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Kapia Achievements & Full Walkthrough Gameplay 2 - steamsplay.com
Kapia Achievements & Full Walkthrough Gameplay 2 - steamsplay.com


Some Notes to Start

Hello, and thanks for supporting KAPIA!
This guide contains a full walkthrough of the game. You may not need it, because KAPIA does have a pretty robust hint system that you are free to use without penalty. If you are stuck on any puzzle for too long, clicking the small clock icon in the upper-right corner of the screen will give you a hint, or outright tell you the puzzle solution.
The purpose of this guide is to help anyone who is truly stuck, or folks who are just playing to experience the story.
To write this guide, I played the game multiple times, and I picked up a lot of story on subsequent playthroughs that I had missed the first time around, so I have tried to also tried to include some story explanation within the text of the walkthrough as well.
KAPIA includes 11 Steam achievements. By my count, six of them will be automatically unlocked through play, and the other five are optional. I’ve noted the location of all eleven in the text of the guide, but if you’re just after the information about the missable ones, there’s a spoiler-free appendix of them at the bottom of the guide.
KAPIA saves itself with one persistent autosave, and you can’t have multiple slots, but once the game is complete, there’s a chapter select that you can use to go back and pick up anything you happened to miss.

Part 1 – Reny Opens a Gate

When you start the game, there are some introductory scenes. We meet Stefan, who explains that the world, once lovely, is pretty much a wasteland. Some cities had the forethought to construct domes intended to help preserve history, and those cities were the only ones that still survive. Stefan arrives at the gate of the KAPIA dome, after a mission. Unfortunately, his coworkers are too self-centered to open the gate for him.
We take control of Reny, Stefan’s granddaughter, who wants to open the gate and see her grandfather. Talk to Zimulus, who behaves like a petulant child; he refuses to open the gates. Robbi the Robot also refuses to help.

Get the Helmet

Tell Zimulus you want to help test his game. Then, take the SCREWDRIVER from the table and hand it to him by dragging it to him from your inventory.
This triggers a reflex-based boxing minigame. Controlling the blue robot, you need to punch the heck out of the red robot, rockem-sockem style, in a best-of-three fight. This is the first of three reflex based games in the game, and is by far the most challenging, but it’s not too bad. The best strategy seems to be to maintain an offensive onslaught, which involves pushing towards the right in order to corner the opponent, and spam clicking the attack. I can pretty consistently win with this strategy, knocking out the red bot and winning with roughly 25% health remaining.
After you win, Zimulus (that jerk), presents you with a ROBOTIC MIND-CONTROL HELMET. You also earn the acheivement LEGENDARY BOXER automatically.

“Convince” Robbi to Help

Reny has a notebook on the floor where she has already drawn out her plan to catch Robbi. If you try to mind-control Robbi right away, he will escape through the door before the device can properly boot up. Also, the vacuum bot gliding around the floor will push you around and disrupt the mind control signal. We need to do some prep work.
Walk over to the sleeping Zimulus and steal the KEY from his pocket; use this to lock the door. Next, find the potted plant in the corner of the room and empty the soil out onto the floor. Then, stand near the white X and inspect the helmet in your inventory (with right-click). Flick the on switch, and then wear the helmet by dragging it onto Reny from the inventory.
Click Robbi, who will try to escape, and then click him again. Once you have him under your command, walk him over to the terminal, where you can abuse Robbi’s access privileges. You will also earn the achievement ROBOT MASTER.

Open the Gate

Feel free to poke around in here; there’s a pong minigame that’s in here just for fun, and some other stuff to look at. Check the “security” option, which will tell you that to open the gates, Robbi needs certain stats – intelligence 100, lore 70, and luck 40.
Next, go to the “Robbi Manual” option, where we can tweak Robbi’s stats. Raising IQ drops Power, and vice versa. Raising Luck drops Lore, and vice versa. Raising Coordination *also* drops Lore, but this does not work in reverse. Raising the Speed stat will reduce BOTH IQ and Power; lowering Speed will raise them both.
The quickest way to solve this puzzle is to start by reducing SPEED and POWER as low as they will go. This should cap out IQ at 100%. Then, bottom out COORDINATION at 0%. This should leave exactly 110 points allocated between Lore and Luck. Then, simply increase Lore until it hits 70, and Luck should be at 40, solving the puzzle. You will get a satisfying DING. Then, navigate back to the security menu, and press the button to grant access to Stefan.

