Landlord’s Super Gameplay Tutorial for New Players in 2021

Landlord’s Super Gameplay Tutorial for New Players in 2021 1 -
Landlord’s Super Gameplay Tutorial for New Players in 2021 1 -
A quickly rushed together guide to help beginners through the game.
I’m working on making the guide better and more in-depth as time goes on.




Day 1

Once you hit New Game you’ll be given a little background and offered your first choice; 

  • Your fathers immigration documents read “HMT Windrush” 
  • Your fathers immigration documents read “Displaced Persons”

After choosing you’ll wake up in your Caravan, as you try to leave a few items will be shoved through your letterbox. 
Click them to pick them up, read through them if you like, there’ll be your Loan Agreement, Property Deed and a Job Centre leaflet. 
Once you have finished reading everything, you’ll be given the keys to your Construction Site and your Notebook. To access your Notebook, you have to physically look down to your pocket to select it, the same applies to your tools later on. 
Holding ‘Tab’ will show the UI where you can see the current temperature, time, date, season, year and cash. 
You’ll also find your stats; 

  • Energy – The main stat to pay attention to, if this reaches zero you will pass out and be mugged. 
  • Bowels – You’ll need to visit the toilet from time to time. 
  • Hygiene – If this get’s too low, people will have a negative response to you. 
  • Sobriety – The lower this is, the more difficulty you’ll have aiming anything.

You can restore your Energy by sleeping or drinking, but drinking will lower your Sobriety and fill your bowels. Hygiene will cause some negative character responses when it’s too low, to raise your Hygiene level you can take a shower, smoke a cigarette or stand out in the rain. 
Now you can leave your Caravan and enter West Berklands, your Construction Site is in Lakeside and the main town is Sheffingham. You can use the Bus Stop to fast-travel between the two, it costs 10 pence and 5 minutes to take the bus or 5 energy and 20 minutes to walk. 
Once outside your Caravan you’ll notice some scallywag trying to break in to your Construction Site, go have a chat with him and send him on his way. Once you have dispatched Jimmy, you can open up the gates to your glorious empire. Take a minute to look around and assess the work that needs doing. 
Now you can head towards Sheffingham, follow the road around to the right. Your first stop should be the Job Centre, there will be 2 jobs available on the job boards. 
Collect both of them, but pay particular attention to the one titled “Dogsbody Needed!” as this is the job for you, upon leaving the Job Centre you will be ambushed by Winston who will inform you that the other job (Driver Needed!) is his, you can argue about it if you like but you cannot progress very far until you let him have the job. Once you have given him the job quickly go and visit Reggie who is standing outside Ronson Bros (Sheffingham) Ltd, He’ll thank you for helping out Winston and inform you he has had a Skip delivered to your property. At some point before 19:00 you will need to go back home to dismiss Winston
Finally for the day, you need to go to the Derelict House to complete the job you still have possession of. It is round the corner past the Job Centre and over the bridge, you can identify it by the “Rave On” graffiti above the door. 
Talk to Jimmy and he will explain the job, break in to the house and conveniently throw his back out. All you have to do is collect the 3 items of junk inside and place them in his Wheelbarrow
Once this job has been completed you have done all you can for the day, so take the rest of the day to explore and maybe start ‘acquiring’ supplies from around town. Unless you plan to go legit and buy everything you need. 

Day 2

When you awake on day 2 you’ll have some more mail to go through, a Rag and Bone Man leaflet, a note from Jimmy and a note from Tamsin about a new job available at the Job Centre
To use the Rag and Bone Man service, simply throw anything you don’t want or need in the Skip and you will be paid a small fraction of it’s worth the following day. 
The note from Jimmy is explaining he didn’t earn enough to pay you, but he is giving you his Wheelbarrow, which can be found outside you caravan. 
So head back in to town (bring your Wheelbarrow, you’ll need it later) to collect the new job from the Job Centre, then head into The Anchor Tavern to speak with Tamsin about becoming the new potwash. You’ll have to come here to work anytime you need cash, but she wont allow you to work unless your Sobriety is 100%. 
For your first shift put in 6 hours to net yourself £24, this is for the tools you need to buy for the next section. Then do some more ‘acquiring’ supplies with the rest of your energy/time. I suggest making a visit to the backyard of house 9 to ‘accidentaly misplace’ some foundation supplies. 
You’ll be needing: 

