Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP – Need updates)

Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP – Need updates) 1 -
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP – Need updates) 1 -
This guide aim to provide suggestion on which skills and weapons to choose in order to build your loadout in a functional way , It’s will be covering every single skill and weapons from each perks.

I might also make a french version of this guide.


Overall game advices


  1. Only pick off-perk weapons once you already have the on-perk weapons you need the most 
    HMtech 101 is an exception , because it’s cheap and only use 1 in weight , allow to heal allies and act as a better backup then a 9mm for most perk. 
  2. I recommend to get all the weapons you need before deciding if you want to upgrade something. 
    (it’s a big cash drain compared to how much it’s boost most weapon damage). 
  3. Weapons and ammo first and then armor. Don’t buy armor until you have at least a decent tier 3 or 4 weapon. 
  4. Make sure you have enough dosh to fill your weapons ammunition pool before buying a tier 4 gun … because guns without ammo are useless. 
  5. Avoid having too many players with the same perk. Sometime it’s okay to have certain things like two supports or two berzerkers but too much of the same perk can lead to an unbalanced team. 
  6. even if you don’t have a microphone there is a voice command wheels that allow you to communicate with your team. asking for help should mostly be used to signal Fleshpound , quarterpounds and Scrakes once they’ve close enough to be a threat. 
  7. practice to switch between your weapons , moving the last weapon used key to a more easy to access key can also help. 
  8. zeds advices 
    -most enemies has their head has a weak point yet some of them are differents 
    -rioter head is the most protected part of his body , better to shoot him in the back or legs 
    unless your weapon deal enough damage to break his armor quickly 
    -zeds under the Rioter buff have glowing eye’s effect 
    -Robots weak point is in it’s chest , its explode with an EMP effect when it’s battery is hit 
    -The lights that the fleshpound has on it’s chest is also a weakpoint 
    -scrakes are only a moderate a threat when left alone , they walk slowly and only attack nearby players 
    -scrake also perma rage once they’ve been dealt enough damage often making them more dangerous then fleshpound in this states 
    -quarterpound are much smaller then Fleshpound , less health and less damage output , 
    their weapons also have a different shapes. (they’re also easier to stun and stumble then both scrakes and flehspound) 
    -Fleshpound and scrakes are best to be dealt with as a team 
    -If the sharpshooter or swat have grenades they should be given a chance to freeze or stun the fleshpound or scrake before engaging them. 
    -Fleshpound rage last for as long they haven’t deal enough damages to the players. 
    you can parry his hit with a knife to reduce the damage taken from one of their rage which can be usefull when kiting and you know you can’t kill it before it’s reach you. 
    -Rioters are easy to deal with when they’re alone since they move slowly 
    -Sirens are a top priority targer because they can destroy grenades which can prevent a medic from healing everyone or a swat/zerk or sharpshooter from disabling big zeds


Berzerker skilltree

zerk skill tree presentation 
1.most skills on the left are made for a tank player 
2.most skills on the right are meant for an more agressive and mobile dps gameplay style 
Level 5 – survival 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
a huge flat 75% HP for zerk that like to stand their ground , block a door or when playing a map with tight corridors and limited movements options. 
the regen is not always helpfull but the 20% speed bonus make the game much easier when playing in large area or when the team need to kite due to the action getting out of controls. 
Level 10 combat – 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
Vampire (Situational) 
vampire is not bad but I don’t recommend it unless there is no medic or the current team medic is having a hard time healing everyone. 
Butcher (Recommended) 
faster swing and more damage make the zeds die faster , combined with skirmisher this skill allow to play a very agressive and mobile zerk. 
Level 15 – close combat 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
resistance (for most players) 
it’s a simple and flat damage resitance that will help you in mostly all situation reguardless that you’re kiting or camping. 
parry (for experienced players) 
I’d say pick this one only if you are confident in your parying skill , the bonus it’s give are huge but won’t serve you as much then Resistance if you can’t land your parry consistently. 
this can also be a great choice if you are a zerk that want to focus on the big zeds also. 
level 20 – (both are good) 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
smash (Recommended for most weapons) 
lot’s of damage bonus which work great against high tier and tanky zeds. 
smash is best if your using certain weapon which does lot’s of damage with their heavy attack like the zweihander , bone crusher or static strikers. 
massacre (Recommended for weapon that swing fast) 
if you mainly focus on low tier trash zeds or using the katana a lot’s. 
level 25 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
Berserker Rage (Recommended for most players) 
Regen and zeds turning around can reverse a situtation for the whole team since a scrake or fleshpound migh suddenly stop attacking your teamate for a few seconds. 
spartan (Recommended for experienced players) 
can also be good if you have a balanced team , faster attack can make a quick work of the big zeds. 

Berzerker Loadout

Berzerker gameplay advice 
This perk is good in all situation and mostly fit any team decently as it’s can deal with both low tier and big zeds. (I don’t recommend more then 2 zerk in a team and one is usually enough) 
Insane survivability when played properly , your only nemesis are the Robots and the husk. 
still usable agains’t boss but most of them are still a big challenge for this perk. 
1.A solid starting weapon 
2.good enough to make the katana optional 
Katana – (situational , depend on your skilltree but still a good weapon) 
1.very fast attack 
2.not bad against scrake if you combine it with massacre. 
3.good alternative if you don’t like crovel. 
Vlad-1000 nailgun (terrible weapon , not recommended at all) 
1.good to level up the zerk 
2.if you need some range and can’t buy the eviscerator it’s can be interesting in certain situation 
3.but in most case even an off-perk gun will do a better job. 
Zweihander (only recommended as a duo with the Pulveriser) 
1.great agains’t scrake 
2.lot’s of damage per swing if your using smash and heavy attacks. 
3.good range 
4.great to use when you want to conserve you pulveriser ammo for the fleshpound 
1.secondary hit has explosive ammo and explosive ammo are good against fleshpound 
2.explosive ammo are also good to deal with large groups of zed in the case of an emergency 
3.low ammunition pool 
4.tend to stun the zed and knock them around. 
Eviscerator (Recommended) 
1.great for most boss long as your saw don’t land outside of the field of play you can usually pick them back 
3.the melee chainsaw attack do a large ammount of dps. 
4.the gas to operate the chainsaw also run out very fast. 
5.The saw (projectiles) are very good againts scrake if you can land some headshots. 
Bone crusher (highly recommended) can attack with the shield with the bash attack key. 
2.bash is great to stumble and do a large ammount of damage 
3.the mace has a decent attack speed overall weapon for the berzerker. 
5.great agains’t both fleshpound and scrake. 
static strike (a good alternative for the bone crusher) 
1.primary attack is fast. 
2.Bashing can shock the zeds and make them stumble more then the bone crusher’s more lightweight then the bone crusher. 
4.bashing does much less damage then the bone crusher. 
BONUS offperk-weapons 
HMtech 101 
1.great when your team need to kite and the medic can’t heal someone in the team due to him not being in is line of sight’s only 1 in weight and very cheap 
3.still a better option then the nail gun for it’s price and Invetory space usage. 
HMtech 301 
1.decent damage output even without any perk bonus 
2.decent healing even without any perk bonus complement the bone crusher nicely if you don’t mind to sacrifice a bit of movement speed. 