Interlude: Stefan Meets an Old Friend

We gain control of Stefan outside the gates of the city. Speak to the large robot head in this area.
We learn that Stefan and Reny are the survivors of a terrible attack. This large robot was one of the builders of the KAPIA dome, and also a survivor of the war. He and Stefan have known each other, previously. However, this robot has worked hard to forget many things, in anguish.
The builder wants a power source.
Move to the left and climb into the cockpit of the downed fighter here. Open the panel in the lower right, and extract the STRANGE BATTERY.
Speak to the large head again, for a conversation that has lots of lore. We learn that Stefan was on a mission to another dome, the Institute of Science, in order to recover an encrypted message – one that is purported to contain the justification for the large war that continues to rage. However, when he got there, there was no dome, no people, no bodies, no debris, just a large crater. However, a terminal outside the missing dome delivered the message he was looking for.
On his way back, Stefan had been sabotaged, but found refuge with a band of travelers. Now that he is back, in possession of the message, he has reason to suspect that there is a traitor within the KAPIA dome, and wants to keep as low a profile as possible.
Give the message to the Builder for safekeeping by placing it on his tongue. Then, interact with the terminal. There’s some news articles with additional lore for you to read and when ready, select the other menu item, which is only there thanks to Reny’s hard work. For completing this section, we are granted the BATTLE BROTHER achievement.

Part 2 – Stefan Enters KAPIA

As soon as you enter the city, you will spot a terminal nearby contains additional information about the world. One article in particular discusses the church of ONYX, which may be a cult. Someone named Pam is here, but she doesn’t have much to say for now, as she is struggling with her sign that is blocking the way. Some nearby robots are picketing in the streets; they believe that their “mother” is being held captive by ONYX.
You may also spot lots of creepy eyebots around, watching you everywhere you go. I’m sure there’s nothing creepy or nefarious about it, as no one in town seems to notice, or mind.
As you round the bend, a cutscene plays, and a fleeing robot loses the object he is carrying. Take the REMOTE from the weeds. This remote belongs to Pam, but now it’s broken.
Nearby, a man named Slug is working on the elevator. Speak to him; he’s a total jerk! He’s also being extremely shady about this elevator. We are justified in stealing from him. He will periodically put down his tools and turn his back; time it properly, and grab his WRENCH.
Continuing on, you can say hi to Janis, sitting at the table, He has nothing too important to say for now, but what can ya do?
At the end of the road, there’s a pink cat inside of what can only be an old-timey Jacques Cousteau submarine with legs. Unfortunately, it’s not a friendly cat – seriously, why is everyone in KAPIA a jerk – and the cat will not let us by.

Bypa*s the Annoying Cat

Janis motions you over. He will give you an ENVELOPE and show you some flyers related to that model of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Have a closer look at these flyers for the optional CAT LOVER achievement.
Open the envelope via the inventory, and extract the CAT CONTROLLER. This will let us factory-reset the cat if we are able to find the correct code.
Next, backtrack to the dilapidated car. Pop the hood, use the wrench on the casing, and extract the POWER SOURCE. Next, look at your remote in close-up view, turn it over by using the hand icon on it, and insert the battery.
When you return this remote to Pam, she does not let you through, but gives you the rundown on a resistance organization called DRAKE, led by someone called DRAKE, and talks about the political situation within the dome. She will give you a DRAKE FLYER.
Next, search the walls nearby. You will find a large TV screen broadcasting years-old news programs. The program itself is just background lore, but if you pay attention, the crawl at the top of the screen is talking about a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ recall, and gives the code we need.
Inspect the reprogrammer in your inventory, set it to 424, and use it on the pink cat, who gets a new personality. As it turns out, the new cat is a bit of a revolutionary (but still a jerk!!), and will express interest in joining the fight. You will be quizzed on your revolutionary knowledge, and need to answer the questions based on the information in the brochure you have. It’s not straightforward, though, you will need to look carefully for information, and solve some logic puzzles.
Q: What kind of soldiers want to be involved?
A: Loyal shipmen and armed pilots
Q: What is the name of the group?
A: Drake
Q:Who supports the group?
A: Workers
Q:Who should lead the group?
A: The left leader.
When the cat leaves, continue across the bridge, and a scene will play.

