Lambda Wars Combine strategical tips.

Lambda Wars Combine strategical tips. 1 -
Lambda Wars Combine strategical tips. 1 -
Some tips I’ve picked up for our favorite supressive overlords from playing the game a bit.



The rollout is an extremely important piece of every game. Your rollout can determine if you win or lose in certain situations. Rollouts are pretty simple, but here’s how I usually like to do mine: 
1. Build energy core. 
2. While energy core is building, buy 1 more stalker and 3 loyal citizens. 
3. When new stalker gets bought, send this stalker to the nearest scrap reserves; place down energy collectors on all scrap piles. 
4. When citizens get bought, send them to the closest flags, each one going to a different flag. 
5. Build a battery, or a couple batteries. 
6. Hopefully you’ll still have enough requisition to make a garrison, if you do, build a garrison. 
7. Once the stalker finishes the energy producers, bring him back to home base, you’ll be using him to build future buildings. 
That basically wraps up how to efficiently prepare yourself for the game to come. 
Feel completely free to make adjustments based on the current situation, if you feel like you need more stalkers or citizens, go right ahead, this is just how I do it. 


Earlygame is also important, how this goes will effect how much ground you hold. 
Assuming you have atleast 1-2 flags captured, you should make it a priority to upgrade those flags; this makes them significantly harder to capture. 
Get an armory ASAP, this will allow you to make use of all the utility this unit has to offer: the civil protection unit. 
When you get the armory, research floor turrets. 
Use your garrison to make SMG civil protection. 
These civil protection can be applied to nearly any situation, and are best used in locking down certain points. 
Set up the turrets in areas you find your enemies commonly showing up in, and use it to defend certain flags. 
These guys are going to be VERY useful to you in earlygame, as they are cheap and a great defensive option. 
I’d set up a couple of turrets on your furthest out flag, this will deter enemy forces from trying to take it earlygame, leaving more of a window to upgrade it. It also provides 2 targets for the enemies to focus on, the turret and civil protection will both be doing damage. 
Manhacks deployed by civil protection don’t really have much defensive use, good for scouting and good for earlygame offense, so it can distract and thin numbers. 
Outside of this, I’d also consider getting a mechanical factory (apologies if it’s not called that, it’s that thing that can make manhacks and stuff) for some offensive rushes, although this isn’t required, it can save you a bit of requisition ’cause no civil protection will die from this. 
Assuming all goes well, you should have a point defended and protected by turrets. Consider the covered area a temporary “safe area” as rebels won’t be able to push through yet. Further units should be sent to provide backup. 


Midgame is around when it starts to ramp up, things start heating up a little, and the demand gets higher for powerful units. It’s beneficial to build quite a few batteries here, and upgrade your population cap. If you find yourself low on requisition, upgrade/capture more flags. If you find yourself low on energy, send some stalkers out to the 2nd closest scrap dump to set up more energy generators. Midgame should be focused on getting more requisition and getting synth factories. There’s a button in the citadel that says “Combine faction abilities” in there, it shows a picture of a dropship. Hover your cursor over the dropship and check all of the requirements for it. You should try to build all of the buildings on this list as fast as you possibly can, unless there are some dire circumstances that require your immediate attention. Outside of all of this, I would maybe research AR2 around now, and I might send out a few AR2 overwatch soldiers to my furthest point just to be absolutely sure it doesn’t get taken. I’d also use these AR2 overwatch soldiers as a kind of “spearhead” to repel against attacks to your flag, and to capture more flags. 
If you manage to get a synth factory, start making yourself striders ASAP, if you have an abundance of resources, start making multiple synth factories ASAP. 


You made it far! You should have a large abundance of resources, and you should be focusing more heavily on your striders. IF you have already met the requirements of the dropship in combine factions tab, send it out to your furthest point. At this point, if I have not already, I would completely max out my population cap, and I would focus on producing: 
– Synth factories. 
– Garrisons. 
– Field units (AR2 overwatch soldiers suggested.) 
– Striders. 
Try to make as many striders and as many field units as possible. Upgrade the 15 overwatch soldiers deployed from the airwatch with AR2, then use them as another “spearhead” to go around and attack flags. 
Make the rebels focus on those 15 overwatch soldiers. Make the rebels want to take them out. Wear down their offensive capabilities. 
All the while, you are mass-producing striders and MORE overwatch soldiers back at base. 
Make all of the striders and overwatch soldiers at home base group up into one gigantic group. This is your own army, this is what you will use to continue the fight to their home base. 
Once you are satisfied with your army (I suggest 15 AR2 soldiers and 6 striders at the least) 
retract whatever is left of your previous spearhead you got from the airwatch, combine these 2 groups to make an army that makes the 7 hour war jealous. 
Make sure they all stay in a group and have them march towards the enemy base. 
Rip and tear. Cross your fingers that you hold through and thwart the enemy. 
Pay attention to the airwatch recharge. 15 more combine soldiers can turn an unsuccessful push into a successful one. 
Hopefully you will win from this final push. 


Some tips and tricks I found while squashing enemy like bug. 
– If you are fighting rebels, pay CLOSE attention to their units. If they like using vortigaunts, make sure that you send your striders in with backup, as vortigaunts are a counter to striders. 
– If you want to use headcrab canisters, put them behind cover but close to where you want to strike. Send in a rollermine that doesn’t have the command to attack. The durability will give you plenty of time to launch your shells before it gets taken out. 
– Striders are best used with other units. Striders are good on their own, but can be countered. Give the enemies lots of targets and use the strider to support friendly units by doing extra DPS and using dark energy shots to take out high priority/high health targets. 
– ALWAYS use synths. Synths make the game so much easier for you, and it’s alot more of a challenge when you can’t send a unit with 1125 health with a death cannon mounted onto it. 
– Lay off of the civil protection when you get to mid-late game, rely more heavily on overwatch, this is as the civil protection will prove less and less useful as time goes on, good for some defence and you still can use them, but it’s best to use the overwatch. 


I really hope this helps you on your journey to dominating as combine! Remember: keep spamming those striders! 

Here we come to an end for Lambda Wars Combine strategical tips. hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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