  • Aggregate 
  • Sand 
  • Cement 
  • Wood Plank 
  • Foundation Spike

Pile as much of this as you can in to your Wheelbarrow, then come back for anything you miss. 
**When you need to buy things, for all your tools (blue book) you’ll have to physically visit Ronnie Ronson’s Midlands Tool Store, for any supplies (red book) you can either visit Ronson Bros (Sheffingham) Ltd or use the Phone Box by your Construction Site and for decorating and furniture (beige book) you can only use the Phone Box.** 

Laying Foundations

Time to start renovating that house, the first thing you’ll need to do is lay a foundation in the small square in the floor. Hopefully you’ve collected the supplies I suggested in the previous section, so now you need to make a quick visit in to town and become the proud new owner of: 

  • A Hammer 
  • A Bucket 
  • A Hand-Powered Cement Mixer*

*You could save up for the Petrol-Powered Cement Mixer if you prefer. 
The Cement Mixer and Bucket both require carrying by hand so will need a trip each, although you can use the bus to speed the process up. 
Now back at your Construction Site start with a Foundation Spike, place it in the ground but pay attention to the little arrow above it, this is the direction the next spike has to be added (right click to change the direction of the arrow), continue to place a marker in each corner. Once the four markers are in place, grab your Wood Plank and place it over the exposed edge of the hole and use your Hammer to secure it with a nail (yes for some reason a single nail does the trick), you’ll know you’ve done it right when a grid appears. 
Now to prepare your Concrete, you can experiment with the mix and see what quality of Concrete you can make. You’ll need: 

  • Cement 
  • Sand 
  • Aggregate 
  • Water

Add each ingredient into your Cement Mixer and mix away. You’ll need 36 litres of Concrete to fill the small area in your foundation, but don’t worry if you make too much, you can buy a Storage Bucket to keep it fresh. Once you have a mix you’re happy with, take your Cement Mixer over to the foundation and pour in your mix. Your Notebook should update when you’re done. 
The amount of time needed for the Concrete to set varies depending on the mix and the weather, but it should be ready by the next day, so again use any spare time/energy you have gathering supplies or working to fill your wallet. 


Now to fix up those walls, the game will tell you to complete the interior and exterior brickwork at seperate times, but since the method is the same, I’ll cover both in this one section. 
Firstly, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Bricks 
  • Breeze Blocks 
  • Sand 
  • Cement 
  • Pointing Trowel

Your Bricks are located behind the broken wall outside The Anchor Tavern, you can also find a bag of Cement and a bag of Sand towards the rear of the tavern. 
Your Breeze Blocks are found near the mining facility, a few just outside it’s walls, the rest are around some Scaffolding across the road (you’ll have to do a bit of hedge jumping to get there), you’ll also find more Sand and Cement here too. 
You will also need to buy yourself a Pointing Trowel and optionally, a Work Platform, the Work Platform will make laying the higher Breeze Blocks easier. 
Now to experiment with a Mortar mix, you’ll need; 

  • Cement 
  • Sand 
  • Water

Again, don’t worry if you make too much, you can use a Storage Bucket to keep it fresh for later. 
Then grab your shiny new Trowel and load up with Mortar from the Cement Mixer or Storage Bucket, start splatting down blobs of Mortar where needed (right click to rotate or change the blob size) then right click on a highlighted blob to smooth it out, left click to pick it back up if you misplace it. 
Then grab your Bricks and/or Breeze Blocks and place them on the smoothed out Mortar (you can place them on a blob of Mortar but they will not sit correctly). Pay close attention to the half size gaps, you should hopefully have a half Brick and a half Breeze Block from your pilfering runs. 
If you don’t have enough for some reason (they broke, got absorbed by the terrain or pinged off into space) unfortunately you’re going to have to buy an entire pallet full because you can’t buy single Bricks
If you lost one of the half Bricks then unfortunately again you’re going to have to fork out for a Brick Bolster or a Stone Cutter, you might even want to splurge on a Pallet Truck too, to make unloading those deliveries easier. 
Once you lay the final Brick and Breeze Block your Notebook will update accordingly. 


