Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide

Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 1 -
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 1 -
This guide will teach you how to make and use outfits which are effective at blending into their environments. Numerous examples of presets that I’ve made over 1,000 hours of gameplay are also provided.


Choosing cosmetics for each map

Maps in Insurgency Sandstorm have various different colour schemes, ranging from sandy deserts to snowy hillsides. Because of this having multiple cosmetic presets and using appropriate ones on different maps is a necessity if you want to blend in effectively. Don’t be the guy running a bright white Tropentarn camo every time. 
By enabling this setting in the ‘HUD’ section you’ll have the option to select a custom cosmetic preset before every game. Make sure you apply the changes in order for it to save. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

How to make outfits that blend in

There are two key factors that need to be considered: 

  • The colour scheme of a map 
  • The outline of your character

In the next section of this guide you’ll find most of the maps categorised into their appropriate colour schemes. This will hopefully help you when choosing & making presets for them. If you scroll down even further you can also see the outfits that I use on them with explanations of why & how they work. However, I recommend you read this portion of the guide first as it summarizes the basics of making an effective outfit. 
Now, the outline of your character. I believe this is the single most important thing to consider when making your outfit. You’ll often see people running presets that consist of a single colour/camouflage. And as tempting as it might be to go the easy way once you find a camo that fits the map, it is far from ideal. Your character will become a distinct blob of a single colour with the silhouette of a human, which will make it a whole lot easier to spot you – especially if you’re on the move. 
This is why breaking up the outline of your character is so important and effective when done right. It consists of using multiple different colours that all fit the map in a single outfit. This will help you in blending in & making your silhouette less distinct. However, you also have to make sure that the cosmetics you use do not contrast heavily with each other, as it can give you away. The colours you use should be somewhat similar and go along well – the best example in this guide would be the ‘Sand’ security outfit. It pretty much only consists of Sand coloured cosmetics, but because they all have slightly different shades the outline of the character can be broken up quite well. 

Map colour schemes


  • Crossing 
  • Summit/Market 
  • Refinery 
  • Precinct 
  • Hideout


  • Tideway/Buhriz 
  • Tell


  • Hillside/Sinjar 
  • Bab


  • Farmhouse 
  • Power plant


  • Citadel 
  • Outskirts 
  • Ministry


Testing your outfits

This part is pretty straightforward and teaches you how to quickly test your outfits to see whether they work/look as intended in the environment they were made for. 
Step 1. Download this shoulder camera mod – – this can be done without it but the whole process is made a whole lot easier and convenient if you choose to use it. 
Step 2. Head over to ‘Local play’ and choose the map you want to test the preset on. Once you load in you should be presented with a screen that lets you choose one of your outfits. Choose the one you want to test. 
Step 3. Type ‘camera freecam’ in the console (which can be activated by pressing ` under esc). If you chose not to install the mod you can also type in ‘camera thirdperson’ – however, the controls are a lot worse & you cannot move your third person camera at all. 
Step 4. Once you’ve done that you should see your character in third person. This allows you to see how good the outfit is at blending in any area of the map. 
If you want to be immune from bots during this simply type ‘god’ in console. However, a superior alternative is going into the firing range first and then loading up the map using the developer menu (the bind to which can be found in the settings). By doing that you’ll remove all of the bots and redzones allowing you to freely explore the map with no restrictions. 

Effectively using camouflage

How you use the cosmetics is equally as important as the cosmetics themselves. 
1. You should always be aware of what you’re wearing and where it blends in, especially if you’re trying to stay concealed. It doesn’t matter how good your outfit is, you cannot blend in everywhere on a map simply because of the wide variety of colours used in all of them. This is key if you’re a marksman setting up a position, but try to always keep it in the back of your head. 
2. Movement – if your goal is to stay hidden try to move as little as possible to avoid detection. Again, this mostly applies to marksmen (because they are the ones that need to stay concealed the most) but there certainly are other situations when this knowledge will come in useful. 
3. This sort of ties into the first point, but think about the silhouette of your character. It doesn’t matter how well broken up the outlines are – if you’re not being smart about your positioning you’ll be seen. Don’t lie down on top of hills or in the middle of roads, your outfit will work best if the environment which you’re blending into has some depth. 

Insurgent cosmetics

Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Skin tone – Dark 
  • Equipment – Wolf grey 
  • Facewear: Half wrap plain – Dark grey 
  • Hands: Leather – Sand 
  • Torso: Hoodie up – Light grey 
  • Legs: Cargo – Sand 
  • Feet: Standard issue – Sand

This is the best Insurgent outfit for most maps as it performs amazingly well in both desert & urban areas. All of the main components have a nearly unnoticeable worn texture which really does help with blending in. The contrast between Sand & Grey is not strong enough to stand out in an environment, but it breaks up the outline of your character perfectly. It just works. If you’re low on credits then I suggest this is the preset you aim to make first. 
There is a variation which uses the Peach hoodie for maps such as Tell & Tideway/Buhriz. However, I’ve found that the light grey colour tends to work better in more environments. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Skin tone – Medium 
  • Equipment – Wolf grey 
  • Facewear: Half wrap plain – Dark grey 
  • Hands: Nightstalker wrapped – White [DLC] 
  • Torso: Hoodie up – White 
  • Legs: Yeti bottom – Wolf grey [DLC] 
  • Feet: Sneakers white – white

This is a great preset for snowy maps. It breaks up the outlines relatively well through the use of grey & white cosmetics, although it is not comparable to the previous outfit. It performs best when used outside, especially when playing as a marksman with the whiteout DLC skins. It is one of the only combinations on this list that uses DLC cosmetics. However, it can be easily made without them by using the cloth fingerless light grey gloves & white cargo pants. 

