Mines of Frostheim Completion Achievements & Gameplay Basics

Mines of Frostheim Completion Achievements & Gameplay Basics 1 - steamsplay.com
Mines of Frostheim Completion Achievements & Gameplay Basics 1 - steamsplay.com

The book covers anything from general guidance on various topics to achievement accomplishment.

Introduction + up to depth 20

The guide will be broken into sections, so use those to gather the information you need.

This part will feature some game introduction, the game’s start, and some gaming time.It’s an RPGMaker game developed with largely free components, but the game is also free. If you like RPGMaker-style games, you’ll like this.Unlike your typical RPGMaker game, this one features a RNG loot system blended with a dungeon crawling game style and less emphasis on plot.
You make your own characters and go through randomly generated levels with predefined adversaries of increasing difficulty, collecting RNG treasure and improving your team.
You make your own characters and explore randomly generated levels with predefined adversaries of increasing difficulty, collecting RNG treasure and improving your group.
To summarize, there is a plot involving ‘cleaning the evil that wanders the mines,’ but that is not the major focus of the game.
It’s mostly about gameplay. The fight is turn-based and takes place in real time. Except for the one in slot 1, all characters will move as soon as they are able.

I recommend starting the game by going to options and selecting ‘Always dash’ on. – there is near 0 reason not to dash.

Once done – select new game and create your character. You can change your looks later for a bit gold, so don’t worry about it too much.

You start game in dungeon already.

Almost every physical object on the ground is interactable with some exceptions, here is what you can get in them:

Random objects – recipes(super rare) or alchemy ingrediens. Recipes you already learned won’t drop again so make sure to learn them when you go back to town to filter out recipes.

Basic chest – random potion

Green chest – random core

Blue chest – random gem

Red chest – random gear

You start solo in 31 dungeon depth so you will die against first monster you face. Try to grab some loot before you die but ultimately just die to progress.

Once you die – you end up in town which is where all the NPCs that help you are located in.

Visit guildmaster of nomad guild first who is in top right house.

He gives quest to talk to all important NPCs.

Go ahead and talk to everyone – discover who does what meanwhile.

Be aware that saving can only be done in the inn and there are no autosaves, make sure to save whenever you return to town!!!

There are also two side tasks to do. If you’re interested in those, I have a dedicated area for them.

Personally, I advocate reading EVERY book in the library. It will explain a lot of fundamental facts, especially the core/gem system. I will, however, explain all you need to know in the bewitching portion.

Also, make sure you interact with the things around town; some are merely flavor text, while others provide treasure.

Eventually finish the quest and you will be ready for your first real dungeon entry.

But first I highly recommend you sell as many items as you need to get 3 characters in total, there should be enough across the initial quest rewards and selling loot from town

With 3 characters in tow – make sure to swap the classes from nomad to the more useful ones, check my class section for my recommendations and other useful tips.

Before you go – also take 5 guild quests, that’s the limit.

When exploring your goal is usually getting some progress towards those while you are farming, so look at them. Most are just battles/kills, but some can be something else.

For your first run – equip the 3 default equipment pieces on someone and go fight/grab loot until you start dying. Use heal items in between.

You can quit dungeon any time with town portal scroll – if you don’t already have one – next object that gives something will instead give town portal scroll so you can’t really ‘get stuck’ – you can quit any time.

Town EX version of portal allows you to return to that depth afterwards again.. better keep those for later.

Hopefully your first run yielded enough run to unlock 4th character for a full party.

Don’t forget to setup it’s class.

With 4 party member you can easily do the main quest objective of 5th floor – on that floor you need to find a bigger monster then return.

You might notice how monsters scale with your levels – that’s indeed true, but don’t worry, not only your stats scale more but there is also a cap of enemy levels on each depth.

Your next quest is on 10th floor.

Each 10th floor is a boss fight. Losing in boss fight = Game Over.

Even though you might be feeling that you are killing all other stuff with ease – boss fight can be challenging.

I recommend doing 1 run simply to get levels/JP.

Your possible good skills if you selected my recommended party are:

Paladin – Battle Cry

Healer – Heal 1

Archer – Point Shot

Warrior likely has to wait since his only good skills cost 10k.

My recommended levels are ~12.

Note that you can ‘auto’ regular battles to finish them much faster.

If you have Town Scroll EX – you can do it on floor 9(DO NOT ENTER 10, CANT LEAVE THAT ONE) so you can save and try to see if you can handle the boss pretty fast.

Make sure you equip gems you find – you can equip/unequip them at any time by clicking equip > customize in the main menu.

Cores can only be equipped via altars.

Once you killed the dragon – talk to the soldier to get teleported out.

This time you will have a portal back to floor 10 you can use.

But from next attempts – you will need ex scrolls if you want to start higher.

Overall I would say the depth 1-10 is better for farm for exp until lvls ~17, which is when autofight on depth 11-20 starts appearing approx

But better gear drops in 11-20

I highly recommend reading early game gear method section so you know what to start focusing on.

I personally managed to kill boss of depth 20 at lvls ~17-18 and it wasn’t even close to defeating me.

Nothing changed in skills, I control paladin to instantly put up the atk buff and the archer spams point shot pretty well by itself.

At this point I had a pretty solid +atk ring duplicated a few times which might have helped. So if you are afraid of game over – use an EX scroll on depth 19.

Next onto depth 21+ section of the guide!

Character Classes + Stat info

There are 9 classes in the game.

I will first mention some important info:

Level cap is 99. You get 5 ‘allocation points’ each level to designate into stats.

BUT you can get infinite amount of those by grinding – 1 per 2k job points.

AP and levels are bound to the class you are in on that character.

You can change classes any time in town otherwise.

Skills level up the more you use them – so try to use them even if you don’t need to.

Each level of skill gives -5% skill cost… for a grand total of -50% cost on lvl 10.

Combat is automated so you can only control what ONE character does, everyone else is automated. This is based on the formation your set up. First slot is the manual one.

In my default party I usually main paladin to buff atk instantly on boss fights and have item support in case healer gets focused.

You can get more than 4 characters, BUT it’s entirely pointless; you can change everything any time.

While each class has its own separate JP/allocation points – the skills you learn stay between classes!!!

More info/recommendations in cross-class section

You also want to decide on classes ASAP, I will help with that.

Stats info:

Max HP/MP – logical

Attack/Def and Matk/Mdef – pretty logical, only mention is that matk also affects healing.

Agility – the speed at which the action bar fills. Relatively significant BUT it has diminishing returns and an overall small impact.

Luck-inflicting/taking conditions is based on the difference between the luck of the player/the enemy.

Phys hit rate/evasion. Hit rate = Your hit Rate – Enemy dodge and vice versa.

Crit Rate/Evasion – same as hit rate except affects your crit chance.

Magic Evasion/Reflect – evasion is entirely evading the magic. Reflect is reflecting it into whoever cast it.

