Lawn Mowing Simulator Valuables & Locations Guide

Lawn Mowing Simulator Valuables & Locations Guide 1 -
Lawn Mowing Simulator Valuables & Locations Guide 1 -

I decided to post these here to make it a little easier for me to keep track of these while in game. Hopefully it’ll help you too.
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Valuables & Locations

Valuables are collected in the same way as items are during the ground check phase, but are usually found around the area and not on the lawn area.
54 Coville Street – Gardens – Headphones – On Garden Wall (path next to BBQ)
59 Coville Street – Garden Lawns – Key card Lanyard – Back Garden on the BBQ
64 Coville Street – Rear Lawns – Laptop – On the Gazebo Rail
Adam’s Apple Co. – Orchard – Headphones – Right side of the starting point on a wooden wall
Crossley Riding School – Rear Lawns – Trophy – On the Central Fountain
Hilltop House – Davies or Jefferson Garden – Car Keys – On the Silver Car that is outside
Hilltop House – Garden – Tablet PC – On Wall behind garden chairs on the patio
Miller Brook – Garden – Laptop – On the Picnic Table that’s on its own mini patio in the lawn
Ripley Park – All Locations – Headphones – On the Gate to the Playground
Ripley Park – All Locations – Mobile Phone – Big metal Gazebo on the circular bench.
Rowley Manor – Rear Garden – Wallet – On the wall behind the bush on the right of the steps to the lawn
Weaver’s Square – Parkland – Sunglasses – On Bin next to the Gate opposite your van (look in the direction your van is facing, and you’ll see the gate)
Westwell Castle – Lower Bandstand Garden – Headphones – On the Ground in the Bandstand
Westwell Castle – Sloping Gardens & Formal Garden – Camera – On the 3rd Lion Statue

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