MONSTER HUNTER RISE How to Fix Cutscenes FPS Cap & Resolution

MONSTER HUNTER RISE How to Fix Cutscenes FPS Cap & Resolution 1 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE How to Fix Cutscenes FPS Cap & Resolution 1 -

Temporal simple fix to the 30 FPS cutscenes and main menu cap and a way to get beyond x1.5 resolution


i’ll save you time so you don’t have to navigate between dumb posts saying stupid stuff like “GSYNC fixes this” / “you dont need more FPS because movies are 30 FPS” “Cutscenes are pre-rendered so cant be fixed” / “this is mh cutscenes are not needed” and other stupid stuff. Well, i’m sorry to be rude, but people saying this are s t u p i d and also clueless, just ignore them pretending they know and get your game the polish it deserves, but for some reason, the majority are posting stuff like that in the boards as of now:



– Using cheat engine to change a value to get increased fps on main menu and all cutscenes
– This way we can also increase resolution beyond x1.5
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Updated table with all the pointers to fix this by @Dytser. Just download and activate this one and enjoy. Thank the creator on the comments on nexusmods.

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Refined by @MistressAshai and lynnmarie in the comments.
1. Set scan value type to float.
2. Sit in title screen and scan for the exact value 30
3. Start a new game and go into character creation, try to scan for your set frame limit, mine was 144.
4. You should find only 1 result, but there can be multiple. Use the one that seems static.
5. Go back into the title screen and check for yourself if it works.
6. If it works, freeze the value.
This works for resolution as well. Search for 1.5 for 150%, change to 100% and search for 1.0, then change the value to what you want (i recommend 2.0 for best results) and lock it.
For further info about this fix, go to the nexusmods link and into comments.
If MH: W set a precedent, this means getting banned for this is highly unlikely, but never impossible. Use it at your own risk.

And remember, this got fixed thanks to people tinkering and looking for a fix, not due to r e t a r d s spitting bs and missinformation around. Don’t be like them, don’t make turnings things better harder.

Written by Rancid

Here we come to an end for MONSTER HUNTER RISE How to Fix Cutscenes FPS Cap & Resolution hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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