Counterattack – chance for someone to attack back with basic melee whenever taking damage.

Stat priorities:

For melee – hit rate/crit rate/attack are top priorities. Counterattack is pretty good too.

For healer/mage it’s best to increase a bit HP(since those have lowest HP) and magic stat.

Special stats are pretty easy to max out, so once the flat stats start getting expensive, feel free to max them out.

Due to the increase in the cost – it’s not advised to push only the primary attack stat. Instead, once it starts getting expensive – start leveling other vital stats like agi > defenses/max HP.

The healer is IMO also good to not neglect physical attack. That’s his only type of damage; for most random encounters, that’s what he will have to do. Most healing will be done out of combat.

Eventually, you can max out everything via job points, but flat stats get expensive.

Class summary:

Be aware that the stat scalings are not too big of a deal since you can get more stats with equipment/stat points.

I will count the important stats: main atk stat for that class(phys or mag), agi, HP. The rest are kinda not important enough to mention.

The type of equipment you will wear is limited and is also important, hence I will mention it.

Heavy armor seems better than others since they only add defense stat and those add the most.

Nomad – pretty pointless class you want to switch out of but a good one for me to compare stats of other classes.

Highest HP, average other stats.

Warrior – okay physical attack class.

Noteworthy skills: A strong attack for 50 TP and a strong AoE for 99 MP.

Very high HP, highest attack, low agi.

Weapon: Axe+Light Shield

Armor: Heavy Armor

Paladin – a weird ‘tank’ that’s not actually tank but instead another physical atker.

Noteworthy skills: A phys atk buff for full party for 30 MP and a 45 TP 4 random target attacks.

High HP, High atk, below average agi.

Weapon: Long Sword+Heavy Shield

Armor: Heavy Armor

Ninja – okay physical class.

Noteworthy skill is Sweep for random encounters.All other skills are decent’ish as well.

Above average attack, High HP, Very High Agi

Weapon: Katana/Claw

Armor: Light

Thief – a mostly utility class.

Has only one good combat skill: a high damage AoE for 40 TP.

All other skills are utility – more chest drops/money gain in battle(active skill), charm of opening – opens the locked treasure chest, detect traps – reveals traps for a certain amount of time.

Average HP, Average Atk, Highest Agi,

Weapon: Dagger/Glove

Armor: Light

Archer – best single target killer.

Noteworthy skills: 5 hit single target for 50 TP, 25 MP stun AoE,

Below Average HP, Above Average Attack, High Agi

Weapon: Longbow(2 hand) or Crossbow+Bracer

Armor: Light

Wizard – a basic element magic attacker.

Has both AoE and single target versions of elemental spells. I would say meh since RPG maker system paired with RNG of dungeons in this one goes very poorly with elemental attacks.

Also worse than Sorcerer IMO.

Lowest HP, High Magic, Below Average Agi

Weapon: Staff or Rod+Light Shield

Armor: Mage

Healer – a healer.. duh..

Almost mandatory for majority of the game, since it’s heal/revive/condition remove unless you want to fully depend on items or end game gear setups.

Below Average HP, Slightly above average Magic, Lowest Agi

Weapon: Staff

Armor: Mage

Sorcerer – a holy/dark magic attacker with conditions and debuffs and some utility.

An actually decent pick if you want a mage.

Conditions are not too reliable, especially with it’s low luck.. but are nice if they work.

What’s nice is Debuffs – nice vs bosses

Ascend/Descend – utility spells which allow you to change floors without actually finding an exit.

Holy – best overall offensive magic element if you go that way.

Low HP, Highest Magic, Below Average Agi

Weapon: Staff or Rod + Light Shield

Armor: Mage

Party recommendations:

A healer + 3 physicals is my recommendation.

A healer + sorcerer + 2 physicals is okay’ish too.

So a healer is pretty much a certain pick, so that’s 1 class done.

With 3 physical setup the paladin is essentially mandatory to boost attack to everyone, so that’s 2 classes.

Final two are IMO Archer and Warrior or Ninja.

I recommend a party of Healer/Paladin//Archer/Warrior or Ninja

Healer is pretty much the only one fully mandatory most of the game until you do broken builds to sustain yourself without healer.

Best skills for those:

Healer – heal 1, heal 3, cure 3, raise 2.

Heal 1 is only for early game so you have a heal.

Archer – technically all skills are superb, but absolute beasts are point shot and team shot.

The point shot is semi bugged and it will only be added by default into hot slot, if it gets removed for whatever reason – you are screwed and lose it permanently, so be careful!

Warrior – Maiden Stance + Spin Crash.

Paladin – Battle Cry + Wild Thrust are most important..

I tested armor piercer but it sucked.

Double Thrust/falcon thrust are kinda okay to learn.

I was personally using Warrior but Ninja is kinda okay as well. All skills aside of qi gong have uses IMO.

Super end game – X4 archers might be best to swap into eventually.

Reason is it being much easier to just dupe all the gear via loki statue and only using 1 weapon in 2 slots rather than making 4 top tier sets.. also archers being best overall class end game.

Basically focus on archer set improving after you are done with ring/necklace/belt and then once you are ready – swap into archers.

For this strategy, you would need HP leech suffix in gear and ideally an archer compatible Rod/Katana or Claw/Knife for all utilities if you want to farm depth 60-100 via one method I will mention later on.

Cross Class combo

My party recommendation was Paladin/Warrior/Archer/Healer.

Hence I will recommend what I will recommend to cross class with those.

It’s best to cross class only when you are close to lvl 99 and can fast lvl your other party members in depth 60 for some easy JP/levels.

It’s best to allocate fully into HP on classes you only plan to learn skills from.. just so you survive easier on early levels.


Will have loads of free MP since your only good mana consumption is battle cry that you will only use in boss battles.

Has no good combat synergy since all skills are long sword.

But can synergy with Thief/Ninja/Sorc class specials provided you carry the required weapons with any physical class suffix.


Has great MP AoE which I don’t recommend replacing – it will help you in leveling your low level chars.


If you remove stun shot – you will have no MP consumption hence will be able to Ninja/Thief/Sorc utility if you want to.


Loads of possible synergy.

Sorcerer is the most obvious.

Combat wise – Spirit Curse is great, some later bosses are extremely strong mages and this will help tune them down.

Silence/blind/paralyze can also be good if they are not resisted.

Holy Element is best for dealing damage overall since nearly everything is weak to it… but healer lacks MP.

And the usual Descend.

Healer will have a problem with MP, so try to use his MP minimally outside his conveiences.

Eventually once you swap all 4 into archers – one of them will want to have sorc/thief/ninja utilities and use them as MP allows via MP leech

This is only required for one statue farm method however and none of those utilities work on depth 100+.

Technically in end game with MP% leech – all aside of sorcerer utilities are only really needed on one character since those will cost miserable amounts.

