Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode

Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode 1 -
Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode 1 -
This game mode is a way of playing the game which i and a bunch of friends made up a few years ago, it does require a decent knowledge of the perk system and which guns belong to which perk if you wish to play it to its fullest potential.


What is scavenger?

As stated in the description of this guide Scavenger is a game mode me and a few friends made up years ago, with one objective in mind, to add an extra layer of difficulty to the game, bored of being able to easilly go through HOE without dying? or wanting to get off one difficulty but the next one up is too hard for you? try doing this instead. 
The only consistent rule throughout this game mode is you have to use the items that are found on the floor of the map, (as a note this is why I recommend only doing the official maps as they all have guns, ammo and armour scattered around the map. 

Added difficulty and other add-on modes

as the base rules say only use the items found on the floor BUT with different difficulty levels of this “game mode” you can change the difficulty of how its played. 
No perk 
This one is self explanatory, you cant use any perks in the game, this would only be really achievable on custom self hosted servers/solo 
Beginning and End Trader 
This allows you to use the Trader at the beginning only to buy ammo and vest and the end of the game on the patriarch to buy weapons 
Weapon Lock out 
This only really applies to the Beginning and End mode where you lock out certain weapons (such as the ZED gun due to its radar) 
Perk Lock 
This as the name suggests locks you to ONE perk the entire game, this can either be set as part of the group, your highest perk or the perk that you think is most useful to the game (such as having firebug for the flame grenades) 
Perk Switch 
This is kind of opposite to perk lock but this you are allowed to change perk mid game (between rounds only) to fit the gun that you have found (such as the bulpup for example) 
Perk Switch V2 
This is entirely the opposite of Perk Lock in the regards of you must change perk after each round, simple as that 
Solo Scavenger 
This one would be harder to do on a public server as there are still people who play it but its basically the same as everything else just harder, because as the trader says “your on your own” 

The perks

Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode - The perks 
I’m just putting this part in to remind people what the perks are, or for any newbies who might be getting the game and wanting to add spice to what they are already playing to make it slightly more fun. 
As a note the only perks that you can play if you stick to the perk the weapon has is as follows 
9mm (and by extension Dual 9mm) 
Hand Cannon (and by extension Dual Hand Cannon) 
Bullpup (thats it) 
Fire Axe 
NOTE: I didn’t include medic and support specialist as you spawn with welder and healing gun at the start and if you have to respawn 

Written by Quickhakker

Here we come to an end for Killing Floor How to play Scavenger mode hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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