Part 3 – Reny Annoys her Babysitter

We once again take control of Reny, who has been grounded thanks to the fact that she hacked Dome security.
Visit the terminal and examine the “food rations” menu nearby for the missable FOOD INDUSTRY achievement. There’s also a SPACE PIRATE HAT on the table for you to wear. You’re looking very swashbuckling there, cap’n Reny. A POKER hangs on the wall by the kitchen, and upstairs, there’s some PICTURES on the large chest. As you go upstairs, MR. BUNN speaks to you, so pick him up.

Do Some Chores

Since there’s nothing else to do while grounded, it’s time to do some chores.
Return downstairs, and listen to everything Robbi has to say. Eventually, you will get an opportunity to ask him to help you clean the floor. This will kick off KAPIA’s second timed minigame. You have about 20-30 seconds to command Robbi around the room, hitting all of the spots with your mop.
I don’t find this game too challenging. A good strategy seems to be to abuse the “turn around” command, which covers quite a lot of ground in both directions, as you work your way from the right to the left. If you don’t get this on the first go, you should be able to do it in another try or two.
Once that’s done, we need to hang the pictures. Robbi now has some empty frames right next to him on the desk; try to grab them, but he’s being a bit overprotective. Hand him your drawings. He will frame the photos for you, so take them upstairs, and hang them on the pins sticking out of the left wall. They go in the very simple 1, 2, 3 order.

Eat Your Veggies

Return to Robbi yet again, and you will tell him you’re feeling a bit hungry. He freaks out due to the “overprotective babysitter” program he’s been saddled with, and loses his cool. Now, he requires “human instructions”.
Grab the chair by the desk, and walk it to the back wall. Line it up as best you can with the cookbook on the shelf, and press “back” to drop the chair. When alligned properly, you can simple grab the COOKBOOK and bring it to Robbi.
He does not give you a recipe, but instead spits out what he feels is the most nutritious combination of ingredients: 1-4 1-1 3-2 2-6 2-1 1-4.
Visit the kitchen table, and have a look at the book. This is a pretty straightforward puzzle: The first number in each pairing represents the recipe containing the correct ingredient, and the second number is the specific ingredient.
To solve this puzzle, Make a sandwich in this order: Slicked bread, mayo, some pickles, a slice of cheese, a tomato, and another slice of bread.. Personally, I wouldn’t eat it, but Reny has no problem. Get Robbi to check your sandwich.

Escape the Room

After you eat, Robbi runs off again. You will have to speak to him twice more. His babysitting routines will shut down, and Reny gets a surprise message from Stefan, asking for help.
After listening to this message, Reny finally decides enough is enough, and it’s time to leave. Go upstairs and open the window to find a cable dangling nearby. Hook the cable using your poker, and ask Robbi for a*sistance in reaching the floor.

Interlude – Stefan is Held Captive

We briefly return to Stefan, who is being held hostage.
We get a good look at his captor, an odd older woman.
Listen to what his captor has to say, and then follow her instructions. She will order you at gunpoint to start marching. Follow the pa*sage forward.
At the entrance to the bar, drop some crayons on the ground to hopefully signal your location to your allies, and walk inside.