Security cosmetics

Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character – Sarjit 
  • Equipment – Sand 
  • Uniform camo – Desert smear 
  • Headgear: Watch cap – Sand 
  • Facewear: Balaclava closed – Sand 
  • Hands: Knuckles – Sand 
  • Torso: Shell camo – Sand 
  • Legs: Business casual – Sand 
  • Feet: Lightweight – Sand

The preset works well because Sand coloured cosmetics have different shades, this breaks up the outlines & makes it difficult to spot you when used in the right setting. 
Some would argue that simply using the desert smear camo is the best option. And while it does prove to be effective I found that simple solid colours tend to work better. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character – Emmanuel 
  • Equipment – DBDU 
  • Uniform camo – DBDU 
  • Headgear: Watch cap – Brown 
  • Facewear: Neck Gaiter High – DBDU 
  • Hands: Soft padding – DBDU 
  • Torso: Shell camo – Brown 
  • Legs: Combat pants 
  • Feet: Standard issue – Brown

The nearly salmon shade of DBDU & solid light brown proves to work well as it matches many colours we see used in the environment. This combined with broken outlines makes for an exceptionally effective preset when used in an appropriate setting. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character – Emmanuel 
  • Equipment – Woodland smear 
  • Uniform camo – Woodland smear 
  • Headgear: Watch cap – Foliage green 
  • Facewear: Neck Gaiter High – Woodland smear 
  • Hands: Knuckles – Foliage green 
  • Torso: Shell camo – Foliage green 
  • Legs: Combat pants 
  • Feet: Lightweight – Olive drab

There are many shades of green available for Security making it somewhat easy to break up outlines. Foliage green works well with the woodland smear camo making this preset incredibly effective on maps with a large amount of similarly-coloured textures. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character – Sarjit 
  • Equipment – Tropentarn 
  • Uniform camo – Tropentarn 
  • Headgear: Boonie – Uniform camo 
  • Facewear: Neck Gaiter Low – Tropentarn 
  • Hands: Soft Padding – Tropentarn 
  • Torso: Shell camo – Uniform camo 
  • Legs: Trousers – Uniform camo 
  • Feet: Lightweight – Black

There are no other outfit components which would work in a snowy environment for the Security faction. Any attempts at breaking up the outlines made this outfit more visible, so simply using tropentarn is the best option. This is a sniper oriented loadout but you can also use the PASGT helmet & a high neck gaiter if you want to expose less skin. 

Other outfits

This section is dedicated to outfits that I use for specific maps/purposes 
Urban Combat 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Hataw [F] 
  • Hair: Covered – Ranger green 
  • Equipment – Sand 
  • Headgear: PASGT – Sand 
  • Facewear: Balaclava closed – Sand 
  • Hands: Flight – Ranger green 
  • Torso: Compression – Ranger green 
  • Legs: Business casual – Sand 
  • Feet: Lightweight – Sand

This is the Security cosmetic preset I use the most whenever my playstyle is cqc oriented. The combination of solid ranger green & sand colours has proven to be effective at blending into urban environments & saved my life many times by delaying the enemy’s reaction time. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Skin tone – Dark 
  • Equipment – Wolf grey 
  • Facewear: Half wrap plain – Dark grey 
  • Hands: Cloth Fingerless – Light grey 
  • Torso: Hoodie up – Light grey 
  • Legs: Jeans – Dark grey 
  • Feet: Yeti boots – wolf grey

This is the Insurgent urban combat preset that I mainly use on maps such as Outskirts and Ministry where grey is the dominant colour. 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Equipment – Desert Smear 
  • Uniform camo – Desert Smear 
  • Headgear: Damaged PASGT – Uniform camo 
  • Facewear: Neck Gaiter High – Desert Smear 
  • Eyewear: Combat Goggles – Black 
  • Hands: Soft Padding – Desert Smear 
  • Torso: Blouse Dirty 
  • Legs: Trousers Dirty 
  • Feet: Worn out – Tan

I exclusively use this outfit for Citadel. The worn & desert smear texture blends in perfectly in most areas of the maps, especially the rocks. You can obtain the dirty cosmetics for free by simply winning a round of the survival coop mode. This is also one of the only outfits where I use goggles because they usually make you easier to spot. But they don’t appear to affect the blending in capability of this outfit. 
The next two presets are basically the same concepts for both factions. They are made to be as dark as possible and are used for when you want to blend into a particularly light deprived part of the map. I wouldn’t recommend using them for any other purpose as they don’t blend in well in most regular environments. 
Dark Brown 
Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Emmanuel 
  • Equipment – Brown 
  • Headgear: Watch cap – Dark Brown 
  • Facewear: Balaclava closed – Dark Brown 
  • Hands: Knuckles – Dark Brown 
  • Torso: Compression – Dark Brown 
  • Legs: Business casual – Dark Brown 
  • Feet: Standard Issue – Dark Brown

Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide 

  • Character: Skin tone – Very Dark 
  • Equipment – Black 
  • Facewear: One Hole – Black 
  • Hands: Cloth Fingerless – Black 
  • Torso: Nightstalker Shirt – Dark Grey [DLC] 
  • Legs: Rouge SOF bottom – Black [DLC] 
  • Feet: Nightstalker Boots – Black [DLC]


This is all for Insurgency: Sandstorm Cosmetics / Camouflage Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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