Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game Live in the volcano without spending 75 million BLC coins!

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game Live in the volcano without spending 75 million BLC coins! 1 - steamsplay.com
Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game Live in the volcano without spending 75 million BLC coins! 1 - steamsplay.com
You need not to spend 75,000,000 BLC coins to *USUALLY* ensure your stay inside the volcano.

What you do need for this guide:
– Mythical Leaf progression
– 1 BLC coin
– AT THE VERY LEAST (& ROUGHLY) 5 Billion Prestige coins. (5.00 b)

Optional stuff:
Bunnyo pet (10,000,000 + 2,000,000 BLC)

An arseload of Red to Strange science


Disclaimer & Prep Stage 1

I will begin this with a disclaimer that this method is not guaranteed to work 100%. 
It relies on multiple variables and can be affected by strikingly bad luck: that said, the probability of this is diminutive from the get-go and only further becomes unlikely as you invest more into it (Not BLC coins!). 
What this guide does set out to do, is to *typically* ensure a permanent stay in the volcano without needing to buy that 75,000,000 BLC coin upgrade: All by realizing the inherent value of fruits! 
Let’s begin with what you’ll need on you to do this. 
1. Fruit magnet [BLC SHOP] 
It costs 1 BLC coin, if you’ve progressed to the volcano: chances are you’ve already bought this upgrade. If you have not: Do it. 
2.Healthy fruits [Mythical leaf shop] 20/20 
I cannot recall how expensive this is but again, if you can afford unlocking lava leaves then mythical upgrades shouldn’t be an issue. Again though, if you have refrained from buying this upgrade because you believe fruits to be useless:You’re wrong, buy all 20 levels of it. 
3. Player HP [Mythical leaf shop] 50/50 
I believe this is a redundant instruction, but just in case it’s not: Max this out. 
4. Unlock (Gold,Platinum,Bismuth,Cosmic,Void,Exotic,Celestial,Mythical,Lava,Ice) Apples [Gold,Platinum,Bismuth,Cosmic,Void,Exotic,Celestial,Mythical,Lava,Ice shops] 
You do need need every kind of apple to make this work but do try to unlock as many as you can, the more the better. 

Prep Stage 2 [Prestige Shop DO’s, DO CAREFULLY’s, and DO NOT’s.]

DO = Buy max of these and tell your coin upgrade bot to do the same. 
DO CAREFULLY = Buy as many of these as you can without making a sizable dent in your coin bank/ Do not turn the coin bot on for this. 
DO NOT = Do not buy, doesn’t matter who does it: your robot or you: Don’t do it.
DO buy Fruit fertilizer [50/50] 
This increases the chance that fruits will spawn with every leaf cycle. Cost should not be an issue for you at this point. In case it is though: Maxing this out will cost roughly 1 billion coins  
(Sorry I don’t have the exact number, too lazy) 
DO CAREFULLY buy Fruit Trees [ x >= 50] 
This increases the chance that any fruits that do spawn will do so in increased numbers. There is no good reason to bankrupt your funds by buying as many as possible. At the very least I would say you need to buy50 levels of this. This will cost around 5 Billion coins in total to pull off. 
I advise buying up to level 100 just to be sure, as long as it won’t hurt your funds. Level 50 is just fine but Level 100is insurance. The last level of this will cost you 2.03 A coins. (2.03 Quintilion) 
You can buy as many levels of this as you’re comfortable with, while I believe100 is more than enough: it cannot hurt to raise your odds even more as long as you’ve got the money to shrug this off. 
Level 150 itself costs 1.3 d coins (1.3 Octillion) 
DO NOT buy ALB Love Fruits <3 
Ironically this upgrade is all the way at the bottom of the prestige shop when it is the first thing you need to consider. 
DO DO DO DO NOT NOT NOT NOT purchase this upgrade, and make sure your bot won’t either. 
I’ll tell ya why in just a moment because we’re just about done. 
But DON’T DO IT. Your ALB’s will love seeds, mauling enemies to death, and you not bursting in flames: far better than fruits. 
If you have this upgrade bought already, you must go through a Big Leaf Crunch portal to clean your prestige slate. Sorry. 

Fruits of your labor.

