LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes BLVGH – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes BLVGH – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 -
LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes BLVGH – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 -
As I have done with other LEGO games, I will be redoing my guide for this game to make it better. This is the new guide.

I am replaying the game as I work on this guide. It will take some time to complete, so please be patient if what you are looking for isn’t here. It will be in time.

These guides have always been and will always be free. However, working on these guides takes considerable time and effort. If you like the guide, feel free to show your appreciation with a Steam Award! I appreciate all the points and support you guys have given me!


Gameplay Basics – Game Modes

This game has plenty of levels for you to play, with 15 story levels and 11 bonus levels. There are several different game modes you can play, which I’ll describe here. I also describe how I structure the walkthroughs for each game mode. 
The first time you play a level, you will be playing Story Mode. You will only have access to the characters that the game gives you. Generally, your exploration is limited due to the characters you have, meaning you’ll have to come back in Free Play Mode to unlock the collectables you couldn’t collect in Story Mode. After completing a level in Story Mode, you can select the Replay Story option to replay the level in Story Mode. 
At the top of my Story Mode walkthroughs, I list the enemies you’ll encounter and any bosses you will fight. I also list both your starting characters and any characters that are added as you progress. Finally, I list the True Believer total for that level. Each level is split up into parts, which I sometimes call areas. Each part is a distinct area of the level, separated from other areas by a screen wipe (it will be very obvious when you enter a new area). Below each part, I explain what to do in that part to progress in the level. I do not include the locations of any collectables, even if you can collect them in the story. At the end of the walkthrough, I list any characters you unlocked. If you need to purchase these characters, I have also included their cost in studs. 
After completing a level in Story Mode, you will be able to play it in Free Play Mode. In Free Play Mode, you can select any character from all the ones you’ve unlocked to take into the level. The game will then give you a selection of other characters to cover all of the abilities you have unlocked. In Free Play Mode, your goal is to find all of the collectables. At any point in Free Play Mode, you can save and exit to return to Manhattan without having to complete the level. 
My Free Play Mode walkthroughs are also divided into parts, as I believe this makes them easier to navigate. At the top of the walkthrough will be a list of the abilities you’ll need to collect all of the collectables in that level. Free Play Mode walkthroughs contain the locations of all 10 Canisters and the Stan Lee in Peril (if you’re playing a Story level) or the Character Token, Stan Lee in Peril and Deadpool Red Brick (if you’re playing a bonus level), even if they can be collected in Story Mode. Screenshots are also included to add clarity to the walkthrough. 

Gameplay Basics – Collectables

To get 100%, you gotta collect everything. There are lots of things to collect, so it’s important to know what you are looking for! You can check your overall collectable progress from the pause menu. 
These are the most important things you can collect. Studs act as the game’s currency, so you’ll want to be picking up as many as you can find. The silver studs are worth 10, the gold studs 100, the blue studs 1,000, and the purple studs 10,000. You’ll use studs to purchase things in Manhattan, so you’ll want to be collecting as many as you can. 
True Believer 
Collecting studs is essential if you want to reach True Believer status. Collecting studs in a level will reveal a stud bar in the top center of the screen. As you collect studs, the stud bar will gradually turn yellow. Once you fill the stud bar, you will achieve True Believer status. Once you achieve True Believer in a level, you cannot lose it. Even if you lose all the studs in a level after achieving True Believer , you will not lose it. 

Gameplay Basics – Character Abilities

As you play through the levels, you will notice many things that you can do. However, not all characters will be able to do them! This is because each character has certain abilities, and in order to collect all the collectables, you’ll need to make use of their abilities to unlock new areas of the levels to explore. 
Here is a quick rundown of all the abilities characters can have. For detailed information on who has these abilities, see the “Characters” sections towards the bottom of this guide. 

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This is all for LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes BLVGH – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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