On to the No-Fines walls, you’ll again need to experiment with ingredients to refine your mix (or use the Additional Notes section below), you’ll need: 

  • Cement 
  • Aggregate 
  • Water

Once you’re happy with your mix, load up your Trowel and patch up any walls with gaps or damage. The walls that need fixing up are random per playthrough. Store any left-over No-Fines in a Storage Bucket for later. 


Time to get to work on that roof (if it is raining/snowing move on and come back here on a sunny day, you can’t grip on the roof in bad weather). 
You’re going to need: 

  • A Ladder 
  • Tarred Planks 
  • Shingles 
  • Curved Shingles

You can ‘relcoate’ a Ladder from town and the roofing supplies you need can also be ‘borrowed’ from the Church roof, but you’ll need to assemble some Scaffolding to access them and use your Hammer to tap the Shingles to loosen them and remove the nails from the Tarred Planks
Back at your Construction Site you’ll need to place the Ladder or erect some Scaffolding to gain access to the roof. Once you’re on the roof the first thing to do is remove the tarpaulin that is up there, click the four pegs to free the tarpaulin then click it to grab it and dump it in the Skip
Grab your Tarred Planks and start placing them on the roof, you’ll get a loose placement highlight to determine the height, once you click to lock that in the highlight will remain and allow you to move left or right to precisely position the Tarred Planks, then secure them in place with a nail in each end. 
Now for the tiling, grab your Shingles and place them where needed using the highlight to position them as best you can, right-click to rotate if needed, then left-click to lock them in place. 
As soon as the last Shingle is in place your Notebook will update. 

Glazing and Doors

Now for the quickest and easiest part of the renovation, fitting some windows and doors on your house, again I have yet to find these out in the wild so you’re going to have to put in some more hours at The Anchor Tavern to buy: 

  • A Screwdriver 
  • 1 Front Door 
  • 1 Back Door 
  • 1 Large Window 
  • 1 Small Window 
  • 3 Medium Windows 
  • 5 Interior Doors or Door Frames

You can only have 2 Doors, Windows or Door Frames delivered at a time so be prepared to visit that Phone Box several times. 
Once you have picked the colour of your Doors and/or Door Frames you can put them and your Windows in place. Doors, Door Frames and Windows each have four screws in the frame to secure them to your house, the Doors also have an additional four screws in each hinge. 
Once you have all of them screwed in place your Notebook will update, but the Doors will not close unless all the hinge screws are in correctly, but finally your house is starting to look like a house. A least from the outside. 

Plastering the Walls

Preparing the inside of your house is fairly easy, the only required item is a stack of Plasterboard. Since the plasterboard mechanics were updated I haven’t found any you can steal out in the world, So you’ll need to put in a few potwash shifts to buy the Plasterboard you need. 
How many you need depends on your own personal preference, you only need to cover the wooden frames to complete the task in your Notebook, but you can also place Plasterboard on all of the interior walls if you prefer, but we’ll get to this later. 
Placing your Plasterboard is as easy as picking it up and pointing at the area you want to place it. You’ll need to secure each piece with a nail or two, I personally use a single nail at the top of each piece, this is save hassle later in the game. 
When you have completely covered the wooden frames, your Notebook will update, but you can continue to cover the rest of your walls if you prefer. 


Decorating your house is where the game really lets you go free, There are a variety of Paint colours available from Ronnie Ronson’s Midlands Tool Store and you only need to buy each colour once, unless you mix custom colours in your Storage Buckets. You’ll also need to buy the Paint Brush Set to apply the Paint to your walls. 
If you don’t feel like painting, you can opt for Wallpaper instead, there are a few design and colour variations available by browsing the IQ’ERE catalogue at the Phone Box. Each purchase will give you 25 rolls of your chosen Wallpaper and 1 roll will cover 1 piece of Plasterboard no matter the size of the Plasterboard
Flooring is the next step and again you’ll need to browse the IQ’ERE catalogue to see the available options. You have a selection of Carpet and Wooden Flooring colours, and a plethora of colours and styles of Tiling
To place the flooring, you need line-of-sight to the start and end point of the area you want to cover, but the flooring will go under and furniture you may have in your house. When you click on the start point, you will be locked in place until you have confirmed the placement by holding down the mouse button on the end point. So make sure you have line-of-sight to both points and can reach both points from a single spot. 
Any flooring items can also be placed on walls for more customization, but flooring degrades at a different rate to Plasterboard so you may find you have damaged Plasterboard on your walls that you cannot see with flooring items on the walls. Making your bedroom into a padded cell with white Carpet on the floor and walls is nice though. 

