Core Guardian” genre, it is a mix of that, combined with your avatar’s combat abilities.

Basically ~ when you meet monsters in that area, you not only fight them to beat them – you fight them mainly to keep them there so they get bombarded by automatic Hunting Installations from all sides. Setting up Machine Cannons next to Dragonators would be a kind of killzone, where you pull in the monsters so they are hold in place for maximum Dragonator effects. Or just putting a Dragonbait right in front of a Dragonator surrounded by Ballistae and Cannons.

A more significant killzone would be a sweet spot in the battlefield, where the monster would be under constant Wyvernfire Artillery bombardment while you fight it. While it sounds banal, you might be surprised how much of extra damage you are missing out when not utilising a specific killzone. As a matter of course: a killzone cannot and should not be the area right in front of a Gate.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Think

The Maps

There are four maps in Rampage which can appear at random.

Here are screenshots with suggested Hunting Installations placements.

1. Party Mile

With the non-destructible elevated platforms for Hunting Installations, this map is better than you might think. The monsters have it easy to go straight for the gate, but you have it easier by utilising the straight paths. A Dragonator setup in the middle provides a convenient killzone, while the Dragonator by the Gate works as a great backup. In my opinion the second easiest map to play on. The Hunting Installation slot right in front of the Gate is reserved for Heroes in the case of an emergency deployment (Fugen the Elder).

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - The Maps - E11A277

In contrary to “Last Stand” I have seen this map only as entrance: area 1 of 2.

2. Boom Box

My most hated map. While the Splitting Wyvernshot sure comes handy, the placements for Hunting Installations is a pain. Effectively only 1/3 of the map is really usable in singleplayer, while the rest… is questionable at best. Just hope you get it for area 1, so you can have an easier time with area 2 and eventually take a good shot on the boss. Replace Bamboo Bombs with Heroes whenever needed.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - The Maps - AFCAA38

Once you are gotten used to the map, and it is area 1, you can consider exchanging a Wyvernfire Artillery with a Defender Cannon, and aim for the entrance. That would weaken your killzone a lot, but makes things easier with experience. As mentioned: recommended when it is area 1, so no killzone needed for the boss.

3. Wyvernfire Lane

My personal favourite among the maps. It comes practically with an extra gate, a long and easy killzone, and for some reasons the bosses just love to be Dragonators targets. If you get this one, consider yourself lucky. Even as a final map – the Gate is still protected well around a corner despite an entire lane goes down.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - The Maps - 76D0377

4. Last Stand

This map I have ever seen only as final map: area 2 of 2.

It is… an arena. A simple boss fight arena with a killzone close to the Gate. I do not like or want a killzone close to the Gate, but it cannot be helped much. At least it is not next to the Gate. What makes this map easy is the generously strong killzone and the Splitting Wyvernshot to cancel the bosses’ ultra attack. If it would be for hordes with wave after wave… this map would be really bad. Again, the Hunting Installation slot right in front of the Gate is reserved for Heroes. You do not want a monster there anyroads.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - The Maps - 8CBFF2A

Veteran’s Tip

Avoid beginners thinking, that you absolutely have to follow this layout. These are suggestions based on my personal experience and optimised for effectiveness. At start you do not even have all Hunting Installations unlocked. It is fine to place something else first when needed and adjust the Hunting Installations over time.

Also, as a reminder: this guide is written specifically for singleplayer experience. What might work excellent for a single hunter might be improvable for a hunting party.

It’s a Trap!

It is easy to relate that beginners will not bring any traps to Rampage.

I mean: “what for – you are not going to capture any of those monsters after all.”

Well ~ such thinking is typical for beginners. Not wrong but it is clearly missing something.

When you protect something, of course you make use of all tools available. And even if you cannot trap Elder Dragons and Apexes, you still can trap others like the Gate Crashers! Buying you valuable seconds of time to heal up, regroup, prepare a stun shot and so much more ~

How about placing traps around the Dragonators’ killzone?

It could not be any easier to take care clean and simple of early Gate Crashers, right?

