King Arthur’s Gold Achievement Guide

King Arthur’s Gold Achievement Guide 1 -
King Arthur’s Gold Achievement Guide 1 -
Guide describing how to get most achievements



While hunting for achievements, I’ve found that the instructions to get them varied from one forum to the other. 
On top of that, some are very obscure to guess (like it took me a while to get ‘The captain’ for example). 
This guide list most of the “hard-to-get” achievements. 

Populate a private server

Found out about this trick pretty late in the game. 
Turns out you can actually host a private server and populate it with YOURSELF as much as you like. 
Example (me, myself and I going for the ‘Mass extinction’ achievement) : 
King Arthur's Gold Achievement Guide 
Steps to follow : 
1. Configure your private server by following those instructions : 
2. Change the “sv_maxplayers” to something above 10 (I used 15) 
3. Optional : you can also delete the script that kicks out Away From Keyboard (AFK) players : 
4. Launch the game in Steam (it’ll be the window that does the achievements) 
5. In the “King Arthur’s Gold” folder (where the ‘autoconfig.cfg’ file is), open KAG.exe, login and join the private server (if you don’t have a login, don’t forget to finish linking your account) 
King Arthur's Gold Achievement Guide 
6. Repeat step 4) as many times as you need it (I had 9 KAG.exe running at the same time for ‘Mass extinction’). The new “players” should show up on your server. 
I get that this part can be tricky so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate. 

An African or European chicken?

“Test the air-speed velocity of a laden chicken” 
For this one, you have to pick a chicken and get catapulted while holding it. 

Animal warfare

Animals you need to use : 
– bison 
– chicken 
– fish 
– shark 
“use” can mean a number of things but for the bison and the shark, it was enough to “ride them” (go on top of them and press the key for “down”) without taming them. 

Black knight

“Kill the Princess” 
Can be done in solo mode. Note that you have to kill Sedgwick too. 
The achievement will unlock once you’re back in the main menu. 

Flower Power

“Eat a flower” 
For this one, you need to find a map that has flowers on it : 
King Arthur's Gold Achievement Guide 
Then, you need to lose some health (in my case, I let an archer hit me with one arrow) and then go on the flower. The achievement should unlock. 

For King and Bounty!

“Reach 500 coins at a time” 
I got to be honest with this one, I don’t know how I unlocked it. I was fooling around in an online sandbox server and it popped up. I didn’t even have 500 coins on me. 


“Return your team’s flag 5 times” 
See ‘Huscarl’ 

Hit and run

“Run over an enemy with a vehicle” 
Pretty straightforward, I did it with a catapult in sandbox mode. 


“Return your team’s flag 20 times” 
Can easily be done on a private server. 


“Ride your tamed bison” 
For this one, you need to be two players minimum for the Take The Halls (TTH) game to start or the bakery will not unlock. 
Steps to follow : 
1. Find/host a game TTH game. 
2. Find a map with a bison (I used MiddleIsland) 
3. Build a bakery as soon as possible 
4. Pick up a burger 
5. Rush to the middle of the island 
6. Throw the burger at the bison 
7. Jump on it and press ‘down’ (‘S’ key by default) to ride it 

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Man the oars!

“Man them!” 
You need at least two players on a boat, rowing in the same direction. I’ve unlocked it on a warboat with just another player. 

Mass Extinction

“Kill 5 enemies with 1 keg” 
With a private server populated with yourself, it becomes a piece of cake : 

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No Challenge At All

“Complete 10 Challenge mode maps” 
This one has to be done on the online servers. 
I first tried to do them in the solo mode but didn’t see any progress on the achievements. 
Note that you don’t need to suceed in the challenges to unlock the achievement. I failed lamentably in most challenges (failed 8 out of 10) but unlocked the achievement anyway. 


“Make love, not war” 
When someone dies, he drops a heart. If you’re at full health, you can pick it up. 
The achievement pops up when you throw the heart to an enemy. 

Power Napper

“Take a nap in a quarters” 
To be able to take a nap in the quarters, you need to be hurt (only the ‘buy’ action shows up if you’re at full health). 
King Arthur's Gold Achievement Guide 

Professional Driver

“Ride in every vehicle” 
Can only be done on an online or a private server (I tried offline sandbox, didn’t work). 
List of vehicles you need to ride : 
– Ballista 
– Catapult 
– Dinghy 
– Longboat 
– Warboat 
King Arthur's Gold Achievement Guide 

Royal Cook

“Carry 4 burgers in your backpack at a time” 
Best way to do it : in Take The Halls (TTH) mode, build a bakery as soon as possible (it requires at least a player in each team). Grab all the burgers produced. 


“Defuse a mine” 
As a builder, hit a mine with your pickaxe until it is destroyed. 

Shark Whisperer

“Kill an enemy with a tamed shark” 
Steps to follow : 
1. Pick up a shark by riding it (spam the ‘Down’ button, it’s ‘S’ by default) 
2. Throw it on the ground (so out of water) 
3. Jump on it and kill someone 
You have to be fast because either the shark will get you off its back or you’ll end up with the shark in your hands again 


“Buy something at an enemy shop” 
Did it on an empty online CTF server, I just strolled into the enemy camp and bought a lamp from one of their builder workshops. 
Could be done more easily on a private server though. 

Sunny with a chance of SHARK!

“Catapult a shark” 
Steps to follow : 
1. Host a private server and load the ‘Skinney_Typhoon’ map in Capture The Flag mode. 
2. Enable cheat codes by opening the terminal (press ‘Home’) and typing ‘/sv_test 1’. 
3. Summon a catapult by typing ‘!catapult’ in the chat. 
4. Ride the shark by pressing ‘Down’ (‘S’ key by default) on top of it (I spammed the down button until my character picked it up). 
5. Load the shark in the catapult (‘E’ key by default) 
6. FIRE !!! 

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The Captain

“Go down with a sinking warboat” 
Took me a while to figure out you had to die for this one : 

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The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

“Kill 3 people with 1 bomb” 
See ‘Mass Extinction’. 

What’s yours is Mine

“Steal an enemy’s mine” 
When a mine is dropped, there are a few moments before the spikes come out. It’s during this short time that you have to pick it up. 
Easiest way to do it is to have an enemy drop it next to you. 

White knight

“Save the Princess” 
Can be done in solo mode. Kill Sedgwick and reach the princess at the top of the tower. 

Written by D Sonla

Hope you enjoy the post for King Arthur’s Gold Achievement Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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