Mafia How To Play with 60fps Guide

Mafia How To Play with 60fps Guide 1 -
Mafia How To Play with 60fps Guide 1 -
I’ll Try To Tell you how to play Mafia 1 With 60fps or at least making it run smooth.


I’ll Provide you with 2 steps, one is from my own method, and the other one that might work for you but didnt for me.

I’ll try to tell you how to play the game with 60fps. 
For Some Reason The game is kept at 40 to to 51 fps and doesn’t even wanna go to 60s, i went on searching for methods of how to fix it or deal with it and some people said download some patches etc but that didnt really help me out, so i went on by trying to Force the game to play at 60fps using software called RTSS (RivaTuner Statistics Server) it helps capping the FPS for your Personal Preference so i tried it and capped the game at 61fps and the game actually ran smooth as it should be. 
I’ll give you at least 2 Possible way to fix the game one is my method and the other one from someone else who said it worked. 
#1: This is the one i tried and worked perfectly fine with me, all you need is to download RTSS using this –,17.html it will automatically install the Program so you just need some patience. 
After that you simply install the program, run it and you see many options, Simply on the right side you will see “Scanline Sync” Click on it and set the Fps you want but whatever you do i guess it will make the game play at 59 (which is 60FPS minus 1) then click enter on it and do not close the program just hide it and it wont do any harm, after that launch the game and enjoy. 

Step 2

#2: In this method i tried but it did not really work for me that much but i’ll tell you how to do it, it might work for some. 
Simply go to this site – it is site for some classic games to make them play in widescreen, after you download mafia Widescreen Fix, you copy the folder inside the game and then open Mafia.widescreenfix.ini using notepad or something then you will see the FPS limit, do it as 60 or whatever you want and see if it works for you. 
So i hope that helps and make your game run at least little better without feeling it being sloopy, Enjoy. 

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