Sorcerer ones are the ones that will drain your MP the most.

Be aware that ninja invisibility won’t work on depth 100+!

Side Quests

Those are the non random quests of the game.

1) The Lost Bear – quest from a little girl near the well.

To complete it you need a rope. If you go to shop – shopkeeper will tell you that you need to talk with thieves guild master about this.

All guild masters randomly spawn in Top Right Building where you talked with Nomad Guild leader. Simply keep revisiting it until you see a guy with purple hair+moustache and green hairband.

He will offer to sell it for 1.5k If you AGREE but don’t have 1.5k – he will tell that you are poor and actually offer to sell it for 500. Which is the best option. So try to have between 500 and 1500 gold when talking to him.

You can now go inside the well – grab the bear and complete the quest.

2) ‘Encyclopedia Monstica’ quest chain – accepted from Devon inside the inn. Directly near the right door entrance.

Simply get more bestiary entries. You only need to see an enemy once, don’t even need to beat it.

Monsters are sorted by depth.



What this means is that if you see that reward is for example ‘wind gem level 3’ – it means that it’s a random one out of level 3 gems but ALWAYS a level 3 gem.

The reason I mention it is that a lot of encyclopedia quest rewards are high level gems which are otherwise pretty hard to farm – I highly recommend saving game before accepting quests and if reward is a gem – try to get attack or agi ones ideally… or if lazy – pdef/mdef is okay’ish too.

Level 3 is still kinda on the easy side, but lvl 4+ is undoubtedly worth the time investment to reroll IMO.

Other rewards are mostly something you will be able to get via alchemy.

Equipment enchant basics

Equipment has 5 rarities – from white(basic) to orange(legendary)

Only Weapon and main quest completion Belt can be legendary though.

Each equipment has:

Gem slots – weapon has 2, everything else has 1 slot.

Gems can be freely swapped any time.

Gems go up to lvl 9 via combining them. You can only combine up to level 5 in town.

Gems on 1st slot weapon also give glowing effect starting with level 3 gems. One slot gives a ground circle light under character and another gives a ‘bubble/aura’.

Honestly gems are hard to get, hence you will be using a big variety of them, at least until super end game.

Matk/MP(nice to have bigger pool of it after resting at the inn) will go fully to healer.

Atk/Agi are the best ones overall.

Pdef/Mdef are pretty nice to use as filler slots

Best way to get high lvl gems is Edgar the gemologist. He is an old man in purple’ish clothes and can appear randomly in dungeon. He is quite rare at first but by depth 100+ becomes very common and I have only seen him at depth 60+ myself.

Edgar has 2 options – combine gems and purchase gems.

Combine gems allows you to combine gems of level 5-8.

Purchase gems gives a random gem up to lvl 4. You can press X to cancel dialogue and talk with him again until you get the gem you want. So ideally lvl 4 atk gem.

After you do EITHER action ONCE – Edgar won’t do anything else at all.

Edgar comes into town after you complete his second guild quest(check guild quest section) so it’s best to purchase lvl 4 gems since combining will be possible infinitely later.

Seeing how crazy the grind is – I would only bother trying to get 1 gem to lvl 9 for achievement and the rest of the gems you want to use will be lvl ~4-5 at most for the most part.

Since stat gain of gems is linear(+10 per lvl) – going beyond lvl 5 is little gains for huge grind.

Core slots – limit is 9 slots.. the only way to remove the cores is via some of the God Statues.

The slots amount can be increased in the alchemy shop with MASSIVELY ascending prices depending on current amount of slots. This is the biggest cash dump in the game.

Unlike gems – getting cores is not too hard but they aren’t removable as easily as gems.

You can combine cores into gem lvl 1 of same stat after completing second Edgar Quest.

The better the cores the less of them you need for that.

Best cores are ‘Supreme’ in depth 100+ and give either +10 to a single stat or +7 to 2 stats. You are unlikely to get a lot of those though as those are rare.


2 prefix + 3 suffix on gold equip(best for non weapon)

3 prefix + 3 suffix on legendary equip(weapon only)

Max level of affixes is 10.

Some affixes have no levels and instead have some constant effect.. Most non numerical ones don’t stack.. well.. obvious stuff like being able to dual wield or giving element to attack that is.

The chance of higher level affix appearing seems to depend on the equipment level.

Lvl 1 equipment will rarely have something above lvl ~3 while closer to end game you will have occasional lvl 10 affix drops.

You can have the SAME prefix/suffix appear multiple times on same item. Best way to do it is by RNG hoping to get it on another slot via the Thor God Statue which allows you to transfer the effect.

Prefixes and suffixes have their own possible pool of options.

I will list what I consider best in slot below.

God Statues

Each of the 9 god statues can be used to alter an item in some way, here is more info:

First of all – affix means ‘ANY bonus’, prefix means first words, suffix means last words.

Read my recommendations for affixes in equipment enchant section if that’s what you require.

The tomes you might have seen from guild quests require a separate object which looks like a giant tablet. I never saw it under depth 21. You choose god to whom donation is done and that’s pretty much it.

The amount of favor you gain is based on level of equip and rank of equip. The more the better.

You can donate anything BUT only tomes work 100% of the time. For equipment – the chances of god accepting are pretty low but otherwise give approx same points.

The guild quest tomes can be submitted infinitely on tablet you find if you get a ‘bonus’ after stage which has HP/MP restoring statue.

Hence on regular floors it’s best to submit regular equipment and hope to get rid of all tomes in the bonus room at once.

Now onto statues in approximate order of their importance:

1) Altar of Loki – make a duplicate of chosen item but you can’t alter the affixes of COPY anymore afterwards. The original stays alterable further.

Essentially the most important paired with Odin+Thor statue – the piece of gear that you overpowered(with priority on ring > necklace > belt) with great affixes is copied over and over and over so full party can equip this flawless piece of equip.

This pair of statues is the most important in your progression and one of many reasons I recommend full melee.

2) Altar of Thor – select any affix to transfer to another item. Will replace a random one out(but prefix will only replace prefix and suffix will only replace suffix)

Cores will be returned from destroyed item – hence it’s also useful for getting those out if the altar is otherwise useless for you.

You could always reload and lose some progress if you screwed up and it replaced the affix you didn’t want. Chances are 50/50 for gold tier items, so risk is usually worth for perfecting item.

This + odin statue is IMO the most reliable way to get perfect items.

3) Altar of Odin – upgrades chosen affix by 1 tier.

One of the best statues. Affixes go until tier 10 if they have levels. This guaranteed gives +1 on affix you want.. so say you have lvl 9 – you can make it lvl 10.

The statue itself is super rare though, I only saw like 3 in total during all my grind until depth 100.

4) Altar of Hel – rerolls one specific affix.