And let us talk about the flying Targeters. Not Rajang.

You notice the slow incoming flying projectiles from afar, and you can protect yourself easily in time by guarding or doing a dodge roll.

If you do not have a spare stun shot: why not Flash bombing them?

It will have a similar effect and you can deal with them easier when they have fallen.

Yeah ~ a Rampage is different from a normal hunt.

And yet many tricks you have learned during normal hunts still work like charms in Rampage.

Make use of that!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - It's a Trap! - D16CAC7

Palicoes: Unsung Rampage Heroes

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Palicoes: Unsung Rampage Heroes - C598F7D

It is not just because that I am a cat-person, who has also two Palicoes named after her two real life cats that I am recommending Palicoes to you. There is more to it. I promise!

First of all ~

Why not Palamutes?

Dog-people, be strong! I love dogs too (especially German Shepards and Huskies! Dogs need to look like dogs, not like some handbag accessoires, to be recognised as dogs! But that is a different story)!

But the following statement is purely for gameplay matters from the point of view as a huntress:

they cannot do much which is helpful to you during Rampage ~

The biggest argument which is questionably acceptable from my point of view (I have warned you: my way ~!) is that they help you to get from point A to B fast and that you can sharpen your weapon or consume items while riding them. Without that combination you are often faster just by flying ~

Why Palicoes?

What we want here most are Palicoes action moves. And eventually some skills.

As mentioned in my “Hunter Notes”, look out for

Knockout King + Status Attack Up

Especially the latter we are after for Rampage. We want that specifically for the Rampage Sub-Assignment “Inflict a Status Ailment”. Of course a Palamute can do that too, but what makes a Palico unbeatable are their moves.

Felyne Silkbind




Flash Bombay

Endemic Life Barrage

All excellent moves with great utility value for Rampage. If you struggle with certain bosses, having Palicoes with Healing Bubble or Health Horn can be helpful too. And Pilfer ~ no one says “no” to extra loot, right?

Try to imagine why I love taking two assist Palicoes with me with the mentioned skills and status weapons:

a) Applying Status Ailment is clearly great for having an easier time with that specific Sub-Assignment – especially when playing Rampage solo!

b) Felyne Silkbind keeps the monster in place – it even pulls them a litte back! How awesome is that to stop monsters which are constantly approaching the gate?

c) We all know how traps work. You just do not think much about them in Rampage because you are not capturing any monsters. But that does not mean they are not useful in Rampage. Palico traps are a little luck based, depending on their placements. But nonetheless: the traps do their job. Similar with the Anti-Monster-Mine.

d) Flash Bombay gets the flying Targeters from the air. They land flat: no projectile attacks on you.

e) Endemic Life Barrage is good too for applying stati. But what makes it great are the Sleep and Paralyse stati.

So, there I am with two Palicoes doing their stuff. Some got bound, many fall into traps, a lot get paralysed, and I get healed when needed. Can a Palamute do that too?

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Palicoes: Unsung Rampage Heroes - 988D05B

My Palicoes showing me how it is done with traps ready before the Dragonator.

I often think they get smarter with every level…

Choice of Weapon

Every weapon is great for Rampage.

There is no “must-use-weapon” kind of suggestion for Rampage.

In fact, anyone who recommends you certain specific weapons with an unusual strong opinion, is suffering most likely a misunderstanding.

Ranged Weapons in Rampage

Most suggestions I have seen are ranged weapon related. Often with the argument that the DPS is “so-much-better” or “the boss XYZ encourages the usage of that bowgun because…”. If you want that kind of guide for weapons, take a step back. This guide is not for you. I encourage you to think for yourself, every time.

Truth is: DPS is easier with ranged weapons under certain circumstances. And that is it. It is no good argument. Especially not when it enforces you a certain gameplay which probably is 10%-15% better than your usual. Among veterans that percentage is even lower or negative, if you discuss it with weapon masters. What sounds good on paper is not always applicable on real life. Like the fact that your DPS drops to zero when you are downed. Being a “glass cannon” comes with that risk.

