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Legacy of Vane Hero Class Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Legacy of Vane Hero Class Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

This guide covers exactly what class your hero will be based on your answers in the dream at the start of the game.

Dream Q&A Results

First two questions decide your basic type of class, while the third question determines your true specialized class. Question four grants a one time bonus to one of your attributes. The last question awards you one of three rings.
Your hero begins the game with one class specific ability and will learn another(Or three in Elementalist’s case) as they level. Regardless of class, your hero may learn additional abilities from the goddess as you explore the world.

First Question: Where are you when the fighting begins?
Answer 1: Melee type class
Answer 2: Ranged type class
Melee Second Question: What is your first move?
Answer 1: Fighter
Answer 2: Defender
Answer 3: Rogue
Ranged Second Question: Do you wait for them to gather…
Answer 1: Mage
Answer 2: Bowman
Answer 3: Mystic
Fighter Third Question: What do you reach for to defend yourself?
Answer 1: Warrior
Answer 2: Monk
Defender Third Question: How exactly would you protect…?
Answer 1: Guardian
Answer 2: Paladin
Rogue Third Question: How exactly would you silently dispatch evil?
Answer 1: Assassin
Answer 2: Ninja
Mage Third Question: What type of sourcery do you wield?
Answer 1: Elementalist
Answer 2: Balance Mage
Bowman Third Question: …Where is your aim?
Answer 1: Hunter
Answer 2: Sniper
Mystic Third Question: …What is the nature of your gift?
Answer 1: White Mystic
Answer 2: Black Mystic
Fourth Question: What would you say is your strongest attribute?
Answer 1: Power +3
Answer 2: Max MP +5
Answer 3: Agility + 3
Answer 4: Max HP +10
Answer 5: Mind + 3
Answer 6: Luck + 3
Final Question: What is important to you?
Answer 1: Emerald Ring (+50% Max HP)
Answer 2: Sapphire Ring (-20% Spell cost)
Answer 3: Citrine Ring (+20% IP Charge rate)
Short Description of each class
Warrior: Uses both hands to grip a single weapon for extra damage. Has potential to deal very high damage.
Monk: Fights with fists with very little armor. Has high evasion and natural defenses. May heal and increase own power greatly.
Guardian: Wears heavy armor and protects allies.
Paladin: Wears heavy armor and can purify and heal the party over time.
Assassin: Dual wielding rogue who uses poison and stop magic
Ninja: Dual wields and may damage all enemies or help the party escape danger.
Elementalist: Uses four elements to damage one or all enemies, may cause various afflictions.
Balance Mage: Uses the power of Light or Darkness to damage all enemies.
Hunter: Uses bows to damage all enemies or to completely ignore defenses.
Sniper: Uses a bow to hit vital body parts to reduce enemy effectiveness
White Mystic: An unmatched healer whose magic comes at great MP cost. Uses swords and is a decent fighter.
Black Mystic: Uses the most powerful destruction magic at great MP cost. Uses swords and is a decent fighter.

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