Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Official Translated Vocal Album Lyrics

Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Official Translated Vocal Album Lyrics 1 -
Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! Official Translated Vocal Album Lyrics 1 -

Official Translated Lyrics for the songs in the Lilycle Rainbow Stage!! Vocal Album

Colorful Heartline

Your smile still gets me every time~
A love at first sight that never ever stopped!
There’s this slight distance… that I’m dying to close.
But that’s for me to know, and for you to find out!
I want to see you, depend on you, I just can’t get my mind off you
A little shy when I’m with you… but hey, that’s your cue!
(hop step jump in to happy time)
Our many forms of love make up the colors of a rainbow
Take it in, hold it tight, and let it fill your heart
Beating, fluttering, my heart like an angel’s wings
The bell of love rings softly through the air
Hurry up and see… I’m trying to kiss you!
Our eyes and hands overlapping
I think I’m happiest next to you
Even when everyone’s around, I think only of you
And your body language is just so cute
So soft and sweet, but girls can be selfish too
Can’t let you be, I want to touch, but I wonder how I feel
(in heart listen, my love for you)
Looking into your eyes, I can feel your love
Like a magnet, I can’t let go
Sparkling, fluffy, and colorful like cake
Wrapped in a warm soft light, melting
Try and catch my jumping heart!
Feel my heartbeat…
I know the magic to make our love true
(make up, flowering, smile for you)
Our many forms of love make up the colors of a rainbow
Take it in, hold it tight, and let it fill your heart
Shining, fluttering, like a shard of a shooting star
Wanting, wishing, a promise everlasting
Listen, as I declare my love!

True Heart Essence

True heart, bless for you
Bound together with smiles
This warmth between our hands
I knew it all along
But could never find the words
My fickle heart flutters about
But isn’t it strange?
How this warmth draws us together…
I showed you my love with a little laugh
A hug will bring us closer to understanding
I’ll take your worries, your ego, and your wavering eyes
I want to be next to you, to share a shining fate
The miracle we both desire
Even doing nothing feels nice
That’s the way things should be
It’s not like me to be so weak
I want nothing but your gentle love
The first heartbeat I’ve ever felt…
I didn’t know how to express my love
But that pain in my chest won’t go away
No matter how you feel, I’ll be there for you
You’re the one who made me aware of our bond, right?
To gaze into your eyes
That’s what’s kept me shining so long
Come and see the meaning of a promise
My love, now it will reach you
Show me your face, and whisper that you love me
Being true to myself, a single song of love
Just sweet kiss from you
Melts my heart with a brand-new color

Joined in Love

Reach out
But hold back, just a little
A trembling urge on the tips of my fingers
Just make love to you
Always adoring
your smile like the shining sun
Chasing after
Your melting, cotton-candy like heart
When we met
I felt it. You took my hand in yours
I can’t stand doing nothing but look
I need to feel a rush in my heart!
Only for you
This singular feeling of love
So much fun and so very happy. A little embarrassing though!
I want this to reach your heart
A gift from me
Those words of yours
I’ll believe in them
And join them with my love for you
I want to hear your voice and be closer to you
I want to see you, standing by my side
Is this a date? Holding hands like this
Puts a flutter in my step…
When I see the sincerity in your eyes
I can’t help but turn away
But I’m still waiting
I want everything that you are!
Only for me
A sign of love
It’s so cute, and I wish I wasn’t so shy!
Whenever you give it to me
I feel like I have wings
It’s so hot, it tickles me inside
I’ll show you
How we can join our love as one
I want to touch you
I want to know everything about you
Listen to my sweet heart
Right now

Half Destination

A wave of love after a trailed off sentence
It was normal to be together every day
Your shining presence, always at my side
So close that I’d miss you if I blinked
Having you here takes the worry away
Stay with me, let my feelings reach you
Even when hiding how I felt, you still accepted me
All the love is piling up, so let’s take a good look
We clash sometimes, but stay by my side
Look forward, and embrace the feelings that we share
Adoration and yearning, freezing me in place
Pouting and selfish, but smiling underneath
Even when you’re a little peeved
I can feel the love in your voice
On the way to where we walk together
Just one step halving the distance of our hearts
I’ll chase this feeling
The one that fills my chest, the one I couldn’t explain
Breathing hard, I reach my hand out
The love that meets my fingers, I’ll pull on it tight
Even at this distance it still feels good
I won’t stand still, I’ll take the next step
Side by side, our own special bond
That warmth in our melding breaths
Once our hearts meet, it’ll color that white space
And our love will finally be one! Hold me tight
Our eyes meet in one silly little moment
Our wishes will finally be one! I won’t let this love go

Doki Doki Scramble!