Probably the most useful reroll mechanism since it allows you to try for that perfect reroll.. The odds are low to get something useful though.

Also returns all cores.

5) Altar of Sif– transforms gear 1 tier higher, all affixes remain and new ones are random.

Best for Blue > Yellow transformation of some good gear piece.

It’s very powerful altar but since it’s limited to yellow rarity – it’s uses have limits.

Great early on to get necklace/belt/ring to yellow rarity so you can start working on it.

And throughout game stays useful so you can get blue > yellow on the higher level pieces of non duped gear to replace your lower level ones once those start falling far behind.

6) Altar of Frigg – choose one affix to retain, reroll all other ones.

Nice if you have one good affix and all other are garbage/meh.

7) Altar of Baldor – Reroll all prefixes. All Suffixes remain same.

Prefixes are more important than suffixes for big part of the game.

8) Altar of Heimdall – Reroll all suffixes. All prefixes remain same.

Best for changing suffixes(end words/bonuses) on items where you are fully satisfied with prefixes.

Suffixes mostly become important in the late game when you stabilise the equipment you plan to use. There are only 2 good ones – phys/mag damage taken reduce. This allows you to become theoretically immortal with legendary items and enough of those. Not sure if there is cap.

9) Altar of Freya – Reroll all affixes

The worst of them all. Rerolling this way is only worth it in one scenario – you got a legendary item with absolutely every stat being useless.

In any lower rarity it’s probably better to look for another item in any lower rarity.

It’s kinda okay to reroll random yellow items of high levels and pray to get a useful affix you can later transfer via Thor statue.

Depth 21-60

Your next goal is floor 31.

Not floor 30, yup. Floor 30 still has a boss though.

Just as it previously was – it’s best to level up.on last depth where you can autocombat for fast battle.

21-30 depth autolevel is ~25.

Also, you might notice how bosses of floors respawn. Those have a chance to give legendary weapons with 3 affixes and 3 suffixes. Not too impressive since you will constantly get new weapons each floor.

I highly recommend starting to focus on what I describe in god statue part of guide, which is abusing odin/loki statues to get a super strong set of rings/necklaces/belts for all party.

This will heavily overpower you early on and allow you to keep pressing on with minimal grind for a while.

Now regarding depth 21-30 – there are a few worthy mentions:

1) You can finally sometimes find the places to donate the guild quest rewards for god favor.

2) There is a new enemy who has low HP, extreme physical def and very high agi. It’s the traditional monster in RPGs which gives good amount of exp/gold for it’s kill.. not really much you can do about it in this game though. Auto seems to do much better against it though. It’s nothing too spectacular either – usually ~1 big group of monsters worth of exp/gold.

3) On depth 31 near the very start as part of main quest you will unlock a shortcut which will finally allow you to start from depth 31 from now on.

With that in mind I recommend you finish doing unique guild quests for depth 1-30 if you are going for achievements(check achievement section), since you won’t really need to revisit those from now on.

The boss of depth 30 is fully physical so the archer who will inevitably spam point shot makes it easy, you shouldn’t have much problem at ~auto level of the zone.

Next goal is depth 40.

Considering you now have a shortcut to 30 – it’s a pretty fast climb.

The autokill in 31-40 seems to be unlocked pretty early, not sure when exactly, but when I entered it as lvl ~32s I already could autokill the mobs.

Another purely physical boss.. this one has big dodge value but shouldn’t be a problem.

At this point I have gotten all skills I wanted on all my characters:

Healer has heal1/heal3/rcure3/raise 2

Warrior has Maiden Stance/Spin Crash

Paladin has Battle Cry/Wild Thrust

Archer has Point Shot/Stun Shot/Team Shot

The boss you fight here was only for story purposes by the way – the one upon revisit is a blue dragon.

Next goal is depth 50.

I might have yet again overkilled the levels but the auto levels seem to be either 41 or 42.

There is new annoyance now – the next floor can be closed and you will need to find a lever to pull to open the next one

The enemies might start to feel tough even at the auto levels. This depends on how well you are doing with duping your rings/necklaces with good stats via the statue of gods trick.

Don’t forget to equip gems either, you should likely be able to slot up lvl 1-2 gems fully on everyone with at least something.. atk or def/mdef or agi.

Your mana management on healer will likely be pretty hard unless you either get lucky with statues between floors OR get some bonus like MP leech.

The boss itself is a hard hitting mostly single target attacker. He often took down ~90% of my HP at lvl ~45s.

Ideally your healer will revive in between.. if your healer is dead first though it can go pretty bad.

I want to say that certainly try to save the game before trying the boss to avoid wipe.

As with previous time – this boss is only for the story and the real one is somewhat easier.

Next goal is depth 60.

MAKE SURE YOU FINISH THE WELL SIDEQUEST IN TOWN IF YOU DID NOT YET. You will need it for next shortcut which will be inside the well.

Surprisingly the depth 51-60 is not much harder beyond a few hard monsters(Earth Viper is someone I found most dangerous overall) but still don’t relax too much and keep your HP full. The auto was unlocked the moment I entered it – level 45.

Since you will soon be able to access a new shortcut after this depth range, use the town portal EX scrolls.

At this stage, completing all 10 of each depth’s guild tasks at least once is an excellent strategy to ensure that your levels always remain high enough for auto content while engaging in worthwhile activities.

The monster is the same as the one from in-depth 50, but significantly stronger. He is still fairly tough, but this time it should be simpler.
After that comes the true boss (Red Dragon), who is at least as tough as the first tale battle. If you’re unsure, I would advise being careful and maybe scroll EXing it.

Before you go, make sure you travel to depth 61 since there is a shortcut that leads there.


Depth 61-100

Next goal is depth 71.

This one is a big jump in auto level required. I am not sure of exact level, but it’s around 55-57.

But otherwise I felt it was less dangerous than the previous ones at auto levels.

It’s a good grind place to somewhat stick to and update your non duped gear.. maybe a few lucky statue dupes along the way too.

Level 35 gear with decent affixes should last you all the way until the end – max level armor is 45 and it’s only dropped at 90-100.. so as you can see difference is super minimal at this point compared to them having decent affixes

Since you can just town portal scroll while farming – you can go ham on spending mana and will likely either max out or reach very high levels on all your skills.

Make sure you are checking the green+ rarity items before you trash them – sometimes there will be crazy strong affixes you will want to transfer via Thor statue like crit affixes lv 9+ and ‘blessings of X’.. check enchanting section for my recommended affixes/blessing of gods to look out for.

There is a new annoyance – spikes on the floor.

The boss of depth 70 is a non story one. It’s ~15-20% stronger version of Red Dragon essentially.

Make sure to go into depth 71 since that is the actual goal.

Next goal is depth 90.

Yeah, not a typo.

The auto level of 71-80 seems pretty low, I managed to get it instantly with lvl 60 the moment I entered it.