Commando Skilltree

Level 5 – ammo Management – both are good 
Tactical Reload – (make close combat easier) 
it’s fast and make the perk easier to play in close range. 
High capacity mags – (for extra DPS) 
it’s make the commando a bit more efficients if you are good at managing your ammo and weapon switching. 
Level 10 Tactics 
Fallback – 
great for the first two waves if you want to knife fight in order to save some ammunitions , make the 9mm more viable also. 
Impact Rounds – 
can help during the later wave when there are mobs everywhere and you don’t really need the knife and 9mm handgun. 
level 15 survival – both are good 
more health can save your life when the team has a hard time containing the zeds , if you’re rarely running out of ammo this choice is more often usefull. 
if you prefer Prepared Prepared this one is still great for the first 3 wave if you combined it with fallback. 
more ammo can help getting thru the waves with a lot’s of zeds but it’s not really needed for the commando as he already pack a decent ammount of ammo from the start. 
level 20 Weapon specialist – Hollow Points rounds recommended 
Hollow point Rounds – 
more damage , make things die faster and waste less ammo. 
Eat lead – 
big magazine … but you also give up the huge 25% damage and huge recoil reduction from the other side of the tree. 
Level 25 zed time – both are good 
nearly instant reload if combined with tactical reload. 
Machine gunner 
huge DPS boost but if your magazine happen to be dry when the zed time start then it’s mean a wasted zed time. 

Commando loadouts

Commando gameplay advice 
Commado is a cleaner mostly meant to crowd control low tier zeds , it’s only tools agains’t the fleshpound is the hand grenades. 
Commando has a great cost/efficienty despite not having as much raw firepower then the swat , he also reveal the stalker position and can act as an emergency medic since he has a decent ammount of firepower with the medic AR. 
I personally don’t recommend this perk agains’t boss , neither his survivability or DPS really benefit the team unless you really know what your doing. 
1.decent damage when fallback skill is used 
AR-15 VArmint Rifle (starting weapon) 
1.semi-decent starting weapon 
2.lack a bit in term of damage 
3.single shot for things that can die from a single bullet , burst for everything else. 
AS80 l85A2 Bullpup (only if you don’t have dosh for anything better) 
1.very good sight and accuracy for a 650 dosh weapons 
2.Damage output is average 
3.can be good while waiting to get enough dosh for a better gun but don’t rely on it for too long. 
Kalashnikov AK-12 (Decent as a secondary AR) 
1.decent price/quality ratio 
2.only full auto or burst , no single shot. 
3.burst has a very high rpm if you want lot’s of Damage per seconds 
SCAR-H (recommended) 
1.accurate with a nice sight , great for headshot. 
2.low capacity magazine but decent ammount of damage per shot 
Stoner 63A LMG (situational) 
1.It’s basically the bullpup with a larger magazine and faster RPM 
2.A very large pool of ammunition. 
3.magazine become huge when using skills to boost magazine size. crowd control weapon for this perk. 
M16 m2003 Assault Rifle (situational) 
1.make a very good secondary AR but too much expensive to refill to be used as a main weapon 
2.only full auto and only a moderate ammount of damage per bullets 
3.the grenades can help when dealing with grouped zeds but this is not meant to take on the fleshpound at all. 
Hmtech 401 (situational) 
1.moderate ammount of damage. 
2.even without the medic bonus this gun is still decent at healing , 
can be good in situation where the team dedicated medic can’t heal everyone. 
3.large mags and large ammunition pools make this a decent AR to deal with the low tier zeds 
1.high damage but a low ammunition pool 
2.more of a backup and big game hunting then a main weapon 
BONUS offperk weapons 
M14 EBR 
1.For the few large maps it’s can be an Interesting option for the Commando. 
2.even without the perk bonus it’s still does a decent ammount of damage on low tier zeds’s only downside is the switching and reload time. 
SPX 464 Centerfire 
1.decent damages even without perk bonus 
2.sometime better then the bullpup for the same price. 
3.has a nice scope. 
1.a nice and cheap way to level up swat if your commado is already level 25 
2.even without perk bonus it’s raw firepower agains’t low tier zeds is ok 
3.can complement a SCARH very well while using less Invetory space then a AK47. 