Part 4 – Reny’s Day Out

Reny now has two problems. She needs to find Stefan, and she needs a way out of town to retrieve the important message.
Before doing anything else, check your inventory. If you interact with Mr. Bunny, he gives you some nice encouragement, and we earn the missable MORAL SUPPORT achievement.
Across the street, there’s a robot hiding behind a thick door. He has information for us, but is scared of the dog-bot outside, who is overheating with rage. If we can find a way to cool the dog-bot off, we will be able to talk some more.

Cool Off the Dog-Bot

Head left, and grab the PITCHFORK leaning against the barrels. you will spot Geneva having a conversation down the street. We can’t go that way, but we can speak to Tony, a robot. He’s a waterworks employee who recently lost his key, and as you are talking to him, he decides to walk off the job altogether. After he leaves, press the crosswalk button behind him. The timing is tight, but while the dark patch of alley is lit, run over and grab the ACCESS KEY from the ground.
Use the key on the terminal at the end of the street to see how the pipes are laid out, and notice that a valve handle is missing from the nearby pole.
Then, go in the complete opposite direction, to the other end of the map. You will spot the dropped crayons outside the pub. Optionally, walk into the pub and exhaust every possible dialogue option with the creepy eye robot inside for some lore and the EYE CATCHER achievement.
Outside the pub, there’s a sailor holding a steering wheel that looks suspiciously like the handle we need. Speak to him, and we learn what his deal is – he’s a raging drunk. Interestingly, we also learn that the Nancy Drew series exists within the KAPIA universe. There’s a gap in the fence behind this dude; use your pitchfork to extract some BOOZE from the small garden. Trade the booze to the sailor for the HANDLE.
Affix the handle to the pole in the alley where one was missing, and set about solving the piping puzzle. This one’s sort of tricky because the diagram on the computer isn’t super clear, but the idea is to route enough water pressure to the spout by the dog. To solve this puzzle, set all valves except valve I and valve III to “open”.

Contact the Builder and Follow Stefan

After this puzzle has been solved, hand Mr. Bunny to the newly calmed-down dog, and he will run off to alert the Builder.
Meanwhile, enter the small courtyard through the door to find our old friend, the incredibly rude cat. Have a chat, and then try to force open the window to find it fastened shut.
Speak once again to the cat to learn that the window opens every day at 6:05 AM.
Hop on the nearby barrel, and balance over to the clock. When you set the time to 6:05, the door swings open, and this section ends.

Part 5 – Stefan’s Tavern Woes

As Stefan, try to alert Slug to your predicament, but it doesn’t go well. Boy, that Slug is low, isn’t he, even making fun of Stefan’s late daughter. Not only that, but he’s being controlled by the EYE. We don’t know what the EYE is yet, but we do know that it is working with your captor, who is we learn is the grandmother of the ONYX Cult’s leader.
Visit this woman at her table, and learn that she’s playing a deep game. She has no problem holding Stephan at gunpoint, but there’s more that she’s not letting on. She says something about having Stephan “save a life”, and hints that she knows about the disappearance of the other dome that Stefan visited. She wants to take you somewhere for her own purposes – she may be planning to betray the EYE and ONYX – but there’s a toll or fee of some sort that she has to pay.
The EYE, playing some sort of sick game, allows Stephan a chance to pay his way through this area by taking a job at the tavern. Tell Slug you’ve negotiated terms with the EYE. He gives you a silly hat, and rubs it in. Jerk.

Serve Some Drinks

Take the bar patrons’ orders, and grab the SCOOP hanging from the ceiling.
Report the order to Slug, who balks at their food choices, so argue with the customers again. Slug will get the drinks ready, and set down a tray.
Examine the tray on the bar, take the BOWL, and then head into the room behind Slug in search of pickles. Using the scoop on the barrel here, there’s a minigame of sorts where you have to agitate the brine and quickly scoop up a PICKLE as it floats to the surface. Collect all six pickles and return to the bar. Place the bowl onto the drinks tray, and serve the customers.
Collect your pay, 1 KAP, from Slug.
You will also notice Janis on the couch, who has come in as drunk as a skunk – he’s been forcefully inebriated. There’s some really strong stuff in this bar. Interact with Janis for the optional GOOD FRIEND achievement.
Try to hand your coin to the Keeper. Unfortunately, the EYE has changed the terms of the bargain; the EYE now demands a second coin.