The gear of depth 71-90 is capped at lvl 40.

Monsters also did not seem too dangerous but did rapidly drain HP so a lot of healing was required in between fights. Brinz Lizard might be somewhat noteworthy in groups of 3 and might have chance of killing you since they are heavily mage based and you likely lack solid magic def.

Plants can be annoying with sleep/poison.

Depth 80 Boss has VERY strong single target attacks, someone is likely going to die every 2 hits. I was 67-68(although level hardly matters vs bosses) when I fought it and had to play as paladin to buff at start and use items on occasion to help healer.

Took me a few attempts, had to update some gems/cores to make it easier.

This boss remains dangerous even as you level up – your only hope for easier time with him is to outgear it vastly.

The quest does not end here as I already mentioned.

Onto depth 90 now.

Auto level is pretty generous yet again – I could auto already with 68.

Monsters are pretty dangerous even at auto level, healing in between every fight becomes the usual. Loads of annoying conditions.

I personally instead did all quests in 60-80 and got to level 75+ in the process before starting to tackle this area which simplified it since monsters have low lvl cap.

Spikes can be hard to see here as well.

Boss is very strong yet again. Mostly magic/dark attacks. At this point your levels mostly play against you on super high depth bosses since their levels are always approx same as yours and their stat scale is massive. Hence what matters is your gear… if you duped some blessing of god gear piece that you focused on(you likely have ~200-300k favor on god you focused) then you shouldn’t have too much trouble with lvl 2-3 gems and any cores slotted into however many core slots you have.

The main recommendation I have is having silence immunity or high resist on cleric. Boss LOVES to silence and it invalidates your healer. It is worth sacrificing an entire slot for this on healer.

It can also be silenced himself making him harmless.

I recommend cross classing healer into sorc a bit to get the matk debuff and silence unlocked

This boss also has chance to drop lvl 50 legendary weapons which is maximum.

Talk to paladin guild master to complete the quest and return to town.

Some guild leaders join your party.

Not sure if this is RNG who joins or if there is some condition to it or something else…

I had Wizard/Thief/Nomad/Archer guild leaders join me.

To add them – go to change party member NPC in the inn. While they don’t initially seem to have icons – try to change party member and they will appear by selecting first slot.

As party members they are kinda meh – they start with lvls ~55-65 and some skills learned but 0 JP and standard AP for their level. Their stats also seem usual for their classes.

BUT they have lvl 45 legendary weapons + lvl 40 gold armor set on them.

All aside of wizard who has lvl 35 set and seemingly bugged equip that you can’t change.

Quite sure gear affixes are randomized so that’s A LOT of chances to see some god blessing or some useful suffix.

So you know what I lead to – s*rip them nak*d. Sadly all those are light armor sets, hence if you are using my party – likely only good for your archer… then again having too many pieces would make it too hard to reroll everything so this way you can pick the best.

Crossbow is nice enough for archer and dagger can be duped for everyone if you got dual wield and reroll something decent on it… unless you managed to get a scythe legendary obviously.

With some rerolling – this gear should let you get much stronger for sure.

Finally the goal of depth 100.

I had auto level unlocked the moment I entered at lvl 81.

Loads of new monsters here(can get bestiary to 128/129)

None felt like a jump in difficulty.

Some monsters copy the unique ones you could face at depth x5(like 15, 25 etc) which weren’t added to bestiary..

The ones here feel much weaker though.

Max level gear is dropped here – lvl 45 for the armor

This makes it pretty easy to reroll high lvl affixes on it and is the ‘final’ one you will stick to forever, so might as well start swapping fully into 45 set and rolling decent affixes on it.

I personally decided to finish all until 90 guild quests first to get more levels.

Save as many EX portals as you can since they are best way to farm those floors.

This depth has no random object interactables, hence you can’t get alchemy ingredients/recipes here! To balance this – green chests have EX+ cores and blue ones often drop lvl 2 gems. Edgar has decent chance of appearing too.

I highly recommend your first trip into depth 90-100 be short gear preparation which you then develop in depths ~60

It’s also a good point to use some of the statues in the Library. If you don’t know what I am talking about – check the achievement section, puzzle solution is there.

I recommend saving Thor statue at least for some legendary gear 3rd slot transfering RNG though as it saves quite a bit time this way. But you have neither best weapon nor best belt available yet as legendary.

Feel free to use other ones as they are less critical provided you start working towards ‘perfect set’ of archer keeping all my advice in mind – lvl 45 armor, 5% stat necklace and rings with your favored resistances are the pieces that are already ‘top tier’ and can’t get better.

First boss of depth 100 is our fellow warrior yet again. He is a pushover who seems capped at lvl ~50. Massacred him in 2 turns.

Final boss is the dark lord.

Now he IS a monster. Levels play HEAVILY against you on this one so you need monstrous gear to compensate.

He has both magic and physical hits which deal tremendous AoE damage.

I fully focused on balder god, got him to ~800k and duped a total of ~2-3 Balder pieces for every character.

Do not overgrind too much since he will open up best statue farm method.

After killing dark lord you will be able to use all 9 god statues nearby so come prepared with gear you want to upgrade!

Great way to save scum Thor Statue if you can reliably kill Dark Lord.


Reward is a legendary belt level 50, the one you will want to dupe 100%. Ideally get some perfect affix that you lack the most… or at least one of the top tier ones.

You also likely can complete the bestiary – reward is Magic Harp, which allows you to change music inside the mine.

With this you have completed the main story, congrats!

Depth 100+/postgame

Here is the summary of depth 100+:

1) You get a guaranteed town scroll EX here if you don’t have a scroll with you, hence you can keep pushing as long as you want to!

2) The structure of dungeon and enemies remain forever same as depth 90-100, only levels of enemies will rise.

This means you can’t farm recipes here!

2) Guild quests of depth 90-100 work in 100+, hence consider that you can complete a bit extra quests on your way to depth 100 if you are grinding 10k guild coins via other means.

3) No ‘bonus rooms’ – meaning no way to spend a massive amount of guild quest rewards at once.. and no way to restore HP/MP via statues in bonus rooms.

For restoration – HP/MP leech is the way.

For guild quest rewards.. well… don’t start pushing depth 100+ until you are ready to go all the way to 1000 is all I can say.

This way you can always store guild quest items and use them later in bonus room once you are down to regular depths.

4) Instead of bonus rooms there are rare ‘miniboss rooms’ which count as new depth with a dragon mini boss inside them.

You can skip this one, this boss is not limiting your movement to next depth.

Not sure if there is anything special as reward for actually defeating it as I only saw it once and skipped it.

5) No bosses every 10 depths – those are simple stages… not sure how long this lasts as I didn’t push very far.

6) Chance of rare statues like odin/loki/thor seems to be increased.

Edgar also has insane chance of appearing on depth 100+.

