Legion TD 2 Game FAQS & Game Overview Guide

Legion TD 2 Game FAQS & Game Overview Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Legion TD 2 Game FAQS & Game Overview Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

An FAQ to help new players coming into Legion TD 2 for the first time.


Hopefully this can answer many a question and will be updated over time.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to ask.

Questions and Answers

Best option for Lock-In Fighter?

Legion TD 2 is quite well balanced in terms of units across the board. For new players, it’s recommended to stick with Lock-In and keep locking in the same unit to use as an opening (Yozora is a great choice). If you’re ready to move on from Lock In, would recommend Greed. It’s sort of the “staple” choice in competitive play, and it’s simple.

Highly recommended to check out the Openings and Mastermind Lock-Ins for Beginners – [steamcommunity.com]  by Jules.

How many workers should I aim to have?

This is very well covered in the Official Gameplay Guide – [steamcommunity.com]  with the relevant part of it posted below from the guide.

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Why does the recommended value change and what does it mean?

Your recommended value is based on the player who sends to you, so if your recommended value is higher that means that the player who sends to you got more workers.

Like this you can make an educated guess on how hard your opponent pushed.

How do I view my opponent’s lane?

During either the build phase, or wave you can press TAB and Space together to view your opponent’s lane. You will only see what they build from the previous wave due to the fog of war.

Alternatively, during a wave, you can press 3 and see your opponent’s lane battling.

How do I build in the same lane (cross) as my team mate?

This is known as cross building and only possible in classic (4v4).

To do so:

  • Both party members need to be side by side (two adjacent lanes).
  • Players must then take Mastermind, Hybrid or Chaos builder.
  • Both players can then start building in the joining section of their two individual lanes (the bottom of the first “V”).


What are cards used for?

You can use cards as avatar, set them as a monument on your profile (to display a statute ingame on your lane) or donate the cards to your guild for guild XP, or just treat them as collectable.

Why do guilds cost a high amount of essence amount to make?


  • Discourage frequent guild hopping.
  • Prevent abuse (since there are rewards for joining a guild that could be abused if it were free or too cheap).
  • Have fewer, larger guilds to give players a social group to make friends.
  • Small guilds are a noob trap (your ability to reap rewards scales linearly with the number of active players in your guild). Rather than telling players that (which can be hard to communicate), we guide their decision/force their hand by making guilds expensive to create, but relatively cheap to join.

Worth noting as well that you don’t have to worry about your essence, if the guild declines your application.

What benefits do I get from being in a guild?

You will gain bonus essence for playing whilst being in part of a guild and every guild level after 10, gain free premium essence.

Microtransactions – Premium vs Free Currency

So there’s two currency types (as you kinda expect these days).

Premium (Paid)

With this you have to pay for it, but you can also earn it by being in a guild and reaching level 10. Then every level you earn some premium currency.

Essence (Free)

Earned by playing essentially. Whether it’s classic, ranked, campaign, tutorials, weekly challenge or against bots.

The only thing in the game you can’t use the essence (free) for in game is cosmetics, which change the skin of a unit, or there is also a background you can buy.

Otherwise, you can use both currencies to do things such as buy cards at the trade shop (can be used to change your avatar / put in your lane as a monument), change your name, and some Mastermind options. Nothing P2W and you’ll get enough currency to get all the Mastermind options very quickly by doing the weekly challenge/tutorial/campaign.

Why is there no 1v1 queue right now?

We cannot add another queue right now, since it would split the player base and harm matchmaking too much.

Why didn’t we consider 1v1?

The game started as 4v4 as a mod in Warcraft 3, and it’s now 4v4 and 2v2. Even going to 2v2 was considered a big deal for many players at the time. I think the game could be very fun as 1v1, but it was hard to jump to 1v1, especially with the history of the mod being 4v4.

Will there be a 1v1 queue?

As a permanent queue? Maybe – if the player base allows for it.

As a featured game mode? Very likely. We plan to do a 1v1 featured game mode in the future and see how players like it.


Ingame Commands


  • -help

    Displays command info

  • -ff

    Votes to forfeit the match

  • -lifetime

    Displays lifetime of fighters

  • -dps

    Displays DPS of your fighters over the duration of the battle

  • -kills

    Displays how many kills your fighters got over the duration of the battle

  • -value

    Displays your fighter value

  • -next

    Displays information about the next wave where ‘X’ is the wave number (1-21)

  • -info X

    Displays information about wave X

  • -pierce

    Shows waves with Pierce damage

  • -impact

    Shows waves with Impact damage

  • -magic

    Shows waves with Magic damage

  • -pure

    Shows waves with Pure damage

  • -swift

    Shows waves with Swift armour

  • -natural

    Shows waves with Natural armour

  • -arcane

    Shows waves with Arcane armour

  • -fortified

    Shows waves with Fortified armour

  • -immaterial

    Shows waves with Immaterial armour

  • -ranged

    Shows ranged waves

  • -air / -flying

    Showings flying waves (4/17)

  • -boss

    Shows waves with bosses (10/20)

  • -miniboss

    Shows waves with minibosses (5/15)


Debug Commands

You can only use these when -debug mode is enabled, which is automatic in the Sandbox mode.

  • 0 Element
  • 1 Forsaken
  • 2 Grove
  • 3 Mech
  • 4 Mastermind
  • 5 Atlantean
  • 6 Nomad
  • 7 Shrine
  • 8 Divine



Thank you to all the community helpers in the discord (Shadowings, Penny, Julian, Leon, Toikan, Seraphin and many more!), the devs for the making the game, and to all the new players wanting to learn. A lot of the answers above have been copied and pasted from them.

Written by Danwulfe

This is all for Legion TD 2 Game FAQS & Game Overview Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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