Now you’re ready to truly appreciate fruits. 
Sure: they’re never going to provide any worthwhile leaf reward regardless of all the coins, gems, or uniques you put into them… But that’s not all they do for you. 
Now that they’re healthy, you’ll restore 20 HP for every one you stuff your mouth with. 
Now that you swallowed that magnet, you discover firsthand the abnormal amount of iron inside each fruit as they gravitate towards your gaping pie-hole. 
Now that you’ve fed all your trees with Super colon blow laxative and infused them with mutant corn DNA: apples reaching dozens will rain upon you until the end of time (Or until you walk through the BLC portal and have to buy the prestige upgrades again… whichever comes first) 
And lastly: now that your humble ALB’s no longer poach your apples from you, you will personally partake in every apple that spawns. 
(Yeah so, if the ALB collects the fruit with the upgrade, you will not gain any HP. You need not worry about missing any fruits regardless of where you idle: The fruit magnet upgrade has full range of your screen.) 
With this all in play, you will theoretically always consume enough fruit at a more than sufficient rate to overcome the natural damage of the volcano. 
You wont need to buy any upgrades to HP regen (As it only applies outside of the volcano) and you won’t need to dump 75,000,000 BLC coins in permitting this regen inside the volcano. 
Praise be the fruits. 

Closing thoughts, recommendations and suggested investments.

Like I said in the beginning: this is not infallible. 
I know not the circumstances but I have noticed on occasion that there will be lapses in fruit generation that will leave you with a dwindling health bar. 
I have personally never checked in and seen this method outright *fail* with our stalwart hero standing in the void and treating himself for burns, BUT this does not jade me from the possibility that this method *CAN* fail. It is not indubitably foolproof while I assume the BLC upgrade bolstered with all the HP regeneration upgrades DOES make it impossible for you to succumb to the heat. I do not know if this is true myself as I stand by my fruits and leave that upgrade on the shelf. 
If you’re at a point where 75,000,000 BLC coins is pocket change for you, then I’ll assume you came here merely for curiosity’s sake: and I will hope this guide rewarded you with some amusement. You can get up from your seat now if you’d like, you already have everything I’m going to talk about below. 
For all who have not progressed to such a point yet: i have a few more investments and pieces of advice to improve your odds. 
ADVICE: When idling in the volcano, try to position yourself in the center of the screen before you go, fruits do degenerate after a considerably brief time. Say you’ve positioned yourself in the Northwest corner: any fruits that spawn closer to the Southeast corner may not reach you in time. I know the middle is not the best place to idle especially with how heavy the leaves get, but being idling at a ‘less than optimal’ rate for 2 hours is better than coming back and realizing you only operated at ‘peak efficiency‘ for 17 minutes before your HP dropped to 0 and cut you off. 
ADVICE: Try to bring your character above 100 HP, this is about how much I had when I discovered this ‘strategy’ and it seemed to work reliably enough. The more HP, the longer you can last if the apples take a breather. 
I think? you have 20HP from the getgo. 
Maxing out your mythical upgrade will get you +50 (Cumulative 70) 
Each of your sciences can max to +5 each: 35 from total science (Cumulative 105) I imagine buying this upgrade for Black and Strange science wont be much of an option though… 
Lava leaf upgrade will get you +5 HP per level. Once you get there with your marketing and combos, getting 10 levels of this will be rather quick for a good +50 HP. I can only afford level 19 at the time of creating this half assed guide. (Assume we can only afford level 10: Cumulative 155) 
You’ll have options to reasonably reach 100HP, it should not be too difficult. 
INVESTMENT: (12,000,000 BLC in total) 
If you’re having trouble bolstering your HP enough, one thing you could do is purchase the Pets upgrade from the BLC shop (10,000,000 BLC) and then adopt “Bunnyo”, the bunny for a boost of 20HP… 
You should also buy the bunny anyway because double converter speed is really useful… Don’t say I told you not to buy the raccoon or the fox though because they are also really useful… 

Funny Story

The thumbnail looks like this because I thought the frozen research center area also caused you damage. 
While writing this guide and (painstakingly) creating putting too much effort into that image, I reached enough BLC coins to purchase the area and discovered my assumption was incorrect, it does not harm you. 
The caption on the ice leaves said they CAN hurt, ok? 
I was lead on. 
Have fun skinny dipping into lava though. 

Here we come to an end for Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game Live in the volcano without spending 75 million BLC coins! hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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