A Game of Darts

Speak to the tall patron, who has gotten up and is now throwing darts. He will agree to a game – for a wager of one coin. Pay up, and a darts minigame will be triggered. Try as hard as you like, but this first round is impossible to win. After you get completely smoked, the patrons call for another round.
Order another batch of drinks from Slug, and take the BOWL once again. However, there’s also some CRAPS OIL that has been carelessly left out, so take that as well.
In the back room, take the DRIED FISH. Place it in the bowl, and then examine the bowl in close-up view. Drug the fish with the oil. Repeat the process of serving the patrons and getting paid. The darts player inhales the drugged fish, which seriously throws him off his game. You can now safely challenge him a second time.
You need to win the game of darts this time, which you can do by reducing your score to exactly zero. You get the most accurate shot with short little clicks.
If you aren’t familiar with darts rules, Green Bulls-eyes are 25 points, Red are 50. Anything on the outer ring of the board is 2x the point value of the posted number, and the inner ring is 3x. The best spot to aim for is the little red band in the 20 point section. Any points you earn are subtracted from your total. It’s fine if you miss – just don’t overshoot the 0 mark, and you’ll be fine.

The Back Room

After winning, you will be led to the back room. Speak to your captor, and yank the suspicious candle-holder to open a secret door.
Take the LANTERN, and have another conversation. Huge lore dump here.
We learn that your captor has broken somewhat with her cult, ONYX, which is becoming part-and-parcel with this EYE, which is a rogue AI. The EYE itself started as a rumor-gathering tabloid author which soon developed a taste for blackmail, and has become extremely powerful – in fact, it’s behind the war itself, controls a vast moon arsenal, and is also a cancer eating away the remaining domes from the inside.
We also learn that our captor is DRAKE, a former revolutionary leader who used to lead the peaceful resistance against war, but she abandoned the cause of peace to pursue what she considers to be a greater goal. DRAKE’s grandson is “wasting away”, and she wants to save him.
Drake is not concerned about the message that Stefan thinks is in the hidden device. Instead, she calls it “the key”. She wants the key for “the machine”. She also at one point says “the Dome is the machine”. Hmm.
Continue across the bridge, then pull the left lever followed by the right lever. After you are given the WRENCH, whack the right lever some more, and head through the door.
In the next area, after you’ve had a look around, turn one of the valves, and ask DRAKE what her big idea is.
A short puzzle follows; she will start opening valves on the other side of the room. If she is opening the valve on your left, then open the valve to your right, and vice versa. if she opens the middle valve, then also open the middle valve. After you repeat this six or seven times, the floodgates open, and you can climb up the now-open hatch.
Before leaving, DRAKE will accidentally drop an important-looking thing into the water, and Stefan purposefully leaves some crayons behind.

Part 6 – Reny In Pursuit

Reny in the Rafters

Reny, having entered the building in an unorthodox way, has found her way to the bar, but she’s very high up.
Follow the rafters around and locate the PICKLE SCOOP from earlier, hanging below. Take it, and then backtrack to the entrance, where a coin is being flipped. Scoop up the COIN, and proceed forward to a vent, which the coin can help unscrew.
Follow the shaft along to a large room. Here, there’s a locked hatch, and a mechanism which is the final “timed” puzzle of the game. There are six handles, each of which resets at a different speed. You need all 6 lights to be green at once to unlock the hatch.
The easiest way to do this is to quickly pull the handles in the following order: Far right, top, bottom, the one closest to the middle, the one in the lower-right corner, far left..
Proceed through the hatch to reach the same projector room that Stefan was just in. When prompted, turn on the projector for some light.
Speak to the bridge-bot that some evildoer carelessly almost killed, and then grab the nearby CABLE.
Toss one end to the bot, and wrap the other around the spinning wheels of the projector. Then, proceed across the bridge, yank the right lever, and move through to the pool room.