7) Ninja invisibility is not doing anything here – monsters can still see you.

Sorc descend does not work either – blocked from using it

8) New cores are available from green chests – ‘Supreme’ cores which give either +10 to a single stat or +7 to 2 stats combo(atk/def, matk/mdef and such)

Honestly with ninja and sorcerer utilities being disabled – I am not really sure how to do 1000 depths while maintaining sanity.

It’s basically one slow infinite push against same enemies that get a bit stronger each time.

It’s best to initiate the push after you are mostly done farming what you can via the depth 61-100 descend farm method.

I personally gave up pretty early myself, not sure if there is something to speed this up later or it’s really an entire 900 same floors you need to beat.

Guild Quests

Guild Quests are the ones you can take from the double door building to the south.

The important things you need to know are:

1) There are 10 different guild quests available for each depth range but with randomly generated ‘amount’ requirement(if amount can be changed) which also decides the reward.

2) You need to beat all 100 different ones at least once for achievement. ‘Archive menu’ is for keeping track of which type you did.

Best to save scum if you want to get different quest – save the game > accept quest > if it’s not one you want then reload.

3) Reward for quests is gold, a ‘tome’ you can donate to gods on map objects of depth 21+ to improve favor with them.

Also ‘guild coins’ – you need 10k for achievement. Best spent on gems.

4) Each depth has one quest that requires you to beat boss at least once first(I think, never managed to get this quest before at least beating the story boss of that depth range) – a quest which will want you to kill the boss.

5) Starting with floors 51-60 quest requirements can get super crazy.

If you are looking to complete some more annoying ones – make sure to save scum to get somewhat tolerable numbers.

You certainly don’t want to find ~40-50 door switches which aren’t even 100% per floor.

You likely want to save scum until you get ~10-20 of those at worst.

6) Item find quests only require you having item, which means you can even purchase ones you need from shop!

7) There are a few noteworthy quests:

Depth 21-30: Find Edgar – this one is a bit weird since I am not sure if he appears this early.

Edgar is a gemologist who appears randomly in dungeon as an NPC who looks like old man. He is relatively rare.

First time I found him was at depth 66.. so yeah, I recommend waiting until at least 60+ before accepting the quest… I usually found at least one per 10 depth when I fully explored.

Depth 51-60: Rebuild Anew – the quest seems bugged, nothing I tried made a count towards it.

Depth 61-70: Return to Edgar – another Edgar quest. You CAN’T get this quest unless you completed the one from depth 21-30!

This quest makes Edgar appear in the town shop and allows you to combine gems and cores!

He does NOT disappear from dungeons and you can still farm him just fine, don’t worry!

Depth 81-90: Kill IceRogue quest is slightly bugged – it only counts non trap encounters, so I recommend lower kill amount considering those are not too common.

Depth 91-100: Those quests aside of ‘kill dark lord’ can also be done on depth 100+.

Best in slot affixes/equipment.

Best in slot affixes:

My affixes are based on using physical party in my party recommendation section, since I consider it best option.

Best Prefixes are:

~9-10 slots with crit chance % and 1-2 slots with hit chance%

10-12 slots on crit/hit chance means that you still have quite a few leftover slots.

Chance to Silence/Sleep is great – nothing seems to resist silence and spells are the most dangerous part of enemy.

Magic Reflect is another way you could reach nigh immortality to magic.

Hit chance is huge value since it gives a lot of hit chance but I don’t recommend more than 1-2 since very few things have any meaningful dodge value and you passively have 100% chance to hit anyway once you max character stat for it.

Do not underestimate flat stats early on though – flat stat prefixes are VERY strong early-mid game.

Best Suffixes are:

Dual Wielding – most important by far

Blessing of gods – read detailed below, mandatory as well

HP/MP leech – HP leech is mandatory for no healer same class team, MP leech is huge quality of life.

You also want an archer(or any physical) compatible Rod and Katana or Claw ideally.

Dual wielding is long term a no brainer for everyone. Also superb for healer since it allows dual wielding two handed weapons too, meaning one extra item slot used

The reason being – weapons can be legendary and have 2 gem slots. Which means you actually WIN some slots by using 2nd weapon.

Not to mention you can dupe 8 of same weapon which saves you the hassle of tinkering with 2nd slot.

Blessing of Gods – this is the more realistic approach. Blessing gives certain stats based on your favor with god and the stats themselves depend on god.

Blessing of god has no levels, which makes it much easier to work with than most other bonuses.

And if you focus on correct god from get go with my info – that gods blessing will give HUGE value to you once you manage to get equip with his/her blessing.

It starts with +2 towards EACH of the stats I list for those gods at 0 favor and ends with +202 to all listed stats on 999k.9k favor(max)

Needless to say this is overpowered.

I will explain my recommendations and try to list blessings in approx priority order.

Odin– All Stats. The God Almighty. Honestly not too much more useful than Thor if you have min max build though.

Be aware that I didn’t get a single piece with this blessing across all the time I played.

How do I know it gives all stats? Well, there are hints for what stats gods give in library if you figure them out.

If you do get a piece with this – MAKE SURE TO KEEP IT. I doubt you will prioritize the Odin early since it’s so rare but you can easily grind favor for all gods eventually and you will be thankful for Odin piece when you do finally favor him up!

Thor – HP/Phys Atk/Def/Agi

An absolute monster of a god, balder on steroids… 4 pretty damn useful stats(well, HP is low value but it’s not bad)

The problem is… I only encountered one piece with Thor while I found like 10 balder and countless other non odin/loki gods.

Seems to become a bit more frequent on max lvl equip… but not too much, very rare.

Needless to say place this on weapon or ring for x2 dupe per character.

Overall the loki/thor/odin seem to be both the rarest blessings and the rarest statues.

I would personally focus on balder first but if you get lucky with thor pieces – immediately swap into Thor.

Balder – Phys Atk/Def

One of the best in my recommended party.

I’s also the most frequent out of ‘good’ statues that I rolled so quite confident the chance for it is much higher than at least Thor.

Loki – Matk/Mdef/Agi/Luck

Kinda like upgraded Hel

Decent for melee as well unless you managed to get a lot of Thor pieces for good Agi values.

Freya – Agi/Luck

Agi is nice if you lack thor.. but otherwise eh.

Hel – Matk/Mdef/MP

Kinda decent one for mage type chars… but those aren’t as good for combat… Has mdef which is stat you will likely lack.

Heimdall – HP/Mdef

Has Mdef.. otherwise meh.

Sif – Atk/Matk/Luck

Decent on healer if you use one end game… otherwise just eh.

Frigg – Max HP/MP

The worst, the HP/MP are worst god stats since they still get same values as other stats hence end up extremely low.

HP/MP leech – have no levels and give 2% HP leech and 1% MP leech per slot.

HP% nice for super end game dupe class no healer setup.