Back to topic: what makes ranged weapons great in Rampage are actually their versatility. Especially in regards of subquests where you are to apply status ailments. And since they are easy to use, they are often favoured by players who ~ needs it easy. Putting that aside, every weapon type is viable in Rampage.

A Meaningful Recommendation

Those with a very strong opinion on a certain weapon type tend to overlook something a weapon master knows: there are several different playstyles with the same kind of weapon. What works probably good in normal hunts, but not so well in Rampage, you do not need to keep. Check what variants Hamon has to offer, and rethink the other Switch skills. You might be surprised how incredibly well you can adapt with a weapon on which a lot of people look down. All that just by doing some adjustments and learn to use them a little differently alongside Hunting Installations and other things.

Due to the fact that Wyvern Riding is a strong tactic to use in Rampage, it is legit to make use of skills which triggers easily that mountable status of monsters. One of the many examples where ranged weapons are less easy to use in comparison.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Choice of Weapon - 454F333

Kill Efficiently

A valid argument in favour of ranged weapons would be that the damages they deal are easier to dose. Due to how much stronger weapon attacks become during a counter phase, strong combos are only viable on the boss. Most monsters go down before you are even close in finishing a combo. Being able to switch fast between targets is something where ranged weapons shine. Especially when it comes to piercing through multiple targets at once or a mass area of effect attack (Shrapnel Ammo e.g.). But that advantage diminishes quickly when it comes to the boss battle. And pretty much every other weapon have similar moves which avoid overkill and yet make strong use of the counter phase’s damage potence increase. Like before: check your Switch skills and Hamon for playstyles you may have overlooked.

Every weapon is great for Rampage. What matters is you having fun.

And your best damage output with most fun will be always with the weapon you know and like best.

Veteran’s Tip

I consider this video an eye opener. I remember when I was a beginner with the Monster Hunter series, I have always thought the lance is something hard and slow to play. Maybe this one can serve as an inspiration for you as well?

YouTube player

If you do not know such, you will be in awe twice.

First when it opens your eyes. Second when you realise you can do the same with training.

Also, if you are looking for something fun to play ~ check these videos out!



Fugen the Elder

Available right from start. Deals a lot of damage. Can be used any time once and will not vanish when unused at the end of a horde. Though, he will be replaced by Elder Fugen when the Stronghold levels up enough. Use him before that happens.

Iori & Buddies

Early bird becomes available at the beginning of the first horde. I recommend to use him as early as possible as a points booster. Especially at the beginning it makes sense, so you unlock faster Hunting Installations and upgrades. They are not very strong, but they get the job done. Will become unavailable after the first horde when unused.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Heroes - BD1FE18

Make sure to watch out for that note, which tells you to use them during this phase.

Hinoa and Minoto

They become usually available during the second horde when certain conditions are fulfilled. A mix of area of effect, piercing and long range attacks. Like Iori and his buddies they will become unavailable when not used during the horde they appeared.

Master Utsushi

When you are lucky he becomes available at the start of the final horde. Making him second most valuable hero after Elder Fugen. He does not deal much of damage, but he makes every mountable monster ready to ride. Use that chance to deal incredible amounts of damage via Wyvern Riding. In multiplayer he is clearly overpowered on many levels.

Yomogi the Chef

She works like an automatic Machine Cannon. Nothing special. Just nice to have ~

Elder Fugen

When Fugen does the Rajang transformation after a successfully leveled up Stronghold, he does not only look younger but he deals a ridiculous “punch”. In almost every case even enough to cancel the boss monster’s ultra attack! Use that to your advantage by timing him well. Also: he replaces Fugen the Elder. If you use Fugen the Elder before his transformation, you can use both during a single Rampage.

Veteran’s Tips

Every hero can be placed either on a ground platform or on an elevated platform.

It will not matter where as long as the range to their target fits.

Just make sure not to put them on a destructable platform. You might regret it with the boss as it will cancel the heroes’ action time right away, when it gets destroyed.

Every hero deals a certain amount of damage in form of a fixed amount of moves. E.g. if Yomogi has no target, she will stay still. But her action time will not reduce. Utsushi on the other hand has only one move, and will dissapear right after.