Feeding the Fish

As you enter the next room, a voice calls out to you, asking you to come visit.
Have a look around, and then place your coin into the fish-shaped vending machine, grabbing the FISH FOOD it dispenses. Toss this immediately into the water, forcing the fish to congregate in one spot. Then, take the LIFE PRESERVER, and swim over to the crank on the right side of the room. This will raise a lobster trap containing KEYS, and the WINCH HANDLE will come loose as well.
Back on land, examine the treasure right away, and separate it out into a KEY and a GREEN PRISM. Then, crank each of the taut cables to lower the fishing nets, and swim through the pool and around the corner to meet a character named Mema.


After a chat, interact with the controls, and Mema will help you up to them. There’s a little color-mixing puzzle here. It’s pretty easy; the goal is to get the colors in the three slots to match the colors of the three lights. This uses subtractive color mixing, like an inkjet printer or the candy puzzle from the game Watch Over Christmas. The color wheel to the side will help. When a light goes off, that slot is correct, don’t fiddle with it anymore.
When this puzzle has been solved, Mema will escort Reny via the waterway to a new location, granting the TURTLE RIDEachievement. Mema explains that there is a resistance to the EYE led by the non-corrupt Robot Mother, who lives high up on the gla*s balcony. Both of these story elements were foreshadowed earlier; you will recall robots protesting in the street about Mother’s captivity, as well as Slug sabotaging the elevator.
Mema drops Reny off on some pipes. Walk along them to find a floating box in the corner. Give it three nudges to move it along, and then walk across the makeshift bridge to the far pipe. Reny automatically moves to the exit and an encounter with an old friend.

The Elevator

Speak to Mr. Bunny to kick off a short flashback sequence. In the sequence, interact with the controls, and then grab the device.
Once this sequence is done, Reny gains possession of the MESSAGE/KEY. Sure enough, if you interact with this device from your inventory, Mr. Builder’s code has found a way in – but he’s not too happy about it!
Continue into the elevator nearby to encounter a puzzle. This is a pattern-recognition game in three stages. You must press all three buttons correctly, or the puzzle resets.
Stage 1: Press the second button from the left on the lower row
Stage 2: Press the second button from the left on the upper row
Stage 3: Press the far left button on the lower row


After this puzzle has been solved, move forward to the gla*s balcony, where a robot is malfunctioning. Climb the sole rung of the far ladder, and insert the key into the back of the robot to reactivate her.
This is the Mother, KAPIA’s robot protector, who made some mistakes in her initial dealings with the EYE that she is desperate to correct. She underestimated the EYE, and tried to deal with it peacefully, but it has left her helpless, irrelevant, and unable to access any sort of network.
She says that she has spotted Stefan in the Church of ONYX which is across the street from the balcony, and gives Reny some instructions on how proceed. Reny will automatically lend Mother her robotic hand, and Mother can now access the network. For your selfless generosity, you earn the GIVING HAND achievement.
There’s very little else in this area, so to make progress, you can remove the lone RUNG from the far ladder, and use it to repair the closer ladder. Climb the repaired ladder to the roof, mount the wagon, and Mother begins towing Reny across.

Part 7 – The Church

Meanwhile, Stefan and DRAKE have entered the church. DRAKE’s grandson spots her, and calls her over. Follow, and you will discover that her grandson is obviously a supervillan-type who spends his day sitting around in long flowing robes playing the pipe organ for the benefit of a brainwashed congregation. He has biologically merged with the EYE.
It turns out he’s been the mastermind of this whole operation. Stefan’s original mission to learn about the war was just a setup, and the key actually has nothing to do with that.
DRAKE was also fooled, and has been playing into her grandson’s hands the whole time, even as she tried to save him from the influence of the EYE.