MP% is nice for one farm method via cross classing archer as well.

Phys/Mag damage reduction – goes up to 10% on lvl 10..

I was too lazy to test if this has limit but theoretically it could make you nigh immortal otherwise if you stack it on everything(3 slots on 1 weapon and 3 slots on belt, other have 2 slots makes a total of 18 slots, which is 90% resist possible)

This might have ‘cap’ on 75% damage reduction just like resist to conditions which is why I didn’t risk trying this…

Mag damage Reduction is pretty good since you will likely lack mdef if you don’t stack magical reflect.

Best in slot equip:

Ring/Necklace/Belt – I mention those together because those are for all classes hence great to dupe via loki statue.

For Ring levels don’t matter aside of having better chances for high level affixes, so if you are using Thor statue to transfer affixes – those can be any level!

Ring – can be either immunity or 50% resist to condition. Immunity is best since resist is limited to 75%.

Most common conditions are poison/blind but those aren’t dangerous.

Most dangerous are IMO confuse/fascination.

Ideally if not lazy you want immunity to confusion + fascination to avoid any worst case scenario since those can make you hit your allies often instant killing them.

Necklace – the best ones seem to appear on lvl 45 equip only(max)

‘Undying Flesh Talisman’ – gives +5% all stats, which is needless to say HUGE value at high stats.

‘Talisman of Discharge’ – gives 25% to all status resists.. eh, 25% is just not enough and loses value if you got important immune rings.

Belt – level 50 legendary belt is a reward for finishing main quest(depth 100).

Weapon – weapon can be legendary rarity.

Ideally you want legendary weapon. Once you are using dual wielding on everyone – everyone can dual wield even 2 handed weapons.

Eventually you copy 8 legendary crossbows or longbows for 4 archer classes.

Level 55 is highest legendary weapon level and it drops from Dark Lord.

Other slots – all other slots are armor pieces hence you can’t have low level ones for too long and they are hard to dupe. Eventually I would swap into full archer party so I would work the most on light armor pieces in the end game and just use whatever game gives ones on other characters.

Lvl 45 equip is highest lvl for armor pieces.

Early game gear method.

Early on you will be progressing depths pretty fast so you won’t be able to use late game methods as you don’t have ‘perfect gear’ you could be working on.

Early on – until ~60 depth at least the flat stats are king.

So your goal is idealy to get Ring/Neck with very good flat stat values and keep duping them.

Your other pieces you will have to simply slowly update as it drops since their levels matter much more as they also give flat stats. Although good affix pieces can likely stay for a long time.

You are unlikely to get good suffixes this early, but here is something to look out for and save for late game in case miracle happens:

HP% lifesteal

MP% manasteal

God Blessings – Balder super high priority, other ones if you want to.

Dual Wield

Rod AND Katana OR Claw with archer compatible suffix OR any physical class compatible one.

Rod is important, katana/claw not so much since stealth does not work on depth 100+.

Good prefixes to never trash:

Crit and Hit % lvl 9-10

Magic reflect/evasion lvl 10 are okay too.

Make sure NOT to trash those ever, keep them in storage if you can’t use them atm.

End game gear farm.

So here I will list how to farm out the ‘optimal gear’ in the best way.

I will assume a 4 archer party is used, hence everything is dupable.

That is only really viable if you have HP leech + a few Balder or Thor pieces though.

First the equipment/affixes we will use:


Technically best one is lvl 55 legendary you can get by farming depth 100. The 45 crossbow you get from the archer guild leader is good enough though.

Simply get good affixes and dupe 7 of them and you have the 2 slots filled on everyone.

Don’t forget you also want a Rod which archers can equip so you can carry it around and use descend. Maybe a Katana or Claw too.

Necklace: I recommend +5% stat one, can only be on lvl 45 I think

Rings: I would recommend trying for at least confusion immunity.. but any ring will do.

Belt: better to wait for main quest completion as you get a legendary one there.

Armor pieces: lvl 45 is the best

Recommended prefixes:

Mostly crit % on everything. Hit % on 1-2 pieces..

Either Silence/Sleep chance OR magic reflect or a combo of both on remaining slots.

Recommended suffixes:

Balder or Thor blessing.- this skyroofs your atk/pdef(and in case of Thor – also agi and a bit HP) mandatory, the stats don’t have cap so the more you have – the better as long as you fit in the other few important suffixes. Best on weapon and rings since those can be duped into two slots at once.

Obviously Odin too if you manage to get it – it’s the best one. I recommend maxing favor in order of Balder(common) > Thor(rare) > Odin(ultra rare)

Dual wield – near mandatory.. this one is ultra rare but improves you massively. Without this you can’t dupe wield the weapons.

Put this on necklace ideally since it’s one piece you will dupe only once per char and do it pretty early into late game.

HP% leech – mandatory, nice if you get more than 1 of this – 2 should be perfect, hence best on Ring or Weapon

MP% leech – you want this on some separate equipment for archer. You don’t need MP for depth 100+ since you are not going to get it.

This is only used for rush farming depth 60-100 for all statues guarantee on floor 100.

Mag damage reduction – the only other good suffix since you are low on mag def… not recommended compared to more blessing though.

Recommended gems:

Agi/Mdef is priority. HP is fine. Atk is okay but you prob have enough via blessings.

That is unless you get blessing of other gods to cover agi/mdef.

Recommended Cores:

Agi/Mdef highest priority yet again.

Farm methods of said equipment:

Farming pre Dark Lord Kill.

Be aware that after killing dark lord when you don’t have problem with him anymore(you shouldn’t right after you beat him first time most likely) you will have a method to farm the statues at insane speed compared to the ultra slow method used here. This method is only for as long as you need to take down dark lord.

Step 1: Get missing gear pieces with good initial stats.

The ones you likely lack are armor pieces and 5% stat necklace.. those are lvl 45 pieces.

I recommend getting ‘white’ versions of them unless you luck out with great affix golden ones.

Do have at least one or two gold ones for the reroll statues that you will inevitably find as well.

Once you have white version of every equip you lack – make Topaz Orbs from alchemy. If you don’t have recipe – farm depths 60-90. You also require Topaz fragments for them which are somewhat rare from interactable objects anyway. The other ingredients are purchasable for cash.

You shouldn’t need too many since you are duping for 1 class only. If you lack too many fragments – it might be worth simply getting the remaining few pieces for reroll via the statues.

Basically the strategy is – save the game and save scum ideally until you get one of the required suffixes.

Step 2: Statue Farming.

Now that we have decent initial gear it’s time to make it stronger.

If you have hoarded good affixes on items like I told you to – you likely have some crit chance lvl9+ and maybe some blessings you need on random gear pieces. This will be used when farming for Thor statues.

First of all basics of statue farming:

You want ideally Thief Class and Ninja class utilities… Sorcerer one helps as well so you can skip the depth after you find statue.