Ride On!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Ride On! - D1BF21E

A screenshot from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

In that franchise spin-off Wyvern Riding holds a special meaning ~

Whenever possible, make use of Wyvern Riding, as nowhere else it is as useful as in Rampage. You can create spikes in your overall damage output and just having a jolly good time in watching how your mounted monster beat many others with ease.

The most satisfying is probably when riding Rajang against the boss monster. Aiming specifically to mount monsters for that matter is a valid and recommended Rampage tactic for having it easy.

Master Utsushi

The special Rampage hero Utsushi which you can use does hardly any damage, but it makes every monster close by ridable. His utility is immense in situations like e.g. boss coming accompanied by three monsters – Utsushi casted in the right moment alongside the counter signal is a boss bane.

YouTube player

It’s About Time!

Great Scott!

I know, this is heavy.With this knowledge you can plan your active defense so much better ~ especially the usage of the Counter Gong becomes easy. These are things you need to know:

2 Minutes to Start

Each preparation phase gives you 120 seconds to setup your Hunting Installations. That is plenty to build the whole layout for two maps twice. I recommend beginners to take their time and get a feeling for the map. Multiplayer daredevils tend to skip that phase entirely, since it is possible to setup all necessary Hunting Installations on the fly just in time when you are with three others in a hunting party.

4:30 Minutes for Horde 1 & Horde 2

During these phases the timer is on your side.

As long as you survive with the final Gate intact, you will win by default.

In these phases Guild Master Hojo will signal to counter with around 2 minutes left. He does that 15 seconds after the appearance of the major threat. The guild master’s Counter Signal will always last for the rest of a phase.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - It's About Time! - C943849

Note: The major threats will appear faster, depending on how fast you take down the monster waves. It just happens that most of the time it is around 2 minutes left for me when it appears.

Counter Gong – 60 Seconds Counter Signal

In comparison to the guild master’s the Counter Signal by the Counter Gong will last 60 seconds. The manual Counter Signal will not stack with the guild master’s.

Veteran’s Tip

To make the best of the Counter Gong Hunting Installation, make sure to hit it at latest 1 minute / 60 seconds before the guild master announces the counter phase. It is a legt tactic to make use of the manual Counter Gong even earlier than that – either in times of need or just to vacant the slot for a different, more useful, Hunting Installation.

2:40 Minutes for the Dragonator to Recharge

Having this time in mind, you can develope a reliable feeling when it makes sense to use it against the hordes. And even better: later on against the boss. Rule of thumb: one time each for Phase 1 & Phase 2. At least twice during the boss battle.

YouTube player

8 Minutes for the Splitting Wyvernshot to Recharge

When everything goes well, you get to use it only once. When something is going wrong in area 2, and you have a Splitting Wyvernshot available, you get to use it twice at maximum. Provided you use it for the first time early enough. Since it is faster than Fugen in its execution, I recommend it as an alternative. Especially when you used Fugen in an earlier phase before.

Note: The Splitting Wyvernshot and the Dragonators can recharge faster if their mechanisms are fueled with coal. That is something you will not taking into consideration during single player. It is simply not worth it. In multiplayer it would be a different story if someone is overwhelmed by the battlefield and rather prepare. But even then it is questionable as you have to make sure that your efforts are actually being put into use. Imagine you manage to recharge the Splitting Wyvernshot by 4 minutes faster, just to lack a few seconds in which the boss changes the area. That would be lots of efforts wasted.

13 Minutes for the Final Phase

The boss appears after you have beaten the second wave. That is when usually there is 11/10 minutes left (important to know for Dragonators and Splitting Wyvernshots). During this phase there are two Counter Signal phases. 90 seconds after the boss breaks through the first gate. And after circa another 90 seconds. The final counter phase starts usually 3 minutes after the boss breaks through the first Gate. Due to the timing it is not a bad choice to activate the manual counter right after the 90 seconds Counter Signal runs out. Most of the times that bridges the time until the final counter splendidly!

