Minecraft Dungeons Achievements Guide for ( Frozen Fists )

Minecraft Dungeons Achievements Guide for ( Frozen Fists ) 1 - steamsplay.com
Minecraft Dungeons Achievements Guide for ( Frozen Fists ) 1 - steamsplay.com

In this guide, I’ll attempt to help you through this achievement early game, mid game and late game

How did I do it?

So, this is how I did it, because I’m already at Apocalypse level 6(13 really, just Apocalypse 7+6)
I used these specific artifacts(forgot the actual names of a few of them, so, pls correct me in the comments)
1. Death Cap
2. Boots of Swiftness
3. Wind Tome(the book that marks several monsters and eventually damages them)

How do you do it?

To get the Achievement, you need to have to enter the level with NO weapons equipped, armor and artifacts are fine, and then you need to beat the level without equipping any weapons, I’d suggest using at least 1 damaging artifact so you can at least defeat some enemies, otherwise, some sections are REALLY difficult to get through, perhaps a piece of armor with the Burning Enchantment, giving you the ability to damage enemies without punching them, since a regular punch does 1 damage, 2 with damage boost, Thorns would be decent, but that depends on how high you set the difficulty, minimum is difficulty level 2

Early Game(Default difficulty)

So, in Default Difficulty, I’d suggest getting the highest ranking armor you can get and on the lowest level difficulty(2 minimum), as well as several levels so you get more HP, do not punch the mobs, because it does no damage, use the death cap and boots to avoid enemies as much as you can, time them correctly and attempt to avoid using your roll, when you get to the section where there are 3 buttons, I would suggest pressing them all in quick succession and the running towards the one that lights up(usually the middle one, not sure if it changes), don’t use the damage artifact(I’d recommend not using Soul Powered artifacts) until you get to a section where you NEED to kill the enemies, or, if you’re surrounded by enemies, heal only when you THINK it’s necessary, instead of using Death Cap, you CAN use a Soul item, like the Healing Necklace, but then, good luck gathering souls from enemies

Mid Game(Adventure Difficulty)

For this difficulty, I’d say, do the same thing as with Default, highest ranking gear and highest level artifact you can get, now, I’d suggest avoiding enemies as MUCH as possible, especially Enchanted Mobs(screw the Double Damage Fast Attack mobs btw), if you’re a true gamer, go on the highest difficulty and prove your worth, I’d suggest being careful, however

Late Game(Apocalypse Difficulty)

So, this would be SUPER easy if you have the highest Apocalypse+ difficulty gear, but, this is purely for the Apocalypse 7 gear, it’s all the same as the previous difficulties, but even more difficult because now, there are more Mobs to avoid, and some of them have very powerful enchants, Rush, Protection, Regeneration, Heal Allies, these guys are annoying, but, Rush is the easiest to defeat because they only have more health instead of being able to heal or take less damage, for this, I’d suggest using the artifact that pushes Mobs away from you, that knockback feather, as well as having a piece of armor that reduces artifact cooldown, this is VERY helpful, heck, may as well have an enchant on it that gives you health upon using artifacts, easy regeneration
For Apocalypse+, it’s difficult to get very good gear, it’s very hard to get high level items without dying so quickly, so, I’d suggest, get to at LEAST Apocalypse+6, this tier gives you a max of, I think, power 145 gear, this is what I used to get the achievement

My thoughts

I think the achievement is quite fun to get, it shows your dedication, I’m still struggling to get to Apocalypse+7, I’m stuck at +6 because of the Enchanted Mobs

Written by Laura

This is all for Minecraft Dungeons Achievements Guide for ( Frozen Fists ) hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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