Killing Floor Field Medic Guide and analysis

Killing Floor Field Medic Guide and analysis 1 -
Killing Floor Field Medic Guide and analysis 1 -
In this guide we will be covering one of the most versatile and powerful perk in Killing floor 1 – Field Medic.


Fieild Medic’s base kit


Field Medic Level Healing points required to level up Syringe recharge speed bonus Syringe increased potency Bloat Bile Resistance Movement speed bonus Medic guns magazine increase Discont on medic guns Armor damage resistance Armor discount
0 0 10% 10% 10% 10% 75% 10%
1 200 25% 25% 25% 20% 77% 10% 20%
2 750 50% 25% 50% 5% 40% 79% 20% 30%
3 4000 75% 50% 50% 10% 60% 81% 30% 40%
4 12000 100% 50% 50% 15% 80% 83% 40% 50%
5 25000 150% 50% 75% 20% 100% 85% 50% 60%
6 100000 200% 75% 75% 25% 100% 87% 75% 70%

Note: Regardless of the Field Medic level he starts with healing grenades. On level 5, Field Medic starts with Armor, and on level 6 starts with Armor and MP7 Medic gun respectively. On Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties Field’s medic speed boost is reduced by 5% (for example level 6 Field Medic will have 20% speed boots on Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties instead of 25%)

Note that player’s movement speed is calculated by this formula:
(200*a*b)+[40-2c] Unreal Units per second(for instance 200 Unreal units per second is 8,52 miles per hour) , where a – player’s weight capacity that starts with 0.9913 with 1 kg carried and decreased by 0,87 per each additional kg(support’s additional weight capacity doesn’t makes you slower since even with 24 kg carried your multiplier will be 0,87 just like with other perks); b – player current health. On 100 health multiplier is 1 and is decreased by 0,03 with 1 health lost up to 0,703; c – equipped melee weapon weight (for knife it’s 0). Note that the melee speed boost will be applied only when holding melee weapons. This formula can be implied for all perks except Field Medic and Berzerker since first gets movement passive speed boost and second gets additional melee speed boots.
For level 6 Field medic this formula will look like this 1.25*((200*a*b)+[40-2c]) on lower difficulties and 1.2*((200*a*b)+[40-2c]) on Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties.

Field Medic’s weapons

Healing grenades

Regardless of the Field Medic’s level, healing grenades will deal the same amount of damage to any zed – 50 damage per second(100 for the Fleshpound). Any player that will enter healing gas will be healed each 0.1 second’s. Also active healing grenades will be destroyed by siren’s screams.

MP7 Medic gun

First and the cheapest medic gun in Field Medic’s arsenal. MP7 damage per shot is 25. Default magazine size is 20 and will be increased up to 40 at Level 5, full dart recharge rate starts at 14 seconds and will be reduced up to 5 seconds at Level 6, healing per dart is 20 by default and will be increased up to 35 at Level 6.MP7 weight is 3 kgs. Ammo capacity is 400 rounds. MP7 fire rate is approximately 952 RPM. Level 6 Field Medic starts with MP7 as well as Armor.

MP5 Medic gun

Second Field Medic’s medic gun. MP5 damage per shot is 30. Default magazine size is 32 and will be increased up to 64 at Level 5, full dart recharge rate starts at 9 seconds and will be reduced up to 3 seconds at Level 6, healing per dart is 30 by default and will be increased up to 52 at Level 6. MP5 weight is 3 kgs. Ammo capacity is 400 rounds. MP5 fire rate is 800 RPM.


Third and quite unique medic gun which has higher damage per shot but much slower fire rate. M7A3 damage per shot is 70. Default magazine size is 15 and will be increased up to 30 at Level 5, full dart recharge is similar to MP7, healing per dart is similar to MP5. M7A3 weights 6 kgs. Ammo capacity is 300 rounds. M7A3 fire rate is 361 RPM.


Fourth and the most powerful medic gun. It’s damage per shot is 40. Default magazine size is 25 and will be increased up to 50 at Level 5, full dart recharge is similar to MP5, healing per dart is the highest among all medic guns – 40 per dart and will be increased to up to 70 at Level 6. Schneidzekk weight is 3 kgs. Ammo capacity is 350 rounds. Schneidzekk fire rate is like MP7 – 952 RPM.

Blower Thrower Bile Launcher

Easily the worst Field Medic weapon. It’s concept is to spray Bloat’s bile making zeds retaliate any nearby Bloats. Low ammo capacity and accuracy, lack of healing darts makes it more a meme weapon rather than solid one.

Combat armor

Field Medic’s combat armor is clearly is the most durable in the game thanks to it’s damage resistance that gets up to 75% at Level 6. Full combat armor allows Field medic to tanks approximately from 500 to 636 damage depending who is the attacker( Patriarch and raged Fleshpound deals more damage to medic’s armor for unlisted reasons).

Field Medic’s role

Common stuff

Main purpose of Field medic – to patch wounded teammates. In addition Field medic should clean trash and medium zeds (clots, crawlers, stalkers, bloats, gorefasts, husks, and sirens). Without proper knowledge, Field Medic should never engage Scrake or Fleshpound. The last role of Field medic is meat-shield which should be done only if you have combat armor.