What happens when the Timer runs out?

The only time that ever happened for me was the only time I ever lost a Rampage – that was in multiplayer with someone who did not care about the Rampage.

From what I have observed – only once – that is, that when the timer runs out, the Gate breaks. I cannot tell if it was just perfect timing, but since then it is for me simple: you lose when the timer runs out. Thankfully 13 minutes are plenty to deal with the boss. Even when you are doing it solo.

Try to shoot first ~

Veteran’s Tip

The cooldown phases of special Hunting Installations aka Dragonators and Splitting Wyvernshots continues during the preparation phases. Take that into consideration if you intent to skip them. There is no bonus in finishing the Rampage faster than needed.

Extra: Normal Scope Rampage (2 Hordes, 1 Area)

For a Normal Scope Rampage Horde 1 comes with 5 minutes and Horde 2 with 9 minutes time to deal with the Rampage. The activation of the Counter Signal is like before: around 15 seconds after the appearance of the major threat.

Area Transition

1. Third Preparation Phase

In singleplayer sessions as well as in multiplayer it makes most sense to use your third preparation phase to prepare the Hunting Installations for the second Rampage area. Only by then you have most likely all possible Hunting Installations unlocked for placement. Doing it earlier would only cause unnecessary stress in singeplayer.

2. Always use Fast Travel

The only reason to dawdle in the first area, once the boss appears, is to trigger Dragonators and Splitting Wyvernshots which the boss will hopefully pass by and therefore get hit. There is rarely a good reason to follow the boss monster by utilising wirebugs, especially when you can fast travel to take control of a Cannon in the next area. In multiplayer sessions you would want one player to be on stand by to cast the gong for counter, as the final phase will shortly trigger the final gong – making the extra useless if not used early.

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In this video I just ran through the safe passage since I was close by, after readying my weapon in case the boss would stay a little longer. If you are anywhere else but that close to the passage: open up the map or use a Farcaster and fast travel as soon as possible when the boss appears, as they will break through the first gate in any case. That is, after triggering any available Dragonators and Splitting Wyvernshots like in the video. Observant hunters already noticed: for that boss it is the easiest possible map setup you can get. Lucky!


When I started writing this guide I absolutely did not expect it to grow like this. What started with a few lines of tips in my “Hunter Notes” is now a guide about handling the Rampage in singleplayer with so many hints and pointers, even I was not fully aware of.

I have put so much work and efforts in here in the end, that I can almost guarantee you: if you take all advices to heart, you should have no longer any issues with Rampage. Especially in multiplayer! The amount of knowledge written here is enough to make you an ACE. All what might be left to do is training…

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Afterword - F11F6A1

~ Anyroads ~

Now that this is finished I am very happy to be able to thank you once more!

And sorry for my bad English as it is not my native tongue.

I hope you came across one or another information which helps to improve your gaming experience with the Monster Hunter Rise Rampage in singleplayer. I considered Rampage always as too easy, outright boring. Now I am surprised by myself how much I am actually thinking about it to experience it the way I do. So, keep in mind: if someone considers something easy, the experience still might differ due to personal preferences and experiences. Instead of being demoralised: question what it might be that makes it easy, and make that knowledge and skills yours!

~ I know that I know nothing ~

I really hope the insights you found here is helpful to you, as I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Thank you very much for reading!

I wish you lots of fun and great adventures ~ Happy Hunting!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Afterword - 6D476CD

More Veteran’s Tips

Forgot to Eat?

You can eat in the safe zone before the Rampage starts.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - More Veteran's Tips - 7824F60

Targeters First

It is their fault to show up first with every new Horde. Keep an eye on the monster icons at your upper right. To begin of each wave a flying Targeter loves to appear. They are usually the most easy targets to start with. One well placed Crag Shot or Retreat Shot and they are rendered harmless. Easy prey!

Think like a “Core Guardian”

When the counter phase is on, do not hesistate to use a Ballista to bring a flying wyvern down.

