Marvel’s Midnight Suns How to get hardest achievement

Marvel’s Midnight Suns How to get hardest achievement 1 -
Marvel’s Midnight Suns How to get hardest achievement 1 -

How to obtain the hardest achievement of the game – T.H.R.E.A.T. Elimination Award WITHOUT using any Legendary cards or modded cards.


T.H.R.E.A.T. Eliminated – Survive 3 turns in THREAT room together with every hero

When this achievement is being written, it has a lower completion rate (2%) but it’s quite easy. You will need to unlock Hulk to complete this achievement. To do so, you’ll need to be very far into the game. But you will only need 3 combat weapons and a few regular cards. Although Legendary cards will make your life easier, they don’t have to be essential.

The Setup

Remember: With the THREAT area, all your cards count as QUICK. So long as you kill one Soulless, your card is refunded. You can recycle attack or heroic cards, if you have the heroism, over and over until your turn comes.

You will need the following combat items to achieve this achievement USE THEM ALL AT TEMPORARY START IN THE ROOM .

Combat Items:

Fury Totem: Select a hero. Draw a card each time they KO an opponent for 2 turns. (Available in the Cauldron

Major Strength Tonic– Choose a Hero. They are granted 1 Overpowered (increases Offence by 100%) as well as 2 Vulnerable. (Increases damage by 50%) (Available via the Cauldron

Utility Belt / Battlefield Sccanner MK1 / Mk2 – Draw 2 / 4 Cards. (Any of them will work)

These items do not get used up in your room. To complete your room with all the heroes, you will only need 1 copy of each card.

Utility belt / Scanners ensure that you have 8 cards from your deck in hand at all times. Fury Totem ensures that you have all 8 cards in your deck at the start of each round. Major Strength Tonic doubles your offense for the first turn. This means that your basic attacks will one-shot most enemies, allowing you to clear the round without breaking a sweat. (It will also make your Vulnerable, but you won’t be getting hit so it doesn’t matter.

The Heroes

NOTE: Each hero can only enter THREAT once per day. Make sure to do a Manual Saving before you go.



Hunter is the best hero so you should be able to complete the room regardless of your build. But here’s a simple one.

Cards required: Slash+. Wild Strike+

Strategy Use Slash+ on weaker Soulless. Use the forceful knockback for weaker Soulless to knock them into the stronger ones. You can finish them with wild strike+ or keep using slash.


The blade is one of our most difficult heroes. You don’t have to be careful about who you attack.

Cards. Make ‘Em Bored+ x2. Daywalker+. Reaper+.

Strategy. Use Reaper+ and kill a weak Soulless to get the Heroism. Make ‘Em Bleed to get 3 Heroism. You can then use Daywalker to spread the bleed among the weak high and medium strength Soulless. One weak Soulless will be killed, and the card will be refunded. To kill the Soulless, you can use Reaper+. This should give 3 Heroism to Daywalker again. Then, use Reaper again.

You can also use one of Daywalker to attack a stronger Soulless again to reduce their health for Reaper. Once you have defeated the enemies, use ‘Make ’Em Bleed again with any cards left to get extra Heroism for round 2.

Round 2 and 3, Daywalker and Reaper, are exactly the same. It would be best if you had lots of Heroism and you can use both Daywalker’s chain attacks to take out one Soulless. You will get Strengthen if you kill one Soulless using Reaper. This will increase your offence by 50% the rest of the turn. To increase your heroism, you can use ‘Make them Bleed’ at the end of the round.

TIP: While the title may not say ‘No Mods’, if you put “1+ Heroism” on the Make Em Bleed(s), taking it from 2 to 3, it means that you can use a ‘Daywalker’ straight after. This will help you here and with Blade. It is also easy to get.

Captain America

Cards: Shield Bounce+. Brooklyn Handshake+.

Strategy Shield Bounce: To damage a group or enemies, ensure one is a weak Soulless and dies to reissue the card. Next, use Brooklyn Handshake on the wounded enemies to kill them. Use the forceful to knock them into stronger Soulless Soulless enough to Shield Bounce them or Handshake them to their death. Rinse again. Rounds 2 & 3 will see enemies group together more, making it easier for them to be bounced. You can also use explosive barrels with extra Heroism.

Captain Marvel

Cards: Quick Jab+. Knee Strike+

Strategy: Quick Jab to kill weak Soulless until your get ‘Go Binary. Go Binary and then use a quick job with forceful to knock out enemies and damage them. You can also use Knee Strike against some of the stronger enemies. It would help if you thought about who and where you will be standing after you strike so that you can knock the next person into someone else. You can also use “move” to get into a good spot and then use the environment from Rounds 2 or 3 to soften them up. You will have lots of Heroism, so you can throw Photon Beam in for extra fun. But it can be done using just 3 cards.

Dr Strange

Cards: Vapors of Valtor 2 (Basic card). Winds of Watoomb – Basic card

Strategy:Super Simple, barely an inconvenience. Vapors of Valtor can be applied to Concealed Doctor Strange. You need to play that card first. Then you’ll go invisible and nobody will hurt you. End Turn.

Round 2, Vapors of Valtor, again, turn.

Round 3 should see a lot of angry Soulless now. You can use Winds of Watoomb on an enemy to knock them into a barrel and grant you a Vapors of Valtor. Use it to end your turn. Room complete.

TIP: Do not take Major Strength Tonic. Instead, take either Utility Belt (or Battlefield Scanner) and save one until round 2. Use that to redraw Vapors of Valtor, instead of blowing up everything.

