Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter Egg Locations Guide

Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter Egg Locations Guide 1 -
Microsoft Flight Simulator Easter Egg Locations Guide 1 -

Need help finding all of the Milviz Cessna 310R Easter Eggs?

Easter Egg Locations

To reveal the easter-eggs hidden by Milviz in this amazingly detailed simulation simply navigate your mouse to the correct location revealing the “???” Hint where the cursor turns into a hand.
1. Chimpanzee “98% YOU” Sticker
Directly underneath the Taxi and Landing light switches on the left switch panel.
2&3. “Scruff Mongoose Simulations” Sticker & Ukraine Coat of Arms
Underneath the left engine management panel there are two more stickers, Mongoose on the left
UA coat of arms on the right.
4. Darth Hooper
Beneath the landing gear lever you’ll find Darth Hooper wiggling about.
5. Caped “Super Frenchie” Sticker
Between the right fuel low enunciator and the engine fuel flow meter you will find a little Frenchie
wearing a cape, some bright glasses and a necklace.
6. Skating Alien
On the right passenger door you’ll find a silver door bin, Click in the centre and you’ll find a sick
alien pulling a trick.
7. Einstein bobble-head
On the dashboard to the right of the Pedestal Compass you’ll find an Albert Einstein bobble-
8. Briefcase
Click on the Front passenger seat and you will find a nice brown leather briefcase.
9. Cowboy Hat

Turn around and face the middle right passenger seat, Click on the left hand side of the seat and
you’ll find Schuyler “Sky” King’s cowboy hat.

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