MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay 1 -
MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay 1 -

This guide is only for those who have downloaded my mod pack “Chaos & Order”.
This information will help to explain each custom origin and their purpose.

About the Chaos & Order Modpack

The “Chaos & Order Mod Pack” is for players who have enjoyed all the Arena mode content and wish there was more.
The mod pack includes: 6 custom origins That have unique abilities according their skill focus & playstyle.

Custom Origins

Nearly all of these custom origins center around solo-runs & Madness, difficulty runs These are intended to be end-game content.
Some origins are powerful from the beginning to end, while others have a steep learning curve (like Gunslinger). Once you are comfortable with it, you will discover the power in every origin.
All origins are equal High imprint restrictions There are between 5-10 imprints, but all start with Much higher stat points . Some even start with unlocked skills Their skill focus & weakness make it impossible to obtain the coveted position.

“Crazed Carnivore”

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Carnivore" is an unarmed-centered origin that can stack up combo meters incredibly fast, meaning your attacks only get stronger and quicker as you hold your ground. Every unarmed/melee attack will be filled with extreme violence, while your character becomes this crazy lunatic running on four paws.

And yeah, don't forget to feed the cat.

Special Bonuses :
1. ( Passive ) +50% Recharge your health.
2. ( Passive ) Very high unarmed damage multiplier & piercing
3. ( Passive ) Resistant to stun attacks
4. ( Passive ) +35% Unarmed speed
Special Skills :
1. Massive’s first charge attack must be the catalyst for charge-up attacks (unarmed and melee). It always causes a powerful explosion at the start.
2. Normal melee strikes can do damage to a crowd, and even two-hand weapons can be swung much quicker.
3. Your dash attack will be transformed into a special spin attack by cancelling a Charge up attack right after the explosion.
4. You can cancel a Charge up attack right after the explosion and run into enemies to stun them (if they are the same height as you).
5. Faster kick(shove).
6. While takedowns don’t kill enemies they are much faster and can still do a lot of damage.
7. Your kicks and shoves will get you more knockback
8. Unarmed/melee attacks are ineligible, so you won’t be stunned if enemy blocks come into your way
Drawback :
1. +50% Electricity damage
2. -20% Cash bonus for each wave

+ Carnivore Tips & Tricks

Some tips that could be helpful to your game
1. Carnivores start up with 3 End-of-game acrobatic skills Unlocked: “HeadLeap”, ‘Throw Big Weapons’, and ‘Lawnmower. Farm acrobatics quickly until you earn the “Snap Dodge” skill, which can be extremely useful for Carnivore.
2. Unarmed attacks can be very effective already . In the end, additional fist armour might not be necessary as you end up killing your enemies before they are even dazed. Remember, more takedowns means more time to heal.
3. Heavy unarmed attacks These have a higher chance to cause a daze. When you start stacking your combo meters, use them. Once you reach a combo of 40 or more, it is better to use normal attack if you have “Stunning Fist”.
4. It is better to use unarmed attack if possible Stay right next to your enemies (I’m talking face-to-face, right next to them). Other enemies will shoot at you way less than usual, even if they are far enough away.
5. And unlike Massive’s charge up attack, Carnivore’s attack of charge-up has a fixed distance Even if your curser is near you, an invisible wall will stop you once you reach maximum distance.
Carnivore Tricks – [] – [] – [] – [] – [] – [] – []


“Prepared Coffin” Tips and Tricks

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Coffin" is a ranged-centered origin that can spam non-auto guns as fast as a machine gun. You'll have to control your recoil every now and then while keeping your distance against enemies that swarm around you.

With the never-ending ammo, and the almost instant reloading & shooting, you'll gonna have a fun time with your favorite gun.

Special Bonuses :
1. ( Passive ) +120% Tactics(reload speed)
2. ( Passive ) +80% Non_Auto Fire Rate
3. ( Passive ) +50% Each wave receives a cash bonus
Special Skills :
1. Unlimited Ammo .
2. Faster kick(shove)
3. Very fast unarmed attacks that commence with a double slap (Hank style).
4. Full dodge can be transformed into a dig-dodge to make you invincible underground
5. Shooting reloading enemy will disarm them
Drawback :
1. -60% Tac Defense
2. Full dodge Every time, you can only take one gun. Each dodge has a different ending.