Support skilltree

level 5 – ammo management -both are good 
High capacity Magazines 
larger mags that help when the team is having a hard time to put down the scrake and fleshpound , doesn’t work with double barrel shotgun and doomstick. 
Tactical Reload 
unlike the left side of the tree this one work with all shotguns , help a lot’s when controlling crowds with the Double barrel boomstick. 
level 10 Training – both can be good. 
Fortitude – Fortitude can help a lot’s while dealing with the first few wave when you might be doing a bit of knife fight , you can always switch to salvo when the waves start to have more big zeds in them. 
Salvo – it’s 30% of damage bonus , it’s help if your team is lacking in firepower but you might not need it if there is the rest of the team can deal with the scrakes and fleshpound without you. 
level 15 – firepower (both can be good) 
armor piercing shot – it’s help a lot’s when zeds are often in tigh formation since you have more chance to hurt zeds that are behind others , great for close range shotgun like the double barrel boomstick. 
tight choke – even less spread help when you want to focus with headshot with a shotgun that already have a decently tight spread. 
Level 20Logistic (situational but Resupply is more team friendly) 
Resupply pack – extremly usefull for the team during the first half of the round , it’s save everyone a lot’s of dosh if they gather your ammo and armor every waves … 
Concusive Rounds – more stumble can help dealing with the tankier zeds , you might not need this with the early wave but if your team has their full loadout and everyone is managing their own ammo properly you can always switch to this for the later waves or boss waves. 
level 25 – zeds time – depend on your loadout 
Penetrator – more damages on groups of zeds , this can help when dealing with a large group of low tier zeds. work with any shotguns. 
Barrage – this allow to focus a lot’s of dps on a large or tanky zeds during a zeds time , more usefull when using high capacity magazines with the sg500 , hz12 , m4 or AA12. 

Support Loadout

Support gameplay advice 
Support do a decent ammount of damage per shot and can help in cleaning both low tier and high tier zeds , even if I don’t recommened that a support try to solo a scrake or fleshpound it’s really usefull when the support reserve a gun like the AA12 to help the team take down scrakes and fleshpound as fast as possible. 
The support is also great in dealing a lot’s of damage during the boss waves. 
—-SG 500 Pump action —- (starting) 
1.solid starting weapon 
2.a bit slow to shoot and reload 
3.the spread is tight enough to allow you to aim for the head. 
—-Double Barreled Boomstick—– (situational , depend on your skilltree) 
1.used to be much better but still good despite the huge nerf it’s had. 
2.great when using tactical reload but not affected by high capacity magazine 
3.secondary fire can make you jump far when backpedaling and timing it properly with a jump 
4.alt fire also have a big stumble power then hit from close 
—-HZ12 multi-Action—– (highly recommended) 
1.large magazine and only use 5 in weight 
2.this shotgun is very usefull in all kind of situation shoot twice before having to pump it so the dps is much better then both the Double Barrel and SG 500 
4.Benefit from both tactical reload and high capacity magazine 
—–m4—– (situational and also depend on your skilltree)’s much better than in KF1’s cost a bit less then the AA12 and reload per shell instead of a magazine’s benefit from both tactical reload and high capacity magazine 
—-AA-12 auto shotgun—- (highly recommended for late waves and boss wave) a lot’s of DPS but less damage per shot then most shotgun. 
2.very usefull when combined with high capacity magazine and the spread is tight enough to allow you to aim for the head. 
3.This is the kind of shotgun you should be saving it’s ammo for the big emergency moments when there is a tons of high tier and tanky zeds. 
—-Doomstick—— (I personally don’t recommend this weapon)’s very heavy and expensive with a low ammunition capacity. 
2.High damage per round but also extremly wide spread meaning you only do a decent ammount of damage when your very close to your target. 
3.Like the Double Barrel boomstick it’s only decent when using tactical reload. 
4.For some reason it’s secondary fire doesn’t make you jump as far then the Double barrel. 
5.Like the AA12 it’s an emergency only shotgun that will be able to deal deal a lot’s of damage in a short ammount of time.’s only big advantage over the AA12 is the lower cost per ammo. 
—-vlad-1000 nailgun— (I personally don’t recommend this weapon at all)’s terrible for it’s price and weight 
2.only semi-decent if your in a very tight corridor where the nails bouncing off the wall wil tol hit the zeds multiple time. 
—–HMtech 301 shotgun—– (extremely situational) 
1.a bit expensive to get as a support 
2.can be good if there is no medic or the medic can’t heal everyone 
3.damage are a bit low compared to the other support shotgun. 
—–Incendiary trenchgun—– (situational , sometime good , sometime terrible) 
1.low cost , lightweight shotgun. 
2.don’t use if a firebug is in the team (damage on tick from multiple firebug weapons don’t stack)’s a firebug weapon , it’s make scrake and fleshpound panic and become unpredictable for the sharp , swat or gunslinger … sometime it’s can help but it’s can also make things worst and get your team wiped. 
BONUS offperk weapons. 
Winchester 1984 or SPX 464 Centerfire 
1.Offer more reach to the support when it’s want to deal with the low tier zeds 
2.feel natural for the perk with their shell by shell reload 
3.good option to level up sharp if your support is level 25 

Field Medic skill tree

1.perk on the left are meant to provide boost and teamplay enhancing functions 
2.perk on the right are meant to provide the medic with extra survivability 
3.left side is better in almost any situation. 
Level 5 conditioning 
Symbiotic Health (Dedicated medic) 
this skill add a bit more health but also remove the need to constantly heal yourself when you’re busy healing others. usually the better choice if you are in a team where other players do cover you. 
you also get buffed from the skill on the left side of the tree while healing other while this is active 
Resilence (tank gameplay) 
I don’t use it myself but have seen other do and the medic can become quite tanky if he keep his healt at 50% while still have full armor on … but you’re also not having the 25% more health and self boosting bonus when healing your teamates. 
Level 10 Movement 
Adrenaline shot (highly recommended) 
more movement speed for you teamate when you heal them can save their life very often. 
Combatant Doctor (not very good) 
the increased magazine capacity will benefit the HMTech 401 (assault rifle) and HMTech-201 (smg) but as a medic you will only be kilingl low tier zeds most of the time so you don’t really need this. 
The permanent 10% increased movement speed is not bad but the other side of the perk also give you a speed boost when you heal yourself. 
level 15 Damage 
Focus injection (Recommended) 
giving more damage to your team mate while you heal them can often make a difference and allow them to kill things faster during the few seconds that the boost is active. 
Acidic Rounds (not good) 
the poison damage is on dot and take time to do any damage and the Flinching only help in certain situation like if your kiting. 
Combat technique 
Coagulant Booster (recommended) 
probably the best thing from the left side of the skill tree , make healing other a bit easier since they will be taking a bit less damage after you heal them. 
Battle surgeon (bad) 
the medic weapons base Damage are too low for this to really make a big difference if you want to be a DPS pick another perk. 
Level 25 Advanced Tech 
Airbone agent (the better one) 
the gas heal your ally and also do a good ammount of poison damage on the zed nearby , can save yourself if your being surrounded by the zeds. 
Zedative (situational) 
Slowing down a Fleshpound or scrake by 30% during a zed time can be great and unlike acidic rounds the damage done by the poison is good enough. 
but it’s very situational since you might not have a worthy target to slow down during the zeds time. 

