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Lootun Meteor Mage Best Build 1 - steamsplay.com

How to build/skill a lvl 150+ Meteor Mage, (and Why)

Meteor Mage Guide

(. Thanks to @Ambrodel, for introducing this build.)

The best mage build for you is definitively meteor.


The Barrier Defence works with other cla*ses and builds.


In short:

Lightning damage, low Health, many Health Reg, Much Barrier

You must have (in order to do this work).

Enchantments include Defiance, Purpose, Devotion and Defiance.

Detail Build:


Extinction 5, Silentstrike 5. Schockwave 5 Maelstrom 1 With Elemental Strength 4.


Frigid Winds 5, Frigid Winds 5 and Lightning Storm 1 with Lightning Strikes 4 Critical Freeze 5


Freeze Duration 5, Chilling Blast 1 PLUS Lingering Frost 4, Exposure 5, Cold Snap 5

Mage: (for up to 4

Health Regen, Damage. Attack Speed, Double Damage. Barrier, Increased Barriage, Magic Damage. Critical Chance, Critical Damage. Critical Defence

Ascend Cla*ses:

Depending on your Cla*s – basically your cla*s specific Skills and Resistances

If you’re lvl 150+

HEALTH POINTS ARE NOT ALLOWED You cannot rely on skills or items. Try to get the lowest HP possible.

Gem “Heart of The Abyss”, dropped by Abysswalker. Map: The Abyss.). You can choose to use it with Purpose or Defiance. You must craft the second enchantment, which you can find on your chest. (can’t both enchant on chest, so you need one). Also craft Devotion to your trinket.

Reason: See “Why is this build (and why are there no Health Points)?” You can find more information below.

“Eldrich Abomination,” on the map “Edge of Reality”, drops Purpose Enchantment.

Defiance enchant is dropped from “Dragon Emperor”, “Dragon Emperess”, on map “Dragons Lair”.

“Jungle Dragon” drops the Devotion Enchant on map “Jungle Ruins”.

Make your equipment like this:


Crit chance and damage whenever possible

Attack Speed ->Lightning damage > Magic Damage > Elemental Damage


Health Regeneration > Barrier > Resistances

Why this (build and why no) Health Points?

Your HP will drop to 5975HP

Defiance will limit damage taken per hit to 35% your HP. You get a maximum of 2.1k dmg for each hit. You will have a 100k+ barrier if you skill for high barriers. Purpose doubles the barrier.

Purpose will also help you to half your HP. This is a win/win situation. What is most important about Purpose? It also removes the restriction on your health which limits your ability to set a high barrier.

(high barrier – low max damage per hit) allows you to take 50+ shots even without regeneration before being killed.

Your barrier can be “healed” with devotion to your Trinket instead of your entire life.

Also, regeneration should be your first priority for defensive item stats ()

Why lightning damage but not fire (or fire by standard)

Maelstrom allows meteor to work with all elements, and lightning also benefits your lightning (fire) – so lightning should be your first choice.

Why not dodge and/or evasion?

Relying on dodge and/or evasion will cause you to take full damage or nothing at all.

Spikes can easily kill you if they do full damage.

It is better to invest your money in ressistances, which will lower spikes significantly and increase your surviability.

You don’t have to worry about being hit. I can a*sure you that you will get enough Healing to Barrier to make up for any Damage. The only thing you need to worry are spikes, as I have said before.

Do that and you will almost be immortal. DoT is the only thing that can cause harm so much later.

If your gear is optimal, a single mage can perform Endless Spires solo and stage 300+

A complete team with such an enchanter can stage 2000+


Written by Hyperserver

Here we come to an end for Lootun Meteor Mage Best Build hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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