+ Coffin Tips & Techniques

Some tips that could be helpful to your game
1. While you are underground (by full Dodge), you are immune from all stun or knockback with short-term invincibility. If you are carrying a ranged weapon, however, you’ll lose it. Melee weapons are not included.
2. Spamming is great, but it is better to take time for each shot to ensure your aim. The tac-bar effect of enemies still exists until they are fully depleted. Therefore, it might be better not to wait for that depletion until you’ve done enough damage.
3. Boomerangs, hooks Even if you dig underground, it will still work. You will be able to drag enemies/come back no matter where they are.
4. Your Attaques non-armed G03LMs are much more agile than melee weapons, so it’s better to use your fists to stop them.
5. Coffin has a hidden talent called “The Art of the Deal.” Disarm shot ” This allows him to disarm enemies while they reload their weapons. He also has some basic skills in ranged that are not yet unlocked.
Coffin Tricks – [] – []


“Last Samurai Tips & Techniques”

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Samurai" is a melee-centered origin that can deal DEADLY damage to groups of enemies with a single swing of a blade. Using corners and charge-up cancels are key for this origin.

Once you feel the rhythm of each charge-up, your DPS will skyrocket through the roof.

Special Bonuses :
1. ( Passive ) +100% Slash weapon damage
2. ( Passive ) +30% Critical sub-stat
3. ( Passive ) Resistant To all stuns and knockdown
Special Skills :
1. Infinite durability You can use any melee weapon as long you have them
2. After you have acquired the appropriate skills, you can dual-wield any weapon(melee/ranged).
3. Teleporting close enough to your enemies can be done by swinging a melee weapons, or with charge-up attacks.
4. Standing up from the ragdolls can deal damage to those who are directly above you
5. You can now swing a melee weapon with two hands just like you would a longsword.
Drawback :
1. -35% Move quickly
2. -50% Ranged damage done

+ Samurai Tips&Tricks

Some tips that could be helpful to your game
1. “Critical + High damage melee weapons (bladed) + Charge up attacks” Combining these three factors together will allow you to deal over 100 damages in one swing.
2. Charge-up attacks are able to bypass enemy shield blocks and guards. If you have the right stats for Melee, you can also bypass G03LM armour.
3. Use corners well . Since most ranged-weapon-wielding enemies will try to run away from you, let them come to you instead.
4. If you double-wield large melee weapons, your teleport skill may not work. Your charge-up attack range and especially the 2nd attack will be much greater.
5. You can also Two-wield great ranged weapons . They won’t be very effective due to ranged damage drawback.
6. You start with Melee core skills 1 & 2, meaning that you have not yet unlocked them. 3 whole corpuses From the beginning. These 3 corpuses can be found in your main menu.
7. The samurai-inspired charge-up attack is not specific to large-weapons, so you can use a huge melee weapon just like a normal weapon.
Samurai tricks – [] – [] – [] – [] – [] – []


“Dead Gunslinger” Tips & Tricks

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Gunslinger" is a throw-centered origin that can maximize every ranged weapon's potential, while using any melee weapon like a boomerang. Oftentimes, you'll have to dangerously slip through pursuing enemies, while constantly switching & throwing all kinds of attack at them.

Yes, this is probably the origin that has the steepest learning curve, and which also requires the most game sense.

Special Bonuses :
1. ( Passive ) +33% Non_auto fire rate
2. ( Passive ) +70% Recoil Recovery
Special Skills :
1. Every ranged shot ignores ANY tac-bar The enemy has full Crit damage, even outside your sweet spot.
2. You can pick up weapons/objects from long distances(telekinesis power)
3. The Charge-up attack can now be changed to a 5-combo attack that allows you to zip across a map in an instance
4. Your body won’t collide or collide with enemies/allies. This means you can easily pass through them like an angel.
5. One of your injured corpuses can be healed by taking on dazed foes
6. Sometimes, killing enemies brings them back from death as a friendly ghost
7. If they are killed, all your throwable weapons can pass through the enemy. All melee weapons are eligible for your Lawnmower skills
Drawback :
1. +100% longer stun recovery
2. -99% Melee Damage
3. You can only Snap Dodge Instead of a regular full dodge
4. Your unarmed attacks now suck ball

+ Gunslinger Tips & Tricks

Some tips that could be helpful to your game
1. The Gunslinger doesn’t care about tac-bars with ranged weapons. This means that all ranged weapons are ignored by the Gunslinger. ranged-weapon You can use the game’s features if you want to.
2. Gunslingers can be a great way to get around. Crossbows They are a good choice of weapon. They are affordable, deal good damage, and come with a fair amount ammo. The best choice will be the “Spreadshot crossbow”.
3. You can pass through enemy enemies because you are a ghost. Half-Mag’s charge-up punch and other enemy attacks can not even harm you.
4. Although it can be difficult, snap-dodging is a great way to get out of an enemy stun. It’s easy to get used it once you get the timing right.
5. Hirelings. It will be much easier to farm unarmed/meleexp, because they can protect you from all angles.
6. Gunslingers are a great sniper origin. Try sniping cool shots while your hirelings take care of the rest.
Gunslinger Tricks – [] – [] – [] – []


Tips & Tricks: “Great Conqueror.”