Field Medic Loadout

Field medic gameplay advice 
Field medic is the teamplay perk that can be the backbone and savior of the team. 
Your mindset of playing medic should be heal first and only shoot when required. 
You mind goal is obvoiusly to keep the team alive and killing zeds will distract you away from that goal. 
don’t hesitate to do some kills if you need to protect yourself. 
cloth , crawler and even husk gas tanks are easy target for the medic reguardless that you’re using it’s smg , shotgun or Assault Rifle. 
don’t engage scrake or fleshpound on your own. 
if you want to help agains’t scrake pick the HMtech 301 , Hemogoblin or an off-perk weapon like the freezethrower. Also keep the usage of off-perk weapons to a minimum , time spent with an off-perk gun is time you can’t be healing and doing you job. 
in order to obtain the medic full healing potential I highly recommend having two healing weapons , switching between both when the current one is empty instead of waiting for it to recharge. 
even the HMtech 101 become decent as a side healing weapon once upgraded by at least one level. 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
Hmtech 101 (starter , can be usefull for the whole round) 
1.semi decent starter weapon 
2.only use 1 in weight 
3.great as a secondary healing weapon. 
HMtech 201 (good if you can’t afford anything better) 
1.great to clean up the floor from those crawlers 
2.a bit weak agains’t most zeds 
3.only good as a backup weapon , not as a main. 
4.once upgraded it’s almost as good then the HMtech 301 in term of healing 
5.don’t hold the trigger down and fire in burst instead. 
HMtech 301 
1.great when using as a sideweapon with the HMtech 401 
2.decent damage per ammo 
3.a small ammuntion pool compared to the HMtech 201 
HMtech 401 (recommended) overall medic weapon 
2.decent DPS , with large clip 
3.Fire in small burst unless your target is very close 
HMtech 501’s heavy and expensive ammount of grenades make it more of an emergency weapon 
3.great DPS for a medic weapon 
4.grenade explode on contact unlike hand grenade 
5.great for both self healing and group healing if everyone is nearby. 
1.the debuff effect is good 
2.switching and reloading are slow with this weapon. 
3.good damages output but low ammo pool like the HMtech 301 
4.good if your team is having a hard time with scrakes and Fleshpound 
off-perk seconday weapons 
1.updates has made the crossbow stun more often again. 
2.light enough so you can still use a HMtech-401 and Hmtech 101 to heal 
3.base damages are good even without the on-perk bonus 
1.great for the medic since this weapon can be usefull in preventing harms to be done on your teamates.’s can also act as a nice backup weapon in order to protect yourself from low tier zeds’s ammution pool is large and the weapon doesn’t cost much to fill up 
4.Allow the medic to do crowd control and support for scrake takedown (only weak against fleshpound , its a good alternative to the Hemoglobin) 
5.secondary shot deal a good ammount of damage even if it’s drain your ammo pool very fast 
1.just pick a single one 
2.can be usefull as an emergency weapon if you are stuck alone but still pack some punch 
Double Barrel boomstick 
1. you don’t really need to aim with this so it’s easy to land a shot and go back to your healing weapon. 
2.affordable and lightweight 
3.the DBM jump technique can help a medic to run away from danger. 
1.similar benefits then the DBM but with larger magazine 
2.doesn’t have alt-fire and jump technique from the DMB 
1.can be an interesting self protection weapon when the team is forced in close combat and your main weapon magazine is dry. 
2.can also be used a dedicated blocking weapon when the fleshpounds are aiming for you instead of your teamate. 

Demolitionist skilltree.

1.left side of the tree is mostly meant for easier big zeds takdown 
2.right side of the tree is meant for easier crowd controls 
level 5 Technique 
flat bonus damages , great for weapons that already deal a large ammount of damage per shot like the rpg7 or c4. 
Shock Trooper 
faster reload mean a much easier time when doing crowd controls , also make the HX25 and m79 better during the first waves. 
level 10 explosives 
High impact round  
also meant for high damage weapons like the RPG-7. (doesn’t impact C4 even if when it’s sticked/glued to the zeds) 
Extra rounds 
work with most weapon , great in the early waves but you can switch to the other side once you have the RPG7 if you need the extra damage. 
level 15 Advanced technique 
Sonic resistant round (Reccomended) 
very self explanatory , no longer seeing your nade being destroyed by the sirens is great. 
Fragmentation rounds (not good , not good at all) 
less damage but large splash damage , it’s very situational and might hurt you more then it’s help since the debuff in damage is big. 
level 20 
Armor piercing round (recommended) 
make the Fleshpound much easier to kill since the damage bonus is huge , just aim for it’s light on the chest or the head. 
Concusive Rounds (interesting but the huge damage bonus from other side is better) 
Only pick this if your are struggling to hit the zeds weak point. 
level 25 
Destroyer of the world (used to be godlike but has been nerfed too much) 
Deal poisoning damage if your explosion happen during the zed time and also make the zeds stumble around. 
Mad bomber (recommended) 
faster shooting and faster reload during zed time , less situational then the other side. 

