Kritika:REBOOT [WIP] A Guide for Raid 6: The Library of Memories

Kritika:REBOOT [WIP] A Guide for Raid 6: The Library of Memories 1 -
Kritika:REBOOT [WIP] A Guide for Raid 6: The Library of Memories 1 -
This guide will be updated as more is learned about the bosses. It currently only contains (most of) the bare minimum of knowledge required to clear the raid.




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The number in brackets next to a stage name is the mandatory party size. 
There’s a resurrection limit of 4 for each stage. 
If you’re scared of fps drops due to running with 4 people, turn off character effects. 

Step 1



Left Main Stage [2]


Boss: Mr. Riddle

When he goes invulnerable, he’ll create four colored zones on the ground with fruit icons inside them. Another fruit icon will then flash above his head like a roulette before stopping on a single fruit. Both players then have to enter one of the zones with the corresponding fruit (remember, they have to enter a different zone, as there will always be two zones corresponding to the correct fruit, if both players enter the same zone, it will count as a wrong choice) 

Right Main Stage [2]


Boss: Laksha

Information regarding this boss may be incomplete 
This boss’ mechanic is a “test of comradery”. One of the players inside will get silenced, slowed, and will start having boulders rise from the ground beneath them every two seconds or so. Touching one of these boulders means certain death, as they explode on contact. A horde of enemies will also begin to spawn, and the mechanic will seemingly end when the other player (one who doesn’t have the boulders) manages to get all of the enemies close enough to themselves. (this is very easy to do with something like Brei) 

Top Main Stage [4]


Boss: Magusmagi

This guy has two main mechanics. One will have him conjure four books in a large magic circle around him. The players must then activate all of these books within a short time in order to continue the fight. 
The second one involves pushing all of the players to one side of the arena. They must quickly make their way to the opposite end and simultaneously press four buttons. All the while, Magus will send moving walls of ice towards the party. These deal damage and push you backwards, making it difficult to reach the other side while avoiding them. It seems to be possible to iframe the initial push to avoid getting stunned, allowing you to quickly run to the other side before the ice walls start to spawn. 

Step 2



Left Main Stage [4]


Boss: Omen

To start the fight, the four lanterns on the edges of the arena must all be activated within a five second window. 
This same action has to be repeated when he goes into the center. This time however you are hindered by Omen’s tendrils. They can move in two patterns, either popping out from the ground underneath players, or moving in unison across the arena. In any case, they deal a lot of damage, so position yourself carefully. 

Right Main Stage [4]


Boss: Destructor

Information regarding this boss may be incomplete 
Once again you have to interact with several altars on the edges to start the fight. This time however, the necessary number seems to be 3. 
This is likely because during the fight, a player may be marked as a sacrifice. If they stay one for too long, it’s safe to say not many good things will happen. This player must head to an available altar to cleanse themselves. (these have a fairly long cooldown for interacting so try to get to them as soon as you can) 

Top Main Stage [4]


Boss: Kesus

Throughout the fight, colored orbs will manifest on the edges and move towards Kesus. Collect these to prevent him from attaining buffs: 

  • Blue: Bonus defense for 10 seconds 
  • Red: Bonus attack for 10 seconds 
  • Green: Restores about 1% of his health

The mechanic involves him going to the center, and four zones being marked on the arena (by a green circle). Dark projectiles will come out of these spots and move towards Kesus. Players must body block these to absorb them, as it seems that even collecting a very small amount will have him do an arena-wide instakill and restore his health completely. 



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special thanks to Medyuria(?) (메듀이리아) for good videos 
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gl with your drops i suppose 

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