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Conqueror" is an acrobat-centered origin that can easily knock down enemies, while punishing them with a devastating electric pulse. It can also have lots of insta-kill capabilities.

If you thought M:PN didn't have much gore compared to M:PN Classic before, wait til you see 15 enemies' heads pop up like popcorn all at once.

Special Bonuses :
1. ( Passive ) +50% Blunt-type damage
2. ( Passive ) +20% Strength stat
3. ( Passive ) Scares off enemies when a gore kill occurs.
Special Skills :
1. Standing up From a Ragdoll /or getting angry You will feel a powerful electric pulse.
2. Infinite durability You can use any melee weapon as long you have them
3. Teleport closer to enemies when you swing a melee weapon
4. You can swing normal/huge melee arms much faster (Hank style).
5. If you win the mashing-up, your unarmed base attacks are transformed into a grab. The grab will throw a normal-sized opponent.
6. Your dash attacks are transformed into grabs, which will result in a normal-sized enemy being thrown without any mashup
7. Grab attacks can be used to in-takedown enemies larger than yourself.
8. Unarmed/Melee charges-up attacks are converted into Jebus’s energetic burst
9. Faster kick(shove)
10. Just by sprinting into enemies, you can take down smaller enemies
11. Utilizing dash attacks to knock down enemies can result in an insta kill/insta takedown
Drawback :
1. The Only one way Counter-attacks, kicks and unarmed takedown kills are all ways to get unarmed xp. They take a lot longer than other attacks, but they can be done quickly.

+ Conqueror Tricks & Tips

Some tips that could be useful for your game
1. High “Strength” and “Tactic” stats will make your shieldbash attack extremely strong. You can kill many enemies with one crit shield-bash.
2. Conqueror has a unique attack called Jeb’s charge up. It takes longer to prepare for than other attacks. It’s best to keep it behind corners to avoid getting shot in your face.
3. You can just run into enemies to knock them down! Most enemies are smaller than you so you can knock them down like bowling pins.
4. Ragdolling (“K” button) will cause your character’s to stand up. This will result in a powerful explosion.
5. You can obtain unarmed xp if you counter enemy unarmed/melee assaults. This is quite challenging but still possible.
6. The SHIELD is your go-to weapon with this origin. You can bait enemies with your anger attack, teleport banash, or shotgun-blast to their faces!
Conqueror tricks – [] – [] – [] – [] – []


“Invincible Fortress” Tips & Tricks

MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay -

Originally posted by May:
The "Fortress" is an area-denial origin that can wipe any living thing out of existence, with the right equipment & proper amount of brain cells.

Oh, did you have fun playing as Tinkerer? Well, this abomination is Tinkerer multiplied by four. Seriously, that's how overpowered the origin is.

Special Bonuses :
1. 130 Base health.
2. ( Passive ) +25% Explosive damage dealt
3. ( Passive ) +20 Extra magazines
4. ( Passive ) Complete immunity against stun & knockdowns
Special Skills :
1. You can modify most ranged weaponry to your liking by using the workbench
2. With the right skills, you can dual-wield any weapon
3. Your charge-up attacks(unarmed/melee) are changed into Massive’s charge-ups, meaning you can reach unreachable places with the second charge-up jump
4. Your Charge-up attack will be cancelled immediately after it has been completed. This will convert your dash attack to a special grab that results in an instant takedown.
5. You can cancel a Charge-up attack right after it is completed. If they are smaller than yourself, you can sprint into them and stun them.
6. You can also abuse the partial-akimbo trick to destroy your last brain cells and do all you want.
Drawback :
1. +900% Electricity damage
2. Snap turning This means that you can’t make that 180-degree instant circle anymore
3. Longer stun While falling from high places, duration
4. You can only do push attacks, even if the kick attack has been unlocked.
5. Your normal unarmed and melee attack are pretty bad
6. You can only snap dodge A partial dodge is better than a complete one

+ Fortress Tips & Tricks

Some tips that could be helpful to your game
1. Your Second charge-up Attack lets you jump to high places that can’t be reached otherwise. It’s a great tool to use.
2. You are fully protected against all knockdowns. Feel free to bomb enemies with these explosives.
3. Most armor messes up your look. The Car door armor, however, doesn’t.
4. I like pizza.
5. Because you can’t instantly turn around, it is better to stay put than to face enemies from both sides.
6. Electric weapons-wielding enemies are DANGEROUS for you. Be careful.
7. Try partial-akimbo. You can hold a large melee weapon in your one hand, and a modified gun in the other. You will soon understand the true meaning behind “overpowered”.
Fortress Tricks – [] – []



Written by May

Here we come to an end for MADNESS: Project Nexus Chaos & Order Mod Pack Gameplay hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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