Hence cross class unlocking those and carrying around the required weapons.

Invest fully into MP on those classes so you need less rest in between.

With those 2 you can avoid majority of enemies with no hassle and only speedrun through dungeons.

Every floor is guaranteed to have place with god statue and depth 21+ also will have a ‘god offering’ tablet each floor.

There are occasions when god statue pedestal is empty – this happens rarely and means there won’t be god statue on this floor.

So you scour until you find those and head for next depth.

First you need what I call ‘Thor Statue Farm’

Thor statue farm is a bit special since you often require to win 50/50 for affix to land where you want it to. What this means is that you usually don’t want to farm too many floors in a row without saving the game in between so you don’t lose whatever other progress in between.

I usually rush ~5 floors then save the game again. This way if you lose your Thor statue 50/50 you can reload and have another chance.

In the process of farming Thor statues you will likely have a lot of chances to reroll/rarity upgrade the pieces you didn’t have enough Topaz Orbs for.

Finally once done with Thor statue farm – you will end up on ‘Loki Statue Farm’.

Honestly this one is simple grind – you don’t really need to save the game anymore so you can feel free to grind how you want to.

Start with the most ‘perfect’ equip you managed to make before moving onto less perfect pieces.

On fully perfect pieces – make sure you also level their core amount to maximum if you want to min max.

Probably worth going for guild coin achievement while doing this.

Check achievement section.

Farming after killing Dark Lord

There are 2 methods:

Method 1) Use the descend and archer compatible rod to rush dark lord from depth 60 – the cost of descend is approx 6*floor amount at lvl 1… and half that at max lvl. Pretty easy to maintain if you got archers with MP leech.

You only need to manual floors 69/79/89 and 99 other can be straightforward skipped.

As a help – use ninja stealth if you have archer compatible katana or claw for it. And use those floors to restore MP should you require it.

This method is a beast for farming statues – you are guaranteed one of each statue and you can even save game on floor 99. Duping gear and transfering affixes via thor was never this easy before.

If you did like I told and saved up great affixes in advance unlike me – you likely will start swapping more and more archers.

If you don’t want to do this method – I recommend at least going to floor 99 once and reloading dark lord kill until you get lvl 55 weapon for archer, it’s not too huge deal but it’s a bit extra value compared to lvl 45 one.

Method 2) Simply pushing to depth 1000… yep.. it’s a good balance of working towards god favor/getting new equip/getting best cores/getting gems via edgar/completing guild quests.

Not as good for statue farming though… best done once you are mostly done transfering/duping majority of what you wanted via previous method.


I will start with ones I consider hardest and move onto ones you will likely get passively in the process with short summary on them.

Hardest Achievements:

Depth 1000 – this is likely the longest one.. you can’t use ninja/sorcerer utilities to make your life easier starting with depth 100.. so sounds pretty insane, I didn’t even bother trying to go for it since it felt too same’ish.

10k guild coins – do NOT spend those until you get achievement.

This achievement is insane. Each quest only gives ~8 guild coins average and this doesn’t scale up on higher depth. Which means you need to do a total of over 1k guild quests completed.

You will likely only have 1k coins passively while aiming for the 100 different guild quests achievement.

The best method I found for farming this individually is having a good amount of cash hoarded and doing ‘Bone Marrow Shortage’ depth 51-60 quest via save scumming.

Take 4 other depth 51-60 quests and then do this one. For whatever reason the quest is semi bugged and does not take away all your Brittlebones. So you will likely upkeep your cash for a long time.

All God Favors Max – max is 999k. Lvl 45 gear(depth 90+) and the equivalent guild quest tomes give ~5-15k depending on rarity of item. Some gods seem to get lower amount and some get higher… but the gist is – donate higher lvl items with better rank > get more favor.

A very long grind considering there are 9 gods.

You can use ‘bonus rooms’ which appear between ~depth 30-90(the one with heal statue) to turn in all your tomes at once since they don’t reset the tablet if it appears there.

So focus on donating regular equipment inside the dungeon.

The chance of being able to donate non tome is pretty low.

Be aware that there seems to be a bug which makes it show as if you are gaining 0 favor with other gods if you max out one god. You still earn favor just fine but you won’t know how much.

If you want to avoid that – stop at ~990k on every god before maxing them out

Find every recipe – this one requires you to farm random interactable objects. LOADS of them, chances are low.

There is a ‘depth restriction’ for some of the recipes but it only seems to limit if you are not high enough.

60-90 seems to be last depth restriction. After depth 90 there are no more interactable objects so you have to grind the recipes within this depth range!

Basically almost every consumable has a recipe:


Each Stat Boost item, 3 tiers total – check the list of those in guild shop.

Potion of Resurrection + Mana Serum + Smoke Bombs

Emerald/Azure/Topaz orbs

That’s it for the hard achievements, now onto easier ones:

Secret Stash– guildmaster office secret.

Didn’t find this one.. was thinking this might have something to do with completing game.. but no, no extra hints.

Enlightening Surprise – God Statue Secret.

I figured this one out at least – the numbers represent stats that the blessings give.

Stats are:

I – HP, II – MP, III – Patk, IV – Def, V -Matk, VI – Mdef, VII – Agi, VII – Luck

Statues are;

Frigg I + II Hel II + V + VI Sif III + V + VII

Loki V – VII Odin I – VIII Thor I + III + IV + VII

Freya VII + VII Balder III + IV Heimdall I + VI

Solution is somewhat obvious – there are 8 candles. Starting with ~12:30 is ‘I’ and it goes clockwise.

Simply lit ONLY the candles the statue needs

Odin can only be done as last one after you activate all others and gives the achievement.


You are able to use those god statues right away but only once.


Best time is when you are on~ depth 90-100 and already got access to most of best in slot gear.

Unlock all guild leaders:

4(nomad/wizard/archer/ joined me passively after depth 90 main quest completion.. but I am not sure how to get other 3.

Collect 5 million gold – 5 million is not much, assuming you don’t actively spend too much until you reach 5 million that is.. you will likely hit at least half that by depth 100 passively.

There seems to be a bug with 50k gold achievement which I couldn’t personally get though.

Complete every guild quest once – the thing itself is not too hard, check guild quest section. There is a bug in one of quests so I sadly ended up on 99/100, not sure if there is workaround.

Create level 9 gem – make sure you complete the Edgar guild quests so he appears in town.. aside of that pretty easy – after you get 10k guild coins you will be able to purchase enough gems to get gem you want to lvl 9 for sure.

Fill the bestiary fully – should be super easy, you don’t even need to kill monsters for them to show up in bestiary(aside of bosses)

Paired with ‘do every guild quest once’ I don’t see how you can NOT complete this achievement passively.

Ends on depth 100.

Written by Hentaika

Here we come to an end for Mines of Frostheim Completion Achievements & Gameplay Basics hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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