Demolitionist Loadout

Demolitionist gameplay advice 
the Demo main goal is delivers high damage output for big zeds and crowd controls , outside of the M16 m203 the demo will mostly lack in term of self defense capacity and survivability compared to most other perks. 
this perk is still usefull agains’t boss despite it’s low survivabilty but only if the demo can make every single of his shot count of course. 
the demo deal a decent ammount of damage agains’t fleshpound while using the RPG-7. 
can also deal with scrake if it can hit him right in head since the damage dealt are good compared to the health pool of the scrake head. 
HX25 (starter , sell it and get something better) 
1.not very good 
2.too much expensive to upgrade even if it’s decent once fully upgraded 
3.probably the worst starting weapon of the whole game. 
C4 explosive 
1.decent damage output 
3.good if your team camp and the zeds are tunneling thru a single dirrection 
4.can stick to enemies which is both a good and bad thing. 
5.not much ammo , only good to fill out your inventory if you have nothing else to buy 
m79 grenade launcher 
1.decent crowd control weapon 
2.decent price for it’s damage output 
3.not meant for big zeds takedown … require too much ammo. 
RPG-7 (Recommended) 
1.has a huge 4X impact damage versus scrake , making it the best weapon the demo can use against them 
2.also do a good ammount of explosion damage.’s only downside is the large ammount of inventory space it’s need. 
4.Do a lot’s of damage against Hans shield when his life is low and he attemp to leech one players life force. 
5.also do a decent ammoung of damage versus the other boss. 
six seeker (not recommended) 
1.mostly for crowd controls instead of big zed hunting like the RPG-7 
2.expensive and heavy for it’s damage output 
3.not worth its price or inventory requirment either 
M16 M203 Assault Rifle 
1.a good backup weapon 
2.offer good self protection when the team can’t cover you the m79 it’s not meant for big zeds takedown. 
pulverizer (not recommended) 
1.not worth using unless you have a deathwish 
2.m16 is a better choice for close combat as a demo. 
3.semi decent explosion damage but still far behind the rpg7. 
BONUSoff-perk weapons 
spitfire or 1911 
1.single handgun is only 2 in weight 
3.decent ammount of damage for the price 
4.only if you need a backup weapon but can’t take the m16 203 because of invertory limitation 
.50 desert eagle 
1.bit expensive compared to the 1911 for a sideweapon 
2.good ammount of damage even without perk bonus 
3.only 2 in weight like the previous tier pistol 
4.only if you need a backup weapon but can’t take the m16 203 because of invertory limitation 

Firebug skilltree

1.mostly depend on which weapon you use and how you play 
level 5 Supplies 
Bring the heat (recommended) 
more damage … simple 
High capacity Fuel tank 
spending less time reloading is also good but firebug already has a decent reloading speed bonus once it’s reached a high level. 
level 10 
burn longer and a bit more damage over time , mostly meant for the trechgun, spifire or mac 10 (those weapons you have no reason to be aiming at the ground) 
ground fire (Recommended) 
better damage bonus then the left side , work best with caulk ‘n’ burn or Flamethrower. (flames affected by the ground fire skill become blue) 
if you like Flamethrower pick this and aim at the ground where zeds are walking for some nice roasted zeds. 
level 15 Burn 
Flaming zeds will make their friends burn for much longer … more chance for a burnt zeds to rage a scrake or fleshpound also. 
Zed Shrapnell (less prone to annoy your team mate) 
when zeds explode they do a decent ammount of damage but it’s also a bit random. 
Level 20 
Heat wave (Recommended) 
will make your life much easier in close combat , it’s make enemies step back when they’re hit from close enough. 
crap … only help a little bit when using caulk and burn or Flamethrower but the other side is so much more usefull since zeds are more often right your face then far away. 
MIcrowave gun is also affected but it’s default range is arealdy good enough to be used without this skill. 
Level 25 Advanced Training (depend on your weapon choice) 
work great with the dual spitfire , mac 10 or trenchgun but still usable with everything. 
huge damage boost and movement debuff , decent choice if combined with ground fire while using a Flametrower. 

Firebug loadout

Firebug gameplay advice 
1.Apart from zerk this is the most cost efficient perks for crowd controls. 
2.Don’t engage scrake or Fleshpound unless they’re already completly out of controls , the big zeds are much harder to headshot if they’re dancing everywhere because of your flames. 
3.your Molotov are great to lights up dark places on top of also doing what a grenade should do and deal with large groups of zeds 
4.the ground fire is a flame that is produce when a firebug weapon and damage the zeds that walk over it , the ground fire from the skill tree give it a 2X damage multiplier (which is 20 per tick instead of 10) 
5.the team doesn’t need more then one firebug unless they’re holding a different part of the map as the damage on tick from two different firebug won’t stack. 
6.if a sharp or gunslinger is in the team always mind that spamming your flamethrower around like crazy will make their life much harder. 
Caulk n burn 
1.solid starting weapon when using ground fire in the skill tree (ground fire has the same damage on both caulk n burn and Flamethrower)’s only weakness is the small range and fuel tank.’s lightweight and can be used even when holding something heavy like the husk cannon. 
1.Large pool of ammunition 
2.does both a decent Projectile damage and burn damage for a lightweith weapon 
3.a fast rate of fire for a hand gun. affordable weapon that give the firebug some range 
Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP - Need updates) 
Incendiary Trench gun/dragonbreath 
1.can put several zeds on fire with a single shell 
2.also have to be carefull around groups of mobs to not rage FP and scrake hiding behind other zeds 
3.Decent damages , especially if you can let the zeds burn. 
MAC 10 
1.A bit expensive 
2.damage wise it’s similar to a mp5 but with burn damage. 
3.can be good in large area if firebug want both reach and accuracy. 
Flamethrower (recommended for crowd controls) crowd control weapon in the game. 
2.If heat wave is selected this weapon is great at close range combat. 
3.As a last resort if you happen to be alone this weapon combined with heat wave can save your life against a scrake. if you tap-fire and let the zed take the burn damage instead of holding the trigger 
5.using ground fire with the Flamethrower is less critical then using with the caulk n burn but still usefull 
Microwave (recommended if you team is having a hard time to kill the big zeds) 
1.large magazine with a decent ammuntion pool 
2.can help to deal with scrake and fleshpound but firebug should still only engage if the situation is already out of control 
3.tap-fire will allow to use less ammo , the beam still deal damage for a short period of time after releasing the trigger. 
husk cannon (solid microwave alternative) 
1.high stumble power 
2.high damage when fully charged both fire and explosive damages 
4.semi decent agains’t fleshpound and usable for boss waves. 
5.a bit heavy 

