Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 Prompts – DS4 & Requirements

Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 Prompts – DS4 & Requirements 1 -
Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 Prompts – DS4 & Requirements 1 -

DS4 support is currently broken in this game and even Steam Input has it’s issues with it (beside the fact that it uses xbox prompts anyway). DS4Windows works well while emulating an xbox controller but it again has the xbox prompts.
I’ve found a very hacky/janky way for having proper DS4 prompts.


And I’m assuming here few things

  • I expect that you know how to connect DS4 to your PC via DS4Windows and that the game works just fine while it’s emulating the xbox controller (it does that by default). If you don’t then just watch some newer tutorial on how to connect DS4 via DS4Windows.
  • There aren’t any issues on your PC relating to the controller
  • You are using an original Sony controller
  • Your controller is paired with the PC via bluetooth, if you are using DS4Windows wirelessly than you are fine



First you will need to disable Steam Input
Steam -> Settings -> Controller -> General settings -> *unmark all*
Then to be sure
Right click the game -> Properties -> Controller -> *from the drop down menu* Disable Steam Input
Now the SDL2
For some reason this specific version allows for this whole thing to work

  • Navigate to the folder where the game is located, folder is called LifeIsStrange3
  • Navigate to the following folders: Siren -> Binaries -> Win64
  • Rename the existing SDL2.dll to SDL2.dll.b so you can revert back to it, just in case
  • From the downloaded extract the SDL2.dll to the game folder

Also don’t use the “Hide DS4 Controller” and/or “HidHide” in DS4Windows. Disable them for this to work

You will need to do this everytime you launch the game

  • Unplug the controller from the PC
  • Disconnect the controller from the PC (hold the PS button for 10 seconds)
  • Turn off DS4Windows
  • Turn on the controller (if you press Win+R and type joy.cpl, you should see “Wireless Controller” once)
  • Turn on the game, go to the main menu via keyboard. When pressing buttons on the controller you should see DS4 prompts appearing but controller still not working. If they are not appearing than something is wrong – no point in following the tutorial further, try again.
  • Plug the controller via the USB cable (in joy.cpl, you should see “Wireless Controller” twice)
  • Turn on DS4Windows and make sure it emulating the xbox controller (if you didn’t change anything, then you are fine)
  • Go in game and check if the controller works and you are still using the DS4 prompts
  • Unplug the cable

Now you should have a working wireless DS4 controller with DS4 prompts!

My thoughts

For some reason it works… at least for me so I wanted to share. If you find a better procedure, have a mod that makes this obselete – let me know and I’ll update the guide to include it.
Also I expect that It won’t work for some people just because how botched together that workaround is. Sadly not much I can do, I can try helping but I only have so much time I’m willing to spend on this.

By FakeMichau

This is all for Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 Prompts – DS4 & Requirements hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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