Fixings & Furnishings

To complete your Notebook and the current content of the game you will need to find or buy the following items for your house: 

  • A Cooker 
  • A Table 
  • A Chair 
  • A Cupboard 
  • A Sink 
  • A Toilet 
  • A Shower 
  • A Sofa 
  • A TV 
  • A Bed 
  • A Wardrobe 
  • A Fridge

I have not yet found A Shower out in the world yet, so it must be purchased from the IQ’ERE catalogue as far as I can tell. 
Most items only need to be placed inside your house, but the kitchen units will need to be screwed into the floor. Once you have at least one of each item in your house your Notebook will update. After this point, the next time you sleep until morning you’ll get a “business opportunity” through your letterbox. 
When you have received this visit the M&Sons Office where you’ll be offered a tenant finding service and for the low, low price of £1000 (added to your debt) you’ll be given the Storage Lot behind your Caravan


After Visiting the M&Sons Office you’ll receive a tenant application every morning that your property is in liveable condition and is unoccupied. 
Each tenant comes with a Neglect rating, a Satisfaction rating and how much you’ll receive per day and length of tenancy. 
While you have a tenant, be sure to fix any damage they cause if you want them to pay up. You can collect the rent as you need it by knocking on the door, or by waiting until the tenant vacates the property and posts what they owe through your letterbox. 

Extra Jobs

Days when you have nothing to do, you can visit the Job Centre to find a job. 
There are 3 jobs currently available, Fixing Tamsin‘s wall, Laying a foundation for Kashmiran or Repairing the Church roof for Totter
Fixing the Church is simple enough, all the supplies you need are available at the site (unless you ‘permanently borrowed’ them), just bring your trusty Hammer and follow the same steps as before. Once finished your Notebook will update and you can speak to Totter for your reward. A Cassette Tape labelled “The Normals” and a Cassette Player if you don’t already have one. 
Fixing Tamsin‘s Wall is just as simple, all the bricks you need are available and there is a bag of Cement and a bag of Sand behind The Anchor Tavern (unless you decided to ‘TWOC’ them). You’ll just need your own Water, Cement Mixer and Trowel. Lay the Bricks as before, get your Notebook update and speak to Tamsin for your reward. A Cassette Tape labelled “Mix for Tamsin” and a Cassette Player if you don’t already have one. 
Laying Kashmiran‘s foundation will again require your own Cement Mixer but all other supplies are at the site (unless you ‘purloined’ them earlier). Following the steps you used at your own Construction Site, lay the foundation and get your Notebook update. You can then talk to Kashmiran either at the Job Centre or by knocking on her door after 5pm. She’ll reward you with a Cassette Tape labelled “Correspondent Demo Tape” and a Cassette Player if you don’t already have one. 
You can also find a Blank Cassette in Jimmy‘s car along with a Cassette Player if you don’t already have one. You can use the Blank Cassette to play your own music (replace the files in “[DRIVE]\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Landlord’s Super\LandlordsSuper_Data\StreamingAssets\Tape4” with your own .wav files and name them track_01.wav, track_02.wav etc.) 

Additional Notes

I’m keeping this section for general tips and info. 

Prime Mixes (4000 PSI)

Prime Concrete Mix (250 Litres) 

  • 37.5 Litres of Cement 
  • 62.5 Litres of Sand 
  • 125 Litres of Aggregate 
  • 25 Litres of Water

Prime Mortar Mix (250 Litres) 

  • 37.5 Litres of Cement 
  • 187.5 Litres of Sand 
  • 25 Litres of Water

Prime No-Fines Mix (250 Litres) 

  • 25 Litres of Cement 
  • 150 Litres of Aggregate 
  • 75 Litres of Water


Written by Jolly Bodger

Hope you enjoy the post for Landlord’s Super Gameplay Tutorial for New Players in 2021, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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