Gunslinger Skill tree

1.left side help for scrake takedown 
2.right side help for crowd controls and shoot and kiting 
3.Right left Right left left is the most balanced perk tree for both crowd control and big zed takedown 
Level 5 Techniques 
better movements and less weapon bob while aiming in a sight , not very usefull since you won’t be moving much during the time you aim in a sight … 
quick draw 
less recoil from hip shooting is average , 5% increased movement is also average but the 50% faster speed to switch between perk weapons is much better then everything from the other side of the tree. 
Level 10 Skill 
Rack e’m up (Recommended) 
as soon as you start one headshot there is a timer that goes time , making heashot refill that timer and you can easily miss one or two shot without losing that timer. 
10. per headshot and a total of 50% , if your aim is good this make scrake die very fast when using a strong Dual GS weapon. 
Bone Breaker 
Flat damage bonus that always help , 30% more arms and legs bonus can help agains’t rioter during the first few waves. Make you better at crowd controls but less potent for big zeds takedown compared to the other side. 
level 15 
Line them up (situational) 
no damage reduction when a bullet penetrate a zed to hit someone behind it , this can make your shot count for more but also require a lot’s of effort in order for the effect to be maximized. 
speed loader (recommended) 
gunslinger magazine are small compared to almost any other perk in the game , this will be usefull during the whole game reguardless your fighting a lone scrake or a large group of mobs. 
Level 20 Critical hits 
combined with rack e’m up this make scrake takedown easier 
Knock ’em Down 
combined with bone breaker this will give you an edge in crowd control. 
level 25 
Whirlwind of Lead (Recommended) 
you can keep shooting even if you magazine is dry during zed time , always usefull for as long as there is a zed to shoot. since this remove the requirments of reloading during a zed time this skill will usefull more often then the other one. 
Fan Fire (situational) 
If your magazine is full from the start of the zed time this will add a huge burst in your dps capacity , if it’s empty you only get a faster reload instead of a skill that bypass the need to reload during zed times. 

Gunslinger Loadout

gunsliner gameplay advice 
1.GS is a sharpshooter but with hand-guns and less focus on getting headshots everytime on every zeds 
2.great mobility make this good at kiting in a shoot and run tactic 
3.can deal with scrake when using Dual desert eagle or Dual magnum under the proper skill tree 
4. In the game HUD single weapons are listed as side weapons , dual are listed as main weapons. 
5. unlike KF1 both guns are dropped when the player is killed while holding a dual. 
6. in term of weapons I recommend to get a Dual desert eagle asap , maybe have a single 1911 as a sideweapon and pick a Dual magnum or AF2011-A1 as a secondary dual weild once you have the dosh. 
7.if dosh is a problem you can also pick a SPX 464 instead of a second dual handgun set. 
1.decent damages with rack e’m up if you stack your headshots 
1858 revolver (starter) 
1.high rate of fire for a handgun 
2.Damage output is decent for a starter 
3.has a high stumble and knockdown power for a starter 
M1911 /tier 2 
1.damage is the same then the 1858 but reloading is much faster 
2.more of a side weapon then something you should pick to dual weild 
3.low recoil 
4.more interesting as a backup weapon since the Deagle have a much better damage output for the same weights 
50 desert eagle (recommended) 
1.lower damage but bigger magazine then the magnum 
2.Dual weld can deal a short burst of very high DPS (great for scrakes) price/quality weapon for this perk 
1.same damage per hit then a 1911 (because it’s a 1911 that shoot twice obviously) 
2.recoil is higher then a 1911 
3.3 in weight per gun 
4.better ammo pools and 40 more effective shot/triggers compared to a magnum before running dry 
5.easier to stack rack e’m up headshot because it’s has the largest bullets per magazine 
.500 magnum 
1.very high damage per hit 
2.small magazine 
3.3 in weight per gun 
4.Dual magnum has the best potential for quick scrake takedown but also require a much better aim accuracy then a dual AF2011 or dual deagle because of the smaller magazine 
5.better stumble power 
HMtech 101 
1.backup weapon that only use 1 in weight 
2.provide healing ability 
winchester 1984 backup weapon 
2.better damage per hit then both the 1858 and 1911 
3.Take more inventory space then the same tier dual handguns 
4.lower rate of fire then a handgun but better accuracy 
XPX 464 as much damage then a magnum .500 per hit 
2.lower rate of fire then a handgun but better accuracy 
(even more due to the scope) 
3.higher cost for the ammunition full reload has as much bullets then a dual 500 for half the cost 
5.also take more inventory space then a tier 2 dual handguns 

Sharpshooter skill tree

1.left side offer more damages for big zeds takedown 
2.right offer more crowd controls and easier stun to assist your team. 
3.sometime the best balance for your playstyle is a mix of both right and left 
4.left , left , right , right and right seem to be the most balanced set for beguinners , more Damages but also more ammo and faster reload speed. 
5.all left is mostly for expert snipers players. 
level 5 
sniper (recommended) 
more damage while stading still , best when combined with stability. 
shooting faster can help with the winchester and SPX 464 , great for kiting. 
level 10 
more damage while crouching , stacking this with sniper will up your damage by a lot’s but you have to be carefull on when to crouch because you also make yourself more vulnerable. 
Ballistic Shock 
good for weapons like the crossbow that already have a decent stumble power (pretty sure this give enought stumble to the crossbow to make it usable agains’t scrake , require testing) 
level 15 
rack ’em up (recommended for Experienced players) 
great damage bonus if you can land your headshots without any problems , up to 50% if you hit several headshot in a row. great for most weapons that hold more then one shot per magazine. 
you can techically use one weapon to stack the rack e’m up and quickly switch and shoot with your railgun or m99 for maximum damages but it’s can be hard pull off. 
Tactical reload (recommended for most players) 
faster reload is also a solid skill , especially when using a crossbow , railgun or m99. 
level 20 equipment 
Dead eye 
small damage bonus and less recoil while aiming down a sight with perk weapons , can help but it’s not mandatory … probably the less interesting skill from that side of the tree. 
always prepared (recommended) 
25. bigger ammution pools , help a lot’s in the big waves when there is a lot’s of zeds … also more grenades that can help both agains’t small and big zeds. 
Level 25 both are decent 
another major damage bonus that apply to headshots , stack up nicely with the skills from the left side of this tree. 
stun any zeds hit by headshot during zeds time making succesive headshots even easier. 

