Luna’s Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide

Luna’s Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 1 -
Luna’s Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 1 -
This guide will explain some basic mechanics provide some help on the trickier achievements and will explain some speed running tactics.


Creator Qualifications



Balloons – run off the edge of and terrain, balloons will activate automatically. 
Docks – when standing at any dock if you hit the interact button it will call the boat wherever the boat is. 
Destroying placed objects – hit x and a or d to choose what terrain you want to destroy 
Fishing speed makes it faster to catch fish. Simple fishing makes it easier to catch fish. When you combine Simple fishing and 2.0 speed if you press space and hold after the fish bites you will catch 19/22* fish every time (if you have max pole upgrades). 
*The three fish that have the possibility of breaking the line are the Black Bass, the Oarfish and, the Ocean Sunfish. 
– The Black Bass and Oarfish can be caught with this method if you start to real when the yellow fish icon is heavily overlapped with the green hook icon. If you start to reel when the icons barely overlap you will not be able to catch the BB/Oar ever with this strategy. 
Luna's Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 
You’d think that this icon overlap is irrelevant because all overlaps will visually appear to reset to this position. However, I believe that it is because this is actually coded as a single sprite. 
Luna's Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 
Luna's Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 
These two picture depict what I’m talking about. The right is taken one frame from the left notice how the fish continues to climb and that the fish climbed on it’s own before the player even started reeling. 
Luna's Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide 
This is too early to start catching the BB/Oar, however this should work for all other fish (Not the OS). 
– The Ocean Sunfish cannot be caught with the mentioned technique. Unlike the BB the level of overlap does not matter, the fish cant be caught this way :(. 
With the previous point in mind, its a time saver to rush pole upgrades to utilizes this ‘exploit’ 
If your approaching a fishing pond the side Cassie in most on is the direction the boat will reset to when you engage the spot. 
Try not to use only balloons when traveling, crossing longer sections of terrain will take much longer than boating because walking is slower. 

Achievement Help

I feel as though most of the achievements have been explained by Clacifer in their “100% Achievements Guide”. However, I would like to add further context and help if you are struggling with some of the more challenging achievements. 
Master Angler 
The most Difficult Achievement, catching a Tuna in the far left fishing spot is by far the most difficult fish to catch. If you are struggling, switch to “Simple Fishing”. (go to “Options” > “Gameplay And Input” > “Check Simple Fishing” 
Be Like the Lotus 
The Lotuses just need to be planted, not on the map. This means that after planting the lotuses they can be destroyed. I personally wanted to keep the planted lotuses. Make sure to plant them out of your Capybara/Watermelon farm. 
A Work of Art 
This is the first instance the player needs to fulfill a wood request.For all wood requests its most efficient to only buy the Takahe Nest. It does not matter where the Takahe nests are placed, they will generate wood. In the end game nests can be placed freely under Tamarillo Trees. 
Can still fall in the water with balloons 

Go Home?

If choosing the option to go home, you will be presented with three still pictures. The garden and its creatures as Cassie is leaving, Cassie washed up on shore, and credits. 

YouTube player

skip to 35:20 for ending 

Written by Whelan

This is all for Luna’s Fishing Garden The Ultimate LFG Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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