Stay away, you (Oh, come on~!)
You’re embarrassing me (But I like that!)
You do that/ You do this
Hold me/ I want to!
You know how I really feel
But you always tease
But you already knew that (Naturally!)
If we’re not together, it’s boring and lonely (I won’t leave!)
I don’t not like you (Indeed, it’s true♪)
I call you, say you, loving you
Just one time where it’s not embarrassing!
You love me, catch me, a perfect fit…
Don’t let go, Doki Doki forever, squeezing tight
You’re so cold… (No, I just…)
But I like it! (You’re so weird!)
Let’s show our affection… in public☆
The best is yet to come!
I want to be even more direct
I’ll give it my all
Stay with me always (’til forever!)
So warm… this feeling is real (For me too)
So special (Now or never)
I take you, always, beside you
Don’t be shy, just look straight at me!
You hug me, choose me, slowly…
I can feel it! Your Doki Doki love
Come on, just stay with me (I promise!)
Together always, my special… (Your special…?)
Just figure it out! (Whaaat?!)
I tell you, stay you, loving you
I know I’m two-faced, just a little!
You find me, keep me… (I knew it)
In my deep sleep, a soft soft dream…
I call you, say you, loving you
I’m burning red, don’t look, awww geez!
You love me, feel me, I love you!
Never let it go! This is our own Doki Doki
Don’t let go, Doki Doki forever, squeezing tight

Patchwork Lovely

Loveliness, cuteness
Both joined together
Like racing on clouds (Mmhmm)
Kinda feels like that (I get it!)
It gives me butterflies (But…)
Whatever anyone says, I love you (I know, right…)
Shining beads (So shiny)
Kinda like your smile (Guh-huh)
I want to keep looking (Go ahead)
I want to stay and say I love you (Woohoo!)
Umm, I don’t know how to tell you (It’s okay!)
Even though you’re always there for me (Of course!)
Senpai (Senpai~~)
But I’ll keep it secret (Whyyyy?!)
That I love you
This feeling, so warm
I can feel our hearts bound as one
Beating loud and pounding
Now that I know, I can’t stop
I can’t, I mean, I love you! Love love you!
Cute pose (Wahhh…!)
Getting all dressed up (So cute…!)
A catcall to you (Oh, you…!)
I want you all to me (I know, right!)
See, you always give me head rubs (There, there)
And you’re always so nice to me (Heehee)
Senpai (Waka-chan~)
That doesn’t matter (It… doesn’t…?)
All that matters is that I love you! (I know!)
Take me, hold me!
Our hearts bound together, fluttering, hold it tight, tight!
Just being together, you and me
Fills my heart with joy
Just… wait a little more, but I love you
I get confused, but…
In reality, I… you know…
Together, this feeling
Ours alone…
Our smiles bound together
Our hearts colored in love, just our little secret!
More than fate! It’s not enough to just be next to you
Just… wait a little more, come on
I can’t, I mean, I love you
Love? More! I can’t wait… CHU Chu KISS!

Aozora Shooting Star

Your little gestures catch me off guard
What’s this feeling?
You’re always shining so bright
And eye contact makes me blush
Don’t leave me alone! Stay with me
I know you get lonely too
But still, you’re always next to me
Back to back, we’re a team
Don’t give up, don’t let go, make your feelings known
You’re number one in my heart
We clash, we disagree, but the reason I still smile
Is because I see the star in the clear blue sky
I won’t lose! I can’t take my eyes away
Sometimes I hate you, just a little
I can’t put it into words, but I have to try
Always thinking of you? No way…
I’m wishy washy, but you accept me
I’m just trying to act cool
But when I’m alone
you’re smiling face pops into my mind
Chase you, get you, and we’ll be a thing someday
My heart flutters, but only for you
Keep your eyes on me, and don’t show your heart to anyone else
Supporting one another, at a distance of love
I’m not wrong, I think. I can say it
It’s love! It is, right?!
Want you, get you, wanna be closer than anybody else
To touch you, that’s right, I love you
Wanting one another, our feelings, our world
I know the feeling, and I won’t lose at lovin’ you
Aozora Shooting Star

Shiny Soft World

Your soft, smiling face is so healing
Sometimes you’re annoying, but still sweet like candy
You slouch, phone in hand, yawning like you’re bored
Acting casual, but shy deep down as you turn away
It’s obvious you understand already
But it needs to be said to be real
Together we can take that step, I know it
Swaying around, coming together, pounding hearts and a little shy
Friends for life, but is that all? This feeling is so special
The future, the past, today and tomorrow, we’ll always be bonded
Don’t let go! We can’t! I want to be closest to you
And I’ll take all the bad with the good
Because I’ll love you forever and ever
Our sparkly, fluffy world, where no one else is allowed
All I need is you in this wonderful place
The promises we made as kids, our memories
It’s all in an album in my heart
The colors won’t fade. It’ll all come true, I know it!
Touch that button of love, tap on my heart’s door
It’s like a game though, and doesn’t go as planned
But the feelings I give, the feelings I get, the dream we share
Hold me, count on me. I know even without words
This pounding in my chest makes me so happy
I’ve always loved you, and will forever
Floating around, coming together, pounding hearts and a little shy
We might be a couple, but is that all? This feeling is so special
The future, the past, today and tomorrow, we’ll always be bonded
Don’t let go! We can’t! The happiness of being together
There’s no end to what we have
Always beside you, so forever, I love you…

Written by MangaGamer

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