Sharpshooter loadout

Sharpshooter gameplay advice 
1.great for big zeds takedown but less potent for crowd controls 
2.freeze grenade are great for big zeds takedown 
3.can be challenging to use against bosses 
you mostly will want one weapon for the big zeds and at least one other weapon for self defense on top of the 9mm. 
you can pick something like the crossbow to stun scrakes with headshot like you can also use a railgun or m99 to deliver a tons of damages against scrakes or fleshpound. 
1.good if using sniper and stability. 
2.also benefit a lot’s from rack e’m up 
winchester 1984 
1.decent damage per hit 
2.good accuracy 
3.solid starter 
XPS 464 (recommended) 
1.great upgrade compared to the winchester 
2.has both a good rate of fire and damages per hit 
3.good quality/price 
crossbow (potential for scrake takedown , need to be tested more) 
1.good damage per shot 
2.has a good stun and stumble power for it’s tier 
3.seem to be able to stun scrake to make takedown easier (need test done to be confirmed) 
4.ammo can be picked back up 
5.good piercing damages that can hurt several zeds per shot. great with tactical reload 
M14 EBR (potential against scrake , need to be tested more)’s an assault Rifle for the sharp 
2.good for crowd controls 
3.large magazine , laser pointer and scope make rack e’m up easier to stack up in any situation. 
4.too heavy to be picked up with a railgun or m99. 
Railgun (recommended) 
1.meant for big zed takedown 
2.manual aim deal more damages then auto-lock 
3.offer more options for sidearms then the m99 
4.need another weapon to stack the rack e’m up 
M99 (situational but with a big potential) 
1.huge damage per hit for big zeds takedown 
2.also a huge inventory space requirments 
3.Limited ammuntion pools which mean you don’t want to miss any of your headshots. 
4.great if your team is already dealing with crowd controls very well but need more punch for the big zeds. 
5.need another weapon to stack the rack e’m up. 
6.tier 5 so it’s already at it’s full potential when you buy it. 
1858 revolver 
1.perk bonus only apply when used as a single affordable side weapon with a decent stumble power most small zeds. 
.500 Magnum Revolver (recommended) 
1.perk bonus apply only when used as a single 
2.Damage is great for a side weapon (similar to the SPX 464) 
3.small magazine 
4.3 in weight so you make take it with a M99 
5.slow to reload without tactical reload 
6.must have weapon for boss wave because it’s got a good balance between firepower and ammunitions pool. 
1.good alternative to the 1858 as a sideweapon (similar damages) 
2.larger ammo pool then the 1858 or magnum 
3.only 2 in weight unlike the magnum 
4.can hold both spitfire + medic pistol for the largest sideweapons ammunitions pool when using a m99 for big zeds takedown 
5.mostly for kiting when you can’t always aim properly. 

Swat Skill tree

1.left side make your armor and close combat easier 
2.right side make crowd control easier 
Level 5 
Heavy armor training (recommended) 
Start with some armor. Immune you to cloth grab and make you almost invincible for as long as you still have armor points left. 
Tactical Movement 
Having no movement penalty for crouching or using a Iron sight is kind of good but the other side will save your life more often. 
Level 10 
Close combat training 
Great to save your dosh during the first wave. Your knife and 9mm do much more damages. You can pick this one first and switch to the other one once you have all your weapons. 
Tactical Reload (recommended) 
Faster reload is always usefull and make crowd control much easier. 
Level 15 
Suppression Rounds 
It will stack up with Rapid assault during zed time but smg doesn’t have much stumble power to begin it. 
Ammo Vest (recommended) 
More ammo for your ammo hungry weapons. 30% is a lot’s because your weapons already have a lot’s of ammo to start with. 
Level 20 Defensive technique 
Assault armor 
Even more armor points . Great if combined with heavy armor training. 
Slows down zeds as you shoot them. The maximum effect is 30% which is good. It makes the scrakes and fleshpounds much more easier to take down, specialy in multiplayer mode. 
Level 25 Specialist Training 
Battering Ram 
Moving in real time and knocking zeds around like ragdolls is not only funny but can also be usefull to clear out the way when the team is in a dangerous spot … 
Rapid Assault (Recommended) 
Unlimited ammo for smg’s that reach can reach over 900 in RPM during zeds time. Huge potential to delivers a lot of damage … You probably won’t noticed the stumble bonus much but the skill itself is still powerful. 

Swat Loadout

Swat gameplay advice 
1.swat is an close range variation of the commando with an extremely high DPS potential but also higher ammution cost since he will also spend more bullets to do the same damages. 
2.Scrake can be taken down with A flashband and a full magazine aimed at it’s brain once the swat has a high tier weapon and enough levels for the chosen Difficulty. 
3.Aim for the head when possible and only Spray when Raw firepower is the required. 
4.I recommend to start the game with close quarter combat if possible in order to use both your knife and 9mm in order to save money , you can always switch to tactical reload when the action get intense. 
1.decent damage when the close combat skill is used. 
1.the scope work really well for headshots 
2.low damage per hit so you will be spamming a lot’s to kill with bodyshot 
1.doesn’t have a scope for midrange fights 
2.has a decent price for it’s damage output 
3.ammo cost much less then the P90 
4.does the job well while waiting for something better 
P90 SMG 
1.large magazine , especially on a level 25 swat 
2.damage per hit is not much higher then a mp5 
3.high rate of fire and good dps. 
Heckler & Koch UMP (solid P90 alternative) 
1.better damage per hit then a P90 or even kriss 
2.lower ammunition pool then the P90 
3.bullpup like sight with a good visibility 
4.slower fire rate and less dps then P90 
5.can one shots most mobs up to the gorefast with head shots. 
Kriss SMG (recommended) extremely high rate of fire and great DPS 
2.Damage per hit is comparable to the P90 
3.great for scrake takedown if your aiming for the head. 
4.should be consider more of a secondary weapon for the big emergency then your main gun 
HMTech-201 SMG 
1.similar to the mp7 damage wise 
2.large ammunition pool for a weapon that only use 3 in weight. 
3.can fit as a third smg if you already have Kriss + P90 or kriss + H’&’K UMP 
4.can be good if the medic can’t have everyone in his line of sight. 
Mac 10 
1.As a swat the mp5 will still outperform this gun in most situation 
2.also cost much more then a mp5 
3.Burn damage from multiple weapons don’t stack , something important to know if a firebug is in the team 