It will make your battle just easier ~

Power Seeds

If you picked up too many of certain Rampage items like e.g. Explosive Kunais, you get seeds instead. Use them to craft more of those Rampage items. Remember: you do not keep them when the Rampage is over ~

Small Headed Rakna-Kadaki

She is probably the toughest among the Gate Crashers. But that is only because her head is so well protected. She can be stunned normally like any other monster. Thankfully she makes a big target!

Basic Preparations

You are wondering why you get to the subsection which says “Basic Preparations” just now?

After the Afterword and Ending of the guide?

1. Keep Your Equipment Up to Date

While up to three faints during a Rampage do not matter in general, you always want to gear up for an Urgent Quest. A Rampage differs very little when it comes to the final phase in which you fight the boss monster on a timer.

While you do not have to change your equipment, it is advised – especially if you are a beginner – to get the latest available armour with the highest stats and improve it further to match the current demands. Same with your weapon of choice.

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2. Use Enhancers Generously

Whether it is a Mega Demondrug, or a Mega Armorskin, or a Dash Juice – what you are using in normal hunts have value in Rampage as well. You are going to battle monsters. That will be hardly different from a normal hunt by the final phase.

3. Normal Hunt(ing) Tools are Rampage Tools

Traps, Mega Barrel Bombs, and Flash Bombs – those tools which helped you in certain moments during a hunt have their use in Rampage as well. Take them with you and use them generously.

4. Know Your Enemy

Before going into the quest you can and should review what you are dealing with. You get not only to know about the boss monster, but also about which sub-assignments there will be. Use that to your advantage!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Basic Preparations - F03EDE1

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Basic Preparations - EC34331

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Basic Preparations - EB48355

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Basic Preparations - 904357D

Multiplayer Extra

Putting aside the matter of course of the utility of powders, the most important aspect for a Rampage in multiplayer is the coordination. While there might be not much to say in general, there are a few essential things which should always be discussed before and handled properly during the Rampage.

a) Select a Hunting Installation Master

Their job is taking care of the proper placements of the Hunting Installations. You should only exchange any player controlled Hunting Installation. Otherwise misunderstandings can lead to a weird killzone and wasted time in general.

b) Determine early your Sub-Assignments Goals

Some might be easier to get than others – but it is still important to make clear that if you are after certain goals like e.g. Repel X Monsters with Ballista, it will be of no help if members of your hunting party commit killsteals with Cannons.

Item Loadout Suggestion

A hybrid of the “High Rank” and “Multiplayer” loadout I have presented you in my “Hunter Notes”.

10x Mega Potions

2x Max Potions

1x Ancient Potion

10x Herbal Medicine

10x Nullberries

5x Dash Juice

1x Might Seed

1x Mega Demondrug

1x Adamant Seed

1x Mega Armorskin

3x Lifepowder

1x Dust of Life

1x Farcaster

2x Trap Tools + 2x Thunderbugs

1x Pitfall & 1x Shock Trap each

Powercharm, Powertalon, Armorcharm, Armortalon (when available)

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Item Loadout Suggestion - FDDBE6F

Note that I am bringing Lifepowder and Dust of Life as extras for health, should I ever run out of potions. I am a very cautious huntress… In multiplayer you can opt into bringing additional Hardshell Powder and Demon Powder to support each other.

This is the simple radial menu I am using for that.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Item Loadout Suggestion - A72D572

Of course you can put much more effort into those, especially with the radial menu. But if you followed this guide you may notice that once you “understand the ropes” Rampage is easier than you think, and you might not need that much effort to begin with.

Dango Suggestion

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Dango Suggestion - 2DCEA93

Moxie and Insurance you can ignore. For Rampage that is.

You can faint up to three times without losing out on anything. Better choices of Dango would be

Super Bestnut for Dango Defender

Secretheart for Dango Specialist

Invirogating for Dango Fighter or Dressage for Dango Rider

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Dango Suggestion - EA75D7C

It can be adjusted accordingly with elemental resistances or boosters on specific weapons if needed, as long as you keep the Super Bestnut. The rest become questionable worthless during Rampage like e.g. Dango Gatherer or Dango Birdcaller as you will not encounter such during a Rampage.

