Keysight How to import preset from a file

Keysight How to import preset from a file 1 -
Keysight How to import preset from a file 1 -

This guide covers importing a raw .json preset file into Keysight for use as a new preset


[Guide written using Keysight version 1.5.0]
You will need a valid .JSON preset file. By “valid”, I mean a .JSON file that actually came from Keysight “/Saved/Presets” folder and therefore contains preset data! .JSON is a generic data format; it does not inherently contain preset information, so please do not assume that because you found a .JSON it is a Keysight preset.
There is a collection of custom preset .JSONs found under the Keysight install that are not included as defaults due to being too niche or specific. Right click on Keysight in Steam and head to Manage > Browse local files
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And then Keysight/Extra resources/Special presets. Each of these folders contains a ready-to-import folder structure, but we’ll cover that later!
You may also find some nice preset .JSONs floating around in the Discord – []  under #i-made-a-preset


In order to import a new preset file, all we need to do is make sure the .JSON file is in the same place as our other presets, and then click refresh in Keysight to reload those presets.
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  • Click OPEN FILES in the top left in the Preset bar, and this should open up a directory containing all of your preset names as .JSON files. This is the destination folder for your downloaded .JSON

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  • Now simply copy your desired .JSON into the destination folder alongside all the other presets

Keysight How to import preset from a file - Walkthrough - 609D5D5

  • Finally, click the refresh icon in the top right in Keysight to reload all presets (including your new one)! This may take several seconds, as it also scans and updates all texture files. Be patient if Keysight appears to freeze for a little bit, it’s doing its thing!

Your new preset may appear in a random position in the list due to the .JSON containing its own desired list position.

Importing presets with custom textures

If you’re importing custom presets, there’s a high chance that you want to use presets with custom images too. These custom images are not stored in the preset .JSON; the preset references the file name and expects it to be in the correct place. Failing to import custom images used by a preset will result in the preset showing broken textures!
It’s the responsibility of the person sharing the preset to also provide any custom resources and let you know where they need to go. Going back to the “Extra resources” folder found in the Keysight install: the “Special presets” collection is organised to make importing both the preset file and all custom resources as easy as possible.
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  • After choosing a preset from the collection (Emil (NieR) in this instance), enter the folder
  • Copy the “Saved” folder here
  • From your “Presets” folder that opened via Keysight when clicking OPEN FILES, go back up two levels until you see a “Saved” folder here too
  • Paste the copied “Saved” folder from “Extra resources” so that it merges with the “Saved” folder here
  • This will copy both the preset file and required resources into all the right places

Now simply click refresh in Keysight as described in the previous section, and you should be good to go!


– Copy a valid preset .JSON into Appdata/Local/Keysight/Saved/Presets
– Make sure you also have imported any required custom images or resources
– Refresh in Keysight using the top left icon to import the preset (and any new textures). This may take a few seconds

Written by Egglybert

Hope you enjoy the post for Keysight How to import preset from a file, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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