Survivalist skilltree

1.this is an extremely customisable perk 
2.probably the only skilltree that doesn’t have a right or wrong pick. 
Level 5 weapon handling 
specials notes 
1.each side of the tree affect specifics weapons. 
since the update that introduced cross-perk weapons several weapons have earned fast reload from both side of the tree. 
2A. single magnum for example will reload faster reguardless of which side had been chosen because it’s belong to both gunslinger and Sharpshooter for example. 
2B.yet the dual magnum won’t work with the right side skill because sharp can’t fast reload with it. 
tactical reload 
If you Focus on lightweight weapons 
Heavy Weapons Training 
If you focus on heavy weapons. 
Level 10 Survival technique 
Medic training (situational) 
This is the choice if your team is camping and doesn’t intend to kite or need a second medic. 
Melee Expert 
1.speed boost while holding a melee make the survivalist great at kiting even if you still use guns to do your kills. 
2.Starting with melee expert is a great way to save dosh during the first 2 or 3 waves even if you intend to switch to the medic training skill later on. 
level 15 (Recommended) 
more ammo for each gun and some usefull medic grenades , if your intented loadout is using less then 15 in weight this is the best choices. 
Weapon Harness 
you don’t need to start the game with this one right away but you can always switch to it during trading time if you need the extra Inventory space. 
The main issue with this skill is that the molotov as a survivalist are terrible because you can hurt and easily kill yourself unless you aim a target that is far enough. 
level 20 
Spontaneous Zed-plosion 
work with any weapons and does a decent ammount of damage. 
Make Things go Boom 
If you are using Demolitionist weapons this is the skill to pick. 
Level 25 specialist Training 
Madman. (Recommended) 
shoot very fast and great with weapons that has large magazines. 
Lockdown (situational) 
great for weapons that already has a decent stumble power like the crossbow. 

Survivalist Loadout

Survivalist gameplay Advice 
Survivalist is a very hard to play perk that also have a huge potential when played properly. 
The survivalist can be build in an great kiting unit when using melee expert reguardless that you use melee weapon or not. 
it’s can also be built into a variation of the battle medic with tactical reload for the HMtech 101 , HMtech 201 and HMtech 401. (or 301 with the heavy weapon training) 
In theory a survivalist can pretty much help to deal with any zeds if it is given the right loadout , it’s can equip itself to help into making big big zeds takedown much faster either as a second demo or second sharp like he can be a swat/commando to do crowd controls. 
best way to make survivalist shine is using weapons from different perks that complete each other , like a SPX 464 with a Double Barrel shotgun so you have a weapon for close range and another one for long range. 
1.always have faster reload when used by survivalist 
2.low cost ammunition and can be used for almost everything 
3.need too much ammo to be used decently agains’t fleshpound but still great for quaterpound. 
4.bashing often finish off weakened zeds. 
5.Alternate fire launch Ice projectile that can be used to finish off frozen zeds or hurt bosses that can’t be frozen with the main fire mode. 
off-perk advice 
-generic advices- 
For the first few wave the best a survivalist can do is aim for the low cost but High damages 
weapons crovel/katana , shotgun , action lever or Assault Rifle and certain handgun from the gunslinger. 
1.katana is certainly the best quality/price weapon from the zerk for the survivalist 
2.Eviscerator , it’s not a 100% melee based weapons and the melee chainsaw dps is good enough to help you out from an emergency . 
3.most zerk weapons should be picked up as a secondary weapon rather then a main since this perk lack the Damage output and tank capacity of a zerk. 
1.a set of nice crowd controls and headshot machine 
2.mostly good for SCAR-H or AK12 
1.Double Barrel boomstick or HZ12 can fit a 15 weight loudout perfectly. 
2.AA12 can be a decent choice if you use weapon harness 
3.M4 is also a decent choice if you want to kite. it’s weight might fit your loadout better then the AA12. 
Field medic 
1.HMtech 401 has both a decent damage output and healing capacity if you have tactical reload 
2.HMtech 301 same as previous but with Heavy weapons training. 
3.Hmtech 101 this fit in almost any loadout and is the cheapest way to gain the ability to heal from a distance. 
4.Hemoglobin , great debuff weapon that fit the survivalist role even more then it’s original perk. 
1.m16 , great crowd control weapons that fit the survivalist role like a glove. 
2.RPG-7 base damage is high enough so that you can help in killing off the big zeds. 
1.spitfire , low price , low inventory requirment , allow you to burn enemies without getting burnt. 
2.trenchgun is also interesting for a survivalist for the same reason then the spitfire 
3.Flamethrower is great if you want to kill yourself , the caulk ‘n’ burn produce less self damage but without the firebug bonus it’s very weak also. 
1.a nice pool of low cost side weapons for this perk 
2.I don’t recommend dual welding since this perk has no recoil reduction 
3.a single 500 always have tactical reload reguardless of your level 5 skill choices , same for the 1858. 
1.winchenster and SPX 464 are great quality/price choice and always have faster reload reguardless of your chosen level 5 skill. 
2.Railgun and M99 base damage are high enough that you can help in taking down the big zeds. 
1.these weapons damage output come mainly from their high RPM , so your damage bonus matter less. won’t have the larger magazine from the main perk nor his flashbang so you can’t solo the scrake like he does. 
3.very high cost in both obataining the weapons and buying the ammunitions 
4.I recommend starting with a Commando rifle then getting a swat smg later on when you have the dosh so you get the best from both Commado and swat for crowd control. 

By Lemonfed

This is all for Killing Floor 2 Perks loadout and skilltree Suggestions for a better smoked cheese party.(WIP – Need updates) hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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