I like to go in with Dango Money Maker, as Rampage is not only a good way to increase your Hunter Rank, but also gives a high Zenny reward, alongside plenty of melding materials.

Veteran’s Tip

Make generous use of Motley Mix. You can ditch the items created that way, but you still want to take upon Yomogi’s service – as she gives you a steady supply of Dango tickets for doing so. The Dango tickets ensures most of the time you getting the dango skills you want.

Just… do not tell her if you actually throw her cooking away, okay?

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - Dango Suggestion - CB1772A

She is such a sweetheart…

Camera Settings

Having a good camera settings configuration is during Rampage even more important than during normal hunts. Therefore, here is the recommendation I like to share with you from my “Hunter Notes”. And yes, I consider them THAT useful and important, that I repeat them in full here.

Camera Shake: Off

Camera Style: Do Not Focus on Target

Target Camera Controls: Type 3

Target Camera Vertical Settings: Don’t Match Height

Focus Camera Restrictions: No Restrictions

Camera Terrain Adjustments: Off

Dynamic Camera Settings: Off

Camera Distance: 100

Wyvern Riding for Beginners

This is more of a general tip which you can make best use during normal hunts.

1. When two monsters meet, they will most of the time fight. Even if its two monsters of the same kind. On rare occassions the other monster will just leave, but in every other you can catch a ride.

2. Your Wirebug charges are used for the Emergency Evade action. The Emergency Evade action counters enemy monster attacks, when timed well. But it also cancels the mounted monster’s attack animation, allowing you to execute more attacks in a shorter time.

3. An unmounted monster getting tackled by a mounted monster will drop up to 3 loot items every hunt. It is a fun play where players ride around the map which has three monsters, to “encourage” those to drop 9 loot items for basically little to no efforts.

4. Launching a monster into another monster, makes the other monster mountable. So if your target e.g. was monster A, and you launched it towards monster B, you can “encourage” monster B to soften your actual target with extra damage.

5. It is recommended to activate the Mounted Punisher as late as possible, as you still can give out Strong Attacks while the action timer goes down.

6. After launching or executing Mounted Punisher your Wirebug charges will be automatically restored. Use the charges generously.

7. When there is no other monster to attack nearby with your mounted monster, you can launch the mounted monster against a wall. Some walls have a nice gimmick to deal extra damage. You can launch the monsters 1 + one more time for each Wirebug charge you have ready when mounting the monster, up to a total of 4 times.

8. Puppet Spider makes a monster mountable right away – unless its Wyvern Riding status is on cooldown.

9. Wyvern Riding status resets after 10 minutes – that means a monster can be mounted every 10 minutes.

10. You cannot ride Apexes. But surprisingly you can ride Elder Dragons with the exception of the boss monster from the intro sequence.

YouTube player

A Few Words on Multiplayer

Please Keep in Mind!

When you are playing singleplayer no one can or will say anything to you in regards what you are doing. You can faint as often as you want, you can fail as often as you want. It is about your personal conscience and comfort to disappoint the NPCs. Yours only. But if you are playing multiplayer it is a whole different story! You are not only responsible for yourself, but also for everyone else.

Your contribution is the most important.

If you do not understand that, then you are no monster hunter by heart yet.

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - A Few Words on Multiplayer - B80D62D

Good fellow hunters will take their time and try to teach you the ropes by giving you feedback. Feedback which you cannot expect from anyone. Whether you prefer people keep their mouth shut and put a friendly face if you are doing something wrong, or poke you hard enough so you notice – that is up to you. In real life shop keepers who prefer the first to avoid conflicts are the first to go bankrupt, because they are basically condemned to repeat the same mistakes over and over again without anyone telling them about their mistakes. Feedback is a gift. Remember the feedback rules from school, I say. Have a refresher if needed: Feedback Rules – []

MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village - A Few Words on Multiplayer - 151F99E

In multiplayer we all are in this to enjoy it



Written by アンジェル

This is all for MONSTER HUNTER RISE Rampage (Solo) in Kamura Village hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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