Reny Watches from Above

Upstairs, we gain control of Reny, who needs to get Stefan’s attention. Explore the balcony until you locate some spilled APPLES. Take one, and lob it down towards Stephan.
Another scene will play, as the villan monologues for a while. He wants to complete his domination of the populace, remove the dome, and start a new world order. The device Stefan retrieved is necessary for controlling the KAPIA dome completely.
As this drama plays out below, find the terminal near where the apples are. Here, you can read the villain’s tragic backstory, and notice that there’s no internal connection to Mother.
Our goal now is to get a connection. Take the two PILLOWS here, one by one, and walk them to the glowing orb on the shelf. When you are close by, place each pillow with the BACK button. If you do this correctly, Reny will comment about the placement of the pillows.
Then, walk down the hall to the left and grab the MOP. Dislodge the orb from the shelf with the mop, and place it in the orb-holder on the desk nearby. Then, connect to Mother via the PC, and speak to her via text to get your next mission.


We need to get the device we are carrying to the organ, and to safely accomplish this, we need a distraction.
There’s a new option on the PC, with the icon of a bird. Select it. Using the hints from Mother, select the following program for the birds:

1. Open the Cage
2. Leave the cage
3. Find an open flame
4. Hang in the air

Print. Collect the PUNCH CARD from the nearby printer. Also, examine the printer for its detachable HANDLE.
Walk around the balcony to the birdcages, and examine the lowest one in close-up view. Press the button to try to open the lock, but Reny is unable to hit both of them with her missing hand. The two-pronged handle will be able to help here. It will release a slot of your punchcard. Insert it.
If the card has been programmed correctly, the birds leave their cage and will begin to flutter around the flames, casting the room in darkness.


Once the room is dark, find the staircase leading downward, and try to place the device into the slot on the organ.
Control will shift to Stefan briefly; walk forward and give the bad guy a shove. After some scenes, the device will fall to the ground, forgotten.
As Reny again, pick up the fallen device and once again try to place it in the slot. This time, you are able to do it. More scenes follow.
Reny will automatically run back upstairs. In order to help Mother gain control of the KAPIA dome and complete the game, simply locate and lower the pipe on each side of the organ.
I’m not going to discuss the ending here, but I am really curious to hear your thoughts. If you have any, drop a comment below. Congrats on making it through KAPIA, and thanks again for playing.

Appendix – Missable Achievements

Six achievements will be earned automaticallyas you play through the game in KAPIA.
These are:

  • Legendary Boxer*
  • Robot Master
  • Battle Brother
  • Turtle Ride
  • The Giving Hand
  • KAPIA Adventure

*The developer may add an option to skip the minigame a*sociated with this achievement in a future update. If such a feature is added, it may make this achievement missable. It’s literally the first thing you do in the game, though, so there’s no problem with going back to get it.
The remaining five achievements are technically missable:

  • Cat Lover – This is earned on the streets of KAPIA during Stefan’s first chapter. You will be given an envelope and shown several flyers. It’s not necessary to read the flyers to complete the game, but reading them will earn you this achievement.
  • Food Industry – This is earned in the bedroom, during Reny’s second chapter, by reading the information on the terminal.
  • Moral Support – This is earned on the streets of Kapia, during Reny’s third chapter, by examining your stuffed rabbit from the inventory and speaking to him. NOTE: you will also have Mr. Bunny in Reny’s Chapter 2, but the achievement cannot be unlocked during this chapter.
  • Eye Catcher – This is also earned during Reny’s third chapter. If you approach the bar, you will encounter a talking eye-creature. Fully exhaust all dialogue with this creature.
  • Good Friend – This is earned in the bar, during the second major Stefan section. At some point, a character named Janis will come in. Try to help him out for this achievement.


Written by TheDeluxeTux

Here we come to an end for Kapia Achievements & Full Walkthrough Gameplay hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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