Ghost Rider

Cards: Straight from Hell x2 (basic cards). Lash (Basic Card).

Strategy: Same as Dr Strange. Straight to hell is the best way to get off the board. Use it first, then turn around.

Round 2, use the Straight to Hell 2nd turn and end.

Round 3, use Lash and a Soulless to launch into a barrel, killing it. Complete the Room by using it.

TIP: Do not take Major Strength Tonic. Instead, take either Utility Belt, Battlefield Scanner, or both. Keep one until the end. Then, redraw Straight to Hell’ instead.


Cards: Challenging Roar (basic). Smash+. Seismic Slam+. Rampage.

Strategy: Enjoy. You can use Challenging roar as everyone is aiming at you. Then, use Smash to build your heroism. Finally, you can use Seismic Slam and Rampage to wipe them all out. Repeat for rounds 2 and 3.

Iron Man

Cards: Blast+. New Plan. Air Superiority+ Surgical Strike+

Strategy: Everyone knows how bad Iron Mans Air Superiority has become. To boost your Heroism, first use your 2 Redraws on Air Superiority. Next, use Blast for 5 Soulless to kill. You can double it by using New Plan, and then you can use Air Superiority for everything. You can use the New Plan again to double your heroism for the next round.

Round 2: Use your redraws for Air superiority. Don’t forget to use the 7 surgical strike chains to destroy all the high-health Soulless and bring them down to the Air Superiority damage. You can also kill a few with additional chains. Air Superiority can be used to kill all. Use the New Plan to Double Heroism and End Turn.

Round 3, Use your Air Superiority redraws, then use the extra Heroism for blowing up the barrels the Soulless are around. Finally, use a Surgical strike to soften the rest of Soulless and then Air Superiority.


Cards: Limbos Grasp+. Kick+. Limbos Portal.

Strategy: Round 1: Use Limbo’s grasp to set up the portal and aim at a weak Soulless. A high-health Soulless will then destroy the portal. This should be done to all high health Soulless. Once they are damaged, kick them all to their deaths.

Round 2, repeat the previous steps, and create a Portal for a weak Soulless. Kick an extremely healthy Soulless into them to reset their card. Keep going until everyone is dead.

Round 3, blow up the barrels to give yourself a headstart. Then, repeat the previous sets. You need to set the portal at the lowest level of health and kick through the highest.


Cards: Witchfire+.

Strategy: Send Witchfire spam and pray to the balance, light, or dark god you chose. Because Nico is random, you should save before you start with her. But the odds are in favor of you… probably.

Round 1, With Overpowered Witchfire, you can one-shot everything on your board. Keep spamming!

Round 2 There should be fewer weak enemies than high ones, so fire off Witchfire to see if the first shot hits a weak Soulless. This will reset the card. If it doesn’t, you can use it again. The weak Soulless with high health is now a weak Soulless. This increases the chance of a first KO. If it hits another High Health Soulless the first time, it is more likely to hit a weak one. You should get aKO with your first shot to reset it and allow everyone to continue using it until they are all dead.

Round 3: Burn all the barrels and use the altars or stones if you are chicken to improve your odds. This was an easy race that I did a few times.

Scarlett Witch

Cards: Hex bolt+. Unleashed+.

Strategy: The first use Unleashed to increase Hex Bolt’s Chain Range. Next use Hex Bolt on weak Soulless cards to increase their maximum 5, then use Hex Bolt for a complete wipe of the board. Spread the damage, but remember that you can only put one shot into one Soulless to eliminate them. However, you must kill one Soulless to reset the cards.

Round 2 is similar. You can fire multiple shots at a few Soulless to soften and kill weak ones.

Round 3 – The barrels will be blown up to soften them and any rocks left to lower their health.


Cards: Chain Strike+. Quick Kick+. Opportunist+. Webslinger+.

Strategy: An Overpowered Chain strike can wipe the board by bouncing around.

Round 2: Use Webslinger for 1 Strengthen. Next, you will need to be more strategic with your Chain strikes. You can also mix in quick kicks with knockbacks to cause damage to enemies. Opportunist can help you move to better locations for knockbacks. You can use Altars or rocks to kill enemies, but save the barrels for the next stage.

Round 3: Time to go all Spidey. Webslinger will give you 1 Strengthen. Opportunists will do additional environmental damage. You can clear the board by using a combination chain strike, quick kicks with knockbacks, and the environment.


Cards: Lethal Pouch+.

Strategy: Round 1. With both hits, Overpowered Lethal Punch will end all things.

Round 2, the range of Lethal Pounce is almost the same as the board. It should kill the higher-level Soulless in 3 hits. Put 1 hit into the low-health Soulless to kill it, then reset the card and put the other into one the high-health Soulless. Next, place both hits in the damaged Soulless with high health. This should kill it. Repeat the process for all of them.

Round 3 requires maximum Heroism. So blow up all barrels to weaken them, then lethal pounce them. You can also use the Altars or Rocks to finish them off.


Congratulations. You have successfully fought your way through the T.H.R.E.A.T Room. Welcome to the 2%.

DISCLAIMER. There are many strategies you can use to clear each Hero’s room. However, some cards are more efficient. This is not a speed run. I tried to keep this setup simple by only using a few basic cards that anyone should have or can easily make at the stage. Any of these runs will be much easier with Legendary and MODS cards.


Written by w00kie

This is all for Marvel’s Midnight Suns How to get hardest achievement hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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