Advanced tricks

Although Field medic wasn’t build for killing big zeds, he certainly can do that in the pinch with the right load-outs and knowledge. Let’s look at each big zed individually.

  • Scrake: on lower difficulties Scrake is extremely easy to take with proper knowledge of his rage mechanic. On Beginner, Normal and Hard difficulties Scrake will rage when he has lost 50% of his base health. Please note that it doesn’t matter if damage was done to Scrake’s body or head as long as it meets 50% threshold of it’s body damage he will rage. To safely and easily take down Scrake on lower difficulties it’s recommended to always shoot Scrake’s head. With 1-3 players Scrake will rage with low head health if you were exclusively aiming at it. Giving his relatively ‘low’ rage speed in most cases you will kill him outright before he even gets chance to hit you. With 3-6 players dealing damage to Scrake’s head only won’t rage his since his head health with this amount of players is lower that 50% so in this case he will be decapitated.
    The best off perk weapon to use on Field medic to get rid of the Scrake on lower difficulties is Xbow since head-shot with it will stun Scrake and stun has no cool-down so it’s pretty easy to take down Scrake as medic with xbow. The next best weapon for that is Lever action rifle(aka Winchester). As an off perk weapon it deals 280 with each head-shot so even with low player amount you should have no problems killing Scrake.
    Moving on Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties things are starting to get tricky. Scrake will now rage after loosing 25% of it’s body health so the above mentioned methods won’t work cause even the almighty Xbow can’t stun Scrakes as an off-perk weapon, since Scrake has 50% resistance to Xbow head-shots. In order to take advantage of Scrake rage mechanics, it’s required to know exact numbers of damage threshold of damage that will rage Scrake.

    Player ammount/Difficulty Suicidal Hell on Earth
    1 385 441
    2 580 658
    3 774 876
    4 966 1097
    5 1160 1313
    6 1353 1531

    In this table is displayed how much damage has to be done in order to rage Scrake on Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulties depending on players amount.Note that in the case some of your teammates death all next spawned zeds health amount will be equal to alive players remaining which makes it’s extremely hard to tell which Scrake was spawned with 6 and which was with 4 for instance. So now does this information help us with Scrake take down. The method of Scrake elimination as Field Medic looks like it: pre-damage his head, rage Scrake, flinch* him with either Katana/Fire axe, finish him of with Schneidzekk medic gun. It’s the most common Scrake take down as Field medic. (Flinch – state when certain zeds’ attack will be interrupted but they will retain their ability to move. Flinch can be applied to Clot, Gorefast, Stalker and Scrake. In order to flinch Scrake more than 150 damage must be done in one hit). Also if you are using fire axe as Field medic it’s possible to stun Scrake with head back-stab hit(to stun Scrake 667 or more damage must be done in single hit).
    Please be aware that Field medic Scrake take down is extremely risky since you have to know exact Scrake health to make it clear so it’s recommended to take Scrake as Field medic only in emergencies.


  • Fleshpound: unlike Scrake take-down Fleshpound take-down as Field medic is pretty easy but very long. So let’s get into details. Fleshpound rage has 2 triggers: time and damage taken over time. If Fleshpound has you in his line of sight from 11 to 15 seconds and he didn’t attack he will rage but if he swings and either misses or hits timer will be reset. If Fleshpound has taken 360 or more damage in 2 seconds span he will rage. Both this triggers should be considered when we will be looking at Field Medic’s Fleshpound take-down. As Field Medic equipped with Fire axe/Katana your main goal is to hit Fleshpound’s head, make him swing and miss and repeat until he is decapitated. If you wonder how Field medic will be able to safely make Fleshpound miss his attacks the answer is his 2nd highest movement speed in the game. Your biggest threat while taking Fleshpound down is others zeds especially Clots who can grab you. Again like in the Scrake’s case, it’s not your business to be a big zed killer but you can do that if your load-out allows it and needs arises.


  • Patriarch: your main purpose will be a meat-shield if needed(with combat armor equipped of course), healing and damage dealing. Also it’s possible to lock Patriarch in his melee attacking phase by getting close to him(if he was charging while invisible or walking. Other wise he will always hit you), provoking his claw/tentacle attack and immediately backing up then repeat.


Recommended loadouts

I will mention load-outs both for new and experienced players.

  • Load-outs for beginners1.Lever action rifle, M7A3, MP5 or Schneidzekk medic gun.
    2.Xbow, MP5 or Schneidzekk medic gun, any pistol.

      • Loadouts for experienced players1.Fire axe, M7A3 or Lever action rifle, Schneidzekk medic gun.
        2.Xbow, Schneidzekk medic gun, Mk23 or Flare revolver.(This load-out is recommended for those who knows how to use ‘Scrake’s slow rage trick)
        3.Machete, Hunting shotgun, Xbow, Schneidzekk medic gun.
        4.Katana, Schneidzekk medic gun, M32



And that’s about it! Hope you will find this guide informative and useful. Take care and stay safe. Happy zed hunting!

Written by Scrake

This is all for Killing Floor Field Medic Guide and analysis hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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